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A peaceful night had settled over the city of Konoha. The stars glowed in the night sky while house lights switched off one by one as the people got ready to settle for the night.

Two shadowed figures suddenly appeared on on of the many buildings. The moment their feet touched the roof, they expertly suppressed their killing intent. Many would consider these two very lucky, as during the day, the killer intent they had been releasing would have attracted even the newest students in the Academy.

On first glance, both looked like any ordinary ninja, through the way they held themselves, as well as the air of confidence around them. They had a prideful, dark and dangerous aura surrounding them.

However, once they were given a proper look over, anyone could see that the two were just children, probably around the age of nine to ten.

One was male, while the other was a female, which could easily be seen through their body structure, as well as the length of their hair.

Both had green eyes, though the girl had eyes somewhat emerald while the boy's leaned more towards pale blue-green.

They leaped over the roofs, headed towards the Academy, where the lights in the principal's office, located on the top floor, could be seen through the windows.

They paused on one of the roofs, the girl crouched on all fours, overlooking the city while the boy stood behind her, as if watching over the girl. The girl was carrying a small backpack, and a pouch could be seen buckled onto her waist. The boy had a huge bulge attached onto his back.

Once the girl seemed satisfied, the two leaped off the roof once again. They landed simultaneously on the Academy roof, where the girl proceeded to lean over the edge and knock on the window.

There was a pause, before a young woman with black hair opened the window. The boy hovered above the girl as she lowered herself into the room through the window. Once she had disappeared inside, the boy followed her.

The woman who had opened the window smiled at the two children.

The two children narrowed their eyes at the sudden bright room light.

The boy had auburn hair and was the owner of the pale blue-green eyes. He had black eye rings, which made his eyes stand out even more. He was wearing long black trousers and a long-sleeved crimson coat, as well as the standard ninja sandals. He was also wearing a grey holster vest, held in place by a strap over his left shoulder as well as a few buckle belts, which also held up his gourd.

The girl had bright pink hair, which seemed to contrast her emerald eyes. She was wearing a sleeved red qipao with sakura designs. She was wearing tight black short with ninja sandals. She had white bandages wrapped around her left wrist.

However, the most striking thing about the two were the kanji 'Love' tattoos carved into their foreheads. The boy on the left and the girl on the right.

"Hello, I'm Shizune, assistant of Tsunade-sama, who is the head medic of Konoha. She was put in charge of making sure you fit in." The woman, Shizune said. "You're from Suna, right?"

The girl nodded.

Shizune smiled. "Come, I'll take you to Tsunade-sama." She led the way towards a door on the other side of the room. She knocked and when a "Come in." was heard from the other side, she pushed open the door and held it for the two children.

A blonde woman sat behind a desk covered in stacks of paper. She looked up and glanced at the two children. "Suna?" She asked, before looking back at her desk, where she had papers to sign.

Shizune nodded. "Yes."

The blonde woman yawned. "I am Senju Tsunade." She said. "Where is your guardian?"

The girl bit her thumb. "Do we need him?" She asked innocently. "We left him behind."

Tsunade glanced up at this. "You left him behind?"

The boy stepped forwards. "Our cousin is our guardian." He said. "We were excited, and our guardian said we could come here early. He should arrive with our older siblings tomorrow."

"Said there are five of you." Tsunade nodded. "In which two are going to the Academy, while two are graduating and the last is in the Special ANBU team, the Akatsuki." She fished through some files and pulled out a few pieces of paper. "Names and age." She said, while reading the files.

The girl frowned. "Our cousin is Sasori, also known as Akasuna no Sasori."


Age: 17

Rank: ?


Tsunade stopped at Info. She could read the details later.

The girl placed her finger onto her chin. "Our older siblings are Sabaku no Temari, age sixteen..." The girl trailed off and frowned.

Sabaku no Temari;

Age: 14

Rank: Genin


"And Kankuro, age fifteen." The girl finished, looking proud with herself.

Sabaku no Kankuro;

Age: 13

Rank: Genin


Tsunade nodded, reading through the files. "What about you guys?" She asked.

The girl blinked, then glanced at the boy. "We're twins." She said absentmindedly. "We're ten and we're transferring from Suna."

Shizune smiled gently at her. "Name?" She prompted.

This time, the boy spoke, a smirk plastered onto his face. "Sabaku no Gaara." He glanced at the girl and gently nudged her.

Sabaku no Gaara;

Age: 8

Rank: Academy


The girl bit her lip. "Sabaku no Sakura." She said.

Sabaku no Sakura;

Age: 8

Rank: Academy


Tsunade froze, quickly re-reading the text to make sure. She glanced back at Gaara's file.

Info: Jinchuriki of the one tailed beast, Shukaku

She whipped back to Sakura's file.

Info: Jinchuriki of the two tailed beast, Matatabi

She broke off from her thoughts when the boy, Gaara chuckled.

"We're the Jinchuriki Demon twins."

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