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If you've played Shin Budokai: Another Road, Trunks has to battle with Majin Buu in his time line, where this story begins. This is about five years after Cell, so Trunks is somewhere in his early twenties. He is the only Z-Fighter left.

"I will find you, Babidi," Trunks snarled, walking down the empty, ravaged street he and his yellow, scrawny opponent battled on. He wiped his long, wet, lavender hair out of his face and looked up into the gray, stormy sky.

Ever since Cell's defeat, the Earth mourned over the death of her people.

He was the only one left.

It didn't stop evil from trying to eradicate whatever was left of the barren waste of Earth. What else could it want? He discovered that it wasn't him a long time ago. He had already died once.

Then what could it be? Trunks' only way to figure that out was by surviving whatever was thrown at him and maybe die so he could tell whoever thought that screwing the planet over was a good idea to get off the rag, maybe cut him a few times too. It wouldn't help, Trunks knew, but it would make him feel better.

"Come out, you bastard!" Trunks shouted over the rain hitting the asphalt in the city streets. "Finish what you've started, Babidi!" He drew his katana caked in a pinkish, gummy material and purple blood.

A figure moved in the corner of his eye. Trunks turned into an alleyway and hopped on top of a weathered, brick building. The orange warlock raced through the sky, purple blood pouring from his left leg. Anger swelled in Trunks as he disappeared. He stopped in front of Babidi and wrapped his fingers around his neck.

Babidi stared wide-eyed at the half-blood as he helplessly beat at Trunks' arm. "So now you know how it feels."

Tears rolled down Babidi's cheeks.

"Good," Trunks said, thrusting his blade into Babidi's stomach. Blood sprayed all over Trunk's black tank top and black jeans. His cold, cobalt blue eyes stared at the warlock's body go limp as his intestines fell out. Trunks wiped the blood off his blade and sheathed it, turning away from the body.

"You know it's not over," Babidi said weakly. "Killing the fat one was only the beginning."

Trunks stopped.

"The form you fought was just a mask," Babidi said. "The mask came off as soon as you landed the final blow."

"Just how many forms of Buu are there?" Trunks said.

"We will not stop," Babidi said, dodging the question. He feared the youth would win, despite his last confident words. "As long as there are souls like mine, we will never-"

Trunks whipped around, wiping the entire city block off the face of the planet with a powerful blast of chi. "Shit," he cursed, flying off. "I didn't want to use the same wormhole again."

He flew to the remains of the dome that was Capsule Corporation's Japanese headquarters and landed in front of the doors. The building was still intact, but within a couple years it would fall.

Just like everything else, Trunks thought, putting his hand on the handle. His eyes narrowed. "It's warm." He slowly opened the door to the dark, moldy lobby and drew his blade. He approached the desk ring with four desktop computer monitors facing inward toward each direction. Trunks had repaired the bright blue office chairs in his spare time. His chi sense turned his head toward the balcony of the second floor overlooking the lobby. "Run," Trunks said, "but you can never hide." He walked around the desk ring and through the middle of the client resting area, a once lively place covered by orange carpet and blue recliners with two large flat screen televisions on each wall. Palm trees were in every corner kept alive through Trunks' efforts. Trunks looked at the ceiling, watching the chandeliers slowly rocked. "There you are!" Trunks said, seeing the tall, gray-skinned musclebound man with a black "M" tattoo on his forehead run toward the stairs to the lobby floor. Trunks rushed through the lobby and opened a set of doors next to the elevator, racing up a flight of marble stairs. He greeted the gray servant of Babidi where the flight of stairs turned with a kick to the stomach, blowing him up the stairs. Trunks leaped up all forty steps and landed on the intruder's chest, pinning him to the ground. "Babidi is dead," he said. "Leave now and I might just spare your life."

The servant stared at Trunks with a grin of mocking intent. "Poor Earthling," its voice rumbled. "Babidi was just the doorway and I'm the one who opened it. Your true visitor lies below, ready to make this planet's destruction infinite."

Trunks' eyes widened. "The lab!" He flipped back and raised his hand, using some form of telekinesis to slam the servant into the walls hard enough to knock him out. He disappeared, traveling down several flights of stairs at light speed. He ran down a dim, empty hallway to a set of metal doors torn off their hinges. He entered the bright room filled with stacks of books and blueprints reaching to the ceiling. In the corner was his bed covered in tools and half-finished inventions Trunks told himself he would finish. In another corner was a cylindrical, yellow machine equipped with several rocket thrusters and insect-like legs for landing. On top of it was a glass dome, allowing anyone to look inside and see the mind-boggling work of technology. Trunks never worried about anyone stealing it; they would have to figure out how the machine worked first. The white walls were covered in markers and pencils of chemical equations and mathematical formulas of immense lengths, but besides for what he knew was in the room, no one was there. "It's gone," he said, clenching his fists. "I'll have to look for it when I come back. I need to tell Goku to finish Majin Buu for good before he transforms." He grabbed a handle on the side of the cylindrical machine and opened a side door, stepping inside. He quickly pressed a series of buttons, entering a time, date, year, and wave frequency for the wormhole.

The bottom of the pod was thick and gooey, like a half-melted car tire was put inside. "Get off my head," a deep, abrasive voice said.

Trunks looked down, seeing the pink menace under his feet. In the next second, Trunks was on the ground as the tall, skinny demon with pink skin riddles with holes and a short antennae-like appendage on the back of his scalp started to randomly press buttons. "I will kill your friends from the past," Buu said. "Babidi told me there would be strong people there for me to fight."

"Then stop pressing buttons!" Trunks said, reversing their positions again and reentering the coordinates.

"But I want to go now!" Buu said, smashing through a console. The coordinates started to change as the rocket thrusters heated up, slowly raising them into the air.

Trunks pulled Buu to the ground, beating at the back of his head. "You fool!" Trunks said. "Do you realize that by breaking the machine, there's no way of telling where we'll end up?!"

"You mean I'm not going to fight the strong guys?" Buu asked.

"That's not the point!" Trunks barked, trying to put Buu in a hold while reaching for the panel. "We might end up caught inside the middle of a wormhole! We could both die right now!"

"So the machine isn't working?" Buu asked, effortlessly breaking the hold and placing Trunks in one.

"You broke it!" Trunks said.

"But Babidi said I would fight the strong guys!" Buu said. His black eyes narrowed. "You built this machine! You made it so it would break when I got in it!"

"What- no!" Trunks said, cringing as the pod burst through the building's ceiling. "I defeated your last form! Why not fight me!"

"You're boring!" Buu said.

Trunks threw his head back, slamming Buu's face and the back of his head into the grate steps. He struggled to his feet and desperately changed the dates back to the desired time line, but the system kept jumping. Buu grabbed the back of his head and slammed it into another console, crushing another system. The pod sailed into space and started moving faster than the speed of light.

"No!" Trunks shouted, pummeling Buu's rubber stomach with a volley of punches. "I can't stop it!"

An image of his friends from the alternate time line flashed through his mind. They blinked through the wormhole, rapidly approaching another Earth's gravitational field.

"Damn you!" Trunks barked, smashing Buu's head through the glass.

Buu sent his fist into Trunks' chin, fazing the young man. "We will fight again, strong person."

"You're not getting away!" Trunks said, grabbing the back of Buu's white, baggy pants and rattling Buu's head with a barrage of punches.

"I don't like you!" Buu whipped around, kicking Trunks into another panel and slamming his elbow into Trunks' chest.

Trunks grabbed the side of Buu's head as the ship barreled toward Earth. "The feeling is mutual!" Trunks whipped Buu through the glass, sending him hurdling through space. He looked over the side of his ship, barely seeing the top of skyscrapers under the clouds. "This isn't going to be pretty," he said, grabbing a pair of control sticks and pulling the ship away from the side of a building and unintentionally slamming it into the side of an office building and tearing away a glass pane from the conference room. The rocket thrusters died as a gasoline pipe burst, flooding the floor in combustible fuel. Trunks flew out of the machine and under it, stopping its dangerous descent. Gasoline covered his hair and clothes; some slipped into his mouth through his teeth. He landed in the middle of a busy four-way intersection, causing a truck to swerve toward the sidewalk. Trunks hopped in front of it, stopping the delivery truck with his foot while holding his time machine. "That was too close," Trunks said. He set his machine on the sidewalk and pushed the truck back on the street.

The family of three walking across the sidewalk stared at the Saiyan youth, terrified at his accident.

"Sorry," Trunks said. "I don't usually do that."

He felt a tap on his shoulder. "Do you want to explain why you did?"

Trunks turned around, looking at a tall, muscular, tan-skinned man with short, black hair with a cowlick and a blue and red spandex costume and red cape. On his chest was his emblem of a red "S" over a yellow badge with a red outline. Trunks looked at him up and down. "There was a system malfunction causing the rocket thrusters to disengage."

"I'm not stupid, kid," he said. "What are you doing here, why is the side of that building broken, and why do you have a time machine looking like it's been through Hell and back?"

"It's not just a time machine," Trunks said, "due to the nature of wormholes I can enter alternate universes and-"

"You're not answering my question," he said.

Trunks smirked. "Fine. My name is Trunks. The second life form you picked up on the approaching car's radar broke a few panels of mine so I threw him into space. Be warned; he won't be gone for long."

A long, black, car embodying the idea of an ultimate urban assault weapon screeched to a halt behind Trunks. The Saiyan youth turned around, seeing the classy behemoth armed with armor plating, radar, missiles, and 200 RPM tranquilizer-firing machine guns above the headlights all painted black. Three small, sharp bat fins sat above the rear wheels and a gunners dome in the raised passenger's seat were prepared to turn anything in the car's path into mush. A tall, muscular man in a black, bat-themed costume and cape stepped out with his hands on the sides of his utility belt. "Step away from the time machine and come with us," he said. "Superman, make sure he complies."

"But why?" Trunks said. "I gave him what you guys want. I know how and where to repair my machine so if you would just let me go, I'll be gone before you know it."

"You know you've violated several air-space laws with your arrival, right?" the bat-man said. "If that thing you ejected from your machine came down and attacked, we would have the right to kill it and potentially kill you in self-defense. Until you answer more questions, you're not leaving our sight."

Trunks folded his arms. "I'm taking my machine with me."

"No, you're not." A tall, dark skinned man in a green and black outfit with a green lantern emblem on his chest stepped out of the car. His short, black hair was done in a military buzz cut and his booming voice matched his powerful presence. A green ring on his finger hummed with some extra-terrestrial energy. He aimed it at the machine and a green ring of energy wrapped around it. He raised it into the air. "Get in the car and hand over the sword."

"Sorry," Trunks said, "I'm afraid I can't give you my sword."

He walked over to Trunks, looking him in the eye. His eyes turned green. "The sword."

"I said no," Trunks said.

"You don't want this to get messy," he said.

"Neither do you," Trunks said, not breaking his stare at the green and black superhero.

"Green Lantern," the bat man said, "let him keep the sword. If he's as smart as he acts, he'll know that attacking with Superman around won't be the best option for him."

"Batman, he's still a threat with the sword," Green Lantern said. "You don't know what he's capable of."

"I'm here by accident," Trunks said. "I'm not going to start trouble and if that thing thrown off my ship does, it's getting my blade first."

"Get in the backseat," Batman said, getting back into his car. Green Lantern sat in the passenger's seat and Superman and Trunks took the back.

"Strap in," Batman said.

The other three super-men were flattened to their chairs as the car drove faster than a speeding bullet.

Batman smirked, seemingly not affected by the change in speed at all. "I love that part."

The car tipped back, rocketing into the air as large bat wings shot out from the doors. Trunks slowly turned his head toward the window, seeing this other Earth's sky blur into space. Ahead of them was a large, pin-shaped space station satellite with a ring surrounding it connected by tubes orbiting between the moon and the Earth. Batman flew his car toward the thinner end of the base as a tall, metal hatch opened. Batman rushed through the hatch, slowing down as he felt the wheels touch ground. Several other bat-themed vehicles waited in this parking lot. They got out of the car, Trunks being herded along through the parking lot toward a set of glass double-doors labeled "JL".

Trunks opened the doors and gasped at the amazing construct and technological playground that laid before him. Hundreds of men and women in costumes quickly moved around the base or lounged in the food court on the bottom floor three floors below Trunks. He blinked, and a tall, muscular man in a red and yellow suit covering his head and eyes with a lightning bolt emblem on his chest stood there. Trunks hopped back. "When did you-"

"I'm the Flash," he said. "Fastest guy in the universe. Hey Bats, who's the new guy?"

"He's not the new guy," Batman said bluntly. "He's what walked out of the UFO that crashed in between Parker and Maine street earlier today."

"Cool! We haven't done an interrogation session in a while." Flash said. He turned to Trunks while walking backwards. "We will not hurt you. Maybe. I mean, we could- okay; there is a slight chance that we're going to hurt you. Not that slight. Well, I'd actually say it was-" Flash looked at Green Lantern. "Can he even understand-"

"Yes," Green Lantern said.

"Like, how well on a scale of one to ten?" Flash asked.

"I grew up on Earth," Trunks said. "I am versed in all dialects of the English language and all languages on Earth, Namekian, Arlian, Saiyan, and Yardratian. If I had to put it on a scale, it would be eleven."

"So how hard are you going to hit him, Supes?" Flash asked.

"Don't call him that," Batman said.

Flash protested. "But-"

"Don't call me that," Superman said.

"Okay," Flash said. "I never get to do anything," he grumbled.

They reached the other end of the base, opening a metal door to a cold, gray room with a long desk and two steel chairs. Green Lantern closed the door behind them.

"Have a seat," Batman said.

Trunks and Batman sat across from each other.

"We will ask you a series of questions that you must answer truthfully," Batman said. "If you lie, I will know."

"Go ahead," Trunks said, shifting into a more comfortable position. He had the feeling it was going to be a while.

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