Chapter One

Jane's head pounded harshly against her temples. There was a faint ringing in her ears. She was face down on ash covered soil. Where was she? Then she remembered. Groaning she pushed herself to her hands and stared up at the monster on two legs. He towered over her and her heart thumped madly inside her chest in fear. She scrambled back, barely missing his fist as he buried it into the ground.

Thor, where was Thor?!

She yelped as he brought his fist down once more. Rolling to the side she only managed to entangle her skirt on the man's fist. As she went to push herself to her feet something grasped her about her waist. Screaming, or thinking that she screamed for everything was a fuzzy and muffled blur she struck out with her hands and met pale ones instead.

She gasped, no sound reaching her ears as she twisted her head and looked up. Loki towered over her, his green eyes fierce and feral as he looked ahead at the monster, Kurse. She stared at him, anger flooding her veins as she glared up at him.

He paid her no heed and tightened his grip on her. His lips parted and he spoke something to the monster and then to the Dark Elf King, Malekith. Jane shivered at the sight of them and for a second, she thought she felt Loki's arm tighten around her once more.

Oddly, it made her feel better.

Then she saw the real reason why he'd tightened his grip on her. Thor was hauled before them, battered and bloody and a scream ripped from her throat as she tried to free herself of Loki's iron grip. He lifted her off of her feet but she continued to scream and fight.

Her eyes filled with tears as Malekith waved his hand and the monster Kurse hefted Thor's weak body and turning they ascended the hill of ash towards a spacecraft. Loki's arm tightened further and he took a step back, bringing a thrashing, severely pissed off Jane with him.

He muttered something and his green eyes narrowed dangerously. Jane didn't stop thrashing, didn't stop screaming for Thor until her voice was hoarse and they were back on the hoverboat.

Loki plopped her down on the blankets and waved his hand. Jane gasped when her hands and feet were bound and she hissed and began to curse him. Though her voice was hoarse and it was a faint muffle in her ears she cursed him.

He ignored her and began to start the boat. That's when he halted and grew still. He stiffened and she saw the change in him. Her words died and she glanced over her shoulder.

Her stomach sank...

Maliketh's spacecraft hovered overhead and her eyes widened when she saw the missiles fire. Suddenly arms were around her waist once more and Loki, holding her bridal style, leapt from the boat.

His jump carried them away from the boat as it was blasted to bits. His boots dug into the hard ash and his arms securely around her, he dashed ahead. It was to no avail as the spacecraft followed them, shooting missiles and bullets as it went.

Loki dodged them with grace and agility and Jane clung tightly to his coat, burying her face into his chest as he carried her. The blasts erupted around them were muffled but she could feel the impact as they made the ground shudder. Ash and dirt spewed out around them and she felt herself choking on it.

Loki's heart hammered against her ear and her fingers instinctively curled tighter into the armor that adorned his chest. He grunted as a cloud of ash erupted around them, causing her vision to go dark.

Then she felt him stumble and she yelped as they tumbled down an ash covered hill. They rolled and rolled and Jane screamed in pain as she connected with something hard.

A rock...

A mountainside...

Loki was beside her, his green eyes feral and lit with rage as he glared up at the spacecraft.


Like mice in a cage...

His hold on her tightened and Jane, her eyes locked on the spacecraft, closed her eyes as they fired.



"No!" Thor roared brokenly as he watched. The mountainside exploded and dust and rock rained down where Loki and Jane had been only moments before.

He sagged against the restraints. Mjolnir was gone, his strength was gone.

Jane was gone...



The agony tore at his heart as he howled and tears filmed over his sky blue eyes. His blonde hair resembling a lion's was tangled and ratted, covered in dirt and blood. It hung down over his face and he felt blood pool inside his mouth.

Raising his head he spit it in the direction of the Dark Elf King. The monster, Kurse responded by hammering his giant fist into Thor's face. Thor grunted from the impact but Malekith waved his hand and Kurse retreated. Malekith turned to face him. His cold, black eyes looked down at him and he tilted his head as if in deep consideration of something.

"Yes, this will do quite nicely. Quite nicely indeed," he purred and waved his hand once more. Kurse grunted and smashed his fist into Thor's skull once more.



Thor's vision went black...


Jane was warm, comfortable. Slowly her eyes opened and she looked up at a stone ceiling. Groggily, she realized she was lying on a bed of pillows and that she was wrapped in a soft, feather light blanket. A fireplace, huge with white glittering marble crackled in the corner and she raised her eyes to the walls.


They were covered in books. They were everywhere, stacked in huge piles around her, on the beautifully carved ebony tables and shelves that lined every wall. Then there was a door.

It was deep ebony, lined with silver and it seemed to look impenetrable. Her eyes continued to run along the room until they fixed upon the figure that lounged in a black, Victorian styled chair by the fire.


His long, lithe body was relaxed as his chin rested in his long, smooth fingers. His eyes were closed, his dark eyelashes catching the firelight. His face was smooth, elegant as his black, silky hair was swept back to fall to his shoulders.

For a moment she simply stared at him, unable to move. Her mind flashed back to that day in the hall when she'd punched him, and he'd only smiled at her after.

I like her...

The words had rung in her ears, vibrated throughout her body and suddenly her anger had faded. Her heart had pounded inside her chest and in order to keep herself from shivering at his presence she'd tucked her hair behind her ear.

Then Thor had stepped away with Lady Sif as they discussed something, leaving her practically alone with him. He'd only smiled, his dark grin sending shivers up her spine as his eyes stared straight into her.

She'd been silently mesmerized by him. His face was pale, angular and handsome. His lips were soft and sensual. His dark, elegant brows were relaxed. His body was long and lithe. His armor fit him more perfectly than Thor's.


Her thoughts jolted inside her head.

With a wince she sat up, the blanket pooling around her waist. She glanced down and disgust whelmed up inside her as she kicked the emerald green blanket off. Standing on wobbly legs she crossed over to him, her shoes thudding against the stones. Everything was muffled and the ringing in her ears had not stopped but she ignored it.

Turning she picked up an antique oil lamp and hefted it in her hand. Striding towards him she lifted it and was prepared to bring it down on his face when his emerald eyes opened.

She halted at the malicious gleam in his eyes and suddenly he was standing. His lithe body was massive against hers and her eyes widened. He reached up, his fingers pinching her wrist as he yanked the lamp from her fingers, a vicious snarl on his lips.

Angry she opened her mouth to scream at him but her words were muffled. Loki ignored her and set the lamp down on the table, his lips still curled in a snarl. His emerald eyes were still gleaming and his voice was muffled in her ears as he spoke.

By the tone however, he was not happy.

Well, neither was she.

She stared up at him, frowning and he glared down at her. His gaze narrowed when she didn't react and she snorted while pointing to her ears.

"I can't hear you!" She growled with her mouth and surprise flittered across his face. Then his eyes narrowed and reaching up he placed the palm of his hands on her ears.

She stiffened at his touch but slowly...


It seeped into her, filled her...

Her body grew warm, her vision fuzzy and Loki's face swam above her. Unsteady she reached for him and he let her cling onto him. After a moment she could hear the fire, the study thrum of his breathing.

"Why?" Jane whispered after a moment and Loki snorted while reaching up and removing her hands. He dusted himself off and turned from her, heading over to a pile of books.

"I did not want my carefully thought out insults to go to waste on deaf ears." He replied. Jane's hands fisted and she followed after him.

"That's not what I meant!" She snapped and bolting in front of him cut him off. "Where's Thor?!" She demanded and Loki's brows furrowed.

"Really, I thought you of all people would know that, dear Jane." He went to move past her but she stepped in front of him once more. His eyes flashed in irritation.

"You handed him over! You betrayed us!" She yelled at him while slapping his chest. Loki narrowed his eyes, catching her wrists elegantly once more, and she struggled against him.

"I also saved your life, twice." He quipped and his emerald eyes flashed. Jane narrowed her own eyes and glared up at him.

"Is that supposed to mean something?" She growled and yanked her wrists from his grasp. "After we trusted you, you betrayed us!"

He sighed and moved past her.

"Yes, you've mentioned that before." He moved over to a stack of books and uncontrollable rage filled her.

"What is Malekith going to do with him?" She hissed out but Loki did not answer her. He simply moved about the room, inspecting it.

Growling she picked up a heavy, leather bound book and chucked it at him. He easily caught it an inch from his face.

"You know," he said while still examining the bookshelves, his voice low and nonchalant, "that was quite rude considering I just repaired your hearing."

Jane could have throttled him as he smirked over his shoulder at her.

"What did you expect?" She growled while crossing her arms over her chest. "You act as if Thor being in the hands of the most dangerous being in the Universe is a good thing! Not to mention you're the one who handed him over!"

Her hands were shaking so much that she curled them into fists and despite it, tears filmed over her eyes. "Don't you feel at all horrible?" She whispered as tears trailed down her cheeks.

Loki watched her, his gaze and face unreadable. Then he slowly set the book down and crossed the room to her. Her head was ducked and so she saw only his black boots as he halted in front of her. All the fight had gone out of her and an empty shell was all that was left.

"He asked me to save you." He whispered so quietly she wasn't even sure she'd heard it. Slowly she raised her face to his and her eyes met emerald ones that were tinged with pain.

"What?" She choked out and Loki placed his hands behind his back, glowering down at her but his brows were drawn together and his mouth was pinched in grief.

"Thor saw that he wasn't going to be able to defeat Kurse, but he knew that if I appeared to be on Malekith's side then I could safely take you away and come after him later." Loki's eyes darkened as he looked over at the fire. "The fool." He murmured before straightening his shoulders. "So I did as he asked and handed him over, saving you in the process, but Malekith," Loki's face grew so incredibly dark that Jane gasped, "betrayed me and so sought to eradicate the both of us." Loki's eyes returned to hers. "He wanted to save you, a little mortal." His eyes narrowed maliciously and he turned to stride over to the fire, his hands still behind his back.

Her eyes stayed on him, his broad shoulders, lean waist and long legs that looked surprisingly heavy. He always moved with such fluid and grace. She noticed that there were shadows underneath his eyes and for the first time she saw grief, true grief.

Silence filled the room and reaching up Jane wiped her tears away.

"That's why I have to save him. I have to get out of here and find him." Despite her tears her voice was steady. "Where are we?" She whispered while looking around.

"It's called a Time Warp." He replied in a soft voice. His eyes stared into the fire but he looked as if he were a million miles away.

"A Time Warp?" She ventured and he sighed.

"It is a place that holds many treasures to keep them from warping, from growing old and decaying, from aging." He whispered in reply and Jane's eyes grew wide.

"So, time stops?" She asked and Loki snorted as if she'd asked the stupidest question in the world.

"No. It warps time, so let's say we spent an hour here, it could be decades on the outside world or only seconds. No one knows."

Jane gasped.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Perhaps ten hours." He murmured and she felt her knees growing weak. Shaking she turned and dashed to the door. It towered over her, a massive wall of thick ebony and she fumbled for a handle, anything!

"That is not the way out." He murmured and she halted. Turning back towards him she put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes.

"Then what is?" She demanded and a slight smirk touched his lips.

"The door will open when it wants." He waved his hand dismissively. "So I suggest you make yourself comfortable." With that he went back to staring into the fire.

After a few moments of staring at him she shook her head. Poking her head around the library she managed to find old chapel candle holders that were taller than her. Using two of them she pried, pushed, pulled, but the door did not budge.

There were times where she'd catch Loki looking at her from the corner of her eye but he made no move to help her. He only smirked, his lips pulling slightly up at the edges. It might have made her angry had she not seen the utter and complete sadness in them.




Finally, huffing with indignation she stood the candle holders up and strode across the room. Throwing herself down onto the sofa she glared into the fire, missing the slight upturn of Loki's lips.

"Done are we?" His tone was low, mocking and she shot a glare at him.

"At least I was trying to find a way out." She shot back and Loki's grin widened.

"Ah, ever the persistent little mortal." He tilted his head while his emerald eyes, flickering from the fire, roamed over her and she stiffened, "Is that how you won, Thor?"

His question caught her off guard and she blinked up at him, her cheeks flushing before she could glower at him instead. Her reaction made his lips turn up into a mocking grin.

"What business is it of yours?" She fired back and he chuckled. Though it sounded pleasant there was a tinge of bitterness in it.

"It is my business to know why, after the thousands of women Thor has had, that he decided that you were worth his life." He growled and she gasped.

Sitting up she glared up at his towering form. Undeterred by his penetrating glare she stood up and came toe to toe with him.

"I didn't ask him to do that for me! Or you for that matter!" She shot back and at the thought of Thor dying, of his lifeless form lying bloody and broken somewhere out there because of her caused her eyes to fill with tears.

Damn it! She was stronger than that!

She turned away from Loki, unable to stand the cold God seeing her cry, seeing her weakness. A shudder entered her body and she bit her lip as a single tear trailed down her cheek, then another and another.


Loki looked down at her shivering form, at the desperation that was in her tiny body as she fought to control her emotions. Something tugged inside his chest as he remembered a little boy. A little boy who loved to read books and use magic.

A little boy who had been isolated...


Utterly alone...

He reached up and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. She stopped. Slowly, unsure of his actions he squeezed slightly.

They stood there in silence and Jane's sobs quieted to ragged gasps. The only sound was her breathing and the crackle of the fire.

"I can see," Loki whispered softly and his breath tickled the back of her head he was so close, "why Thor chose you." Her wall broke once more and sobbing, she covered her face with her hands.

Loki frowned as she began to cry again. His lips thinned and he went to remove his hand but soft fingers, wet with tears, grabbed onto his. They clamped down so hard he nearly flinched.

Her sobs grew more distorted and frequent and suddenly her legs grew weak. As she went to collapse to the floor Loki caught her.

Her whole body was shivering...


Her tears ran down his chest as he held her to him. Slowly he sank to the floor, his arms still around her as she wept and wept. Her wild cries echoed in his ears and his own heart tightened in his chest at the realization his brother might very well be dead.




Like his mother...

A single tear trailed down his cheek to Jane's and her hold on him tightened. He gently rocked her back and forth, his mind wandering as he held the weeping mortal in his arms.

There was one thought however that kept pricking at him.

She wept for Thor...

But was in his arms...

How odd...

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