Chapter 30: Age 16 - Nice to meet You

Normal P.O.V.

Fine and Rein were getting ready for their birthday. Rein does her make-up and Fine does her hair.

"16 years...huh..." Fine sighed. Rein turns back to Fine and smiles.

"Today you're meeting everyone for the first time, right?" She said.

"Yeah...finally. I can have my freedom!"

"You know you had freedom this whole time?"

"Of course, but I kept getting caught! Even though I'm the active twin, I STILL get caught!" She starts sulking. Rein chuckles awkwardly.

Someone knocks on their door. Their parents open the door. "You two look lovely." Elsa said, "I can't believe you're 16 now! Right Truth- Truth?" He was looking sad.

"Father, what's wrong?" Rein asks.

"It's just...your at the age of marriage! Now I won't see my little girls!" He answers. The twins walk up to their father and hug him.

"Don't worry, father!"

"You'll always be number 1!" Fine said. He smiles and hugs them back.

Elsa smiles at the three. "Well...we have an announcement at the party! So please look forward to it!" She said.


Moments Later~

Rein went ahead of Fine because she went to greet her friends before they meet her sister. Fine went ahead to the party room and went up the stairs.

"Fine? Where's Rein?" Elsa asked.

"She went to greet her friends before I met them. Sad, isn't it?" Fine answered. She stands next to Truth.

"Oh~ Fine you look lovely!" She looks down.

"Hello Uncle Akumu."

He grins. "Fine have met my little brother, Yume?"

"Yume?" She thinks about it. 'Where have I heard that name before?' She thought. A boy appears from behind Fine.

"H-Hello!" He bowed. "Here's a present for you!" He gives her a bracelet.

She scans it and smiles. "Thank you!" She wears it. "This will be my lucky bracelet! Thank you, Yume!" Yume blushes and smiles. She scans him.

'He's the shy type yet strong, huh? Where have I read this personality before?' She thought.

Someone slaps him behind the head. He turns around. "Emily!?" The girl stares at Yume with death eyes.

'What's with her? How come her personality looks weird?!'

Emily looks at Fine and smiles. She bows. "Hello Princess Fine! I'm Emily!" Fine bows back.

"H-Hello Emily. Nice to meet you..."

She nods and drags Yume. "Come on, Yume. Lets dance."

"I don't want to dance with you!" Yume said. The two argue all the way downstairs.

Akumu and Fine chuckle awkwardly.

"Is that his...girlfriend?" Fine asked Akumu.

"No. They're childhood friends." He answers. "Well I'm off."

"Okay." He walks down the stairs.

Rein meets him halfway and keeps running up the stairs. She makes it and stand next to her mother. She starts taking deep breaths.

"Are you alright, Rein?" Elsa asks. She nods in response.

"Now that we're all here, we can start!" Truth said. He takes a step forward. "Everyone! May I have you attention!" Everyone goes quiet and looks up at him. "Today someone special has come back into our lives! He's been gone 16 years! Come on out, Prince Xavier!" A young man comes out and smiles.

Everyone gasps and start whispering to each other.

The twins were 100% confused. "We had a...BROTHER!?" They sync. He walks to them.

"Hello my little sisters." He said.

Rein introduces herself first. "I'm Rein! The older twin!" She said and started a conversation with him.

Fine P.O.V.

Did this happen before? Why do I feel like I know him from somewhere? Is it just my imagination? He looks at me and smiles. Maybe I hurry up and introduce myself...

I walk up to him and say, "I'm Fine. Nice to meet you." He makes a confused face. This happens too much. "My name is Fine."

"O-Oh! Nice to meet you, Fine!" He said. Is this guy really my brother? Well he does have mother's eyes and father's hair.

First of all, why weren't we informed of this in the beginning!? If this is a surprise, this didn't surprise me one bit! It left me shocked! Plus his personality and behavior is not suited to be a king! What the hell am I thinking!? Even I don't have the behavior of a princess!

Maybe I should just get along with him.

I smile at him. "I hope we can get along, big brother!" I said cheerfully.

Big Brother...

Have I ever said that before? I feel like I did, but when?

"Fine!" I snap out of daydreaming. Rein was looking at me curiously. "Are you okay?" She asks.

"Y-Yeah. I just need to adjust the feeling of having a big brother." I answered.

She smiles and takes my hand. "Lets go downstairs where everyone is at! Once we're done introducing and getting to know, we'll come back to big brother so we can get to know each other, okay!"

"O-Okay?" Rein... I don't need to know him. I can just read his personality. She starts dragging me downstairs.

"Where are you two going? Aren't you going to chat with your brother?" Truth asks.

Before I could answer, Rein beat me to it. "We will! Just when we finish talking to my friends! We'll be back!" Rein said and continues dragging me down the stairs.

Why is she in a hurry!? "Rein! Wait! Why are you in a hurry!" I said.

"Because they all want to meet you!"

"Shouldn't we have settled with Xavier first before we meet your friends!"

"I know, I know! Everyone is shocked and so are we!"

"You don't look shocked at all!" She giggles. How come people call me unbelievable instead of her!? We finally make it down the stairs and runs towards, whatever direction she's going. "R-Rein! Can we stop running! You know I can't really-" I trip and she falls down with me.

Damn heels...

"Rein, are you alright?" A boy with dirty blonde hair and ruby eyes helps my sister. She goes into her daydreaming world...typical Rein, right?

Footsteps approach me. I look up and see a boy with violet eyes and violet-blue eyes. He offers me his hand.

"Are you alright?" He asks. I nod. He helps me up.

Why? Why does his hand feel familiar? I stare at his eyes. Is he having the same feeling as me? "Have we...met somewhere?" I ask.

"I don't know, but it feels like we have..."

"Yeah... it does."

He smiles. "You're Rein's sister, right?" I nod.


Huh? What was that?

"Is your name...Shade?" I ask subconsciously. He looks at me in surprise.

"How did you know my name?" He asked.

"I-I don't know!" Now he's confused. I'M THE ONE THAT'S MORE CONFUSED!

"Then is your name...Fine?"

"Has Rein mentioned my name to you?"

" just came up..." Like me... How come...people are staring at us? " you wanna get to know each other? I have a feeling we knew each other but now I don't know..."

A smile comes across my face. "I'd love that..." We walk outside and start to talk. I told him I could easily tell what his personality is and also I can just know a person without meeting he or she!

"No way! Is that's the case..." He walks in front of me and bows. He takes my hand. "I'm determine to know you, Princess Fine!"

Again...where have I heard these words? Where have I seen this much determination before? Does it matter? I guess not... I wonder what journey will come next.






It's over already? I guess that's a shame! *grins* Don't worry! I'll make a new story of a continuation of this story! The adventure starts there! Look forward to it, k! ;D