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"Irregardless, Bella…" He started to say, my anger boiling to the surface faster than he could finish the sentence.

"THAT'S NOT EVEN A FUCKING WORD." I growled out and turned on my heel, slamming the shop door behind me. I had been fired again, this time the reasoning being that "they didn't have enough money to pay an extra employee". However I knew better, I worked the register and I was fully aware just how much business they did. The truth of the matter is that I was blacklisted by Benny Benucci, the big boss of the city. Stupidly, I had turned down a man twice my age when he asked me to be his side piece after he saw me serving at a popular gentleman's club nearby. I mean, the nerve of me for not wanting to sleep with some guy my father's age for money, right? Turning him down had gotten me abruptly fired, and since then had lost me any job that fell under his radar. That's the unfortunate part about living in a city where most of the businesses are being "protected" by these mobsters. Everyone ends up falling dependent on these guys. If they don't do as they're told they end up robbed, or injured, or dead. If they do as they're told... well, you end up with situations like me.

"Mr. Benucci would like to have a word with you."

The suited stranger had told me, grabbing a hold of my arm. I arched a brow but followed behind him towards one of the private VIP areas. He finally stopped as we reached a middle-aged man with startling dark eyes. His hair was combed back tightly, peppered with gray. His suit was tailored perfectly, and his shoes probably cost more than my rent. His menacing smirk gleamed in the darkness of the room, as I was not-so-gently deposited in front of him. "What's your name, principessa?" He cooed, his hand reaching out to hold mine, his lips pressed firmly to my skin. I fought against rolling my eyes and spoke quietly, hoping to control my tone. "It's Isabella."

"Ahhh, Isabella? Beautiful name for a beautiful creature. Sit sit." He quickly pulled a chair out next to him, pulling me down abruptly. "Now, what is it you do here?" he asked thoughtfully, his hand still holding mine, though his grip had tightened.

"I'm one of Alec's waitresses…?" I said, not able to bite back my attitude at the obvious question. Did he think I wore this hoochi uniform for fun? Did he normally see citizens strolling the streets in tiny black shorts, heels and a fitted closed vest with nothing under it? He laughed at my response, clearly picking up on my attitude though he seemed more amused than angry.

"I can't imagine that pays very well, does it?" His thumb began to move in slow patterns across my hand, his eyes catching mine. It was then that I started to see where this conversation was going, and unfortunately his grasp wasn't going to allow me to run off.

"Alec pays me a decent amount for what I do." Which wasn't a lie. Between my wages and tips, I made enough to pay for the studio apartment I lived in, food, the insurance for my car, and a very occasional trip to the hairdresser. I had given up the luxury of having a cellphone, just so that I didn't have to sport dead ends and fried hair.

"You seem hesitant. And a woman that holds such beauty as yourself shouldn't be making "decent" money. You should be taken care off." He grinned and dropped my hand to his thigh, but held it there, clearly aware of my intention to pull it away. "I can change all of this for you. A beautiful apartment, clothes, jewelry, anything your heart desires. For this you will share a bed with me, when I please."

My eyes bulged at his offer to make me his side whore. I was a lot of things, but whore material was not one of them. My dignity took a big enough hit just by wearing this costume every night that I was here. The idea of being supported by spreading my legs literally sent a shiver through my bones.

"Thank you for your…generous offer, but I'm not for sale." I spit out, standing up quickly. His grip tightened to the point that I knew there would be a bruise there tomorrow, but I refused to give him the satisfaction of causing me pain.

"You're making a very stupid mistake, bambina. I urge you to re-think what you're saying." His voice had darkened; something evil was rearing itself in front of me. I shook my head and gave my arm a hard tug, freeing myself from his grasp. Without answering I quickly turned around and made my way out of the VIP area, running directly to Alec's office.

"ALEC!" I yelled, slamming the door open. He arched a brow, his desk covered in carefully organized stacks of bills. He was handsome, though still a bit old for me. He had startling blue eyes, and perfectly chiseled features. He kept himself impeccably groomed and always wore a suit. He was tall, with a built form, but he wasn't bulky. His dark hair was slicked back, though one curl always dangled in his eyes.

"What is it Bella?" He eyed me carefully, though I could only imagine what expression I was making.

"This.. this man, in the VIP, tried to buy me?!" I spit out, still amazed by the words even as they left my lips. However, Alec's expression told me this wasn't strange. He didn't even seem remotely surprised.

"Ah.. Mr. Benucci, when will you be leaving then?" He said quietly, folding his arms on his desk.

"Excuse me?!" I blinked rapidly, unsure of why we weren't calling the townsfolk and grabbing pitchforks to go after the monster.

"Bella, when does he want you to start?" He tried to make the conversation as casual sounding as possible, but his tight lipped smile indicated otherwise.

"Uh, I'm not going? I'm not going to be his live-in prostitute, Alec, that's ridiculous."

"Then, unfortunately Bella, I'll have to fire you."


" Mr Benucci is… he's a sponsor to this club. If you've upset him, he won't allow me to keep you. Please finish up your shift and come back after, I'll give you your pay for this week and then you'll be done."

And with that I was let go.

That had been a month ago, and in that time period I had been hired and fired from now three different jobs. As far as I could guess, I was getting hired because they had no idea who I was, then fired the second any of Benucci's guys saw me. I made my way out of the shop and stood on the sidewalk outside. The street lights had come on but there was nothing to illuminate, the road was empty. Tuesday nights didn't hold much appeal to anyone, and often when I got out at night there was no one around. I rarely drove to work since I only lived about half a mile from the shop, and it was the only exercise I really got. I sighed a little and pulled my windbreaker tighter around my form, irritated by the chilly air that teased my skin. I had been born and raised in Philadelphia, and when my parents had decided to move to East Greenwich, I had stayed behind. I had been finished with school, and old enough to take care of myself. However, I hadn't counted on some middle aged lunatic making it impossible for me to work in the one town that I loved.

I kicked at the cracks of the sidewalk while I made it towards the apartment, unfazed by the sound of a vehicle coming up behind me. I could hear it moving slowly behind me, but didn't see a reason to be alarmed. I was often followed home; one more intimidation tactic. It wasn't until I felt arms wrapping around me, covering my mouth that my eyes became wide. I began to kick wildly, my arms pushing against the form that held me. Whimpering against the gloved hand I continued to fight as I was pulled into the back of a van. My body collapsed against the cold floor of the van, my head barely missing a pile of tools beside it. I looked up at the looming form that crouched above me, before swallowing slowly. Was Bennucci just getting crazier? She won't sleep with me willingly so I'll kidnap her, drug her, and play house with her unconscious body? I shuddered and pulled my knees into my chest, burying my face in my arms.

"Don't be scared, Isabella, I don't have any intention of hurting you." A soft, yet deep voice tried to reassure me, though he kept his distance.

"My name is Edward, and I'll be your kidnapper tonight." He chuckled before climbing up to the driver's seat and taking off.