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A Soul Mate's Story

Chapter Five: Origin of Power

Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart is shooting stars
You're holding heaven in your arms

Have you ever been in love?

Draco Malfoy slowly hung his robe on the back of a chair before returning to the restricted section of the library. He glanced over his shoulder before slipping between the doors, making sure to be as quiet as possible.

The blond Slytherin passed several books, absently noting the differences in each one. He passed a book that was stained heavily with blood, and he cringed at the thought of all the possibilities of how it could have got that way. He decided to start from the back of the restricted section first, only because the less accessible part of the library didn't have what he wanted in alphabetical order. As Draco passed several shelves full of books, he tapped his forefinger against those that looked dull, and small, and uninteresting, and whispering an incantation, he made them remove themselves from the dusty bookshelves and float behind him.

Performing wand-less magic was easy for Draco – only because he had experience with such magic and the blond actually knew how to control it -- but he did miss having his wand: wand-less magic drained his powers. Watching as the books he tapped pulled themselves out from the dusty shelves, he turned and made his way back outside the restricted section to where he hung his robe, five books following behind him in midair.

Sighing, he sat down in the chair, watching as the books floated before him. Then, pointing to the table, the books followed his lead, landing where he pointed. He was glad the library was empty at this time of night, everyone else being at dinner.

This being the first time he had entered the library in so many months was uncanny, because he felt so in place the moment he stepped into it. Must be the quiet, Draco thought to himself as he opened a rather large book, coughing when dust particles flew in his face.

Sighing again, he didn't even know where to start. This was only the first week without his wand, yet he was still excelling in his studies. His stomach grumbled, and he wondered if eating one meal a day was actually really unhealthy. But… he couldn't go into the Great Hall. He couldn't, for if he did…

He remembered last night, when he was forced to by Pansy.

// "Draco, come on, I know you love to complain about the food here but honestly, you never eat!" Pansy exclaimed to him, giving him a look.

Draco gave her a wry smile in return, not particularly feeling hungry even though he didn't eat all day. He didn't dare glance up, because if he did, he would be staring at Harry again. Just to please her, he sought out his fork and. making sure she was looking at him, he stuck the utensil in a small piece of cut chicken. Unhurriedly, he brought it to his lips, pleasantly savouring the flavour that was against his tongue.

His wry smile widened, and Pansy rolled her eyes, satisfied, and returned to her own meal. He was determinedly avoiding Blaise Zabini, Crabbe and Goyle, sitting tables away from them. They seemed deep in conversation about who knows what, Draco thought consciously, and he was glad that he was sitting with someone.

"D-Draco?" someone asked quietly, and Draco looked up to see Melinda Bogtrottle standing behind him. Murmurs went about the Slytherin table, and the loud talking from the other end quieted down, all eyes on the small Gryffindor student. She wrung her hands nervously, looking about the table, and then her gaze landed on Draco Malfoy, and she smiled hesitantly.

"Good evening," he started, and looked across the hall, only to have more eyes turn towards them. He could see some of the smaller first year Gryffindor girls looking towards them, perplexed beyond belief, and then, he could see some of the other Gryffindor pupils look towards them, watching what he would do.

"I-I was wondering, could I sit here? Please?" she said, nervously, as quietly as she could, shifting in her place. Draco blinked at her several times, watching as she continued to wring her hands. He looked across the hall once again, seeing that now the other tables were gazing at them. They dropped their eyes or looked away when his brows furrowed, but the Gryffindor first year girls continued staring.

Not wanting to embarrass her, he scooted over, offering her the empty space beside him. He could hear her exhale quietly, and he watched along with plenty of others as she sat down beside him, not exactly touching him, but close enough for him to feel her body heat. Sharing a curious look with Pansy, he looked back at Melinda, and she was looking across the room triumphantly at her other classmates.

"What's this about then?" he asked her quietly, taking another bite of chicken. She blinked at him for a second before her gaze dropped to her hands in her lap. He looked across the hall again and absently noticed the small amount of buzzing from each of the tables, particularly from the Gryffindor first year girls.

She looked up sadly, and leaned in, whispering, "Them."

Sighing, he leaned closer to her, not caring if everyone else was seemingly not watching, "What about them? Do you want me to talk to them about it?"

She shook her head quickly and her eyes widened. Hastily, "No, no, not that. They… they didn't believe that I was in the kitchens the other day with you. They thought I was lying."

Sighing, he stole a look over at Pansy. She was sneering slightly, obviously disapproving that a Gryffindor girl was sitting at their table, and Draco rolled his eyes at her nature. Smiling softly, his teacher instincts kicking in, he said gently, "Do you want something to eat?" He paused and looked around the table for something the smaller girl would like, but he just ended up looking back at her.

She nodded hesitantly, and he gave her a small smile. Quietly, "Just get whatever you want. I'm sure none of the others would mind." With that, he glared around the table at whoever might be listening to their conversation.

Turning back to Pansy once he figured Melinda could help herself, he was greeted with an amazed look. Blushing slightly, he drawled out while looking at his plate, "What?"

"It's… just that… you've changed." Her brows furrowed and she ran a hand through her brown hair, twirling it around in her finger. Her blue eyes sparkled, and Draco just shrugged.

He turned his head quickly when Melinda tapped him on the arm. He leaned in when she did, and she whispered, "Harry Potter is staring at you again."

Surprise and a mixture of emotion hit him like a wave, and before he had time to think, he looked up into the green eyes of Harry Potter.

He could feel his heartbeat quickening, and he parted his dry lips. Without noticing what he was doing, his tongue slipped out and moistened his mouth before it slid back in gently. He could feel his body freeze with each second he continued to look into Harry's eyes.

His lover, his soul mate.

Standing up abruptly, and nearly knocking over his and Melinda's goblets of pumpkin juice, he felt the heat rising within his body as he tried to scramble out of there. He could feel himself react physically, for he started to tremble with all the held up emotion. Whispering close in Pansy's ear, he said quickly, "Take care of Melinda, talk to her."

And he left with a dozen pairs of eyes on him, one belonging to Harry Potter. \\

Sighing, he looked at the clock that was hanging above Madam Pince. Glad that he had decided to skip dinner tonight, he returned his eyes to the books, sighing to himself as he wondered how in the world he would get through this year.


Harry Potter signed his name on the roster for Auror applicants after checking who was on the list. So far, it had several Hufflepuffs, several Ravenclaws, no Slytherins, and several Gryffindors. He had seen that Ron and Hermione had been the first to sign the list, and he was the fourteenth, the second to the last available space open.

It had already been two weeks from when Professor Lupin had announced what the Ministry was offering, and Harry didn't know why it had taken him that long to put his name on the list. He grinned as he made his way in the classroom (the roster was on the door) right before the class started, and he looked up attentively at Professor Lupin, who was shuffling papers on his desk.

He didn't even notice that Malfoy was absent, which was very unlike the blond, since he was usually there before class started. Professor Lupin smiled at all of them and cleared his throat before saying quietly, "I do hope some of you put your name on the roster. It would be an advantage to you, I think."

On the other side of the room, the Slytherin side, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle snickered quietly, and Ron, sitting beside Harry, shot them a murderous glare. Professor Lupin seemed not to notice, though his brows furrowed as he made his way to the door to take down the sheet.

Harry then looked towards Pansy on the other side of the room, writing something on a parchment. Only then did he notice that Draco was not there. Brows furrowing, his attention turned to the doors when he heard Professor Lupin return, the roster with the clipboard in his hand.

His eyes followed Professor Lupin quietly while some of the students were talking in low voices behind him, but his gaze was averted when he heard the doors open again, and the sound of huffing and puffing filled his ears. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Draco Malfoy – although he was trying desperately to slow his heavy breathing, it was obvious that he had run all the way to class – tried to slip into class. He stopped, Harry noticed, when his eyes caught the Auror clipboard.

"Do you have an excuse, Mr. Malfoy, for being tardy?" Professor Lupin asked quietly, any emotion resulting from this student hidden from his face. Harry watched with dislike as Draco looked like he would come up with a bull-cock excuse, only he didn't.

"No sir, just… woke up late," Draco finished lamely and walked to his seat, some of his blond hair falling over his eyes as his head was bowed. Professor Lupin blinked, and it was evident that he was not the only one surprised, for Ron and Hermione were staring at him with open mouths.

"I see then," Lupin paused and watched Draco before continuing. "Then, twenty points from Slytherin for tardiness, Mr. Malfoy."

Harry watched, amazed, as Draco took his punishment. On the other side of the room, Draco's face flushed with embarrassment, but the only evidence that he was humiliated was the slight pink tinge on his cheekbones.

The blond saw the roster in Professor Lupin's hand, and quickly, before Lupin turned to send it off to the ministry, Draco said quietly, "Sir, wait. Is there still a space open for the Auror position?"

Draco could hear the whispers going on the room, and cursed himself for not waking up earlier so he could be discreet about it. He watched as Professor Lupin tried to hide his surprise, but eventually, he replied, "Yes, Mr. Malfoy." Lupin looked down at the roster and smiled uncertainly at him before he handed it over. "Actually, just one left, right after Mr. Potter."

Draco turned his head to look at the bewildered Harry Potter. He turned just as quickly though, and dropped his gaze, and with his quill and everyone in the room watching, including Crabbe, Zabini and Goyle, Draco Malfoy signed his name on the Auror roster.

It had been two weeks since the incident with Blaise, and Draco Malfoy let his hand trail down to his side to make sure his wand was secured in his pocket. The thirty-three-year-old man in a seventeen-year-old body had received his wand from Dumbledore just last night, and everyone in Hogwarts had heard about him being wandless. He was glad that Professor Dumbledore didn't say a word about wandless magic to anyone, and he was also glad that the old man had told every teacher not to give him anything that required a wand; seemingly ignoring the fact that the younger wizard could indeed use wandless magic.

Professor Lupin took back the roster when Draco was finished and tied it to an owl's leg, addressing it to the Ministry. He cleared his throat when he was done and surveyed the class. In his hand, he held a parchment, which looked official. Silencing everyone with a look, he read the top, and Draco smiled as he remembered the familiar words.

"We, at the Ministry, thank everyone who had signed the Auror Training sheet given to you by your Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher. We hope to get in contact with you soon, during the upcoming week, and shall discuss with you the importance of being an Auror. Not only that, we hope to train a set of fine individuals, set to defend against the dark forces that reign our World." Professor Lupin read quietly to the silent class, "An Auror shall arrive next week to take the names of those who signed up, train them properly for the final stage and test of being an Auror, and that shall be their Defence Against the Dark Arts class for the remainder of the year."

Harry saw the blond Slytherin nod out of the corner of his eye, and his brows furrowed slightly as he continued to watch him. He had never noticed that Draco had such a smooth face before.

Remus put down the parchment and smiled to the class, but that's not what brought Harry out of his intent thoughts. Draco turned slightly, and his gaze caught a hold of Harry's a second later, and Harry was expecting him to turn away as he always did, but, instead, the Slytherin's lips were curled upward in the smallest smile.


Licking his dry lips and looking at the field from a distance, Draco courageously made his way to the Quidditch field with his broom in his right hand. It was dinnertime on an early Thursday night in October but, not feeling particularly hungry, he had decided to spend his evening getting reacquainted with Quidditch.

His grip on his broom handle tightened with each step he took, but his determination got a hold of him and with that in his mind, he took small breaths as he made his way to the centre of the field, his vine grip on his broom evident.

Once he approached the centre, he mounted his broom, but didn't kick off right away. He looked up at the October sky and shivered slightly for an unknown reason – there wasn't any breeze whatsoever, and the temperature was nice outside – and he swallowed as he thought to himself over and over again, It's just flying. You remember how to fly, don't you?

Of course, he answered his own question, and took another deep breath before he pushed off the ground just gently with his feet. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt himself hovering four feet off the ground. He bent down and cradled the broom close to his chest in fear of falling and his eyes remained shut as a sudden flashback entered his mind.

// "Come on Draco, it's not that bad," Harry said softly, but Draco glared at him and shook his head when Harry offered to play Quidditch. It was a beautiful day in November, the breeze just lightly kicking in while the trees in the background shed its multicoloured leaves, marking the ground with its tears.

"I told you, Potter, I don't play Quidditch anymore." Draco's voice didn't waver as he continued to give Harry an icy glare, and Harry looked away, the eagerness in his eyes fading quickly.

Draco didn't know when this intense fear of flying had begun. All that he had done during his Hogwarts years had vanished into smoke; all he had known was that he had this horrible accident at school before he graduated, and every time he approached a Quidditch field with flying in mind… fear just rose up quickly in his body.

He felt a hand brush against his own and that's what made him look up. Staring into beautiful green eyes, he noticed that there was the intense trusting force deep within; he didn't break the gaze as Harry entwined their fingers hesitantly.

"It's not that bad," Harry said quietly again, and Draco looked away from him to look at the deserted Quidditch field. They had taken a day off from their Auror duties, and Draco sighed to himself before he gave Harry a look.

Harry's other hand slowly let the broomsticks fall to the ground, and before Draco could wonder what he was going to do, Harry's hand circled his waist and the brunette kissed his neck, making Draco close his eyes as Harry held him.

"But if you don' t want, we can do something you want to do. I just thought … since you loved flying so much…" Harry trailed off and his chin rested on Draco's shoulder. The blond could hear the suppressed sadness in Harry's voice, and he sneered slightly to himself when he felt himself giving in.

"I'll tell you what, Potter," he drawled out, and his other free hand drew lazy circles on the back of Harry's hand that was circled around his waist, "I… I'll try."

He felt a kiss against his neck and he smiled to himself uncontrollably. Harry made him do that nowadays for no particular reason, or a reason he didn't want to admit. Harry held him for a moment longer; swaying slightly just like the wind was swaying the leaves, and he could feel Harry's breath against his neck just like the wind's breath against the trees.

Draco felt Harry's hand snake back and he opened his eyes to see Harry making his way to the centre of the field, two broomsticks in his hands, but he turned to Draco with a small smile and an outstretched hand.

Draco breathed in deep and took his boyfriend's hand and made his way to the centre of the field, now feeling uncertain. Almost as if Harry could feel his uncertainty or his worry, he squeezed his hand and threw a smile over his shoulder, winking at the blond. Draco forced a small smile, and when they arrived in the middle of the field, his grip on Harry's hand was very tight indeed.

Harry handed him a broom and put the other on the ground. Draco swallowed slightly and felt his throat grow dry with the familiar fear that was slowly creeping up his body. But slowly, with Harry's touch and smile, he licked his lips and very slowly, mounted the broom. The fear was overwhelming, and he looked at Harry for support on what he should do next even if he knew what to do.

He felt his boyfriend's arm wrap around his waist, and he watched from over his shoulder as the brunette mounted the broom as well, and his eyes widened when he realised what Harry was doing.

"Your--," he started out saying, but Harry smiled and kissed the shell of his ear, and they were securely in place. Harry kicked them both off the ground until they were hovering ten feet in the air, and Harry's hands were on top of Draco's on the broom handle, the front of his body pressed against Draco's back, and he smiled as he whispered in Draco's ear, "I'm here. I'll always be here." //

He opened his eyes widely when he saw that he was five feet off the ground. He dearly wished Harry were with him now, but he knew he had to get reacquainted with Quidditch for the upcoming matches. Closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath, he pulled the broom handle skyward, feeling the broom listen to his command and take him several feet higher.

The next time he opened his eyes again, he was staring at the ground from twenty feet in the air. His heart thumped madly in his chest, but… he was smiling. I'm doing it! I'm… I'm flying again. Oh, Harry, you would be so proud, he told himself and slowly, he swerved the broomstick to the left, and the fear in his heart evaporated as he slowly rose higher.

And amidst the gentle blowing wind and the falling leaves, Harry Potter, who stood behind a tree mostly in the shadows, watched Draco Malfoy fly.


Grumpily, Draco made his way to the first class of the day on an early Tuesday morning. With a sigh after looking at his watch, he ignored the small murmurs as he made his way to his seat in front of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

He looked up, though, when he heard a voice that sounded so familiar. Furrowing his eyebrows and looking around the room, his eyes caught hold of a dark robe before his eyes travelled upwards to gaze into the fake eyeball of Mad-Eye Moody.

He felt his heart drop.

Mad-Eye Moody was talking and walking at the same time with Professor Lupin, his hands in front of his body and moving hastily. Draco didn't manage to catch what they were saying, but his eyes were riveted to his future mentor's face, and he could feel his insides rumble with uncertainty.

"Class, quiet down." Remus smiled at all of them. Draco barely noticed the voices other than Lupin's, but he looked down quickly when Mad-Eye Moody's gaze caught his own. It felt as if the old man knew that Draco wasn't really a student.

"Those of you who have signed the roster in the last month, you will accompany Professor Moody to another room," Remus said quietly and nodded when some of the students started to assemble their things to follow the Auror. Draco, who had not unpacked anything in the first place, stood up and followed the already walking Mad-Eye Moody to a different classroom, hearing some others trail behind them.

He, along with fourteen other pupils, silently trailed behind the Auror with quick steps. Licking his lips and absently touching his wand through his robe, he really hoped that Moody wouldn't give a truth sheet.


Harry, Hermione, and Ron sat on the opposite side of the empty classroom once they realised where Malfoy was sitting. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were scattered around the room, mostly in pairs of two or three, but Draco was the only one to be alone. Harry watched Draco closely, suspiciously, as the blond bit his bottom lip.

Harry now knew that whenever Draco was nervous, or anxious, the blond Slytherin always bit his bottom lip – not that he would admit it, of course. Harry looked around the room; it was a bit unusual to see the room half-empty, but his eyes returned to the Auror in front of them. He barely noticed Ron and Hermione talking beside him.

Mad-Eye Moody surveyed the whispering students, and when he cleared his throat, the room became silent. He got out a parchment and a quill, and with his magical eye continuing to flicker around the room restlessly, he scowled slightly and spoke.

"This is Auror Training 101 and will help you get selected during the final test. What I will ask you here," he said gruffly, his magical eye fixed on Harry, "is to sign your name on this piece of parchment. This is basically a term and agreement paper for your final year here. Who will be first?"

The class was silent except for the quiet ticking of a clock that could be heard several feet away. Harry surveyed the room silently and watched the downcast eyes of the students, none of them wanting to be the first.

He gazed at the Auror who was continuing to look around the silent room. There was an awkward shift here and there, but nothing else disturbed the peaceful, eerie silence.

"Well?" There was clearly irritation in the gruff voice now, and Harry sighed and was about to stand up to sign the parchment, when his gaze caught hold of Draco Malfoy standing up. Everyone watched, including Professor Moody, as Draco (Harry noticed that his cheeks were a faint pink) made his way to the front with superiority and class. Harry would have rolled his eyes if it were not for the seriousness of the situation.

Mad-Eye Moody watched as Draco walked towards him, his magical eye boring into the blond's face suspiciously before he held out the piece of parchment and the quill. Everyone watched, totally entranced, as Draco took the parchment and scanned over the paper before he said, "Revelum Parchmentus."

The class stared as Mad-Eye Moody looked taken aback. Draco didn't seem to notice as he continued to mutter revealing charms. Aggravated and impressed at the same time, the Auror scowled and said brusquely, "I assure you, there is no hidden words on this parchment."

Draco didn't seem convinced, but he replied coolly, "I'm just making sure. Years of experience have caused me to be suspicious. Don't we learn that in Auror Training?"

His voice would have sounded sarcastic to Harry if it were not for the seriousness in Draco's face. Everyone held their breath as the Auror and Draco Malfoy held their stare for a moment before Draco dropped his gaze to the parchment and uttered another spell, and Harry noticed with furrowed eyebrows that Draco wasn't holding a wand when he was performing the incantations.

Hermione must have noticed it as well, for she looked at her friends from the corner of her eye, and a questioning eyebrow shot up when Harry shrugged. They watched, then, as Draco's swift arm caught their attention and held up a quill, and Harry watched, amazed, as Draco wrote his name down on the parchment with Mad-Eye Moody's magical eye watching him suspiciously.

Harry could feel Ron sneer beside him, but he just continued to watch Draco as he returned the quill and turned around, making his way to his desk. Only when he was halfway there did a voice break through the quiet room.

"You're Lucius Malfoy's son?" The tone was clearly venomous. Not particularly at Draco, but the name that was brought forth from the lips was enough to make Harry sneer as well.

"Yes," came the curt reply, and Draco walked to his seat before he sat down, a blank _expression on his face. The Auror in the front of the classroom scowled indiscreetly, and his magical eye surveyed the room before he said, "We don't have all day. Who else?"

Harry could feel Draco looking at him without turning his face, but he did eventually, and he was staring in the stormy grey eyes of the blond Slytherin. Feeling a shiver ride up his back, he looked back at Mad-Eye Moody and stood up, sending a challenging look Draco's way. He then, along with his two friends behind him, made their way to the front of the classroom and after that, everyone lined up and signed their name on the parchment.

Harry made sure to write his name right beside Draco Malfoy's.


// The nineteen-year-old Harry smiled slightly as he dipped the quill in ink, and charily, he wrote his name carefully on the small notebook. He bit his bottom lip, and wrote Harry Malfoy on the paper before he smiled down at it, not noticing the blond make his way over to him.

"What do we have here? Someone not doing his duties?" came a drawl from above him, and Harry felt his heart stop momentarily as he tried to cover up the name he had written down. He was too late, though. He felt the wire of the flimsy notebook scratch his palm when Draco jerked it away with a scowl, and Harry, feeling the heat reach his neck, tried desperately to grab the notebook back.

Draco held Harry at arm's length, smirking at him, and Harry's face was scrounged up in fear as he tried desperately to distract Draco from the words he had written down.

What if it would scare him? What would happen if Draco read it?

Chuckling, Draco gave the struggling Harry a look before he scowled and tossed the unread notebook back unto the table. Looking away to give Harry some privacy to close his journal, Draco drawled, "I bet it wasn't interesting anyway."

Harry clearly didn't think so, but he closed the notebook and secured it with a spell, stuffing it in his old school bag. Both were staying late to assist some of the other senior Aurors, but since none of the full-fledged Aurors had anything for them to do, they had been told to stay in one room and review some spells.

Harry could still feel his cheeks burning from the chance that Draco might have read his daydream scribble, and he watched as the blond turned around later with a sneer that surprisingly matched his face.

"What was it anyway, Potter?" he drawled out, and Harry looked down.

Should Harry tell him the truth?

Swallowing, he muttered quietly, "Just… a daydream fantasy, really."

He could hear the blond laugh to himself a few feet away, and The-Boy-Who-Lived turned his head away sadly. Harry closed his eyes and remembered the good times. The lake, the rain, the smell of the lilies and the water lilies that one spring day… the kissing… the dancing… dancing in the rain… He knew he shouldn't give up hope, and he had promised Draco a long time ago that he never would…

He looked up, though, when he felt Draco sweep past him and look out the window. Harry looked out of it and blinked when he saw the gentle rain pelt the glass, and he watched, quietly and utterly amazed as Draco turned around and looked at him.

"Have you ever gone dancing in the rain, Potter?" came a random question, and Harry's lip trembled as he smiled... and right then did he remember why he knew he shouldn't give up hope. //


Harry hated insomnia. Glaring at the ceiling above him, even if it was clearly not at fault in any way, he clenched his eyes shut and hoped sleep would overtake him. As far as he knew, tomorrow there was a major Transfiguration test and he needed the rest from the amount of studying he had been forced to do.

He grumbled something to himself as he turned to his side, surveying the moonlight through the thin curtains. He licked his dry lips and pouted, finally admitting to himself that it would be a long night indeed… unless…

No, he told himself and shut his eyes again. Almost as if he could hear Hermione's voice in his head, he cringed when he thought of what she would say. 'Harry, you should have been sleeping last night, not roaming around the school with your invisibility cloak!' and if he tried to retort by saying that he couldn't fall asleep, she would just give him a look and reply, 'Well, it's your own fault for not going to Pomfrey for some sleeping potions'.

He sighed loudly this time, not caring if anyone could hear him or not, because mostly likely, they were asleep and in wonderland when he wasn't. Maybe if he thought of Ginny…

No, he told himself. He rolled his eyes as he remembered what had happened yesterday morning. When he had told Ginny discreetly that he was thinking about her at night, Seamus snorted and muttered, 'Another wet dream, Harry? No wonder the house elves were complaining.'

But then, his thoughts travelled back to what happened last week with the blond Slytherin and the Quidditch field. He could sense a familiar feeling claim him, making him tense his shoulders and scowl to himself as he thought of Draco Malfoy – his nemesis, someone he had disliked from the moment he saw him—but, incidentally, his shoulders relaxed and a thoughtful _expression came to his face when he remembered the fear that was showing on the blond's face that late October day.

That day, Harry had seen Draco escape from Pansy Parkinson's side with a muttered word in her ear, and before Harry knew it, his curiosity got the better of him and he had followed Draco Malfoy make his way to the Quidditch field. He was going to solve the mystery of Draco Malfoy's behaviour once and for all.

Harry's brow furrowed as he remembered the past month with the 'new' Malfoy. He was different, Harry admitted, and Harry appreciated Draco's maturity this year. Not once, ever since the arrival back at school, did Draco make a scathing remark to him, and being the famous Harry Potter, the brunette Gryffindor would have thought that everyone was expecting Draco Malfoy to make a big performance since it was their last year… but Draco had done no such thing! Harry was amazed, to say the least. He was amazed, and grateful, and appreciative, and suspicious and bewildered.

Harry rolled over without sleep on his mind, but rather, Draco Malfoy. And then he started to think about how Draco had acted so grown-up and mature when a Gryffindor first year approached him!

Harry knew these thoughts wouldn't go away that night, and they were swimming in his head rapidly as he stared at the ceiling once again. He licked his lips and frowned. And what was most peculiar about the whole thing… is that whenever Harry looked at him now… he was the one that dropped his gaze, not Draco.

I'm going mental, thinking about Malfoy, he said to himself and rolled his eyes. But it's just… *so* peculiar.

Pushing off the blankets and ignoring Hermione's frowning face that was imprinted in his mind, he pushed his feet through the curtains where it landed on the floor. He listened intently with closed eyes for any shuffling or movements around the dormitory, and when he heard none, he knew that everyone was asleep. He stood up then, and walked to his trunk, and with a determined look, he fished out his invisibility cloak and his sacred map.

He knew that he couldn't go to sleep; thinking about his blond counterpart had woken him completely. Frowning while putting on the invisibility cloak, he wondered if maybe he could become sleepy somewhere else.

He made his way out of the dorm and he exited the portrait with the fat lady mumbling something that sounded like, 'Leave me alone'. Only then did he open the Marauder's map, and his eyes searched the castle for any sign of Mrs. Norris and/or Filch. His lips slowly curved up into a smile when he saw them both outside on the grounds, but his eyes caught hold of a single solitary figure.

Bizarre, he thought to himself. This is so bloody ironic. He could feel his feet make their way to the kitchens where the figure was, and his eyes stayed attached to the figure's label, almost afraid that it would vanish before his eyes.

Hmm, what is Malfoy doing up this time? And how does he know where the kitchens are? Harry asked himself as he turned a corner, then he walked silently and briskly down the stairs to his destination.

Frowning as he saw the painting of the fruit, he looked back at the Marauder's Map, making sure that Draco's name was still on there, and making sure that Draco was still in the kitchen doing who knows what. Silently, he tickled the pear and leisurely, he entered the kitchen.


// The first time Harry had touched his hand; Draco jerked it away with a very menacing scowl on his face. The second time, Draco rolled his eyes and put his hand on his pocket with a blank face; The third time, Draco snarled and said, 'Leave me alone!'.

But Harry was used to it. And the one hundredth time that Harry put his hand on top of Draco's, the blond looked up at him and kept his hand there, and there was some foreign look in his eye that Harry couldn't quite decipher. And Harry's heart surged with hope when Draco entwined their fingers, and he smiled. //


Draco smiled as a house elf brought him a huge plate of finger sandwiches, and he thanked the small elf (which looked like a girl, he really couldn't tell) with a smile. He was curled on the floor by the fire, staring into it while munching on some chips and trying to study for his transfiguration test tomorrow. Ironically, he woke up extremely early that October morning, but he didn't feel that sleepy now. His brows furrowed and he shrugged to himself as he looked down at his notes, reading up on them.

He shivered slightly and he looked up quickly and surveyed the deserted kitchen. The house elf that had brought him the food had seemingly gone to bed and left him there. It was strange, he thought, that they didn't mind his presence.

He continued to survey the room, noticing as the entrance to the kitchen closed, and his brows furrowed. Drawling out, just in case it was one of the ghosts or Peeves, he said quietly, "Whoever it is, I suggest you leave because I have permission to be here."

He didn't hear anything and wondered vaguely if maybe there was nothing there. But no, he sensed that there was someone, or something there.

Standing up casually and over exaggerating a yawn (he smirked to himself and knew that he would have whoever or whatever was there in a matter of moments), he picked up his notes, and in the other hand, picked up the food. Making sure not to glance around the room, he stared straight ahead and made his way to one of the tables where he put down the food and stuffed his Transfiguration notes in his pockets.

He could hear a small shuffle behind him and he smirked to himself. Such fun, he told himself and turned around slowly, pretending to look for something he might have forgotten on the floor. His eyes caught hold of a shadow on the floor, which was illuminated by the fire, and he smirked openly when he knew where his prey was.

Taking a quick step without hesitation, he pounced and tackled the invisible figure to the ground, rolling around with the figure on the floor, sneering angrily when he felt them kick his stomach.

"Gerroff!" he heard a yell below him, and he straddled the body with a triumphant smirk, but slowly, his smirk disappeared when he started to realise who this was without seeing the face below him.

Feeling his heart drop (he cursed himself instantly when he realised that it could only be one person), he leaned forward, and hoping-no, -wishing it wasn't Harry; he pulled back the cloth that was making the person below him invisible.

Unsurprised, he stared into Harry's eyes, and a rush of emotions ran through him the more he stared into them without a word. Thoughts came running to him, -Harry's eyes, his accident, the incident, the pain, the pain, everything- as he looked into Harry's inquiring eyes.

"I-I," he started to say, but the words died on his lips. He could feel Harry breathing below him, and he couldn't bring his eyes away from Harry's – and his past came flooding to him so quickly as he started to remember, and he could feel his bottom lip start to tremble as he remembered their last kiss.

Harry, looking up at him, could only define Draco's face as hurt, and pain, and he blinked up at him silently the longer Draco straddled him.

Draco got off of him quickly before Harry could ask a question, and Harry sat up, watching the figure stumble to the table in the kitchen.

"Oi, Malfoy," he said quietly while getting up. He put his hood back on – the one Draco pulled back – and he walked closer to the blond, feeling better that he was now invisible again, "What's going on?"

Draco's voice was strangled as he replied, "I have to go." Harry watched as Draco quickly cleaned up the remanding food and made his way to the door. Harry frowned and said unkindly in a quiet voice, "What, going to leave, Malfoy?"

That seemed to stop Draco. Harry smugly smiled and crossed his hands in front of his chest. Maybe now he would get some answers.

"What's happened to you? Got tired of hurting people or something?" Harry knew he was overdoing it, but he didn't care at this point. He knew that whatever he would do, Malfoy wouldn't react in a venomous way, not at least, in the way he used to.

Harry could see from where he was standing that Draco's shoulders were tensing, and his brows furrowed when Draco turned around to face him. Almost as if he knew where Harry was, he stared directly at him with an emotionless face.

Draco didn't answer so Harry tried again with a crueller tone, "Cat got your tongue, Malfoy?"

Again, no answer from the blond student. Harry watched as Draco sighed quietly, and before the Slytherin turned away and opened the painting, Harry could hear whispered words coming from the blond's mouth.

"Sweet dreams, Harry."


It was at the end of the month of October, and Ron's head was on Hermione's lap, staring at the ceiling. Hermione didn't seem to mind, because she was reading her Defence Against the Dark Arts notes, her brows channelling together when she misunderstood something. They were both in the common room while the rest of the house was somewhere else, and Harry was at Quidditch practice with Ginny.

"You know," Ron said quietly and Hermione looked down at him. Ron noticed that her eyes were a really pretty brown, and he held her gaze as he spoke, "Ginny has been looking really lonely these days. Do you think Harry and her are having problems?"

Hermione smiled down at him and put her notes to the side of her lap. Quietly, leaning back and relaxing, she said, "Is super-brother going to help them out?"

Ron smiled up at her and rolled his eyes. Dangling his feet over the arm of the couch, he replied, "No, I'm just wondering… because… well. Have you noticed that Harry's been a bit out of it?" His confused face looked up at hers, and she shook her head and placed a true smile on her face.

"It's his last year… that with what everyone expects from him… and Quidditch… and him having a girlfriend… I would say that it's okay for him to have a spaced out day, yes." Her tone was what made Ron roll his eyes, and he saw a stray curl brush against her eyelash. Automatically, he reached up, and without removing his gaze; he swept it behind her ear. He was pleased when her mouth opened slightly, and even more pleased when she had nothing to say.

"I just hope they aren't having relationship problems, you know? Mum will be down my back if they ever break up," Ron mumbled and Hermione raised an eyebrow.

Answering her unasked question, he continued with a small smile, "You know. She will be complaining that they are so right for each other, that they deserve each other… that she would love to have Harry as a son—you know, even if he is already part of the family—and she will most likely talk to me about it because she doesn't want to push Harry and she doesn't want to upset Ginny. Well, you know what I mean, yeah?"

Hermione smiled reassuringly at him and brushed another stray curly hair behind her ear. She said quietly down to him, "Yes, I know. They are perfect for each other, I think anyway. Ginny and him are already friends, they get along great…"

He smiled at that and closed his eyes, not noticing that Hermione was gazing at his face intently. Softly, while biting her bottom lip, and hoping he wouldn't open his eyes, she let her fingers ghost over his cheek, and feeling her face burning up slightly, she licked her lips and pulled her hand back. She hoped he wouldn't ask her why she did that.

"Ron?" she asked gently, and he opened a lazy eye to look at her. She decided to change the subject, because she had wanted to ask this question for a long time.

"What do you think of the new Malfoy?"

The bushy-haired Gryffindor girl tried to keep the smile away from her face, but she failed indiscreetly when Ron grumbled, 'Prat,' under his breath. She could feel the boy tense up below her, and she watched as both of his eyes locked with hers, and there was a small scowl on his face when her eyes drifted to his mouth.

"I think he's a sodding git that is trying to get us to think that he's different, but really, he's just lining up for the strike until he finally embarrasses us once and for all! I know how that git thinks, that's why." Ron said a matter-of-flatly, and he crossed his arms in front of his chest. Hermione's brow furrows and her lips twitched.

"I still think that he finally knows what maturity is," she smiled slightly and watched Ron roll his eyes below her, "you have to admit that."

When Ron didn't say anything, she said with a smile, "Give him a chance, Ron. I really think he's changed… by some miracle. But, do try to give him a chance? Please? As a favour to me?" At her question and her soft tone, Ron's tenseness evaporated, and his eyes became soft, rather than the hard look it had earlier.

She took it as a yes when he looked at her, and their eyes held for more than five seconds, and she saw some sort of understanding in his eyes that she couldn't quite define. She never quite found out what made herself trail her thumb on his cheekbone a minute later, but she wasn't about to complain when he closed his eyes again, relaxing into her touch.


Draco's eyes furrowed as he added the last drop to the Sleeping Draught; watching the contents in the cauldron bubble yellow until, finally, it subsided and became crystal clear. He gave the cauldron a small smile before he looked over his shoulder at the working Professor Snape. The man was hunched over his work desk with his black curtain of hair covering the pale face, and Draco cleared his throat slightly to call his attention.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape drawled out and didn't look up, but Draco walked over to his side, his robes fluttering behind him, and the blond coughed slightly.

"May I have get some test tubes for the draught I made?" He already knew the answer, but he felt the need to ask out of politeness and respect. Snape gave him a brief nod, and Draco went to the Potions Storeroom to fetch several empty test tubes.

// "Hey Draco?" came a soft voice behind him, and Draco looked over his shoulder to see Harry gazing at the millions of vials and potions on the shelves. He gave his husband a small smile before looking back at the pain-relieving potions on the shelves, trying to find a suitable potion for the small throbbing pain in his head.

"Hmm?" came the blond's answer, and his eyes caught hold of the potion he was looking for. Carefully, he reached out and pulled it out of the shelf, gazing into the green liquid.

Harry Malfoy and Draco Malfoy were both in Diagon Alley's potion shop; two twenty-five-year-old men both taking a day off from work to do something together. They had decided to spend the day walking around Diagon Alley jointly.

"Why did Snape always like you during school?" came the inquisitive, soft tone, and Draco turned to Harry, watching the brunette inspect some other kind of potion. Draco could feel himself smirk, and he came up behind the-boy-who-was-now-his and hugged Harry around the waist, breathing into his ear.

"Because I always did special favours for him," Draco smirked and blew some air into the shell of his husband's ear, and he smiled and Harry's own hands placed themselves on top of his own. He tried to make his voice seductive, but even then, he knew Harry wouldn't believe his words.

Chuckling slightly, Harry leaned back and turned his face to kiss Draco lightly on the lips. He was rewarded with Draco squeezing his stomach, and he turned around, not noticing anyone who would look at them.

"You know what I mean…" came Harry's voice, low and gentle, and Draco stared into the green eyes that made his knees go weak, that made his heart pound quickly, that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

"I was good in potions, it was a talent," came the reply, and they both smiled at each other before the blond leaned forward and kissed his husband on the nose before letting go of his waist. Harry beamed and Draco smirked as they both made their way to the cashier, and Harry told him another thing.

"You were great in potions during seventh year, you know… Snape always gave you different potions to work on, harder ones, while letting us work on the required ones to pass that year." Harry said quietly, and continued, "Do you remember that, maybe?"

Draco sighed and paid the witch on the other side of the counter five galleons before turning to his lover. Tenderly, he replied, "Harry… you know that I don't remember anything from my seventh year…"

There was a short nod from the brunette, and Draco could see the familiar sadness build up in Harry's eyes. He reached out and took Harry's hand, tugging them slightly until Harry looked up at him, and he spoke kindly – his voice only reserved for his husband and his husband alone – "But you could tell me about it. It's our day, remember?"

As they walked out the shop, hand in hand, Harry started telling him of their classes, lilies, and Draco's favourite part: dancing in the rain. //

Draco snapped out of his thoughts quickly and blinked several times. The test tubes were still on the shelf, and his hand was resting lightly before him. Feeling the dryness in his throat, he swallowed mightily and exhaled a deep breath. Stop it, stop thinking of the past.

He gathered up a dozen test tubes and turned off the light, and closed the door behind him as he made his way to the worktable he was working on earlier. He was unaware of the concerned gaze of the older man, and Draco swallowed again, when he performed a small, wandless spell that could make the clear liquid separate equally into the twelve test tubes.

"Is something the matter, Mr. Malfoy?" came a low drawl, and Draco looked up quickly, a bit surprised that Snape had addressed him. He feigned a smile and shook his head, and cursed himself when Snape stood up, walking over to him, hoping he wouldn't ask Draco to explain any of his pasts to him.

"There is a tutoring program beginning here next month. One of Albus's insufferable ideas to give me a large, large headache."

Draco looked up at that and watched the still face of the Potion's Master. Smiling slightly, he raised an eyebrow at Snape's unasked question and replied in a drawl of his own, "I wouldn't mind tutoring some younger ones, Severus."

They shared a small smile, Snape's a bit tighter than Draco's, and the black-haired man swivelled on his heel and made his way back to his desk to retrieve a piece of parchment. Draco looked from the corner of his eye at the cauldron that was halfway up in the air, still continuing to distribute the liquid equally to the one dozen of test tubes. He turned his attention completely to the black-haired man when Severus stood beside him.

"It seems as if several of the first and second years have made the list." There was a smug tone in the Professor's voice, and Draco peeked over Snape's arm to see the record. His eyes scanned the list quickly before his eyes caught a name, but before he could speak, Snape continued in a low enunciation, "Of course, Slytherins are intelligent enough and no one in my house has made the list."

Draco smirked slightly when the Professor said 'my', but he pointed to a student on the list. Quietly, looking Snape in the face, he said, "I would like to tutor this pupil, if you don't mind."

Snape's eyes scanned the name that Draco's finger was pointed at before looking at the house on the opposite side of the paper. He stayed quiet for a moment before his eyes met Draco's, and Draco could see a slight disagreement in the Professors face.

"Melinda Bogtrottle?" Snape scowled slightly, but Draco kept his gaze with his mentor's. He nodded briefly before raising an eyebrow, and drawled, "Is that a problem, Severus?"

They stared at each other, each holding a disagreement of their own before the Potion Master snapped, "Of course not. Interesting, though, how you seem so comfortable with Gryffindors."

Draco could feel a slight heat rise up in his neck, but he kept his gaze steady, knowing he was taking a small risk to stare at the older man like what he was doing, but he replied in a controlled tone, "I did marry one after all, Severus."

That comment made the older man look down, and Draco turned his head to watch the last few drops of clear liquid make it's way home to the test tube containers. Feeling the heat evaporate from his neck slightly, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at his Professor and quietly, he said, "Harry told me of what happened with you and James Potter… when… we started dating… He told me about Black as well, and Lupin…" he paused and waved his hand, unaware that the cauldron landed soundly on the table as he continued to watch a brief flicker of dispassion run through the Potion Master's eyes when he mentioned the three names, "Not all Gryffindors are like them, Professor. Rivalry is natural, really…"

He stopped there though, and sighed, turning to the completed sleeping draughts. He put a cork in each and every one, consciously aware of the thoughtful look on the Professor's face. Draco stole a glance at him midway through his duties, and Snape smiled at him slightly; a thin smile, but a smile nonetheless.

"A Slytherin and Gryffindor make a pact… how ironic…" Snape drawled slightly, and Draco's eyes widened slightly.

// "Hey, Draco?" Harry asked quietly, and Draco shot him an agitated look. Harry and him were both newly approved Aurors, both still youthful and barely twenty. Draco sneered and didn't bother to answer him.

Harry placed a hand on his shoulder and Draco jerked away, scowling at him now. When Draco met his eyes, he could see hurt and pain in Harry's face, but he just rolled his eyes and scooted down the carriage seat, to the opposite side.

They stayed silent for the whole ride, and Draco glanced continuously from the corner of his eye as Harry tried to keep his hands from shaking, but the brunette was doing such a horrible job that he had to hide his fingers in his pockets.

When they finally arrived at Hogwarts, Draco sneered as the driver opened the carriage for them, and he didn't even bother to wait for his partner as he made his way to the castle, consciously hearing Harry run after him. They both had a day off; their first day off from the job, and what had gotten Draco in such a bad mood was the fact that Harry had asked to accompany him to Hogwarts.

The blond slowed down when they reached the Great Hall doors, and he looked over his shoulder at the red-faced Harry Potter. Smirking slightly, he opened the Great Hall doors in a way which he hoped was discreetly, and the first thing he saw made him narrow his eyes and stare incredulously.

What the bloody hell?! he asked himself, and glancing at Harry, he felt even more confused as Harry just looked plainly at him. The mummer of the hall rose slightly as the two young walked in slowly, heading towards the Great Table.

"Oi, Potter, what the bloody hell is happening?" he whispered feverishly, and Harry raised an eyebrow at his question. Harry looked to the people that Draco was pointing too, and Draco gave an irritated sigh as the boy-who-lived gave him an even more confused look.

"What I'm asking, Potter, is why is a Slytherin sitting at the Gryffindor table?" he hissed quietly as they continued to walk, both watching several Slytherins – as well as some Hufflepuffs and noticeable Ravenclaws – interact with the Gryffindors at the Gryffindor table.

Both had stopped in front of the High Table, and Draco could feel a million eyes on him. He glared around the inquisitive room with a small scowl, and several looked down at their plates. He felt a hand on his shoulder a minute later.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy… and Mr. Potter," Draco's brows furrowed as he heard the voice behind him, but the thing that made his brows channel was the absence of distaste in the second name. He turned around and faced a surly looking Potions master. Harry made a small noise beside him.

"Professor Snape, how… charming to see you," Draco sneered slightly, and looked over his shoulder at the interacting houses. He strongly disliked the communication between his house and others, especially Gryffindors. Harry made another small noise beside him.

"How have you been? I do hope you have… stayed out of trouble," Draco raised an eyebrow at the tone, but discarded the thought from his mind, as his gaze was intent on the Gryffindor table.

Scowling, he replied, "Why is our house sitting with those… people?"

Snape followed his gaze, and Draco turned around just in time for the Potion Master and his partner, Harry, to exchange a glance. He furrowed his eyebrows even more and scowled when none of them noticed.

"Well? When did this start happening? I don't remember our house ever interacting with those idiots, Professor. Slytherins clearly wouldn't be that stupid to interact with Gryffindors by choice. Please do not tell me you are getting soft in your old age." Draco drawled, and the hand on his shoulder dropped. He could feel Harry shift uncomfortably beside him, and he just about had it.

"Is this one of the things I don't remember when I had the bloody accident? If so, please fill me in." Draco said angrily, and Harry and the Potion's Master looked at him. He could see them both exchange another glance, a knowing glance, and he sighed, irritated, as none of them answered him. He surveyed the room before looking at the Slytherin table.

His jaw dropped.

At the Slytherin table, there were two Gryffindor girls giggling loudly at a Hufflepuff's animations – it was evident that they were in different house, their badges were not blocked by anything, and the yellow and black Badger stood out proudly on the Hufflepuff's chest, as well as the red and gold Lion crest stood out brilliantly on the two Gryffindor girls' chests, and Draco stared as one of them looked at him.

And she smiled widely, and waved, but just as quickly, she stopped and gave him a searching look.

"A Gryffindor and Slytherin made a pact… how ironic…" came a drawled out voice beside him, and Draco never forgot that phrase. //

"Merlin," Draco whispered, and he looked quickly with wide eyes as the Professor. Snape raised an eyebrow at him and Draco shook his head quickly, telling himself over and over again that it was all so real, all so clear -- the building emotion running through his body so quickly he was sure to fall at any moment, but he didn't, and he shook his head again – and told himself, Amazing!

"What is it, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked, trying not to seem interested, but the black haired man's concern for his student's sudden un-focusing made him worried.

"… I've… what you've just said…" Draco started out, and licked his dry lips. He smiled despite of himself and shook his head slowly again, disbelieving how everything was slowly coming together.

"That a Gryffindor and Slytherin have made a pact… I just meant that you and Ms. Bogtrottle must have some hidden friendship; I'm sure I'm not the only one who had witnessed her eating dinner at the Slytherin table with you and Ms. Parkinson the other night, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco continued to stare at the worktable before him, still amazed at what was happening, and he finally looked up to Snape's raised eyebrow. Then, another thought came to his mind as he remembered that girl –who had smiled and waved to him- in his sudden flashback.

"Bogtrottle," he whispered to himself, and bewilderedly, he now realised what made him recognise Melinda right away the first time he saw her. Part of it was because of Melinda was Melissa's sister, but now, as he pondered thoughtfully in the potion's classroom, it was because he had seen her before.

"What about Bogtrottle?" was what interrupted his deep thinking, and he blinked at being addressed. He started at Snape for a moment, before finally realizing that the Potion's professor was speaking to him.

With a raspy voice, only because his throat was dry, he replied, "The first time… or the second time…" he thought back and shook his head before correcting himself, "Well, the first time I've seen her here, in this time, was amazing. I knew I've seen her before – and I had – but I thought it was because I've taught her sister. But, then… what you just said made me realise that I've seen her before… when I was first came back to Hogwarts after graduation… She was the girl that waved to me. … She was the one that was looking at me…"

Draco paused, and automatically, without thinking, he turned to Snape and asked, "Do you remember?"

Snape gave him a look and Draco mentally slapped himself. Of course he doesn't remember. It didn't even happen yet. This time travelling thing is messing you up.

Draco sighed irritably and shook his head. He started gathering up the filled test tubes and looked at his watch, which read eleven fifteen. He shot Snape an apologetic glance, and was relieved to see a small smile on the brunette's face. His heart lifted slightly.

"I shall put you down for tutoring Ms. Bogtrottle next month, Mr. Malfoy. Ms. Granger and several other seventh years shall have to help as well." Draco nodded at what Snape said, and put the liquids in his school bag carefully. He cleaned up his mess as Snape made his way back to his desk to, presumably, grade more papers, and Draco looked at his watch again. He felt tired, and stifled a small yawn. He heard his stomach grumble a minute later.

Cursing himself, he wished he had enough time to go to the kitchen and eat, but he had to go to sleep as soon as possible because he knew that there was a test tomorrow. Sighing, he waved goodbye and goodnight to the Professor, and left the potions classroom, and his mind started to drift one last time.

// That night, when they finally were on the carriage home from Hogwarts, Draco could feel tension in the ex-Gryffindor student. Draco sneered as Harry didn't even look at him, and drawled, "Mad, are you Potter?"

A small sigh came from Harry's mouth, and his scowl disappeared as Harry turned his face to look at him. Instead, Draco tilted his head at Harry's stressed face, and there was some deep emotion in Harry's eyes – and Draco could only define it as hurt and pain.

"No, just… have you ever … well… I…" Harry started, and looked at his hands. Draco raised an eyebrow, but other than that, he didn't do anything else and waited for Harry to continue, "… Is… Draco... is..."

Harry paused longer this time, and Draco held his sigh. Harry finished in a whisper, "Is there any hope? Any… at all?"

Draco looked at him and wondered what the hell he was talking about. Never one to be cautious, he drawled, "What the hell are you talking about Potter? Honestly, these days, it's like you're talking in bloody riddles. Do talk some sense, will you?"

He tried not to look away when Harry's hand squeezed the cushion, but his partner always seemed so tense all the time…

"… I mean, Draco… is there any hope… for us?"

That question made Draco blink. Us? Us, meaning… together? … What is Potter thinking?

"Us… meaning…" the blond started out, and the brunette sighed beside him. Draco watched him impatiently, and waited for Harry's answer. The carriage shook a bit, but other than that, everything was focused on Harry.

"Us… meaning…" there was a bit of frustration in Harry's voice, Draco could tell, and finally, it dawned on the blond boy. Us meaning 'lovers', hm, Potter?

Sneering menacingly, he spoke, "Potter. When will you realise that I don't like you like that? So, you took care of me and assisted me after my accident, but it doesn't mean I owe you my time or… or part of me that way."

Harry's eyes flashed, and Draco's heart froze in sudden fear as Harry's head snapped and looked at him. They stared at each other for a minute, neither one to break the gaze, and Draco watched thousands of emotions twinkle in Harry's eyes, the longer they stared at each other. Finally, Draco dropped his gaze, and Harry did the same a second later.

They were both silent.

After several heated minutes, Draco could hear Harry's whisper, and he leaned forward mechanically when Harry started to speak.

"… I know you don't remember your seventh year, Draco. I know you don't remember it… you already know – even if you deny it – that we were lovers then… but… I've stared into your eyes and have seen something. I had seen a future. You told me… once… that you loved me…" Draco listened intently, never hearing this before, "No… you told me several times… and… once…" Harry's voice choked slightly, "you told me… 'Harry, promise me. Promise me that you will never give up on me… please…'"

Draco watched Harry's face as the brunette shook his head, and Harry's glasses slid off his nose to land on the carriage floor. Automatically, Draco leaned forward, brushing his partner's knee, and picked it up for him. Only when he held it up to Harry did he realise that the brunette's eyes were glassy with moisture.

Draco felt a sudden weight; he wasn't sure what caused it, as he stared in Harry's eyes. And Harry whispered decidedly, "And I don't plan to. I don't plan to give up." //

As Draco fell asleep that night, there was one thought on his mind. Never, Harry, never. I will never give up.


I cried a tear
You wiped it dry
I was confused
You cleared my mind
I sold my soul
You bought it back for me
And held the earth
You gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me
You gave me strength
To stand alone again
To face the world
Out on my own again
You put me high
Upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me
You needed me

Notes: Songs come from, Boyzone (You needed me), and Celine Dion, (Have you ever been in love?). Reviews appreciated; Constructive criticism welcome. Oh, and thank you to Elisha for correcting my canon mistake. In the previous chapter, I had written that Crouch had said, 'Constant Vigilance' when it was really Moody. Sorry about that, my mistake! Thanks for reading.