Clary created a group chat.

Clary added Simon.

Clary added Jace.

Simon changed the group name to Prankster badasses

Clary changed the group name to Clary's sidekicks

Jace: I object. I am no sidekick

Clary: Who's hiding in the weapon room?

Clary: Right. The side kicks

Simon changed the group name to Clary and her badass sidekicks

Jace changed the group name to Clary and her badass boyfriend, and some other guy

Simon changed the group name to Clary and her badass sidekick, and some other guy who's afraid of ducks

The boys were useless so Clary decided to take matters into her own hands.


With her invisibility rune she easily followed Magnus and Alec through the crowd. She could even hear snippets of their conversation.

"So I roll a ball down a lane." Alec questioned.


"And the goal is to knock things over."


Alec cracked his knuckles. "No problem. I knock things over all the time." At Magnus's snort he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "That was supposed to sound more badass."

Clary huffed out a laugh. She froze when Magnus and Alec glanced around. Right, right, invisible, stalk-observing…

When Magnus and Alec entered the bowling alley she snuck in behind them. Alec got his bowling shoes, but Magnus held up a bag. "I've got my own."

Alec eyed the bag warily.

Clary eyed the bag warily.

But the shoes were normal bowling shoes-if a bit outdated. "Passed down through generations." Magnus stated proudly.

"Right." Said the employee unenthusiastically.

The group moved on. Alec selected a ball. Then he sent it screaming down the lane making several pins go flying.

"That was awesome!" A boy a few lanes down shouted.

"Don't do that" said the employee in a monotone. He looked like he wanted one of the pins to fly by and put him out of his misery.

"Well you did knock them over." Magnus said cheerfully. He gracefully grabbed his bowling ball, waltzed down , and swung with perfect technique. The ball neatly hit the middle and knocked all the pins over. "Just use less force."

Alec nodded seriously. He slowly exhaled and walked over to the lane chanting to himself. Less force, less force. He let go of the ball. Less force! The ball rolled down and two pins went airborne. Ah. Too much force.

The employee shuffled over and put a dinosaur bowling ball roller in front of him. "Use this."

Alec studied the dinosaur. It was cute. "Should I be embarrassed?"

"No, it's a great honor." Magnus said. "I'm a little jealous."

"I have the same kind!" The boy shouted. He demonstrated by pushing his ball down the roller.

Alec gave him a thumbs up. "Nice!" He pushed his ball down the roller and got a strike. The boy gave him a thumbs up.

Magnus watched this with a smile. He's really too adorable.

"Aw." Clary said.

Magnus's eyes narrowed.

Clary froze. What's wrong with me. Why do I keep doing that. She slowly started to back up. I won't learn anything by watching their date anyways. She hustled out of there.

Clary re-opened the group chat. She rolled her eyes when she saw what Jace and Simon were doing.

Jace changed the group chat color to red.

Simon changed the group chat color to blue.

Jace changed the group chat to red.

Simon changed Jace's nickname to Blondie

Jace: Is that really the best you can do?

Jace changed Simon's nickname to Rat

Simon: Hey, I'm sensitive about that

Clary changed Jace's nickname to Idiot

Jace: I think you mean lovable idiot

Jace: Idiot with ridiculous abs

Simon: Gross