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Chapter 25: Auld Acquaintance

December 30. 07:16 EST

"We have a reason to feel proud of yesterday's victories but one thing has not changed." Aqualad said. The Team were walking down the hall and to the mission room.

"Somehow the bad guys are still getting inside intel about us." Robin said.

"Yeah, but at least we know none of us are the mole." Kid Flash said.

"That's a relief." Black Eagle said. They walked into the mission room where Batman and Red Tornado were.

"That's correct. The mole, was Red Arrow." Batman said, he brought up a holo image of Red Arrow.

"Roy?" Robin asked.

"No way!" Kid Flash shouted.

"That can't true!" Wonder Girl said in despair.

"Batman, that cannot be. He was Green Arrow's protegé, we have all known him for years." Aqualad said.

"Unfortunately, the Roy Harper we have known for the last three years, is another project Cadmus clone." Red Tornado said.

"We've learned the real Speedy was abducted and replaced immediately after becoming Green Arrow's sidekick. The clone was pre programmed with a drive to join the Justice League. Which is why he was so angry over the delays to his admission and why he refused to join the team. This Roy Harper had no idea he was a clone. Or a traitor and his subconscious programming drove him to become, League worthy. So he struck out on his own and became Red Arrow. When he was finally admitted, his secondary programming kick in and he attempted to betray the League to Vandal Savage. Fortunately, I had already deduced Red Arrow was a clone. We were prepared." Batman said.

"Savage was subdued but Red Arrow escaped. He is now a fugitive, armed and dangerous." Red Tornado said.

"If you guys hadn't rescued me from Cadmus." Superboy said, rubbing the back of his head.

"What, what happened to the real Roy?" Robin asked. Wonder Girl looked at Batman, hoping that the worst hadn't happened.

"We don't know. "Batman replied shortly. "We have to face the possibility that the real Roy Harper is dead."

Wonder Girl looked down at the floor sadly, the information hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt a gloved hand grab hers and she felt the gloved hand squeezing hers. Her gaze shifted from the floor to her hand to see Robin's gloved hand over hers. They entwined their fingers, showing that they were supporting each other.

"The clone Roy, the team will find him." Aqualad said.

"Negative, Red Arrow's a member of the Justice League now, leave him to us." Batman said as he comm beeped. "I'm need at the Watchtower. Red Tornado, stay with the kids." Batman commanded. Wonder Girl and Robin let go of their hands and shared a look.

Recognized Batman 0-2

"Clone or no clone, Red Arrow was one of us. We will go after him." Aqualad said. Red Tornado walked up behind him but shut down.

"Tornado!" Miss Martian said.

"What happened to him?" Superboy asked.

"He's totally powered down." Kid Flash said.

"All functions offline" Robin said.

"Guys, I'm sensing a low level mystical force at play. I don't know if it caused him to shut down but now that I think about it, I was getting the same readings off of Batman!" Zatanna said.

"Batman? Did you guys notice that he called us kids?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Yeah, he never call us that!" Robin agreed.

"Look. one of those biotech chips we confiscated from Cherise." Kid Flash said.

"Something's wrong." Black Eagle said.

"Agreed. Robin, Kid, Wonder Girl, Zatanna, Rocket, see if you can get Tornado back online. The rest with me to find Ro-Red Arrow." Aqualad commanded and he ran off with Miss Martian, Superboy, Artemis and Black Eagle.

"The problem is hardware not the software, right Rob?" Wonder Girl asked as she looked over his shoulder at the holo-map of Red Tornado's readings.

"Right, where do we start?" Robin asked. Zatanna looked up at the ceiling, where Red Tornado's room was.

"I have a thought." Zatanna said.

"I know what you're thinking Z," Wonder Girl said. "Could you open a hatch to Tornado's room?"

"Sure." Zatanna said. "Nepo eht hctah!" The hatch opened without a problem.

"Thanks." Wonder Girl said. Wonder Girl flew up to Red Tornado's room and appeared a few seconds later with Red Tornado's human android, John.

Wonder Girl was helping Kid Flash and Robin to transfer Red Tornado's files into his android. "Downloading in progress." Robin said.

"So Tornado built this android, to party?" Rocket asked in confusion.

"Not how'd he put it but yeah, more or less." Zatanna said.

Recognized Black Canary 1-3

"Hey guys, wanted to check in, see how you're handling the- what are you doing to Red?!" Black Canary asked.

"It's not how it looks!" Kid Flash defended.

"It looks like you're downloading his consciousness into a new body." Canary said. The software finished downloading and Wonder Girl looked away awkwardly, letting out a nervous laugh.

"Okay, it's pretty much exactly how it looks, but-"

"Team! Get out of the cave now!" John shouted, shooting up. Black Canary let out a Canary cry and took out John, Kid Flash, Rocket and Zatanna. Robin and Wonder Girl hid behind the iron bed John was in until Wonder Girl jumped up and ran towards Canary and attacked. Canary were throwing punches at Wonder Girl but she blocked them, Wonder Girl jumped out of the way and let Robin attack instead. Black Canary grabbed his armed and tossed him away and he crashed into Wonder Girl and they both fell on the floor.

Black Canary was about to attack Robin and Wonder Girl when smoke bombs exploded and surrounded her and Rocket put her in a bubble. "Black Canary attacked us?" Zatanna asked.

Wonder Girl stood up and grabbed Robin's hand and hoisted him up. "That's not like her at all." Wonder Girl said.

"Black Canary is the least of our problems. We must abandon the cave." John told them. Sphere transforms into the Super-Cycle and Wonder Girl jumped in. The others looked hesitant.

Recognized Icon 2-0, 1-7, Captain Marvel 1-5, Troia 2-2.

"Hera!" Wonder Girl exclaimed as her eyes went wide. " There is no time to be hesitant! Come on! It's either them or Sphere!" Wonder Girl said. She whistled and Wolf jumped in next to her. Robin climbs in, Zatanna and Rocket did the same. Wonder Girl lifted up John telekinetically placed him in the cycle and Kid Flash climbed in, carrying an unconscious Black Canary and they left the cave.

"Stay off the radio, let the Supercycle track Superboy. Instruct her to mask all signals. We cannot allow the League to track us." John said.

"Right, of course, just one question, why is the Justice League after us?!" Kid Flash asked.

"The entire League is under the complete mental domination of Vandal Savage. Red Arrow seems to have met his means, his method, with something Savage refers as Staro-tech. An alien bio organism, fused with nanotechnology and magic. It shuts down the mind anatomy, allowing Savage to reprogram the individual to assist his needs. Even my inorganic brain is not immune but the process required 0.16 nanoseconds to fully integrate with it's host's nervensystem, that delay allowed me to create an internal subprogram. Which would disconnect my power cells if I attempted to infect another person. Fortunately the Starotech is body specific. As John Smith, I am now free from outside control." John said.

"This, starotech, it worked on a superhuman? Four flavors of aliens? An android? Even Dr. Fate?! Defeating all of you without a fight?" Robin asked.

"Indeed. A remarkable achievement. One not easily conjured." John said.

"Miss Martian, are you in range?" Robin asked.

"Here Robin. Linking both squads and de-camouflaging." Miss Martian said and they enter the bioship.

"Great, cause we really need to compare notes." Robin said.


December 31. 23:16 EST.

The team entered the watchtower through a hole that Red Tornado had made and they stood huddled behind a wall. "RT did it. Wireless bypassed security as soon as he arrived. Savage shouldn't know we're here." Robin said.

"Move out." Aqualad commanded and they all ran off.

Wonder Girl was hiding behind a wall when Hawkman walked by, his golden armor clinking as he walked. She saw Robin and they nodded at each other. Wonder Girl stepped out of the shadows and pushed down a crate, distracting Hawkman. Robin jumped on him and put the starotech cure on him.

"Good job." Wonder Girl said.

"Thanks." Robin said with a smirk. They heard someone come in. Robin grabbed Wonder Girl's hand and they went into hiding. They looked down from their hiding spot and saw Troia. "Give me the cure, then leave. I can handle her." Wonder Girl said.

"Are you sure?" Robin asked in concern.

"Yes! Now go!" Wonder Girl said and Robin disappeared. Wonder Girl jumped out of her hiding spot, tackled Troia and attempted to pin her down but Troia was quicker. Troia tossed her lasso at Wonder Girl and caught her. She yanked the lasso, sending Wonder Girl flying towards her and Troia headbutted her when Wonder Girl was close enough, Wonder Girl fell down on the floor with a groan. She pushed Troia telekinetically and freed herself from Troia's lasso. Wonder Girl punched her and then kicked her down on the floor before putting the starotech cure on Troia. Wonder Girl stared at Troia's unconscious form "I'm sorry mom." she said before she flew away.

Wonder Girl found Rocket and Robin dodging Hawkwomans attacks. Wolf attacked her from behind and Robin put the starotech cure on her. Wonder Girl landed next to Robin and just as she turned around Wonder Woman threw her lasso at Wonder Girl and caught her left wrist. A tug of war started between the Amazons before Wonder Woman yanked the lasso and sent Wonder Girl flying towards her, Wonder Girl ducked from Wonder Woman's grasp. Wonder Woman punched Wonder Girl hard in the gut and Wonder Girl doubled over in pain, she ignored the pain and did several backflips to avoid Wonder Woman's attacks.

"Now!" Wonder Girl commanded as she continued to do backflips as Wonder Woman ran after her and Rocket trapped Wonder Woman in a bubble and Wonder Girl stopped doing backflips. Wonder Woman started to attack the bubble.

"Can she escape your force bubble?" Robin asked.

"Not if she keeps punching it. The connect energy only makes it stronger but I'm stuck here,anything I do risks freeing her!" Rocket shouted.

"Look out!" Robin shouted. He jumped over Wonder Girl and Rocket, and Batman kicks Robin. Wonder Girl and Rocket flew out of the way.

Wonder Girl took out the starotech cure, "I might not stand a chance since I've never won against Wonder Woman in combat but on my signal, you can set her free." Wonder Girl said.

"Girl, are you crazy?!" Rocket exclaimed.

"Probably," Wonder Girl said. "Now!"

Rocket dropped the bubble and Wonder Woman charged towards Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl flipped over her mentor and landed behind her before she tackled her and pinned her down onto the floor, she quickly put the starotech on Wonder Woman, knocking her out. Wonder Girl and Rocket stood above her.

"Way to go girl!" Rocket said and they did a high five.

Wonder Girl looked down at her aunt,"Sorry aunty." Wonder Girl said.

"Come on, let's find Savage." Rocket said and Wonder Girl nodded. They flew and met up with the team and they found Savage, leaving with Klarion and his cat.

"Congratulations team. You have won the day." Red Tornado told them as Wonder Girl landed next to Robin.

"Happy New Year, Justice league." The computer said.

Kid Flash picked Artemis up bridal style "I should have done this a long time ago." Kid Flash said. Artemis wrapped her arms around his neck, "No kidding." Artemis said and they kissed. Miss Martian and Superboy kissed each other.

Zatanna grabbed Black Eagle's arm and pulled him into a kiss, he was shocked at first but started to kiss her back. Wonder Girl looked over at Robin who was grinning, she felt an arm snake around her waist. He pulled her to his chest and wrapped his other arm around her waist. Wonder Girl wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him before they leaned in and kissed.

"Liking this team more everyday." Rocket said and she kissed Aqualad on the corner of his mouth.

Wonder Girl and Robin pulled away and smiled at each other fondly, "Human customs still elude me." Red Tornado said. Wonder Girl giggled at the robot. Robin smiled and pulled her back for another kiss, both smiling against each others lips.

Wonder Girl was in the garden, admiring the flora and fauna when she felt a kiss on her cheek.

"Hey." Robin greeted with a smile.

"Hi." Wonder Girl smiled. Robin wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they were both silenced for awhile until Robin broke it.

"You know, I've been thinking. Every since we became a couple we haven't been on a date."

"I thought all those tutoring sessions counted as dates." Wonder Girl joked. Robin chuckled.

"No, of course not. But what do you say? After all this is over, you and me on out first proper date?"

"Sure, just let me sleep for a couple of hours then I'm fine." Wonder Girl said. "What do you have in mind?"

"That's a surprise…" Robin said with smirk.

"Robin" Wonder Girl whined.

"Frankie" Robin mimicked. "Oh and by the way on my way here I bumped into Batman-"

"And?" Wonder Girl asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I told him about us."

"Merciful Minerva! He's going to tell Wonder Woman and Troia…. And I'm toast."

"Better late than never."

"Indeed." came a voice. Wonder Girl and Robin turned around and saw Wonder Woman and Troia. Wonder Girl gulped and let out a nervous laugh.

"Hi guys." Wonder Girl greeted nervously. Wonder Woman crossed her arms over her chest and ignored her nieces greeting.

"Batman has told me some interesting information, care to share, Francesca?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Um, you see, Robin and I are a c-couple." Wonder Girl mumbled.

"Since when?" Troia asked with a small knowing smile. Wonder Girl made an incoherent sound.

"Francesca Beatrice Diana Troy." Wonder Woman warned.

"Since September."

Wonder Woman's eyes went wide in shock and Troia smirked, "I suspected it." Troia said. Robin, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl looked at her in shock. "After the attack with Red Tornado and his siblings, I suspected that something was going on between the two of you."

Wonder Woman glared at Wonder Girl, "What did I told you about having a boyfriend?" Wonder Girl didn't answer. "Oh well, you're a good boy, Robin and this relationship has my blessing, under certain rules of course." Wonder Woman said with a smile. Wonder Girl looked at her aunt in shock.

"Are you serious?" Wonder Girl asked. Wonder Woman nodded, still smiling.

"This relationship has my blessing as well." Troia said, smiling at them before she turned serious and grabbed Robin by the collar, "If you hurt her in any way, you will face the wrath of the Amazons."

"Y-yes ma'am." Robin stuttered. Troia let go of Robin and gave him an approving nod.

"Batman wants you two in the meeting room in fifteen minutes." Wonder Woman said. "Oh and I wanted to congratulate you two for what you have done to save the League."

"Thanks." Robin and Wonder Girl said. Wonder Woman nodded before she walked away.

"I suppose I should also congratulate you and thank you from saving us." Troia said.

"Thanks mom." Wonder Girl said.

"I've been thinking, Francesca. Perhaps I should move to Santa Monica, being closer to you and Diana. Spending more time with you. If… that is alright with you of course?"

"I think that's an excellent Idea mom." Wonder Girl said. The Amazons smiled at each other.

"Good to know." Troia said before she glanced down at her stomach, causing Wonder Girl to look at her in confusion. "I'm glad you didn't hurt when I was in a mental domination."

"I hope not!"

"Francesca, how would you feel if I told you that you were going to be a big sister soon?"

Wonder Girl stared at Troia with wide eyes as her mouth dropped, she closed her mouth and glanced over at Robin who was smiling at her.

"Congrats Fran!You're gonna be a big sister." Robin said.

"Oh my God! This is wonderful news!" Wonder Girl exclaimed before she hugged her mother who laughed at her daughter's reaction. Her smile fell and she pulled away and looked up at her mother, "This was your choice right? How can you fight when you're pregnant?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Yes, Francesca. It was my choice but I am not revealing who the father is and don't worry it's a good guy this time. Also, when I was pregnant with you. I fought crime until I was three months along."

"How far along are you?" Robin asked.

"Six weeks." Troia said.

Before Wonder Girl could ask more questions Robin grabbed her hand, "We gotta go now, the meeting is soon."

"Right!" Wonder Girl said. " I'll see you later mom!"

"Of course." Troia said before she walked away.

Wonder Girl and Robin were walking over to the meeting room, hand in hand. "Big sister, huh?"Robin said with a small smile. "Excited?"

"Yeah! I can't wait! I've always wanted siblings, I've always consider the Team as the siblings that I never had apart from you of course since you're my boyfriend." Robin chuckled.

"Somehow, I can't imagine you being that." Robin teased. Wonder Girl playfully shoved him and he let out his signature cackle. "Are you hoping for a brother or a sister?"

"Doesn't matter really." Wonder Girl said. On their way to the meeting room they bumped into Kid Flash and Artemis. Wonder Girl took out a twenty dollar bill, remembering the deal she did with Artemis back in August.

"Hey Artemis?" Wonder Girl said.


Wonder Girl handed her the twenty dollar bill much to the boys confusion, Artemis smirked when she realized what it meant. "I told you so." she said smugly.

"I'm not denying it." Wonder Girl said before Artemis stepped into the Zeta tube.

"What was that about?" Robin asked. Wonder Girl only giggled in response.

Wonder Girl sat between Robin and Black Canary as she listened as Red Arrow spoke.

"Everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. I'm not a hero or a sidekick. I'm a traitor… a pawn." Red Arrow said.

"Roy," Black Canary started sympathetically. "It'll be-"

"I'm not Roy," the archer said. "I don't know what I am. All I know is that I need to find the real Roy. I need to rescue Speedy."

"Guardian is already searching Cadmus." Batman informed. "Your membership of the League will not be revoked. Regardless if you're a clone or not, you have still fought by our side."

Red Arrow was about to argue when Green Arrow put a hand on his shoulder," Let's talk in private." Green Arrow said.

Red Arrow stood up, along with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Wonder Girl watched sadly as they left the meeting room.

"Something else is wrong," Aqualad declared, looking at Wonder Girl and Robin. Robin exchanged looks with his mentor before he pulled up six imagies.

"The entire League was under Savage's spell for just under a day. We've counted most of that time, but these six went missing for a full sixteen hours we can't account for. I ran a quick facial recognition for all six of these for those sixteen hours for all cameras on Earth, including for their civilian identities. Nothing." Robin said.

"Sixteen hours..." Batman said. "What did we do?"

"Only Athena knows…" Wonder Girl thought as she stared at the pictures of the six leaguers.

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