Minato and Kushina shared a sad glance.

Suddenly, a scream erupted from the children who had been playing at the sand pit. Kushina and Minato leaped to their feet in time to see the children running out of the pit and towards their parents with tears in their eyes. "The sand started moving all of a sudden..."

The sand was rising into the air, swirling around. Bits of sand fell off, forming human features.

Two of the parents were talking urgently among them. "I heard that one of the Tailed Demons transferred into the Academy."

One by one, the parents grabbed the hand of their children and rushed away from the park.

A boy stood in the sand.

Before Kushina could stop her, Sakura rushed forwards. "Panda-chan!"

Gaara moved forwards at the same time, meeting his sister halfway.

Sakura skidded to an half in front of her brother. "Panda-chan!" She repeated. "How did you know where I was?" She asked.

Gaara grasped Sakrua's hand and shook it in front of her face. Sakura's eyes came to focus on the sand bangle. "Oh, right." She said. "Did you have to scare them away?"

"They would have run anyways. I thought I told you not to go off by your self." Gaara said. "Or at least to tell me where you were going."

Sakura blinked. "But I did." She said, then turned to Sasuke. "Right?"

Sasuke glanced at his brother, then scowled at Gaara. "Yeah, she did, ish."

Gaara scowled back. "Ish?"

Sasuke nodded. "She whispered it, from across the field."

Gaara turned to his sister. "That doesn't count."

Sakura frowned. "Oh."

"Anyways, can we stay for a while?" Sakura asked. "And those are Naruto-san's parents, Kushina-san and Minnato-san."

Gaara nodded at the adults and narrowed his eyes at the Kyuubi container. "Just for a while." He said.

Naruto darted after Sasuke, who paused before darting off in the other direction, causing Naruto to get thrown off his trail.

Naruto took a deep breath then decided to chase after Sakura. Sakura's eyes widened at the sight of the blonde running at her, before she whirled around and took off. It had taken a while to explain the game of tag to Sakura and Gaara, who had ever played it before.

Sakura ran up to Sasuke, who was still breathing heavily from his earlier escape. Sakura darted behind Sasuke, who was too tired to run yet, and Naruto tagged him.

Sakura grinned, and rejoined her brother, who was standing beside a sitting Itachi.

The game continued for a few more minutes before Naruto tripped and Sasuke, who had been chasing him, tripped over him. The two landed on the ground, one on top of the other, thus beginning a fight.

Sakura didn't seem to mind that their game had gotten interrupted, and just watched on. Gaara let out an exasperated sigh. Soon, Itachi and Kushina had to tear the two apart, and even then, the two shot each other a glare, before promptly looking away.

Gaara glanced up at the sky. The sun had already began to set. He glanced at Itachi to see that he was getting ready to head home. Minato and Kushina were doing the same. Naruto and Sasuke glared at each other, before begrudgingly waving at each other. Soon, small smiled erupted on their faces.

Itachi politely bit Kushina and Minato farewell. Sakura and Gaara said their goodbyes and followed Itachi and Sasuke as they lead the way back towards the Uchiha compound.

Sakura giggled as Sasori fussed over them. Apparently, he hand't known where they had gone either. 'When I turned around around, you weren't there." He had said.

Gaara snarled at Sasori and stormed off somewhere, leaving Sakura with Sasori. Sakura told him about the park. She then told him about Naruto and his parents. Unless you knew him very well, you wouldn't ave been able to tell that he had been worried. Sasori finally calmed down when Itachi came in and told him that he had been watching over them.

Sasori had been called to Tsunade's office. He knocked, then opened the door when Tsunade told him to come in. He was surprised to see the Hokage sitting opposite Tsunade. They both greeted Sasori and he politely nodded in return.

"I have been watching over Gaara and Sakura's growth over this school year." Tsunade began. "And though I'm not very surprised, I have noticed that their skill levels far surpass the other students." She said. "And I was wondering if you would be interested in letting them graduate with this year's Genin."

Gaara and Sakura had told him about the early graduation requests they had gotten in Suna. They were better than the others by far, and he knew it wouldn't do them any good to relearn everything they already knew. So he agreed.

Sakura and Gaara were called out of Home room, and had been led to the principles office, where Tsunade and the Hokage had been waiting for them. There, the Hokage had explained to the about their early graduation, and they easily performed the three skills they would be tested with. They were both quickly passed, and Gaara felt a bubbling satisfaction in his chest. They could finally start some missions.

"Are we going to have a teammate?" Sakura asked, voicing the question both twins had been pondering about.

Tsunade smiled at them. "That's for me to know and for you to find out." She had said.

Gaara didn't care. He could just kill off the third person on their team.

The graduation would be in two weeks, and they were required to come to school to meet the other Genin and their teacher.

Should they be a two man team with Sasori as their teacher? What team number, name should they be?

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