Chapter 2

There was a knock at Slade's door. Slade tensed and gripped his sword, walking towards the door quietly. The knock returned and a low voice breathed, "Slade I need to disappear."

Slade sighed in relief and swung the door open slightly, letting the hooded figure enter his home and remove his hood. Vic stood there, black hair messy and red eyes surrounded by dirt and mud. SLade snorted.

"Sleep with the pigs Vic?"

"Oh shut up wolf boy." Vic scowled, "Russet is still in the castle. She's in the prison. We need to help her because Mase is going to…" Vic shuddered.

"If she heard you say that You'd be in a hole four feet into the ground." Slade rolled his eyes and walked into his kitchen.

Vic let out a small laugh.

"Don't worry. If Russet needs help I'll tell Kasai to help her. She's going to break out in about thirty minutes."

Vic nodded soberly.

My hands were chained above my head and out at an angle, feet also, pulled apart. I was still in my shirt and pants and my eyes were closed, trying to control my emotions the way Slade had taught me so I wouldn't accidently wolf out.

"Are there other mutts like you?" The man , I had learned his name was Mase, called me a mutt because I was both vampire and human, he didn't know about my werewolf side.

My eyes stayed closed until there was a burn on the side of my stomach. I let out a shrill scream of pain and arched backwards as the fire heated rod of metal burnt a hole in my skin. I screamed louder as I felt my skin burning and blackening.

"You certainly are tough woman." Mase said, grabbing my chin and pulling it down so my face was in front of his, "but I'll break you. It's useless to resist but the longer you do the happier it will make me."

In response I spat in his face. A small wad of spittle slid down his cheek but he didn't move.

"You will break." He said quietly, "and you will beg me for mercy."

He turned, flicking my chin to the side and stalked out of the dark room. I let my head droop. I didn't know how much longer I could hold firm. There was a magic on the chains holding me that made it so I couldn't connect with anyone. Not even Slade.

A figure crouched and stalked through the darkness, staring at me with red eyes. She stood and walked forward more slowly until I got a clear sight of her. Her red eyes didn't stand out as much as normal vampires because of her unnaturally tanned skin and her dark, dark brown hair.

"Kasai Clearwater?"

I blinked, "how?"

"I knew your ancestor Katherine Clearwater I will explain later now we need to get out of here." The woman moved in a blur and the chains on my wrists and feet fell slack. When I looked they were cut.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Russet now let's go." She grabbed my wrist and bolted into a full out run straight at the wall.

"Are you insane?!" I squealed.

"Possibly." She grinned and broke straight through the wall. We both went flying farther than I could have possibly hoped to jump.

We landed several hundred yards away from the castle and Russet flipped her hair back. She was wearing a black dress that was ripped and torn.

"Where's Slade's home?"


"Know Slade, he's Vic's friend. Now where is it?"

"About two miles west and three miles north."

"Good, let's go." Russet took off into a full sprint and I followed, struggling to keep up. Damn, and she was in a dress.

I skidded to a stop behind her and she nodded to me to go up to the cottage first. I started forward at a slow purposeful walk.

I could hear Russet behind me, breathing quietly. Our footsteps were quiet almost silent.

An instant after I started walking someone flung them self at me. We both landed rolling and grappling for purchase. I ended up pinning him.

"Vic?" Russet said.

I looked up at her, "who?"

Russet laughed, "dear God Vic, were you that tense you leapt at Kasai?"

The man below me laughed also, "I suppose I was, please get off me."

I glanced between the two and didn't let him up.

"Kasai it's OK." Slade said and I felt my muscles relax. I got up and stepped away, still glaring at Vic suspiciously.

"She certainly does have your relexes and tendency to distrust." Vic said, brushing the dirt off the clothes I recognized as Slade's.

"I know. I did raise her." Slade replied walking over to me, "you OK Kasai?""


"No, she was tortured with a fire poker that was sitting in fire, she was whipped and slashed with knives. Also he branded her on her neck with a X shaped brand."

I looked away at Russet's recount of my torture sessions.

"I once told you your stubbornness paired with your selflessness would get you into trouble." Slade hook his head and sighed, "let's go inside. I'll treat your wounds."

"Its not that bad!" I protested, "it was only four days! And-"

"Three of the cuts are infected and the burns are starting to smolder. That's bad." Russet said grabbing my arm forcefully and dragging me toward the cottage.

I sighed and consented to them leading me back to the cottage and treating the wounds. Russet did it because Slade looked like he was going to rip someone's head off after he saw the wounds.

Why are you so brave and selfless? Slade asked in Kasai's mind.

Because I worry about others more than-"ow!" She said when Russet put the alcohol on her cuts.

Slade tightened his grip on the wooden post he was holding. The wood splintered and scratched. Vic walked over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Slade you need to calm down. She's fine."

Slade nodded at him but knew if he spoke it would come out in a snarl.

Vic leaned against a post, "she's a lot like Katherine. Pretty, selfless, kind but rebellious. We owe that short period of peace to her."

"I never met her." Slade said through gritted teeth.

"We both know you did. When Mase killed her and Kaga killed his twin brother. You hunted him for days."

Slade looked down, "Why did you execute Kaga?"

"Because a king is not always able to do what he wishes. I'd rather he be alive, he knew more about ruling than I did at the time. He was and always would be the prince during the dark times, and that would make him a target or a martyr."

"I hate politics." Slade snarled quietly.

"No you just hate seeing Kasai hurt."

Slade nodded slightly, "she's like a daughter or sister to me."

"Oh isn't this nice! The dead king, the imprisoned queen, the mutt and the farm boy. Lovely." His voice drifted out lazily from the entrence to the kitchen.

They all tensed. Vic backing up to Russet's side and Slade growling.

"Now, now," Mase said stepping into the light, "no need for anyone to get hurt. Give the mutt and the royals to me and I'll leave peacefully. If you don't I take you two Mr. Farmer."

Slade let out another growl and Kasai stepped calmly between Mase and the three of them. Mase raised his eyebrows.

What are you doing?!

Act surprised.

"You aren't going to touch any of them."

"We've already tested your strength against mine, mutt. We both know I would win."

"You tested half my strength scum," Kasai smirked, "not all of it."

Kasai then changed. Her dark hair spread over her body into a silken coat of fur. Her face lengthened and grew into the graceful mouth of a wolf and her body fell to all fours. She was bigger than Mase. Slade gawked. How she had managed to make her wolf bigger was beyond him. Perhaps it was the hate she felt for him.

"So," Mase said, voice shaking slightly, "you're the werewolf girl there were rumors about. Just like that woman whom I killed."

Kasai snarled, stalking forward baring her fangs, her ears pressed to her head. Slade backed up to Vic.

Kasai you idiot! You just showed him.

I've got it covered Slade.

Kasai backed Mase to a wall and then sort of rippled and there stood the little half vampire girl. Mase looked down at her.

"Listen to me assassin," Kasai whispered and the sound sent shivers up Mase's apine, "you are not king. You will never be because if you try again I'll hunt you down and rip you to pieces. You are going to leave and let Vic and Russet take back over. If you don't I don't need permission to make them royal again. Your pick."

Kasai's voice was quiet but fierce and every person in the room stood staring at her. Mase met her eyes, "it wouldn't be that easy to kill me. I've fought wolves fifty times older and stronger than you. You don't scare me."

"Then let me up the offer. I'll go with you where ever your new home is and you let the city return to normal."

"What?!" Slade cut in jogging over and pulling Kasai to face him, "do you know what you're doing?!"

Kasai smiled at him. Slade I never said I'd stay with him.

You slick little bitch! Slade laughed in his head. Kasai's smile widened.

Slade stepped back and turned to look at Mase again.

"So," Mase said, "you'd come with me for the sake of thousands of people you don't even know?"

Kasai didn't answer.

Slade growled slightly.

"Well then," Mase said, "that's an offer I can hardly pass up."

Mase gripped my arm while pulling me through the forest. I wasn't really paying attention and I stumbled often, he didn't even look at me. His fingers would leave nasty bruises if they didn't plainly break my arm.

"Hey!" I said annoyed, "I'm only 1/3 vampire! I'm not invulnerable!"

He ignored me.

Where are you?

The same place I've been when you checked in five minutes ago Slade. I felt nothing but annoyance now for Slade's minutly check ins. They were nice and it was kind of him to check in but still, he didn't have to do it every five minutes.

I must have looked annoyed because Mase stopped and faced me.

"Remember mutt you did this to yourself. You have no right to be annoyed."

"If you're nearly breaking my arm I have the full damn right!' I snapped, feeling Slade's usual defiance enter me.

"You certainly are stubborn." He ran his hand down my cheek.

Slade growled in my head and his voice came out in a snarl, make him let go of you or I will.

Calm your tits Slade. I snapped.

His hand landed on his shoulder and something entered his eyes like... regret? Guilt? Sadness? Impossible.

Mase turned and continued dragging me through the trees but I was completely stunner by what I had seen. Maybe he had a heart. A small one but still...

I stumbled over a root and fell, catching myself with a nearbye tree. A cold bloody hand clamped on my wrist and an insane looking vampire stepped out. He was nakee and his hair was disheveled, he was covered with blood. I let out a cry and stumbled away.

There were more snarls and a bunch of the naked insane looking vampires stepped out in a circle around us.

"Now would be a good time to change mutt." Mase said standing in a defensive pose.

A growl answered him.

There were dozens of the vampires surrounding us. The blood on them was from humans, I could tell now that I had changed. I wasn't the huge wolf I had used to scare Mase but a much leaner and smaller, more able to quickly move.

Mase let out an animalistic snarl and I sensed him launch at the vampires. I took the cue and launched forward opening my jaws to reveal the large transformed fangs. I caught one in my mouth and locked my jaw, spinning and throwing it into its friends. I leapt beack as other launched at me.

Mase let out a cry of pain to the side of me and I launched forward tackling the one pinning him off and he back flipped to his feet slamming one of the more insane ones who dared to fly after me into the ground.

We stood in a circle of insane vampire bodies. I shook and ruffled my fur. I looked up at Mase inquizitivly.

"They're insanes. They let their hunger for blood control them. All sanity was gone." He explained looking almost pitily at the vampires.

I looked back at the vamps and shifted back to my clumsy human form.

I rubbed my arm where a vampire had caught me with it's super sharp nails.

The girl shuddered a little when she met eyes with the dead red ones from the vampire on the ground. She looked so small, so frail. Like a passing breeze would break her. But Mase knew that was an illusion. Her arm bled from the cuts left there and looking at the blood, Mase felt unnatural anger. Why should he be angry she got hurt? Because it was someone else who hurt her?

Mase had felt the same way when he saw the dark skinned farmer grabbing her shoulders and looking into her eyes. It was a feeling he couldn't understand.

Mase watched her and then forced himself to look away. The girl was beautiful. He couldn't be blamed for staring.

Mase grabbed her arm and turned from the scene, pulling her roughly. He didn't really leave for the sake of continuing the walk to his home but for the sake of her no longer having to see the scene in front of her. No longer having her eyes burned with the image of blood. Sweet blood. Blood that would stain her silver eyes with horror. Horror that Mase did not want to see in them.