Basically what could've happened at the veil

Sirius fell into the veil as if in slow motion. But instead of freaking out or starting to cry, Harry Potter, the-Boy-Who-Lived, facepalmed.

"Good grief. He died by drapery." he muttered before transfiguring a fishingpole and taking out a Playboy magazine, fastening it to the hook.

"Uh, mate, what are you doing?" Ron asked, while looking around, seeing that everyone had stopped what they'd been doing to watch the-Boy-Who's-Seemingly-Lost-His-Marbles.

"I'm going Sirius-fishing, I'll let you know when it bites." He answered his friend, throwing the line into the Veil and waiting.

The fighting resumed around him, until there was a loud "Ah-ha!" from the boy, the fighting ceased once again and they could see Harry reeling in the line.

Soon Sirius Black was dragged out, holding on to the magazine, once the reeling stopped he unhooked the magazine and started reading it.

Harry poked the man in the shoulder and the grim animagus looked up, blinking, when he saw his godson pointing to the students, Order members and Death Eaters behind him he let out a faint "Oh.", stuffed the magazine in his pocket and started fiighting againt the Death Eaters alongside his godson.

Llater, Molly Weasley chewed Harry out for having a Playboy magazine, though switched to Sirius once she found out it had been a gift from the dog.