I awoke in a haze of confusion as my mind fought to recall the events of the last day. As they came rolling back in I sighed, realizing I was once again unemployed. I went to sit up and found that my movement was being limited by an arm pinning me against a warm, solid chest. Edward. I gasped a little, remembering the tail end of my night, his kind actions—his kiss.

"Good morning, bambina." His voice was liquid velvet in the morning; his arm turned me over slowly so that he could look me in the eye, a smiling spreading across his lips.

"Buon giorno." I purred, smiling a little. He smirked in return and pulled me on top of him, his eyes skimming my face.

"I thought I'd never be able to wake up to you again, bellissima. You're a sight for sore eyes." He slid his hand up to touch my cheek, his fingers teasingly sliding down to my jaw. He gripped my jaw gently and leaned up, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. I met him with no hesitancy, my eyes sliding shut as I met his lips eagerly. He growled a little against me and slid his hands to my back, his right hand swatting at my ass playfully.

I squealed against his lips and laughed, pulling away to see the twinkle in his eyes.

"Knock it off, Russo." I warned, winking at him. He grinned in response and let me go, stretching afterwards.

"So what do I do from here?" I asked, remembering that I was now unemployed and living in a relatively expensive loft that I couldn't afford forever.

"You could always come work at the new restaurant, cara mia. I'd be honored to have you by my side—you're a wonderful cook and they could learn from you. Besides if they get outta place, you'll just give 'em your right hook right? I think you'd be an amazing addition." He watched me for a moment, gauging my reaction.

I sat back for a moment and focused on his face, taking in not just the offer but the new man that lay before me. I didn't see the animosity that usually hid just at the edges of his eyes. I didn't see regret, or guilt. Instead I saw affection, optimism, and playfulness. He seemed so different from our first encounter—and I found myself drawn to it.

"I'd be willing to consider it. But perhaps you should show me the building first?" I offered, arching a brow.

"Ah, yes. Of course you should see it first. But I do have more pressing matters to attend to." He said, his eyes darkening.

"You mean—"

"Yes. She has to be taken care of. I won't allow her to torment you as if her husband hadn't done enough." He growled out, his arms and hands growing tense as he let the idea consume him.

I reached out hesitantly, placing a hand on his arm. His eyes rose to meet mine, curiosity meeting my gaze. I licked my lips and looked away, unsure of what I wanted at this point. Seeing his eyes darken that way took me back to an uncomfortable place. As if he sensed this suddenly I felt his arms around me. His lips found mine and his kiss was intense, as if he was trying to prove himself to me. I would take the good with the bad at this point; without question.

I slid into his lap and lost myself in him, letting my hands slide over his arms, his shoulders, and his chest. He pulled me against him, his hands toying with the edges of my hair as his tongue tickled my lower lip. I found myself considering him, the little I knew of his past, the things he had done to not only myself but others and realized that he probably was the worst kind of guy to be with. He had a side to them that didn't know compassion, or mercy.

However, the side of him that took care of me last night that made sure I was safe and protected— it was worth fighting for. He was worth fighting for.

I slipped my hands down his stomach until I found the edge of his boxers, my fingers teasing the soft skin at his waist. I felt him growl against my mouth, his lips nipping at mine as I hesitantly slid my fingers to touch the head of his cock, enjoying the hiss that slipped past his teeth. I buried my hand beneath the material and gripped him firmly, my long fingers wrapping around his cock and working it slowly underneath me. I slid off his body and tucked myself into his side, giving myself more access to his hardened length. My lips parted from his as I focused on his expression instead. His eyes were closed, his lips hanging open as small enjoyable sounds escaped. One of his hands had curled into the sheets, gripping them tightly, while the other trailed its way towards the hem of my nightgown. I reached my other hand up to slap his away, smirking as his eyes shot open.

"I didn't say you could touch." I cooed, my hand sliding over his cock faster, gripping him a little bit harder as emphasis. He hissed again, groaning afterward as he pulled his hand away from me. His teeth dug into his bottom lip and I could see the difficulty he was having restraining himself. But this was more than just me teasing; I had to know that it wasn't always about what he wanted. I had to know that I could tell him to do something and he wouldn't override it.

I found myself not only satisfied, but turned on by the way he gripped the sheets every time he begun to reach for me. I felt empowered by the way he twitched and lifted his hips as I touched him, wordlessly begging me to give him that release he needed. As he neared those final throws his eyes sought mine, and then moved to my lips, his silent question obvious. I leaned down and kissed him, whimpering a little as his teeth grazed my lips—his moans escaping against my eager tongue. His release was sudden, his hips arching up against my touch, a low growl emitting as he kissed me roughly. I chuckled against his lips and released him, sitting up slowly.

"So what do you want to do today?" I grinned, lifting a finger to my mouth to slip it between my lips, my eyes never leaving his.

"Fuckin' Christ, cara mia. What are you tryna do to me huh?" He pushed a few fingers through his hair, taking a slow breath. I chuckled lightly at his discomfort, enjoying how much I got to him. I smiled and pulled a tissue from the nightstand, wiping the rest of my hand off. I tossed it in the trash can next to the stand and stood up, stretching a little.

"How about we spend the day together? Let me treat you the way I should have from the beginning." He murmured, watching me as he shifted a little in the bed.

"I might agree to that. As long as you tell me I can trust you. I'm not up for any more surprises from you, capisce?" I knew my eyes had become a little sharper than intended, but he had tried my trust more than once and I wasn't as willing to be the fool anymore. I needed to know that his word meant something.

"My hand to god. Nothing but a beautiful day with a beautiful girl." He winked and stood up, his boxers shoved beneath his still slightly hardened cock. I laughed a little and pointed towards the door, tilting my head.

"Maybe you should go clean up?"

"Only if you're coming with me!" He smirked and before I could protest I was hoisted over his shoulder, a squeal erupting from me.

"Edward put me down!" I yelled, kicking at him. He laughed in response and tightened his grip around me, carrying me to the bathroom. He held me there until the water was on and the shower curtain was pushed back. When he finally put me down he didn't say a word; instead he tucked his fingers into my nightgown and pulled it above my head. I didn't resist, only watched him carefully. Once it pooled on the floor next to me he pulled his boxers off and picked me back up, carrying me into the shower with him. When he put me down this time his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me against his chest.

His eyes found mine and he paused for a moment, as if trying to compose the right thing to say.

"I am sorry, Bella. I don't know how many times I can say it."

"I know, Edward. I know."