Severus Snape found quickly that life in the 24th century was a bit more hectic than he was truly comfortable with. After a suggestion from Harry, he moved to New Londinium, where he became an instant celebrity. They had so many stories that had been passed down over the years, and here was a man who had lived through so many of them. The fact that he had personally known Albus Dumbledore even better than Harry had made him a well-sought after speaker, and many approached him just wanting to be able to say that they had met him. In the beginning, he greatly enjoyed the fame and appreciation, but that wore off after a time. He desired his solitude at times, and was attempting to catch up on the changes to Potions Mastery that had occurred in nearly four hundred years, but interruptions continued to plague him. Finally, he bit the bullet, so to speak, and contacted Potter. "I never thought that I would ask you of all people, but I need advice. How did you handle being a celebrity?"

Harry had simply grinned at him and said, "Why do you think I suggested that planet, Snape? I knew you'd get an understanding of what I lived through once I returned to the wizarding world, back before I got shunted to now. As for how I handled it? About as well as you are now. Have fun!"

His response made Harry laugh and bow before cutting off the transmission. He had cocked an eyebrow in what Harry had thought was a very Vulcan manner and said, "Very Slytherin of you. Bravo."

Katherine Janeway had turned herself in for disciplinary action when they had finally reached Earth and settled accounts. To no one's surprise but her own, Harry turned out to be her biggest supporter, and insisted on testifying. "Yes, there were issues, but she was in a position that none of us could help with. If necessary, we could be removed for a time from our position," he said. "But she was the captain of the vessel. What would that do for morale to have the captain removed from her chair, even for medical reasons? I don't believe that the system is set up to properly deal with such a situation. I had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and became an arsehole to everyone on the ship. But I could be removed from duty. She couldn't be without irrevocably damaging her effectiveness as a captain. It is my admittedly non-medical opinion that she had no real ability to not be captain, and that stress came through. Even shore leave for us was fraught with potential dangers, and we didn't have Starfleet to fall back on if something went wrong. So she remained in that role, no matter how much she might have needed to not be captain for a while."

"Some of her punishments were unnecessarily severe," one of the board members she was facing said to him.

"I can only speak for ones I personally know of, which are mine, and yes, some were severe. But when this was pointed out, she admitted her error and changed those punishments to far more reasonable ones. And I submit that those extreme punishments were after times of extreme stress of some sort, backing up my previous statements. We may wish that they wouldn't break or bend under the strain, but our captains are not machines. I ask that when this board chooses what shall be done in regards to the charges laid upon Captain Janeway, that they keep in mind a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, called Breaking Strain, also known to some as the Hymn to Breaking Strain."

As the board recessed to talk over their eventual decision, Janeway approached him. "No matter the outcome, it means a great deal to me that the two who had the greatest reason to want me punished spoke most strongly for me. I treated you horribly, Harry."

He smiled at her, and said, "I especially wanted them to think of the last two stanzas.

We only of Creation

(0h, luckier bridge and rail)

Abide the twin damnation-

To fail and know we fail.

Yet we - by which sole token

We know we once were Gods-

Take shame in being broken

However great the odds-

The burden of the Odds.

The important part to me is the last one, though:

Oh, veiled and secret Power

Whose paths we seek in vain,

Be with us in our hour

Of overthrow and pain;

That we - by which sure token

We know Thy ways are true -

In spite of being broken,

Because of being broken

May rise and build anew

Stand up and build anew

So I look at it that way, Captain. Mistakes were made, and you were placed under breaking strain. Might I point out that you handled such strain far better than I, which is why I would turn down a captaincy if it were to be offered. You didn't break so much as crack. But you recognize it, and can, as the poem says, 'Stand up and build anew.' I look forward to following your career, future-Admiral Janeway." He stepped back and gave her a sharp salute.

"That, more than anything else, tells us the decision we should make, and have," stated the admiral who last had spoken to them. "The officer who, by rights, should be pushing hardest for her to be punished, instead spoke for as much leniency as possible, if any sentencing were to be done. Our judgement, then is thus: Captain Janeway, we are placing a note in your record that your actions were deserving of disciplinary actions. Due to mitigating circumstances - which Starfleet will look into in hopes of avoiding a similar situation in the future - your punishment is to get counseling, since you were out of touch for seven years. You will not be allowed to captain a ship until such point as your counselor declares you properly capable." He smiled. "Given the facts that you were the one to bring charges against yourself, and those who spoke for leniency were the ones most likely to have pushed for severity, I suspect that you will be ready for captaincy before the repairs and upgrades to Voyager are completed."

Luna found space on New Londinium where she was able to enlarge the Rookery once more. She had made friends with quite a few people while Voyager was in the past, so the group that just happened to converge in hopes of throwing an impromptu house warming (once there was a house to warm, of course) was rather large, including Reginald Barclay. That was a relationship that gave Harry great pleasure, because Barclay was a friend, and in a very odd way, a perfect match for Luna. Luna seemed to agree, and Harry could always tell when the two of them had been together for a while, because Reg tended to spend a day or two looking happily bemused. Harry suspected that part of the reason for that was Luna's attitudes toward clothing, which were lax at the best of times. Since she was a rather … healthy … young woman, he was sure that Reg was getting a very pleasant eyeful.

In their talks about enlarging the Rookery again, she pointed out that it would take a minimum of a year to recharge the runes that permitted the building to change size, so if the scientists wished to study the process, they should really bring every sensor they thought they might need to the place where she would grow the building. They did so, to the point where a person needed to be careful where they placed their feet before the big moment. One enterprising scientist requested space to set up a sensor suite usually built into probes for exploring new phenomena. Considering it was Reg who had come up with the idea, he was given first choice of sensor placement.

It took ten years to understand what they learned, and another decade on top of that to develop the technology to allow it, but the effect - known as the Lovegood/Barclay effect - went on to revolutionize colony building. A decent sized cargo hold could carry what once took a small fleet of ships to deliver to a colony world.

Their home was also the recipient of many visits, because it was a historical building returned to the wizarding world, so to speak. The fact that Luna was lax about clothing around the place, even outdoors, was also something of a draw, especially amongst young men in the throes of puberty. She was, after all, someone that both Hermiones and Harry had euphemistically referred to as 'well bodied'. Privately, to Reg, all three told him that he was 'an infernally lucky man' to have landed her.

Interestingly enough, her laxity with clothing helped Reg with his shyness to the point that he both startled and pleased Deanna Troi when she came for a visit with Riker, and Reg had answered the door completely nude. When she commented gently about his state, rather than become catatonically flustered, which had been his old reaction, he he had looked down and then apologized to them both as he grabbed a robe and called back to let Luna know that they had guests.

Reg also discovered a way to do a personal apparation unit, although it was massively bulky for close to three decades. The important side of this discovery was that it allowed the development of technologically shielding against Apparation, which led to a very subtle change to the way Starfleet did shields. (Harry would never learn - but Reg suspected when he checked the records - that this shielding was the cause for both his getting stuck in between when the timelines shifted, and what had bounced him to Starbase One. One timeline didn't have the shielding, and the later/overlay one did, hence his being pinned between them.)

It had taken some time, but Harry was able to get to London and Diagon Alley again. It was a tourist attraction, and he was amused to find people taking pictures of Gringotts. He threaded through the small crowd and walked up to the doors, hearing gasping from the crowd as he did so. Banging on the large knocker, he waited for a moment before a window opened. "What do you want, human?" There were gasps behind him at the exchange, and he caught a glimpse of mirth from the goblin.

"I come seeking to speak either to Rendflash, if he still lives, or to his successor. I would speak of the Potter and Black accounts."

The window closed, followed by the door opening, much to the shock of the people behind him. "Mister Potter," said a goblin who looked as if he were getting on in years. "Took your time getting here, didn't you?"

Harry grinned at the goblin. "Scenic tour, Rendflesh. Decided I just had to see the other side of the galaxy first." He heard murmurs behind him that all seemed to be variations on "He was on Voyager!"

"Yes, well, things have changed here on Earth in the last few hundred years. Turns out your massive amount of money is now worthless, as far as the humans are concerned."

"Not really," Harry said. "It could always be melted down and turned into a different form of artwork, or farmed out to various museums around the galaxy."

"You are a strange human, Mr Potter," Rendflesh said. "Care to come inside?"

Harry turned to the crowd. "Be back out in a while," he said with a wave.

Once he was inside and in an office, Harry looked to Rendflesh with some concern. "I know that your people were about profit and honor, Rendflesh. The new reality doesn't really allow for much by way of profit, though."

Rendflesh laughed. "Not in the 20th century meaning, at least. We have been known to the Federation for some time, however, and have found ways of making profit. Not all races within this Federation have given up on money, after all. We have learned the new ways of making money, and took great care to ensure that the families that helped to warn us of the disaster were well cared for. In actuality, your holdings are immense, as are Mister Black's."

"What was with that bit out at the door, then?"

Rendflesh gave him a wide smile. "A test, if you will. You passed, by the way. Profit is good, but to let it rule your life?" He shook his head. "Sometimes the pursuit is the profit, and you showed a proper goblin attitude out there."

When the last of the paperwork was finished, Harry and the girls met with the crew of Voyager once more. "I hate to say it, but I'm leaving Starfleet. My reason for being in Starfleet is -" He stopped and looked at the Hermione he had grown up with. She was five months pregnant. "Well, she's currently carrying my baby. I needed to go back to say goodbye, and incidentally save the world, but as I said many times on the trip, if the Klingons or Romulans had been my ticket back, then I would have been the best damned Klingon or Romulan you'd ever seen. I will always treasure the friendships I made with you all, and there is a standing invitation to drop in on us when you're free."

"We'll call first," Janeway said with a throaty chuckle. "Wouldn't want to catch you at the wrong time."

"You kidding, Captain? Tom would probably try to schedule the get-togethers for just such an occasion."

"Hey, I resemble that remark!" Tom said with a laugh. A moment later he said to the rest of the crew, "By the way, I just recently learned who the other pilot was, back when we saved Harry here."

"Hmm?" Harry asked. "Which time?"

"You were trying to leave the previous Vivian Smith, and got stuck in between?" Harry Kim said. Potter just nodded.

"Well, the others here remember that they needed a pilot with a sure hand to make sure that the Smith didn't move in relation to the Voyager. I just found out a week ago who they got to fly the Smith." He grinned, and pointed a thumb at his own chest. "Me! They came back - or forward, or whatever - and asked me to do it because it was recent enough that I'd remember what was needed."

"Doesn't that make some sort of paradox?" Harry Potter asked.

"I asked the same thing, but it was due to some odd temporal law - tertiary exclusion to the Heinlein-Asimov Theorem or something. But you're here, so I was able to be picked up to make sure you were here." He shrugged. "I'm just happy I got to save a good friend's life."

"From both sides, as I recall," Hermione Ann said. "Weren't you piloting the Voyager as well?"

"While Harry here fired the phasers, which Captain Janeway allowed to be fired, as well as Captain Barklin allowing his ship to be fired on … you get the idea. It was a group effort, saving our friend."

Janeway smiled. "Very true. So, Mr Potter, once you deal with mustering out, will you search for a home? You had made comments that you were somewhat adrift. It might be time to settle down finally."

He smiled at her. "Somewhere during our time in the past, at Hogwarts, I realized something, Captain." He put an arm around each Hermione and pulled them close. "It was a long, dangerous trip, but I found what I was looking for." He kissed his wives' cheeks. "I'm home, Captain. It was a long voyage, but I found my home."