"Have I ever told you that... I... Erm..." N stuttered.

Blair set his hand on N's. "I bet I know." He leaned in and locked lips with N.

N's pale face flushed red. "You did know.

And that was the beginning.

-7 years later-

"Mamaaaaaa!" Wally shook N as the man slept in bed. N's arm was wrapped around Blair's waist.

"What is it...?" N asked sleepily.

"Mama, can I lay down with you and Daddy?" The boy cooed.

N twisted around and helped up the little boy into the bed. Wally nestled himself between his mother and father. Blair faced Wally and N and rubbed Wally's wispy hair.

"You're so cute." Blair complimented his son.

"Thanks, Daddy." Wally blushed. He yawned and closed his eyes. "I'm so tired."

"Go to sleep." Blair kissed Wally's forehead. "Have sweet dreams. If there is a nightmare, just remember that..."

"...the stars are your guardians." N finished. He then told Wally what he said every night. "When you were born, the stars decided you were special and they stayed out longer to make sure you were safe and sound. The stars will combat your monsters. Now, say your prayers."

"Alright, Mama." Wally held his hands together and muttered, "Dearest Reshiram and Zekrom... May the skies stay lit and the earth turn. Balances withheld and may thou lives be filled with light. On the morrow I may give sacrifice in exchange for safety. Molto grazie."

"Now go to sleep." Blair said.

"Okay." Wally yawned again and dozed off into subconsciousness.

After an hour, he was sound asleep. N got out of bed and picked up his son. He put Wally back into his bed and then retreated into the master bedroom.

He laid next to Blair, running his hand down Blair's spine. He planted a kiss on Blair's nose and pulled on his boxers.

"Not tonight." Blair said. He turned on his side. N got the hint and snuggled close to Blair. He laid his head on the brunette's and closed his eyes.

"Someday..." Blair exhaled.

"Someday." N agreed.