The daughter of Donna Troy

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Prologue part 1: Background story

Manhattan memorial Hospital, 3 August 1996, 04:30 EDT.

Donna Troy was exhausted as she looked at the nurse, the nurse had a bundle of blankets in her arms as she gave it to Donna. The 23 year old amazon looked down at her newborn daughter sadly. There was a knock on the door as Diana walked in.

" Congratulations!" said Diana.

" Thank you sister, but you and i know that i can't keep her." said Donna.

" Why? Is it because of who her father is?" asked Diana as Donna nodded.

" Donna, is not your fault it happened. For now you have to raise her and give her a normal childhood-" said Diana as she got interrupted by Donna once again.

" You don't get it do you? The father to my child is a dangerous criminal and my daughter might have his powers!" said Donna angrily which startled the little girl. The little started to cry desperately as Donna rocked her back and forth humming slightly, the little girl stopped crying and looked up at Donna with her emerald green eyes.

Diana's eyes softened as she saw the sight of mother-daughter bonding as she said: " You might be right Donna, but just because the girl might be as dangerous as her father doesn't that she is like her father, if you raise her to the right path then she might be something great one day"

Donna sighed defeated as she looked at her little girl in her arms.

" You might be right, Diana." said Donna " I'll think about it"

" Good! Now what are you going to name her?" asked Diana.

" Francesca." said Donna " Francesca Beatrice Diana Troy"

" That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" said Diana smiling at her sister.

" Indeed it is" said Donna looking once again at her sleeping daughter.

New york city, 3 September 1996, 23:45 EDT

Donna was dressed as Troia as she knocked on the apartment door.

There was no answer as she knocked on the door again. Losing patience Troia kicked the door open as she walked in with her daughter in her arms.

She looked around the dark room and saw that none was here as she put baby Francesca on the couch. She was about to leave as she heard a dark voice.

" Giving up already?" sneered the dark voice.

" It's your fault that i'm in this situation, So i'm giving her to you" said Donna.

" You can atleast tell me our daughters name" teased the dark voice.

Troia sighed as she glared at him.

" Her name is Francesca and she was born the 3rd of August" said Troia and with that she left him with her daughter.

" I'm so so sorry, Francesca but I didn't have a choice." whimpered Troia as she broke down.

Tears streamed down her face as she flew away into the night, hoping she would she her precious daughter some day and hoping that Francesca would forgive her for leaving her with that monster.