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''There are two types of power in this world, one inherited through the genes of your forefather's while the other is earned through hardwork and perseverance. But one thing is in common for both, true power...always carries it's own curse." ~?

Naruto: The Ancient One


''You ask of there anyway of truly ending Sin forever, summoner?'' a child-like voice resonated within the mind of a man. Said man was treking through dense forestry while following alongside him was two other men, both armed and ready for the slightest movement or hostile intent.

The man leading them was named Braska or as the majority of Spira call him, Lord Braska or Summoner Braska. He had long dark hair and blue eyes which were narrowed in confusion, anxiety and deeper within a ray of hope. He was dressed in a elaborate robe of red and two other shades of purplish red. The robe was made of broad overlapping pedals or leaves that fall in points, and has long wide sleeves that fall down enough to cover his hands. The upper chest part was tan, and has a tail folded around the collar, held closed by dark strings. Over the robe was a wide gray sash covered with a design of connecting circles and lines in black and white.

Normally, Braska was a kind and cheerful man, as well as being a very curious and inquisitive man, but as he forced his way in this mysterious forest his mind went back to the conversation he had with the fayth of his latest Aeon, Bahamut.

''I...shall answer your inquiry with a story. Long ago, before Spira was founded, before Sin, before Zanarkand, and before Aeons was a time, a place of constant warfare. In a land bathed in the blood of its children. A continent that festered in it's hate that's spanned ancient history. Sadly, this land no longer exists, destroyed by its own machinations and sins coming back to strike at them. In this land were a race of humans much like ourselves that wielded power similar to magic, but very unlike it as well. They could manipulate the very elements at their whim, create tsunami's, storms, fiery inferno's in seconds. Do superhuman feats such as crushing mountains with their fists, traveling at speeds that exceed the human body and rarer even able to fly.''

Understandably, Braska had been awed at this information, he had been curious of their a way to truly end the rebirth cycle of Sin so no other summoner had to suffer the pilgrimage. The thought of his little Yuna, ever following in his footsteps and becoming a summoner to fight this tyrant pained him far more then he would ever admit. It's why he asked, curious and a bit hopeful of their ever being a way to ridding of Sin, the monstrous entity that's wreaked havoc upon all of Spira for so long.

But not even he expected to have learned what he did from the fayth's story, which led up to why he was out in the middle of nowhere.

''But you ask of me of there being a way to truly end Sin's existence and my story coincides with that method. Because amongst these type of people...was another person. An entity all on his own that was capable of such power one even wondered if he was even mortal to begin with. Among the many, Fiends, humans, demons, angels, aeons, summons but...this one man, long ago one in that blood drenched land transcended his mortal chains to overcome pure evil. He fought for his home, his friends and loved ones to rid the world of an even greater evil that made Sin pale in comparison. And we, the Fayth, honor his existence even now. your method, Braska. Yet we do not speak his name, not in fear, but in respect for all he has done and doing even now as we speak.''

Did such an entity exist? A man of such power that even the representative of the fayth spoke of him in such reverence? Somewhere deep within him, Braska doubted it, but the smallest sliver of hope that threatened to go out within him was reignited by the fayth's story of this man. The smallest possibility of this entity existing was enough for Braska to put a temporary detour on his pilgrimage just to find out for himself.

''This man fought tooth and nail to protect what he cherished, sacrificing himself for the greater good of his home. Very much like you Summoner's do. However he did not die persay, but used all of his godlike power to destroy the ultimate evil of this world and in exchange his physical body was sealed and soul was trapped in a endless dream-like state. But even in his sealed state his influence still affects the world even after so many eons have passed. Have you ever noticed how even after Sin's destruction or chaos left in the wake of human war's. Life continues to flourish? Nature grows back and life is reborn anew? That is because of him, his sheer essence keeps Spira alive to this day.''

That revelation nearly made Braska break, to think that even now the true reason Spira even existed, throughout all the chaos brought upon it was because a single entity's essence was channeling life throughout the continent. It shook him, terrified him even... and yet.

He was immensely thankful because even now, even as humans continued to fight one another and chaos was being brought upon the world. This entity still cared for the world, enough so to keep it living.

''Where he was sealed... I cannot say to be certain, but the general location of his tomb is far... very far away. On the very eastern edge of Spira, located in the center of the Forest of Death, if you choose to go after him. You will pass the Den of Demons, the Dragons Peak, the Elemental Plain...before finally reaching the Land known as the Desolate Vale where deep within is the Forest of Death. There you will find him...and with it your method to ending Sin for good.''

And that's how Braska ended up in this forest, it had been a long journey that had been for sure. It had been a difficult decision on his part whether to chase this legend or continue his pilgrimage, but ultimately he chose to go. Of course this would have left Sin to continue wreaking havoc upon Spira for a bit longer, but it was better this way so he would have the time to find out the true method to ending Sin forevermore. No rebirth, no more death, no more temporary Calm. A true eternal Calm of Sin.

At least that was the thought that drove him to go this far, to travel to the farthest eastern edges of Spira, untraveled and unexplored by everyone. Bypassing the Omega Ruins and coming upon a chain of islands each holding their own unique climate and inhabitants. The Den of Demons, the Dragon Peak, the Elemental Plain and finally reaching the Desolate Vale.

Braska could NOT count the number of times he and his companions came so close to death by coming here, the monsters and fiends they'd come across was far more brutal, terrifying, and savage then anything they'd seen in Spira. That wasn't even counting the fact of what they found when entering the Forest of Death, it was truly taking its namesake to a whole new level. Coming across Tigers about the size of a house, snakes big enough to wrap around a ship 5 times and even more dangerous predators.

But this had to be worth HAD to. This was the mantra Braska spoke within his mind he as continued on, determined with his goal.

And as if his thoughts were answered Braska tore through the last bit of bushes and overgrown grass and immediately he and his Guardians were blinded by a intense ray of sunlight. But soon it faded revealing to Braska a sight that nearly made him fall to his knee's in joy.

There it was...the Temple, the Tomb that held within the key to ending Sin forever.

''But remember this, Braska. This is your wish, to end Sin forever, and to do that you must find this man, but remember. You will be awakening him from his sleep, from his imprisonment that's been put upon him for longer then Spira's history predates. There will be no telling what shall happen when he awakes, nothing can predict if it will be good or bad, just know...something shall happen when he awakes. Your desire if selfish to bypass the Summoner's Pilgrimage just to awaken this being will cause major changes in the future. Can you honestly take in what shall happen in stride, be it good or bad? Even if it costs thousands of deaths? Changes the very world as you know it? Will you still try knowing this?'' the Fayth questioned him, questioning his resolve to do what he felt was right.

And this was his answer as he and his Guardians traveled through the Temple, careful and mindful of any traps. However, as they did Braska was enraptured in all the alien-like sigils, symbols, and marking carved into the walls. It was completely foreign to him and yet as his fingers went over just one of the symbols he could feel a strange form of power tingle at his fingertips. His eyes soaked in everything as he walked deeper into then darkness of the foreign Temple.


His eyes widened when he took another step and suddenly light was brought him and his two guardians as torches alongside the walls were alite with blue fire. Igniting the darkened hall with a eerily blue light, he paused at this, but soon he felt something begin to push him forward, something within him urged his body to keep going. Making him feel as if he was coming closer to what he seeked.

And Braska was a man that followed his gut feelings...

Continuing on, soon the group of three exited the hallway only to come upon another set of stairs that went down which ended at a platform with an even larger symbol carved into it. Once they stepped in torches burst to life with blue fire, lighting up the chamber revealing to them what was within.

''What... the hell is that?'' one of his Guardian's, Jetch, muttered in shock as he beheld the sight before them Summarizing their thoughts in a rather crude, but efficient manner. His other Guardian, Auron would have usually admonished Jetch's crude tongue, but he couldn't blame him this time as they saw something that was just...that shocking.

Down the steps was a circular stone platform, it was just a giant circular platform, split in half one was jet black while the other was a stark contrast of a lighter design. It was similar a Eclipse in progress than anything else, but even more strangely was what in the middle.

It was... a horrifying sight, it was a of a man to be sure, but his body was so thin you could see every bone in his body, his hair was long and had turned gray over time having lost it's lie as the years had passed. His body was floated just above the platform by a few inches with his arms and legs pulled in each direction by black and thick spiked chains. His head drooped down allowing his long gray hair to fall over his face, but still the very sight of this made them nearly break.

That's when they heard it...


''By Yevon, is... is that man sleeping?'' Auron muttered in shock as jetch's eyes widened even more in shock. Indeed, looking more closely they could see his chest moving up and down showing that he was actually breathing.

'This is it! This is him!' Braska thought with a slight glow in his eyes, it was true! The legend was actually true! For a moment his more contemplative senses left him as he continued on with fervor with his Guardian's hot on his heels as he walked toward the platform. Never questioning exactly why this Ancient of a man was chained up like this, sealed he may be, but chained up in this way spoke of something.

And once Braska's feet touched upon the platform... his, Auron and Jetch's vision was flooded with a dark blue light. It happened instantly, the temple began to rumble before something came up from around the circular platform which was a giant pillar of azure shaded energy erupted out of the temple. Shooting out from its top, piercing the clouds and the very heavens themselves. They didn't for a single second doubt all of Spira wouldn't have seen this phenomina.

And came back, and the amount of power brought back brought all three of them to their knee's from the sheer pressure that hit them. They had no warning, no sign...just the weight of a titan coming down upon them.

''W-what is this?!'' Jetch spat

Braska felt that same way before his eyes looked down to see the symbol of a platform was glowing a multitude of colors ranging from red, blue, green, yellow, purple, violet, orange and even black and white.

But then the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up and he dared... dared to look up and what he saw was the chained man, the Legendary entity the Fayth spoke of in such respect.

Was moving!

His body was twitching pushing against the chains that kept him tied down, but as the energy was channeled through those chains and into his body they could see it beginning to change him. But before they could fully see what would come to pass, they were blinded when the mysterious man raised his head revealed his eyes to Braska and Braska alone.

A pair of glowing azure orbs pierced through Braska's blue ones before the chaind man let out a growl before snapped his head back and let loose an earth shattering roar.


'What... have I unleashed?' was Braska's thoughts as he and his companions were swallowed by the erupt of blue light that begun to engulf the lands.

In that single moment Braska, Auron and Jetch disappeared in that bright pillar of light as the lands they traveled was swallowed up by the light.

None ever knowing of what had happened or come to pass in the wake of this man's emergence.

Ten Year's Later-Bikaniel Island


That was the very first thing one, Rikku, age 15 heard as she traveled along the deserts of her home. Having left the sancutary of her people, the Al Bhed, in search of valuable artifacts or spheres so she'd have enough gil to travel with her father on his next excavating trip.

Or that is until she suddenly heard a rather loud scream of urgency and she pulled her goggles down and looked up to see up in the sky a black dot. She squinted her green eyes, the swirled pattern in her pupils soon widened as she heard the screams coming from...the dot.

''Wait...wait wait wait wait WAIIIITTTT!'' she had no time to react as the dot came down with the force of a falling meteorite which crashed into her location with the last thing she saw was black cloaked man.

Smoke and debris shot up as the dot crashed into Rikku's general location.

''Oh maaannn~ What hit me?'' Rikku mumbled, her vision spinning and a loud ringing in her ears further enticing her to stay where she was. On this soft pillow beneath her that was for some reason moving up and down...

Wait... what?

A pillow was not supposed to move...

''Uhm, are you alright, ttebayo?''

Rikku held back her squeak of suprirse before slowly her vision came back to her and she looked up to see the face of her 'pillow'. Which was in fact the young and rather handsome face of a teen around her age. Long spiky golden hair that made her's pale in comparison fell around his head in a mess of spikes. His tanned skin contrasted well with his deep azure blue eyes and whisker-like markings marring his cheeks.

'...Cute' was Rikku's thought before she finally realized the position she was in with the handsome if strangely dressed man who was garbed in only a black tattered hooded cloak.

She was ontop of him, laying on him to be more precise with her head on his chest and her hands on around his neck. Her legs were tangled up in his.


Rikku's face began to turn so amyn shades of red that the blonde beneath her began to worry if she was okay. ''I'msosorry!'' before she quickly apologized making him grin, happy that she was okay at least, yet before she even had time to pull away she heard something that just made this situation all the worse.

''Rikku! Are you okay?!'' she and the blonde below her heard and her eyes if possible grew to the size of dinner plates.

'Oh shit, it's dad! If he see's this he'll misunderstand and and and!'

And misunderstand he did, her father came with a group of Al Bhed armed to the teeth. He was a bald muscular man with a tense expression on his face. Which went void when he saw his daughter in her position with a mysterious blonde man he'd never seen before until now. Having his daughter ontop of him, in the middle of nowhere.


His enraged scream could have been heard all over Bikaniel.

And thus, Rikku's adventure with this strange man began.


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