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Chapter 4

We walked for hours. My feet began to feel achy.

"Hey Vampy Assassin boy! Can we take a break please?" I said. Mase turned, his hand still gripped tightly on my forearm.


"Because we're about to be run over by several bright purple werewolves that eat sparkles and poop rainbows." I said, rolling my eyes, "because I'm tired and I'm not FULL werewolf numb skull!"

He sighed but let of of my arm and walked over to lean on a tree. I plopped down on a big rock and let my feet have a break. My stomach grumbled and my throat was beginning to feel dry. One good thing about only being one third human, you can hold onto water and food for a lot longer than normal people.

I leaned back, head resting flat on the dirty forest floor. I didn't care that my hair was probably getting muddy and dead-leafy.

Any idea where you are?

Slade, if I knew don'tcha think I wouldn't be taking a break to figure it out?

Just asking. Vic is getting the city back to normal, crime broke out the moment he was presumed dead. He said they can have a search party out for you soon.

How will they break the promise? It's an ancient bond that only be fulfilled, at least that's what I know.

They can kill the son of a fanged bitch.

Something inside of my didn't like that idea. I puzzled over it for a few seconds, wondering why I wouldn't want this man dead. He's the one who killed my family, and I currently was his captive. Shouldn't I hate him?

I blocked my mind off to puzzle these thoughts privately.

Her mind was blocked. She must have had something come up she didn't want Slade knowing about, but what was it? They had never kept secrets for each other unless it could be something bad….

Slade's blood ran cold. She didn't have experience with vampires and knew nothing of their seductive ways, even the worst most barbaric vampire would seduce it's prey. It was in their nature. Could Kasai have fallen for the assassin?

No. She was too smart for that, or at least that's what Slade would pretend himself with. He knew beings centuries old with all the wisdom and knowledge in the world who still fell under the vampires' spells.

If Kasai had gained feelings for the vampire boy then she would defend him when the party came, he knew that. The vampires wouldn't know what they were in for if they tried to fight her. Even wounded, as he knew she was, she would be nearly impossible to take down by beings with fear inside them.

If Kasai had begun to love a monster, Slade promised himself he would save her from the fate that awaited all that swore themselves to the demons. If it came to it, Slade would kill her. As he had with his own sister, who had looked upon him with pleading eyes and begged "kill me before I become like them."

"Ready to go?" Mase asked.

I nodded, standing and beginning to follow him. He stopped me and turned me to face away from him then secured a black piece of cloth over my eyes.

"You are part werewolf, so no doubt you have contacts with werewolves who can know where you are exactly. I'm not giving them the satisfaction or the chance to know where we're going."

"Paranoid much?"

"Paranoia keeps me alive."

He sound like you Slade! I thought, bringing down the mental barriers.

Don't belittle me by comparing me to such a homicidal evil devil-ish demonic-

I get it, he's a bad boy. He's a bad bad bad bad boy. Don't get carried away or it'll start sounding like you have a crush on him.

Shut up!

I must have been smiling because Mase asked, "why so happy?"


I could envision him raising an eyebrow. He took my forearm in his hand and began to drag me along behind him, alerting me to roots and branches.

For the millionth time I tripped over something he warned me about, misjudging how far away it would be.

"Could you atleast try not to trip?" Mase said, sounding exasperated.

"It's kind of hard to walk with a blindfold on!" I replied snarkily.

I heard him sigh and then immediatly felt the ground leave my feet and a hand snake around the crook of my knees and my back, "what do you think you're doing?!" I yelled.

"You said it yourself," he said sounding amused, "it is hard to walk with a blindfold on and you tripping is annoying."

"I'd prefer tripping!" I said.

"And I wouldn't. Haven't you figured it out? I'm not a patient man."

"Yeah, thanks for that, captain obvious." I replied.

I could hear the amused smirk in his voice, " you did say something stupid sargent sarcasm."

Ok, if I begin bantering with this guy slap me Slade.

Would if I could Kasai, would if I could.

He began walking. It was smooth, fluid. It felt more like hovering. Vampires really are graceful. I thought

Don't start thinking like that. I heard Slade growl. His voice was actually a growl.

Don't get your butt in a twist I'm not in love with him. I don't even like him.

Liar. A small voice whispered in my head. That one voice was enough to plant a seed of doubt into my determination. I blocked off my mind again, feeling shame come over me at the very thought of being attracted to someone- something- as vile as the creature currently holding me.

She had her mind blocked quickly, but Slade had heard it. Loud ad a bell chiming in his ears, echoing around his brain that one word that chilled his bones. Liar.

She had doubt, that's how it always started. Doubt, guilt, and then it got bigger. Bigger and bigger and bigger it would grow until she could no longer ignore it, until she was forced to face it. Slade had watched his sister fall to those bitter seeds of doubt, and now he feared he would watch the woman whom he had raised, who he knew as well as he knew himself, fall to the temptation and seduction. And pay the price.

He would watch her burn.