Chapter 3

Slade paced in the lavish bedroom Vic had insisted he stay in. He was restless, he couldn't stop worrying. Kasai was in the wretched forest with an assassin, a particularly ruthless and known evil one. SLade had raised the girl, he had a right to be worried about her. SHe was like his younger sister.

You OK kid? Slade whispered in her head.

Yeah, just a fight with some insane lunatics and a butt ton of blood every where and guts staining my clothes, also i'm stuck with a looney vampire until we go where we're going. Beyond that, I'm just peachy. She snapped, quick to the punch as usual. Vic had said that she got that from Katherine two, the quick and snappy remarks.

Well, life sucks for you then.

Well, you're helpful.

"Slade." Vic said from the door entrance.

"What?" Slade snapped, eyes fuming.

Calm your friggen tits Slade! I'm beginning to think yours are bigger than mine.

Oh shut up Kasai. I have a right to be on edge.

Right, she said sarcastically, YOU have a right, not me who as I stated before is in neck deep shit.

Well sorry.

"Slade, we have news. We think Mase wasn't working alone."

"WHat?!" Slade demanded.

"We think he was hired, he could be taking Kasai into a pit of gators!" Vic said, looking as panicked as Slade felt.

Got that kid?


You need to get out of there as soon as you can.

I agree completely, for now let's see if I can get some information.

I looked up at Mase. His shoulder length hair swayed as he was walking. I frowned and went back to fuming.

"Where are we going?" I asked, trying to sound polite. It came out sounding like I wanted to rip something's head off, which i did.

"You sound eager."

I just want this stupid nightmare to be over.

"I kind of want to know where you're going mr. big bad evil assassin." I said, sarcasm practically dripping off my words.

He turned to look at me. The trademark red eyes of vampires gleamed in the morning sunlight, "you really have trouble controlling your mouth don't you."

"When I'm annoyed, yes I do." I retorted.

Seriously Kasai, don't get hurt.

Don't be overprotective mommy.

"We're going to the ancient catacombs, roughly another two days walk."



"Because why?"


"Because because why?"

"Shut up!"

"Tell me why."

"Because that's where my friggen home is now shut up!"

"Is your home the only thing there?" I tried to make the question innocent but his eyes narrowed.

"What brought that on?"


"Right, you're a bad liar little doe."

"And you're just peachy at it. Dude, what else is in the catacombs. That isn't exactly the best meeting place in the world or the safest."

He turned without answering and his hand tightened on my arm

"Ow! Hey that's the stupid scratch!"

His hand loosened and I winced. He turned around again and grabbed my arm tightly, pulling something from his pocket.

I let out a brief cry of surprise but he had started wrapping the wound in a white handkerchief. I stared at him.



Am I going insane?

Nope, I'm seeing this two.

Is he being nice to me?

I guess so. Well, you did save him.

"Alright, come one." Mase said, straightening after finishing binding the wound and grabbing my wrist. He began leading me somewhere again, I was too shocked to pay attention.

I died.

Nope, you're still alive. I thinkā€¦

Hey, sorry this chapter is so short. One of my friends (cough, cough, snow, cough cough) was pressuring me to get it out quicker so I figured I post it where I was. Alright guys! Reveiw!- Hellantroy5567