Two years after Chapter 120...

"It's beautiful," Cassie said, stepping back with Artemis, Alexa, and Hippolyta as Diana held a gladius reflecting the summer sun over Themyscira in purple and . The blade was light in her hand but it swung with weight, humming in the air naturally with each slow swing. The spine was made of golden Amazonium, with the blade edge changing from gold to silver.

"The spine is an Amazonium alloy I have been tinkering with," Trunks said, smiling proudly at his astonished girlfriend and her closest friends and family. "The blade edge is an osmium, iridium, and platinum steel alloy, the iridium taken from a meteor fifteen thousand lightyears away."

"So that's why it feels so dense," Diana said. She wore her standard hero uniform, except now she wore blue spandex pants and lighter red and blue armor, with her long hair back in a ponytail with two long, thick strands framing her face. Cassie wore a similar set of light armor, hers light brown and yellow instead of blue and red, hugging her athletic figure and long legs toned from training even more intense than some Z-Fighter regimens. "This is amazing, love, thank you so so much!" she said, swinging it around just to hear the hum. "We'll have to test it out."

Trunks chuckled, folding his arms and looking at the second box wrapped in pink. He wore a modified Saiyan uniform similar to his father's from the past, now a royal blue instead of red for his own nostalgia. His hair was still long but he had it trimmed, now only reaching past his shoulders. "Open the second box."

"Ooh!" Diana exclaimed, sliding across her mother's throne room to tear open the second one. She pulled out two glowing blue armbands.

"Put them on," Trunks said.

"What are they?" Hippolyta asked.

"They're energy links," Trunks said, pulling one onto his arm with telekinesis. "Piccolo helped me come up with these. They allow you to share the other user's energy, like so."

Trunks burst into Super Saiyan Blue, surprising the other Amazons every time. This time, however, Diana's naturally radiant appearance flashed sapphire, filling her with an electric energy. Diana felt her fingertips tingle with power and she stood up, laughing in excitement at the blue sparks of lightning traveling around her. "Try this, Trunks!" Diana said, pulling her hands to her side and spiking a blue wave of death between them. "Kamehameha!"

Trunks smirked, holding out his hand and catching it with ease. "Well?"

"Wow," she said, shocking herself with the amount of power she had just on her arm. "I was joking!"

"The Kamehameha Wave stomps on your little jokes," he said as she wrapped around him, squeezing him tight.

"These are amazing, thank you," she said sweetly, holding the embrace and kissing his forehead. "Let's open mine now, I think you'll like these."

"Happy anniversary, dear," Trunks said, walking to the sideboard adjacent to the balcony overlooking the edge of the beautiful, tropical Mediterranean island with Sicily in the distance, hidden from the rest of the world. It was a paradise, with a powerful, intelligent people that Trunks admired keeping it that way.

"What did he get you last year?" Alexa asked.

Diana flashed the wedding ring on her finger with a shining red center glowing brightly with a white core. "He put a piece of a reborn star into a red diamond for our engagement."

"Rama never did that for you," Artemis scoffed.

"Rama didn't do a lot for me," Diana said, holding up her pinky. "Trunks does a lot for me nobody else could do."

"What did you get him then, daughter?" Hippolyta asked.

"She was the gift," Trunks said, looking heartwarmingly at his matching ring and opening the gift in a bright purple box. He pulled out a set of leather arm wraps with glowing inscriptions written in Ancient Greek and Arabic going up to his shoulders.

"Put them on," Diana said, seeing the curiosity in his face as she slipped them on. "This is the highest honor anyone can attain who is so involved in Themyscira," she said, "I hereby pronounce you the Guardian of Themyscira!"

Trunks felt the wraps bind to his arms tightly, sinking in them and the inscriptions flashing on his arms themselves before fading away. "Wow," Trunks said in earnest astonishment, "thank you, I'm- I'm glad I mean this much to all of you."

"You and I together have kept Themyscira from falling," Diana said, taking his hands, "and together we will-"

"Continue the royal bloodline," Hippolyta interjected, making Alexa and Artemis laugh.

"Mom," Diana snapped with an embarrassed expression, "I still haven't talked to him about it yet!"

"I want grandchildren, eight of them, all girls," Hippolyta cut in.

Diana's face went pale and she quickly whisked Trunks out of the palace, finding him smiling at her warmly as they walked into a garden. He kissed her by surprise. "I can convert one of the guest rooms today," he said, receiving a kiss in relief. "We've lived together for two years now, had our major fights, got married- I think it's time."

"Thank the gods, we're on the same page," Diana said, hugging him excitedly. "You are serious, yes?"

"The only question is when you want to make her," Trunks said smokily, making her purr.

"You want a girl too, well good. Let me worry about that," Diana said teasingly, poking his nose. "I had a little ladies night planned since we usually have it in the summer, I decided to include you because of today, but everyone will be okay with it once I let them know."

Trunks took her by the waist as they walked through the garden, admiring all of the diverse and vibrant plant life the island had to offer. "No, it's ladies night for a reason. Have fun, we still have our reservations this afternoon and all evening to do whatever we want before you go, I was thinking we could explore Planet Xanthak, maybe race an asteroid, fun stuff."

"Meet me at the Watchtower at nine," she said with a sly grin, "I think you'll like what we do every year, and I don't think you'll get another chance." She floated above the ground, kissing him one last time on the cheek and leaving him with her cryptic message. "I have to meet with Italy's prime minister over drilling near our waters; don't be late like last time and I'll see you at four for the reservation."

"Last time?"

Diana rolled her eyes. "You were an hour and a half late."

"I told you he kept regenerating!"

"I told you he kept regenerating," she repeated in a whiny, mocking voice. "That's how you sound."

"No you but times ten," Trunks said, sticking his tongue out.

"No you but times infinity-"

"Infinity plus one."


More silence.

"I'm being serious," Diana said.

Trunks sighed, his submission making her smirk. "I'll be there, on time."

"Good boy," she said, making him growl to her amusement but at the same time making her all the more attractive to him, taking off into the sky. In the relationship, he was the breadwinner, and the most powerful being in their known universe, she admitted to being scared of his power and rightly so, and yet she wore the pants in the relationship. The dynamic turned him on, no matter how much it annoyed him.

"I'm just going to be there at eight anyway!" he shouted behind her, receiving no response. He fazed out, reappearing in front of his mansion now theirs on the other end of the planet in seconds. "I wonder what she has in mind…"

That Evening…

"And I'm late again," Trunks said, rushing into the parking lot of the Watchtower wearing trendy, casual clothes. Diana and nine other ladies from the League all dressed in clothes for a night out stood around the invisible jet impatiently, naturally Diana was a little annoyed.

"There you are!" she shouted. "We've been waiting for you!"

"I know, I know," Trunks said, "so sorry- Black Adam is extremely resilient. His face hurts my fists sometimes" He smiled at the rest of the ladies, hearing them snicker in response. Karen seemed a bit flustered by it all. "It's only 8:02…"

"That's an entire 120 seconds," Diana said as a matter of fact. "We all could have died in that time."

Trunks laughed in defeat. "Okay, okay. Where are we going?"

"Everywhere," Diana said, "we're going to have a lot of fun tonight."

The women snickered again, making him a little paranoid. Diana popped open the top of the invisible jet. "Do you think he knows, Beatriz?" Zatanna asked Fire.

"Clueless," Fire said.

"Hop in," Diana said. Karen and Kara joined her in the front and Diana pressed a button in the center, extending the jet by two extra rows so everyone could get in. Trunks sat in between Raven and Starfire in the third row, with Beatriz, Harley, and Selina in front of him and Dinah and Zatanna in the back. The top closed and Trunks noticed the shifty eyes from the girls, beginning to wonder just what he was in for.

The night was fun, they danced, sang karaoke, went shopping, although Diana rarely found anything for her height, went to a movie, and then a restaurant, and as midnight rang in New York they flew over the Atlantic Ocean. "Well, that was fun," Trunks said, hearing everyone laugh. "Diana, you said we were done at midnight, right? If anyone needs to get home, I can-"

"We're done with those activities," Diana said, smirking at him in the rearview mirror, "but the night's far from over. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, mistress," the other nine ladies said verbatim, driving a chill down the Saiyan's spine.

"Yes, what?"

Starfire bounced in her seat, smiling widely at Trunks and wrapping her arms around him. "I have waited oh so long for this!"

"I'm surprised he's lasted this long," Karen joked, rousing another laugh in the jet except for the Saiyan.

"Are you sure he can take all of us?" Raven asked.

"I assure you," Diana said, "he's up to the challenge."

The jet flew over Themyscira and under the cliffside Diana's palace rested on, sailing into a natural hot spring with towels laying on the clean rocks with several twin-sized beds against the wall, with the entrance to the springs overlooking the sea under the starry night sky. It was torchlit with bright, white lights, with another part of the cave-like hot springs sectioned off by a brown, paper-thin veil Trunks assumed was a changing room. Diana parked in front of the entrance and the 11 heroes hopped out. It was comfortably warm inside, and before the Saiyan knew it, the ten women surrounded him like a wolf pack circling a deer, with Diana as their alpha. "Can I fluff him?" Harley asked.

"No," Diana said, "I will." She tore her clothes open, revealing a black leather dominatrix outfit made up of lacy straps that kept her bouncy, perky, huge breasts and heart-stopping, apple-bottomed bubble butt he just wanted to bite fully exposed, with thin strips of leather around the entrance to her pink treasure trove. The straps lined her thick thighs that spilled over them with her thickness, covering her lower legs and leaving her feet exposed in black stilettos that exacerbated the height between her and her man. Around a loop in her belt was her golden lasso, and in her other hand was a veiny, black, two-way dildo as long and as thick as the Saiyan's organic one, with a long, white line in the center filled with a white, viscous fluid on one end. It was attached to a harness, obviously it was meant for one person to use on someone else. "And you will do everything I say, or else you will be punished."

"Oh shit," Trunks said in awe, looking back at the other girls staring at her practically drooling. Diana had a harem, and Trunks felt like he was the centerpiece, not that he minded.

Harley gasped. "Ooh, Wonder Woman, I always knew you had this side of you!"

A riding crop appeared at Harley's neck in Diana's hand where the dildo was. The speed at which Diana moved scared everyone else, and Trunks noticed the dildo on a pedestal at the back of the hot spring. "I am not Wonder Woman," she said, letting part of her thick, wavy and flowing black hair cover one of her hauntingly beautiful, sharp blue eyes. "I am your mistress," she hissed, making Harley swoon. "Behold, the reason I brought my beloved to us tonight and excluded myself from Zatanna's anti-pregnancy spell!"

She tore through the Saiyan's clothes like a beast, revealing his Olympian physique to the nine other women. Most of them had a crush on him at one point, and seeing what Diana stole from standing there with Diana's hand covering his crown jewels was enough to turn some green with envy. Trunks looked up at his fierce and stunning woman, forcefully putting her hands on his shoulders. "So, uh, mistress," Trunks said, still in shock at her surprising alternative persona but playing along anyway. What shocked him more is that this wasn't the first time the girls had done this. "I gave you your sword and your trip across the stars, how else may I-"

Diana slapped him hard across the face. She hurt her hand more than the slap hurt him, actually it didn't hurt him at all and her hand pulsed in pain afterward, but Trunks whipped his face to the side anyway with a red handprint on his face. "Get down on your knees and lick me until you're hard."

Trunks took her gingerly by her sides, looking her in her stern, unforgiving yet uncaring and dismissive expression and dropping to his knees. He dug in, focusing on her clit to light her up like a fourth of july fireworks presentation. She started nudging Trunks' penis roughly with her heel-sandals, and it didn't take long before she slipped her foot from her heel to run it up and down the length of his intimidatingly large representation of his humility.

"That's enough," she ordered, standing him up and turning him toward the girls who gasped in awe at his member. "With this man," she said, grabbing him by the balls, "we will have a baby girl to continue the royal bloodline, and what better way to celebrate than among friends!" She turned to Trunks, lifting him into the air by her shoulders. "I hope you're mentally prepared- there's ten of us and one of you."

Trunks cocked an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest, summoning nine clones. "You might want to recount."

"10, 20, 100, doesn't matter," Diana said, licking his nose with her long tongue that made every other woman there itch. "You will follow everything your partners tell you to, for tonight you are our toy. I'm not going to stop until you're dry."

"Yeah! Death by Snu-Snu!" Harley exclaimed.

"He said dry, not die," Kara corrected.

"Get ready, all of you," Diana said, shooing them to the changing room in the back. "I'll make sure he's properly ready for all of you…" She looked two clones up and down with a wolfish grin. "...and enjoy some of it." She waited to straddle a clone until the nine other girls went to the back, smiling up at Trunks while shaking off her hand. "That training with Whis does a number on your hand."

"I'll go along with it," Trunks said, "whatever makes you happy."

"Aww, thanks," Diana said, her face going cold. "Now get over here and make me cum before I step on your testicle with my stiletto."

The clones rushed forward, leaving the real Trunks crowded out by himself. She sat down hard on the first clone, making him cry out in pleasure as she attacked him with her tight golden warrior sleeve, slowing down only when the second one became trapped in her airlock anus, melting him under her control. She sucked a third one down her throat, turning him into a mindless, pumping puppet while a fourth one squeezed himself between her heavenly breasts. She took clone five and six in her hands, turning into a blur on the shafts while seven and eight slid under her armpits desperate for some relief. Clone nine and the real Trunks found themselves sharing her masterful tongue attacking their heads with the seal of death, wrapping her lips around the top four inches and bobbing up and down slowly while lapping around his head rapidly with her tongue to make them howl. She had all ten under complete control in a moaning, spine-tingling mess in minutes, feeling the first and second clones all bust in relief and filling her sucking, twisting, and coiling tight vacuums with everything they had, turning into putty. She smirked up at the five Saiyans in her mouth and hands as the fourth clone yelled, leaving a white valley between her two mountains and spraying under her chin.

"You can do this," she whispered, kissing one head and laughing as it exploded all over her face. She kissed the other four heads while the two between her armpits shot their loads all over her thighs and the clone she straddled, only three of them bursting all over her face. She looked up at the Trunks who didn't cum. "Your clones don't last nearly as long as you do, by the looks of it I might give them all heart attacks."

Trunks folded his arms, chuckling with a soft moan as she worked on him alone with her mouth. "They're resilient, they'll hold up."

"Against me?" she said with a scoff as the changing room opened from the back. "Here, she can take you and four of these weaklings- I want to save the real thing for last."

Trunks turned to the woman emerging from the dressing room and he nearly had a nosebleed. Karen was dressed in lacy, white lingerie with knee high socks and a white bra that was obviously way too small. She was an absolute bombshell, with her signature big, bouncy breasts, round and perky, barely held back by her tiny bra and a fat butt eating up her white panties in big, round cheeks on thick thighs that were toned and athletic from years of training. She held a white dildo just like Diana's black one in her hand, but the curvy and thick, brickhouse Kryptonian blonde with sparkling blue eyes and alluring, luscious red lips soon had four clones swarming her with the real Trunks strolling to her. Karen looked Trunks up and down, squeezing her breasts together. "You don't look half bad, maybe I should have taken you for myself while we were still enemies," she said, sweeping one clone and straddling him too.

"You don't look too bad yourself," Trunks said, both of them blushing at their former crushes as Karen took five Saiyans on at the same time. "Diana's wanted to do this with you for a long time."

"You think you can last more than five minutes?" Karen teased, easing him in to her pink fortress of solitude and hearing him groan immediately as her trimmed, blonde muff touched his base. "I think not," she giggled, shaking her jiggly, tight butt for another clone to get sucked into, making her ass wave upon impact. She tilted her head back, letting out a loud whimper. "Holy fuck you're deep, I think you're four inches bigger than Bardock, you're definitely bigger than Vegeta."

"Aha!" Trunks laughed, seeing her take a third clone in her hand. "I knew you and Vegeta were a thing at one point!"

"Shut up," Karen said bluntly, moaning as the two Saiyans started to ram into her alternatively. "It was one night… that hair does compensate for something."

Trunks' eyes widened as she took the fourth clone in her mouth, using a similar technique to Diana's except for suddenly deepthroating him every now and again just to make him buck hard. She pulled him out with a pop, tenderly taking Trunks' throbbing cock in her other open and.

"But tell me, Trunks," Karen said, sliding her slick hand all the way from the head to the base. "Does yours?" The clone inside her popped, making her gasp with a condescending laugh. "Don't worry, Trunks," she said, squirming as the second clone gushed with a loud outcry and the third popped over her world famous breasts. She gave a quick lick to the fourth clone from the base to head, laughing harder as he sprayed wildly all over the hot springs. She jerked Trunks hard and fast, desperate to make him pop too. "I make everyone faster than a speeding bullet."

"Ah, but they lasted six minutes."

Karen scoffed. "At least they're still hard," she said, grinding on the one deep in her pussy hard. "I can break you."

"That's what they all say," Trunks said, pushing past one clone. "Maybe I can-"

An orange flash tackled Trunks and two other clones to the ground, leaving Diana with four and Karen with three. Trunks hopped to his feet, seeing the tall, Amazon-like Tamaranean with her flawless, orange skin, hourglass figure with breasts and a butt that rivaled Karen's and Diana's with long, slender and toned legs. She was fully naked holding an orange dildo and already dripping from her green, glowing, tiny alien chamber, staring at Trunks with a bright, white smile on her stunning face. She wiped some of her long, flowing red hair from her green eyes. "Trunks, I know you are married to our mistress, but," she said, backing him up into a corner and looking down at him, biting her lip, "I would be lying if I said I did not want this." She opened her mouth, revealing ten long, thin strips of pink tentacle-like tissue, kissing Trunks deeply with the tendrils reaching all the way through his nose and tickling his ears, making the Saiyan shudder with an experience unlike ever before.

"Holy shit!" one clone gasped as he slid into her glowing socket, sliding in and out with ease. Starfire sat back, bouncing on him with a ecstatic glee while she opened her mouth, taking the other clone all the way down her throat. The clone shook violently, instantly gushing down her throat while the kickin clone inside her core popped hard and deep. That only made her ride faster and suck harder, trying to jerk off the real Saiyan to no avail.

Trunks and one clone from Diana's control were covered in a black, demonic energy and lifted through the air, turned around to face the other, short, stacked, and thick Teen Titan holding a purple dildo. Raven smirked at them with her big, seductive purple eyes, short purple hair and luscious gray lips with shining gray skin, pulling them toward her with her otherworldly magic. She had the same curvy and well-endowed figure as the other three, wearing her costume with the sides ripped out to let it fold between her breasts and in her butt and holding a dark, black aura around her tight lower lips to her poison flower. Her energy is what ultimately turned him on, holding him in a trance as she giggled nefariously. "Do you like what you see?" Raven said, squeezing her perfect, pear-shaped breasts with dark gray nipples together. "My mother warned me against using my magic for evil, that if used incorrectly I could become a succubus with ease," Raven said, chuckling as the clone slid his cock between her thick thighs, grinding against her big and grabbable apple-shaped butt she hid under a cape. "Do you think she was right?" Trunks' clone slid inside her dark temple, his eyes rolling into the back of his head with her black aura surrounding him too. "I put Beast Boy on a leash every other night, maybe you can be my next pet." She opened her mouth and four black tentacles shot out, wrapping around Trunks' limbs and pulling his aching cock to her mouth.

"You can't beat me," Trunks taunted, his tone soon changing as she slid him all the way down his throat. A hot, electrifying sensation traveled from his burning head all the way up his spine and to his throat, forcing drool out of his mouth as she lazily guided him in and out, her throat and her actual long, pointed tongue writhing and twisting around him with all of the Devil's temptations. She stood still as the clone screamed her name, gripping her slappable, bouncy butt hard as he shot gallons of pure, white milk up into her. He kept still, fucking her hard even with his knees shaking horrendously.

Trunks began to pump slowly but the tentacles held him tight, restricting him from moving at all. "Are you sure about that?" Raven jeered telekinetically, handing the dildo to a tentacle who brought it dangerously close to Trunks' tight backside.

"No way, sis!" Harley shouted, cartwheeling out from the dressing room fully naked with a red dildo just like the others. "If anyone's fuckin' him silly first, that's gonna be me!" Trunks remembered her cut, busty, gymnast's figure with her strong legs and pillowy butt from before as he tackled him from the air, keeping her pigtails up as she used a whip to pull one of Karen's clones through the air by his neck. Raven's tentacles snatched one of Diana's three clones that she dominated, replacing Trunks with him down her throat.

Harley threw one clone to the ground and shoved his schlong all the way to the base up her ass, howling in the familiar pleasure he gave to her two years ago. She chuckled mischievously, spreading her gaping walls open for him to see. "C'mon in, Mistah K, mama's gonna give you a cookie but I need some milk!"

"I'm going to steal him from you, no hard feelings," Selina said from behind, wrapping her slender arms around him and turning him to face her.

Trunks looked at the stunning brunette with bright green eyes in awe, staring at the woman who pinned down the Batman's flawless, tall and curvy acrobat's figure holding a gray dildo with breasts and a butt that equaled the rest with teasing, pointy pink nipples. She still wore her costume except the zipper was all the way down, revealing her slightly hairy crotch and inviting pink thief's glove. She stared at him seductively, drawing him in for a kiss.

"All kittens need their milk, Harley," Selina said, leading him lightly by his hair away from the cuckoo cock goblin riding his clone. "I hope you understand."

Trunks vanished in a cloud of smoke. "Sorry, darling!" Zatanna said, straddling him wearing a magician's outfit with her top hat cocked to the side, holding a pink dildo in her white, gloved hand. "Ready to relive your first time, baby?"

A loud scream blew Trunks into the wall and he opened his eyes in a daze, seeing Black Canary deepthroating a brown dildo and looking at his throbbing monster with the same level of appetite. "Zatanna, watch how it's done, dear!"

Green flames backed Dinah off as Fire with thick thighs, the Brazilian butt, fat breasts and a model's height, tan skin, athletic and toned figure with wavy green hair and sparkling emerald eyes stepped in between them wielding a green dildo, making her butt jiggle with Trunks' dick slapping against it. "I think I know what he wants, Canary, and it isn't you-"

"Both of you back off," Kara said sharply, pushing Fire aside. She was petite with a slim, feminine figure, with sky blue eyes, pouty lips, and long, straight blonde hair. "I've handled Gohan with ease," she said, throwing a leg around his waist and prodding his throbbing head to her tiny, pink holding cell with an aggressive, longing look in her eyes. Her breasts with perky, pink nipples were smaller than the rest, with a cheerleader's body and cute but small and shapely butt, but she was still incredibly sexy. Her free hand held a yellow dildo and her other hand gripped the back of Trunks' neck, ready to rock his world. "I'll show you how to give it to a Saiyan."

Trunks gripped her thigh back as the other girls backed off, each taking a clone until every woman had one Saiyan to ride. "I'm not my master," Trunks warned her, preparing to push in.

"Let's hope not," Kara said, "you're just a little bigger than he is, but it'll end up the same."

Trunks let his aura spike. "I'm not as nice as he is," he said, letting his head force his way into her tiny, dripping crevice. It was small, tight and bumpy, feeling the walls spread and close around him like a warm, wet grip. "Are you ready?"

"DaddyyyyYYYYYYyyyyyy," Kara moaned, feeling the bump on her stomach as he stretched her to her limit.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" Trunks said, giving it to her hard and fast. She melted on his pole, wrapping around him and screaming into his ear.

Harley felt her clone bust inside her again, watching Trunks turn Kara into a mess against the wall, holding her up and slamming against him as deep as he would go again and again. "It seems Gohan wasn't holdin' his own there, Kara!"

"I'm almost there," Kara said, panting and letting her eyes roll up with her tongue out of her mouth. "I'm almost- oh goooooddddDDDDDDD!"

Kara shot a pair of red eyebeams into the ceiling and clamped down hard, bringing the Saiyan there as well. "You're too tight, I can't pull out-"

"Don't you dare fucking pull out!" Kara said, wrapping around him tight and slamming down hard, screaming in heaven as she squirted all over his pelvis and Trunks let out his infamous multi-gallon explosion. Trunks could feel her stomach bulging from the force but she didn't let go, holding her mouth open in amazement at the volume before passing out in the Saiyan's arms.

"Weak," Karen scoffed, catching another clone load on her breasts as Trunks slid out of her with a soft moan, carrying her over to a bed and tucking her in. "Gohan must not be very good at what he does…"

The clones in Diana, Starfire, and Karen's wonder gloves clutched their chests as they popped again, letting out painful cries before gasping their last breaths. "No, these are weak," Diana said, sliding off and kicking him into the wall just before he faded away.

"Anybody who that nerd can put to sleep is weak to me," Karen said, standing up with her walls holding him so tight the clone nearly went up with her.

"Alas, this does end the fun early," Starfire said, watching the three dead clones fade back into the real Saiyan standing at the foot of Kara's bed.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven shouted with a sadistic glee, turning her clone's skin gray and his hair white as he screamed in pleasure and agony, pumping into her in one sex-crazed blur until he became gaunt and body. He popped inside her as a shell of a man, and with a dark black light he fell back looking like he had been starved and beaten. The clone splashed face first into the pool, and Raven smacked her ass in victory as he expired. "Next?"

"I'm afraid these don't last very long," Fire said, literally melting the clone from the inside from her volcano rapidly erupting with 12 inches of Super Saiyan dick until he was a puddle stricken with ecstasy.

"And I'm tired of not cumming," Harley said, gaping her pussy and shooting out all of the cum he left inside back on his face before shooting him in the head. Trunks and two clones remained, each containing one third of the Saiyan's total power.

"So, bad boy," Diana said, surrounding him with the other eight girls again. "What are you going to do about it?"

Trunks folded his arms, letting his aura spike. "Kaioken!" he shouted, letting his aura turn violet red. His body expanded a little and his transformation rocked the island, but that just made the nine more excited. "Give me all you got. Try to break me."

Diana smirked, smacking him across the face with the riding crop. "I'll do a little more than that, split up into groups of three, punish them all." She rushed over to the hot spring and pulled her dildo off the wall, sliding it into herself with ease and tying up the harness.

"Wait- wait a minute I've never done-" One clone looked at her in fear and he blinked, finding her no longer there and letting out a girlish scream as Diana pierced his rectum as deep as he could go. "Oh, come on, it doesn't hurt that much!" she laughed, slapping his ass hard and fucking him with long, hard, and fast strokes, each one making his cock buck. "You're making some pretty dirty sounds, I wonder what will happen if I make you cum like this."

Trunks' clone simply let out another open-mouthed, broken sob of pleasure and pain as every impact shook the island.

"You can take it, bitch! Stop lying!" Diana growled, banging him harder and deeper. "You're squeezing really tight, maybe you like being the girl!"

"Let me on!" Catwoman said, flipping onto his shoulders and slyly sliding onto his bull. "Me-ow!" She gasped at the force the Saiyan had but she held on tight, staring him right in his pained, blue eyes. "What's wrong, Trunks? Is the wifey giving it to you a little too hard?" She scratched him across the face, drawing blood. "Shut up and take it like a-"

"Surprise, kitty!" Zatanna said to make Catwoman let out a loud howl, waving her wand as she slid her dildo into Selina's tapped her hat and white gloves appeared all around the room, some with ghostly copies of Trunks' powerful member to fill every hole in the room. She moaned herself, feeling two hard wands in both of her magic pockets pumping out glitter.

Power Girl bent the real Trunks over doggystyle, laughing as she made him scream like a dainty girl making him gush hard into Black Canary over and over. "You have no idea how much I've wanted this," she said.

Trunks reached back for the dildo and Karen cackled. "S-stop-"

"Nope!" Karen said, burning Trunks' hands with her eyebeams. "Harley, stuff him up."

"Yes, ma'am!" Harley said, jamming her crotch and red dildo down his throat making him cough and gag. Karen pulled back roughly on his hair while Harley pulled his cheeks open, sliding in and out. "You look a little stressed out, sweetie! Just give in, and breathe through your nose!"

"Don't stop!" Dinah screamed out, getting slid across the floor in the train from Karen and Trunks' powerful thrusts. "Don't st-"

"Your turn!" Harley giggled, filling her throat instead. "Sing for me, babe!"

Karen gave one more solid thrust, making Trunks rear up like a horse and throw Harley into Koriand'r, Raven, and Fire. Trunks held on tight to Dinah, sliding her up and down on his steaming member with his hands. "Am I making you cum again?" Karen asked, slapping his ass. "Damn, you have a great ass! No wonder Diana wants to do this to you daily!"

Trunks tilted his head back and roared with Dinah's Canary scream, stuffing her birdcage with white seed that burst around and out of her. Dinah's legs spasmed, kicking and screaming and squirting everywhere until she died down, passing out and breathing hard in a pool of the Saiyan's cum. Karen let Trunks slide off the white Kryptonian cock, laughing at his rage filled face.

"You look upset, what happened?" Karen asked. "Did I piss you off? Whatcha gonna do about it?"

Trunks' fist tightened and a fourth clone appeared next to him. Karen's laughter faded as they burst into Super Saiyan, backing her into a corner. The other two remaining clones turned as well, but they were still outnumbered two to one. "You wanna know?" Trunks said, bringing his fiery dick to her cold counter. "I'll show you!"

"Not yet," Zatanna said, pulling the real Trunks into a corner of the room with Zatanna and Raven. "It's been an entire two years since I took your virginity and I'll be damned if I let a Super Saiyan unit pass me up," she said, waving her wand and putting him on his back again. "Break me like you did your first time, maybe I can outlast you this time." She squatted over him and sat down cowgirl style, writhing in godly pleasure. "Oh, I missed this!"

"Eat up," Raven said, sitting her dark cherry on his face and grinding. She looked at the moaning magician seductively, playing with her flopping breasts and leaning it, locking her in a kiss.

Trunks bucked up while the mage rode him, her bumpy, squishy, squelching walls reminding him of his first time. He enjoyed eating Raven out immensely, her tight, gray, shiny bubble butt spilling over the sides of his face while her juices tasted like pomegranate. Raven moaned softly while she jiggled her butt left and right on his face. Zatanna dominated and wrangled Trunks, screaming and groaning like it was both of their first times all over again. Zatanna tapped Raven's tentacles from her mouth and multiplied them in length, letting them invade her backside and leaving her magic box to the huffing, pumping Saiyan reshaping her gummy, spongy insides to his shape. "Remember when you came as soon as you put it in, you said it was the best thing you've ever felt, remember?" Zatanna asked, bouncing hard on his magic wand about to fire off a spell. It was funny, she thought, her slender, curvy, "soft" frame turning the man who defeated a god into her moaning clueless virgin again. "Remember when you got hard inside of me again and we fucked all night long?"

"How could he forget," Raven said, gripping Zatanna's thighs and sitting up, holding her waist and rocking her squirt-glazed sawing box on the Saiyan's full length.

"Is it still as good as you thought?" she asked him, scratching his stomach and kissing Raven's neck

"I think you have her answer," Raven chuckled, grinding on his mouth as Zatanna's hard riding and Raven's intoxicating aroma pushed him past the point of no return. "I feel it, he's about to-"

"Tcejbo Dnes," she huffed, opening her mouth and shocking the teen as his cock popped out of her mouth and into Raven's demonic mouth via a portal at the entrance to her uterus.

Trunks gasped and fucked her faster, staring in terror at his own member coming up through her throat and out through her snatch. She slammed down hair and Raven leaned in, locking lips with Zatanna and teasing her breasts as she drained every bit of cum from Trunks' mana staff as she squirted rainbow glitter all over them. "God damn," Trunks shouted into Raven's dizzying soul sucker, standing up with her on his face to hit Zatanna from the back. Zatanna's arms shook and her eyes crossed from the force, squirting over and over again from his powerful thrusts that slid them across the room.

"You like it, yeah?" Zatanna teased him, feeling him all the way in her stomach. "Then fuck me harder and fill me up!" Trunks obeyed with a growl, slapping her ass so hard a red handprint appeared afterward. "I've got one more trick up my sleeve," she said slowly and victoriously, cumming with him on the spot and summoning confetti to rain on her flopping black hair and blushing blue-eyed face with her mana vortex. She grinded on it for a moment as his aura burst electric yellow, this time stirring the air and the water with blue lightning streaking through his energy. The mage's act seemed to falter with his ki exploding into its next powerful form, the cock inside her becoming heavier and more dense, filling her out entirely. "Not-" she leaned back, letting Trunks rub and play with her nipples while Raven stuffed her throat with her strap-on. "Fairmmm!" she said, her voice now just stifled moans from the couple's attentive, edging technique that took the witch into realms of the arcane not even she knew. Trunks' cock was still vulnerable to her magic and she knew he knew it, shaking her hips or grinding on purpose to pop him again like it was his first time. Raven shut him up with her fingers down his throat and attacked Raven back with her wild breaths, furiously licking and sucking the head and whole length until Raven shook and shot over a gallon of fake, purple semen inside her, grinding her lips on her pelvis while she and Trunks fingered Raven's holes. Zatanna flicked her fingers and chuckled tiredly as Trunks squealed like a girl. He pulled out and burst all over Raven' perfect breasts but Zatanna wasn't done just yet, furiously deepthroating the Saiyan, transporting the cock deep into Diana's ass, Raven's dark fortress of a pussy, through Karen's tits, and out of Starfire's mouth that actively worked on the head with her split, four-way tongue. Trunks screamed and let forth a powerful stream that splashed all over her hair and face. "Abracadabra," she said sultrily with a wink, vanishing from in front of him to collapse in the bed.

"Done already?" the succubus asked, preparing to mount him again.

"I-" She nearly fell and Trunks caught her, carrying her into a bed. "Nearly forgot how well you wipe me out."

"You are finished?" Starfire asked, sitting on one clone's face while he made Fire's bubble butt tremor.

"What a shame, Z," Harley said, spinning on a clone's pole while Karen made him suffer, smothering her in her heavenly ass. "I woulda liked to see more magic from you."

"I think Raven's got it from here," Diana said, stepping off of her clone with Selina and kicking it in the head as it panted from exhaustion, slowly oozing cum from his red, sore balls as the clones faded away. "No more clones, toy," she said, pulling him over to her with her lasso. "I just want you."

She tore off the dominatrix outfit, stepping into the hot spring with the other women and pulling Trunks into the shallow end so that his throbbing Super Saiyan Two stood tall and proud. He and Karen sat on either side of her, with the girls kissing the Amazon and her husband all over. "I never would have guessed you'd be hiding all of that, Trunks," Karen said, "as soon as I saw it that night at your place a year ago, I knew I needed to have some."

"And you'll get it," Diana answered for him, watching Karen, Starfire, and Raven slobbering all over his staff, "but just remember, at the end of the night he comes home with me."

Beatriz watched in awe as Raven took his whole length down her throat lazily and teasing, lapping up the underside of his hard pillar with her tongue before letting him out with a pop. "I don't think he's ready for a break yet, mistress."

"Oh good," Diana said, crossing her legs. "Turn over. Trunks, take your pick, but if you run yourself into the ground then I will make you pregnant."

The other six girls turned over, leaning against the edge of the hot spring and sticking their shining, bubble butts above the water, all looking at the Saiyan and Diana. "What's it going to be, pretty boy?" Karen asked seductively, making him sigh dreamily at her bouncy butt beckoning him forward.

"Me please!" Starfire pleaded hungrily, her green wetness bouncing on the surface of the water. "Please!"

"She really wants it, Mistah K," Harley chuckled, "Are you gonna give it to her?"

Trunks locked eyes with Raven instead, giving him one cute smirk that sold him instantly. "Gotcha," Raven said, biting her bottom lip as Trunks was sucked inside.

"Whoa! What is this?!" Trunks said, the pleasure feedback making him dizzy. His legs shook a little at first but he got used to the feeling, her tight demon sucker leeching every ounce of energy he gave to her, actively sucking him into her dark portal to a succubus paradise and pulling him deeper every time he pulled back to rush forward again. It was soft, warm, and extremely tight, with defined, uneven and bumpy, squishy walls that seemed to change in location every time. His cock itched from his head and into his balls as he felt her possessed pussy grind by itself, dragging him down to hell. He looked forward, seeing four red eyes laughing at him from the walls as he pierced the spawn shaping to him and blanking out his mind- only Diana could push him that far.

"I can't help that," Raven said, "what you're feeling is your ki actively getting drained from your body. Be careful, if your spiritual energy is not greater than what Azarath holds in my jewel, then I will steal your soul."

"I think you're doing that-" Karen grunted, twitching a little in pleasure as the zoned out Saiyan started to rapidly finger her and Starfire. "-alreAAAAAAAaaaaady."

"Not at the same time!" Selina squirmed as Diana and Harley held her upside down, letting Selina choke on Diana's dildo locked in her golden sheath while they stuck their tongues deep inside her and flicking them around. "OooooOOOHHHHHHH!"

"Sorry, kitty!" Harley laughed, making her voice bounce as she rapidly fingered her anus. "Wow, you're pretty loose! I wonder…"

"Do it, Harley," Diana ordered, letting out a soft moan as some of the fake semen shot out from the toy and down her throat. Selina only sucked harder and more wildly as Harley forced her hand inside, gasping at the feat.

"What does Bats do to ya, Selina?" Harley said. "Do you need me to go teach him a lesson?"

Trunks sounded like an idling motorcycle, focusing everything on making Raven quake in otherworldly ecstasy while Starfire licked her clit and Karen made Trunks writhe eating his ass. "I bet a lot of people would never guess the Titans would be into this stuff," Karen said, digging back in and playing with his balls.

"Or that you'd be this good at it," Trunks grunted, making Raven purr while she stroked his hair lovingly.

"She comes from a planet where sex isn't nearly as taboo," Raven said, "I'm a demon girl, we taught each other a lot."

"Poor Robin," Starfire said, "Jason was very heartbroken when he discovered me and Cabba."

Raven raised her pinky. "He can't-" Raven's eyes flashed red and the island shook. "-hang like the rest of us."

Raven's eyes turned red longer this time and Starfire started to giggle giddly, rapidly licking her nipples the closer she got to exorcising the demon inside.

"Forgetting someone?" Fire said from across the bath, the water sizzling around her.

"How rude of us!" Starfire gasped, yanking the Saiyan away from her friend. Three tentacles from inside her shot out to swipe at him but failed, leaving Raven terribly annoyed.

"I wasn't done!" she hissed, still joining the other two as they flipped Fire over and Trunks eased into her on autopilot.

"Don't worry, babe," Karen said, "he has a lot more in him, although I wish I could have invited Bardock here, I think we're starting to overwhelm our little kawaii kuma here."

Trunks gasped a little in pain, easing his way into her hot, gooey, melty magma chamber that collapsed and rolled around him with her molten bumps and held on tight. Fire laughed at his reaction, shuddering herself as he hit the center of her Earth. "Te gusta?" she asked him seductively, grinding it in small circles as Trunks moved in and out.

"It's like a volcano by itself," Trunks moaned, kissing her legs as he gripped her thick, destructive thighs.

"Yeah, and I want you to make me erupt," she demanded, throwing her head back into Karen's pillow of a crotch as Trunks ignited a quick spark that set her entire body ablaze,

"Let's set off a chain reaction," Karen said, floating above them and sticking her squishy butt in Fire's face.

Starfire and Raven went to work with their tongues on the two participants, Raven reminding the Saiyan what he slipped out on by sending a thick tentacle to attack his prostate while Starfire made Fire hotter and hotter by lapping circles on her nipples.

"Now that looks fun!" Harley said, sliding into Fire's spot and letting Trunks pump into her crazy pussy that took a lot of punishment, immediately bringing them back to the time in her apartment. "Damn, you know how to hit a girl's best spots!"

Karen pulled Trunks' sticky face from her white flower. "His heart rate's off the charts, I say he's about to blow!"

"Then I will have him cream the pie!" Starfire roared, pushing him up against the wall and gaping herself open, easing him in slowly to make him cry out like never before.

Like everything else, it was out of this world, her tiny and tight moon tunnel twisting and spiraling with the feeling of a hundred tiny tongues licking around and even inside him independently making him drool.

"Ah yes, I know that look," Starfire said as her legs turned to jello from the shockwaves traveling through her entire body. "On my planet we call it Klorgnak, or on this planet, the 'fucked silly'-ness."

"He'd better not be out after this," Karen said bluntly, sliding in between them so Starfire could immediately jut her tongues up her fortress's hidden entrance. "I was surprised with a 12 and a half-inch rocket for my birthday and I'm going to get my present."

Starfire held on tight, groaning loudly into Karen's butt as Trunks immediately hit her launch button. He pulled back her tongue with a loud pop and yelped as they came at the same time, filling that area of the pool with a green, glowing, bubbling liquid with a strangely sweet smell. It dissipated fairly quickly into a gas that made everyone hazy, and her eyes crossed as Trunks continued to ram her while launching inside her. He pulled out dizzily, breathing in the green gas and leaning up against the wall with his knees weak. "What the hell is up with this gas?" he said, still feeling the tingles from Starfire's abduction port that made him rise again.

"It's a natural aphrodisiac," Starfire said, "my people live in harsh conditions, therefore when we reproduce it is necessary to climax more than once to ensure pregnancy."

"Is everything about you so damn hot?" Fire said, kissing her nipples with Harley Quinn.

"Don't let it go to waste!" Diana said as she impaled Selina face to face, leaving her tiny back door to her mansion of an ass wide open for breaking and entering.

Trunks fazed out, reappearing behind Catwoman and sliding into her loot crate. It was slick, tight, and it felt as if it was ribbed with gripping, pulsing bars, refusing to let what it had stolen escape. Trunks felt every mighty thrust Diana gave to the meowing cat busily sucking Diana's breasts and kissing her neck on the underside of his dick as she rammed through every locked obstacle in the box that beat the Bat and he alternated the rhythm, Selina's purring vibrations bringing him to another climax. Catwoman trembled on Diana completely, looking up into her face and attempting to kiss it. "I love you," she squealed, squirting all over her and into the water as she passed out, dripping with cum out of both ends.

Diana slid her off, sighing and carrying her over into the bed with Zatanna. "Humans, so fragile," she said, turning to Trunks and the other five girls. "Who's next?"

"I think Fire's just about done," Karen said, chuckling as the two Titans turned her into a flaming ball of roaring and writhing green inferno,

"Not without us," Diana said, pulling them into the fray once again. Trunks lit her up as he slid back inside her, pumping faster sideways while she balanced on one leg doing the splits. Diana took her Brazilian booty from the back, smacking it hard and making her moan as Karen and Raven smothered her face between their cheeks. Starfire slid her orange, cream-filled dildo in between Fire's sizable breasts, squeezing them and playing with her nipples to make her squeal.

Trunks ignored the pain from her boiling squirts that left bright red burn marks on his waist, her lava geyser too good to leave. She started to glow green as Karen held her between her thighs and Raven's tentacles teased her nipples with Starfire, every hole growing hotter and glowing brighter with every passing moment. Diana shared Trunks' enjoyment of the heat, feeling her own core stirring from the action of destroying the last sane human among them. "Here it comes!" Harley said, rubbing Fire's clit below her brown pubic hair trimmed neatly in a fire symbol, hearing the blazing beauty cry out in broken, overwhelming pleasure. Trunks felt her power spike unnaturally and he pulled out, backing everyone away.

"Get down!" Trunks shouted, forming a barrier around Fire as a flaming inferno of an orgasm turned the entire hot spring into boiling steam.

Karen prepared to blow the steam away but Trunks stepped out as a glowing, golden Super Saiyan Three with Fire laughing in delight, tiredly in his arms. "Sorry," she said, "I got a little carried away."

"You don't say?" Harley remarked, watching her snuggle up to Trunks as she fell asleep in his arms.

Trunks set her down and tucked her into bed, turning to the five women still far from satisfied. "Well, the hot springs are done for awhile," he said, "but there's always our place."

"I have a better idea," Karen said, rummaging in the remains of her shredded clothes for her Scouter.

"The Watchtower?" Trunks exclaimed.

"No, stupid," Karen said, tapping the side of it.

They blinked and heard a howling wind outside wherever they had been transported to. Trunks looked up, seeing the walls of ice going high above the ground. They stood in a finished bathroom with a large hot tub, with icy blue tile flooring and a generally cold temperature. "Superman isn't home, is he?" Starfire asked.

Trunks remembered this place, mainly defending it when Mongul came to Earth. "The Fortress of Solitude…"

"He's away with Lois for the weekend," Karen said, bending down and kissing Trunks' steaming member. "We can be here all night."

"Then we will continue," Diana said, standing above everyone as they entered the hot tub. "Now I need a volunteer, and don't make me have to call on someone…"

Harley raised her hand while Raven already got started, riding the Saiyan's face until he couldn't breathe as she gingerly took his head in her lips, making him jerk around begging for it. She slowly eased him down her throat, letting the tentacles from her mouth tickle his sides and tumble around the head while he returned the favor, licking in erratic patterns on her clit.

"He cannot breathe, Raven!" Starfire said.

"He can take it," Karen assured her, giggling as Raven started to jackhammer her fingers in his sensitive butt.

"We'll need another one," Diana said, "Starfire did not get her fair share nor has Harley."

Raven lifted her butt, laughing as the Saiyan gasped for air. "I got you," Trunks said, rolling to his feet and forming two Super Saiyan Three clones. One whisked Starfire over to a brown leather couch at the other end of the room while Raven and Karen caught the other in their clutches, Karen lightly fisting him while Raven tortured him with her demonic sucking skills.

Starfire wrapped her lips around the clone, making him pop on the spot from her alien tractor beam vacuum and wild tongue proved just a bit too much for him. The real Trunks watched Starfire drive his clone wild while Harley put him in Arkham with her pussy, tugging and bouncing on him mercilessly while Diana used her pigtails to get as much of the black dildo down Harley's throat as she could. "You're really good at this," Diana complimented, seeing her smile around the dick.

"And what a ride!" Trunks said, doing everything he could to not break her spine if he pushed too hard.

"She even has the face from the movie I showed you awhile ago," Diana said, twisting her own nipple and jabbing at the inside of Harley's cheeks. "But I think I want someone else right now." She released her jaw with a pop of Harley's lips, walking over to Raven and Karen, pulling Raven off the clone by surprise and sticking it deep in Raven's perfect butt.

Raven let out an inhuman shriek but didn't fight back, looking across at Starfire and Harley riding their Saiyans hard while Diana beat the demon into submission from the back. "S-so powerful-"

"Don't squeeze, dear," Diana said, slapping her ass and seeing her reflection in the wet shine.

"Your precum is so delicious," Karen told her clone, putting him on his head with her fist up his ass and his cock dangling down dangerously close to his face. "Have you ever orgasmed from this alone?"

"N-no," the clone said nervously.

"Ohoho!" she laughed with a devilish grin. "Then let me show you what an orgasm really feels like!"

Trunks let out a girlish moan as she attacked him on both ends, jacking him off furiously with one hand while punching his prostate with the other, making him heave and tremble over her hand.

"You're enjoying this way more than I thought, I might just keep one of you to be my maid at this rate!" Karen pushed deeper, making his ki spike uncontrollably. "Yeah, that's it! Man, I can do this all day!"

"I'm cumming!" Trunks screamed.

"Take it like a man, bitch!" Karen spat, letting him go just as he exploded all over his own face, panting heavily with an extremely sore butt as she died laughing. "Holy shit, it worked!"

"My face…"

"Oh shut up," Karen said, smacking his ass and standing him up. "It looks cute on you."

"Come on, Mistah K," Harley growled, "you got everything I want and know exactly how to give it to me, and I wanna put ya in the looney bin!"

Trunks stood up, pulling her by her pigtails in one hand and smacking her ass with the other, taking charge doggystyle as he did just enough not to crumple her up into pieces. She could take far more than the average woman and by god was it worth it, but he wanted her crazy not catatonic.

"Give- me- your-Scouterrrrrrr-" She said in between silent, open mouthed gasps.

Trunks obliged and fastened it to her face. She sent in a call but Trunks didn't care, happily banging along as a familiar laugh sounded on the other end. "Well, well, well, my little Harls has come crawling back to me!" Joker said sadistically with a smile, losing his grin instantly as he noticed the streaks of white Super Saiyan semen on her face, around her lips and dripping from her nose with her crazy grin, her tongue flailing out her mouth with every thrust that made her scream in delight. Joker watched Harley laugh directly at the camera, his pale white face boiling red with rage. "Harley?! Who the fuck is that? I'm going to kill-"

"13, going on 14 inches," Harley said, "can bench press a planet or two with the face of a fuckin' doll," she continued, tilting the screen up so he could see Trunks drooling over her wet straightjacket making him lose his mind, "hittin' all the sensitive places your jack in the box could never even think to reach, finally makin' me-" The camera shook as they both roared out in pleasure, Harley showing her stomach bulging from the gallons gushing into and out of her. She squirted all over the holographic camera, making Joker drool at the sight of her getting drilled by a man that once tore him to shreds. "He's a pretty good guy too, all things you ain't." Harley chuckled tiredly, no longer bouncing back as he worked himself up in her sloppy, gooey mess yet again, moaning under his breath in a frenzy until his dick was a blur up her tight holding cell of a butt. The squelching noises of him filling her out made Joker the angriest, but they didn't care. "How's it feel, gettin' beat by a guy ya can't touch, can't blow up his house, can't hurt his wife, can't kill him, watching him fuck the shit outta the women you never truly appreciated, you're probably hard right now, ain't cha?"

Joker's face softened into a sad clown frown. "Darlin', I'm not sure how to explain how much you mean to me, other than-"

"Save it, puddin'," Harley said, "The League has given me a place to call my own and more, this is just like ice cream on a cake and I love gettin' whip creamed!"

Trunks tilted his head back, popping hard and crunching the ice underneath.

"Ya see that?" Harley chuckled cruelly, zooming in on the pulsing bulge in her stomach as she gaped her cookie, seeing it filled to the brim with milk. "He can fill up a pool and go all night, I could get really pregnant if I wanted to, you couldn't piss out more that two spurts, now you'll never get that chance to prove me wrong." She shakily slid to her knees, looking up and sticking her tongue out to catch whatever she could of her white shower, with some of it splashing over the Scouter. She twisted his slick hard-on with both of her hands, wringing out his last few spurts while kissing the head, making the Saiyan weak in the knees. "He makes mama proud," she giggled, "makin' her feel like a jelly filled doughnut." She smiled at the camera, letting Joker see three more ropes shoot over her deranged, beautiful smile. "Bye," she sang, giggling again before cutting the transmission short. She looked up, watching the Saiyan ascend once again as his clones burst on and in their partners. The same aura of blue and yellow rage that surrounded Trunks when he fought Ares returned, and his pupils vanished with the center of his chi resting on his head. The clones vanished with his transformation. "Sorry, sugar, but I tap out. Take mama to the couch over there."

Trunks obliged and turned around, immediately facing four very horny superheroines. "And take us home," Diana said, "after I'm through with you, you won't be able to move."

"Try me!" Trunks said, holding onto the four of them before vanishing.

Karen winked at Harley before she went. "Use the bath before Clark gets back."

Harley's eyes shot open in worry. "Wait wha-"

Trunks stood at the foot of his own bed, getting pushed onto it as the four girls took action, Diana grabbing at least ten bottles of alcohol while Karen set up a sexy music playlist and the two Titans kept him hard with Starfire sucking him hard and Raven teasing his balls and sore, hypersensitive hidden entry. "I've never seen someone last so long before," Raven said seductively, her low, and quiet, generally reserved voice having a slight purr to it naturally that drove him crazy. "You ignored all of our advances at Titan Tower, but tell me, can Wonder Woman do anything like we can?"

Starfire gave a long kiss to the head, making Trunks burn as her orange, sugary lips made his toes curl. "The bond we had was different then…"

"Your turn, Sensei," Starfire said, sitting on his face while Raven slid her soul stealer onto the Saiyan again, spiraling and twisting and wringing him with every force of every plane of Hell on her side.

She shuddered in delight, letting a terrorizing, high pitched, demonic shriek shake the mansion. "It feels so good to have something so satisfying up my cunt," she groaned, grinding on him with her round butt that made him desperately want to travel deeper. Starfire gasped at the moving, pulsing bump in Raven's torso at her inner tentacles moving around the head, making Raven roll her head back, making the lights in the room dim at her power forced out by the man pushing in. "It's been so longggg…" Her voice trailed off into a quiet hum as she closed her eyes to enjoy every second in peace, with another deep, rumbling voice panting as she squeezed him all around and rode hard.

Trunks felt his energy being sapped away but it didn't stop him from acting toward his own demise, ingesting the aphrodisiac from Starfire's sweet juice until his head spun. His entire body felt like it was burning, with electric tingles going through his sensitive thighs and tickling his anus. "So tight… So warm…"

"Aren't you glad you decided to come tonight?" Diana laughed on the other end of the bed, holding a red-faced Karen upside down to fist her deep and fast while licking her pussy and sitting on her face, suffocating her in amazing Amazon ass that jiggled every time Karen grabbed or smacked it.

"I demand we bring him every ladies' night!" Raven roared, sitting him up and kissing him deeply, pressing her soft and perky chest to his hard and broad frame, dancing on his dick with small, red, sparkling flashes right where her lips wrapped around his girth, holding him silent in awe with his skin turning pale from her siphoning his ki.

"Maybe not every time," Karen said, pulling her off just as a balloon of precum formed on his shining, red head, "but if Diana's okay with it, I'll be more than happy to have him toss my salad every now and again. Trunks looked up and drooled at the blonde goddess squatting over him, bringing her backdoor to her ultimate fortress close to his head. They both gasped loudly as Karen shot herself down on Trunks' cock, each of them spurting a little and blushing heavily. She felt just like Diana did, he hated the thought that with the small ridges pushing against his head and out from the inside that he might like Karen's cape-hidden asset better than Diana's on the inside. The outside was everything anyone looking for a butt would aspire to, fit and tight but fat and irresistible. "How do you like that?" Karen teased, rolling her eyes back as every thick vein and his bulbous head pushed every one of her buttons better than any other man she had ever been with. He was the perfect match, and it didn't take long for them to climax on each other. "Very much, I see?" she said, feeling the warm, fullness traveling through her sun core and into her stomach, driving shocks up her spine as her muscles rolled from his head to his base and back to make him foam at the mouth. She fired a set of eyebeams unintentionally as she spasmed and squirmed, shooting through the ceiling as she doused the Saiyan in her sticky, wet ejaculate.

Trunks sat up while she grinded down on him, staring at her in wide-eyed amazement, looking left and right overwhelmed as Diana and the Titans back their asses up into his face. "Oh shit," he cried, bouncing Karen as fast as she'd let him while the four delicious aromas made his eyes cross, his tongue falling out of his mouth with Starfire pressing her long finger on his prostate to make him bust in Diana and Raven's faces. "Had enough yet?" Diana asked him. "I hope not, not until every ounce of cum is ripped from inside you."

"I think he can't handle the four of us," Raven said, helping Starfire ease down on him.

"Do you like it?" Starfire asked, throwing her hips in circles while Trunks panted like a dog. "I can hold this tight all night."

"He likes it alright," Diana said, feeling his power explode as he took the Tamaranean by surprise. He broke free of the other women's grips, pinning Starfire down with a lost look in his eyes as he plunged in and out of her mouth watering fertile flower with power and a feral rhythm, making the bed rattle terribly.

"I can't-" Trunks let out a frenzied, high pitch yelp as Raven and Karen licked him all inside his butt, with Raven pressing on his prostate. "I'm cumming again!"

Starfire let her eyes cross from her body quaking in euphoria, staring up into Diana's Amazon fruit and hungrily exploring every region with her alien tongue until even the Themysciran's legs turned into jello. "By the goddesses," Diana gasped, squeezing her own breasts tenderly as Starfire's thin tongue reached the spot only Trunks could, flicking and spinning wildly as the Saiyan brought her to heaven.

"Oh Glorgakna!" Starfire screamed, yelling and shouting wildly as she spasmed all over his Titan.

Trunks' knees buckled at the force on both ends and he closed his eyes, letting out a battle cry as he sunk deep into Starfire, taking her to the moon with an orgasm that stained everything in the room green through the bed from Starfire's acidic squirt. Her own eye beams crossed with Karen's and some of the ceiling fell but the Saiyan didn't stop, blasting himself out and into the wall while a white trail of his seed made Starfire look like a melting orange cream popsicle.

Diana moaned softly, oozing with her own slow and sensual orgasm all over Starfire's face. The Tamaranean rolled over, grabbing the nearest pillow to cuddle with before falling asleep. "Did I do that?" Karen asked, pulling at Trunks' bright red, Super Saiyan God hair.

"I'm not used to butt stuff," Trunks grumbled, making the three remaining women giggle among themselves.

"Come to the living room, dear," Diana said, sweeping Karen off her feet, "you will get much more used to it then."

Raven smirked at Trunks, knowing she had him under her foot. "We can go to Azarath right now, there I can finish stealing your-"

"Actually," Trunks said smoothly, "I think I want to teach you a lesson first." He threw Raven back on the bed, pinning her to the ground with his arms.

"The only thing you'll be learning is that you can't win against succubus magic, teacher," she said, licking his nose and sending her tentacles out to tie him up with the same energy stealing force pumping through them.

Raven's smug grin soon left her face as Trunks' overwhelming ki made them recoil back. "You've been a bad girl, trying to steal a married man." He slid inside her, actively feeling himself getting sucked out from the inside.

"You're already stolen," she cried out, trying to break free but her arms growing weak as he rubbed all against her cervix, grinding his pelvis on her clit. "You're mine!"

Trunks chuckled condescendingly, slowly pumping in and out with Raven's legs behind her head. "I need to teach you that you can't just-" He slammed into her suddenly with great force, making her squirt her sweet, light red juices all over him while she let out a demonic scream. "-take whatever you want without repercussions."

Raven looked up and two more Saiyans appeared over the bed. Trunks flipped her around and sat her up, bouncing her up and down his purifying rod while another held down her shoulders. Another Saiyan rubbed her clit and two more played with her sensitive nipples. She looked forward at the godly cock rushing into her mouth and laughed a little as she became drunk with the pleasure. She opened her mouth wanting it and he gladly gave it to her, the clone's knees buckling and teeth grinding as Raven's full blowjob skills made him want to burst right on the spot. He held onto the back of her head as she bobbed back and forth, her luscious gray lips sucking him like a straw with her hands and tentacles jacking off as many Saiyans as she could handle with the true god's cock numbing her brain.

Trunks could feel her spiritual powers rising with objects flying by themselves around the room, the mansion trembling, portals opening and releasing winged, female demons into the world to wreak havoc that the clones eliminated left and right, finally her eyes closing and opening into four blood red ones. The house had become extremely cold, only making Raven tighter and more sensitive and the Saiyans more eager to fuck her harder to stay warm. The lightbulbs around the room started popping and shorting out, with some glass flying everywhere and melting as they spun in the hellfire field the gangbang created. "What's wrong, Raven? You were so talkative a minute ago!"

Raven's loud, sobbing moans were overlaid by a deep, rumbling growl that shook the state, making it feel like an earthquake was centered right under the house. The real Trunks slipped out suddenly and she shrieked in rage, only to be quenched by a clone taking his place.

"Now you see what I'm truly capable of," Trunks said, prodding the entrance to her magic lamp.

Her four eyes widened as his head popped inside, pushing apart her crushing, rolling, sucking, bumpy and squishy walls with his rigid and throbbing holy ram. Trunks nearly melted inside, only remembering a feeling like that from his wife as he went in and out with a speed comparable to the Flash. The clones in her mouth and pussy became bony and gaunt, covered in a red ki before getting sucked inside her. She started to shriek and scream in tongues and the light around the estate dimmed and flashed black, white, and red, every neuron popping pleasure centers as the Saiyan cupped one breast in his hand and let the other bounce around freely with his other hand grinding her G-spot. They slowly rose into the air, Trunks' chi overpowering hers with every powerful thrust.

"Don't quit now, Raven! You're looking a little pale!" Trunks said.

"Daddy," Raven whimpered.

"We'll work on endurance, but as for now-" Raven let out a high-pitched, booming roar, and a red silhouette of herself flew out of her body as an apparition. The entire ceiling to the mansion burned away, letting the warm air of the summer's night in as she painted the bed red with her explosion. Trunks slid into her trembling pussy at the same speed while she orgasmed, making her eyes cross. She started laughing uncontrollably, causing black pockets of dark energy to burst above the mansion and around Los Angeles, worrying the city.

"Cum inside meeeeeeeee!" she pleaded with a crazed, loony voice.

"-it's time for you to rest!" Trunks' shout brought him to a new level, Raven's aura becoming green, orange, pink, grey, and red with her tongue rolling out of her mouth, panting hard as he gushed inside her. They dropped onto the bed and Trunks stayed on top of her for a moment, throbbing inside her with his explosive climax.

"I love you," Raven said softly, making him chuckle.

"That's the dopamine talking," Trunks said, sliding out of her satisfied succubus box and firing two more spurts on her heaving chest and pretty face. "I'll see you next week," he said, bursting into Super Saiyan Blue and walking downstairs as the two Titans cuddled. He rushed into the living room, finding Diana sitting on Karen's face while she tried desperately to push the Amazon off.

"I can't hear you," Diana taunted over her muffled screams. "I'm not going to get up until you make me cum."

"I'll take care of that for you," Trunks said, pulling her off and greeting her with a kiss.

"Where's Raven?" she asked.

"Bitch!" Karen spat, making Diana laugh as they pushed Trunks onto the couch.

"I see you can breathe again," Diana teased.

"Shut up!" Karen shouted, bringing her lips and cool breath to Trunks' sensitive head. "I hope you're still ready to go for a long time, Trunks. I'm starting to feel a little neglected."

"Don't worry," Trunks said, suddenly assaulted by a rapid and jittery joy from her expert skills on his head. "I'm perfectly fIIIIiiiiiiinnnnneeeee…"

"Well well, Karen!" Diana said, watching her take him all the way down and back up again. "It seems our guest here is still a little sensitive!"

Diana licked him up and down the side like a popsicle and Karen joined her, focusing on the head while Diana tackled the shaft. Trunks' leg started to shake and he threw his head back, stomping through the floor hearing them giggle at his moaning for their soft lips, slick tongue and tight throats. "That's right, cum for me baby," Karen said, slowly taking nine inches down her throat while Diana popped his balls in and out of her mouth, looking up and watching Karen's throat muscles massage every shot out of him down into her stomach. She released him leisurely in agony, Diana catching the extra spurts down her throat with the kiss of death that turned him on for the next several hours. "Can he go down on me now?"

"Not yet," Diana said, raising her breasts above his thighs and squeezing them together. "You're the only one who can do this with me, and I've wanted to do this for a long time."

Karen sighed, doing the same. "How did I just know?"

"I'll admit that I've stared every now and again," Diana said seductively, "I should have guessed with back muscles just like mine, you were carrying some pretty deadly weapons."

"Let's not waste any time," Karen said, wrapping her famous chest around Trunks' slick schlong. Trunks nearly had a nosebleed as Diana's pair of perfect, giant pears pressed up against Karen's melons with him trapped in the middle with three inches poking out. The pillowy, feathery but thick and forceful pressure and the alternating sliding and squishing rhythms of their heavy, warm bra-busters, the tightness, and the teasing licks to his head made him feel hot all over, foaming at the mouth with bliss. He believed he had died, and this was simply his personal heaven. "And you better thank god every day for this," she scolded them, moaning as her nipples brushed against Diana's pointy ones, their mounds melting into each other with Trunks' heartbeat through his throbbing member pulsing through their bodies, "Luthor has been trying to get in between my girls for years now, and Bardock only gets them on his birthday."

"How are you two so good at it?" Trunks said, feeling every time they pushed their elbows in and out while taking turns going face first into each other's chests to pop him into their mouths and torture his head. "Oh- oh- aaaHHHaaaaAAAA!"

"Liftoff!" Diana laughed as Trunks shot out like a geyser into the ceiling, the two girls catching it on their tongues like snow and swallowing it as they explored each other's mouths with their tongues. "I think we've found Trunks' new favorite thing…"

"Everybody does it," Karen said pompously, knowing just how big of a deal her breasts were to men. She'd never understand it, but making Trunks melt in between them was a feeling she'd never be able to replace. "But wait until he sees how I feel inside," she said, sucking the cum right off of him. "I'm getting tired, so I think after this I'm going to go home."

Diana laughed victoriously, turning over on the couch as Trunks ate out Karen's ass, fingering Diana and rubbing her G-spot tenderly. "You're feeling a bit worn out, babe?"

"You and Trunks," she growled with a dreamy smile, twitching at the Saiyan's tongue skills. "What a power couple; I watch you two fuck and I don't want to get in the middle of those titans colliding, and all those clones."

"Then we'll give you one hell of a send off," Diana promised her, smacking her shiny, wet ass and turning around with her to take turns sucking him until he was hard again. Karen laid back on the couch, her chest pressing against Diana's as she pulled him over with her vortex mouth and whirling tongue.

"Wow, shit," Trunks panted, finding it hard to walk after being trapped in their glorious breasts. He prodded Karen's tight lips and tilted his head back, moaning loudly as Karen's space pod greedily absorbed him, pulling him inside to her end where he was greeted by three spinning, heaving, sticky bulbs that pulled his head in and out. She was easily comparable to Diana but she still edged the Kryptonian out, with a spiraling, pulsing and wringing, muscular socket that sent shocks all the way to his throat and back down. His nipples grew hard at the entry feeling the same way he felt when he pierced Diana for the first time, with two straight and bumpy ridges that cradled the line on the underside of his penis while pushing it up into her collapsing and tumbling, jagged walls, making him feel something new, hot, and tight around his entire length every time he entered her. "Karen, Karen!"

"Say my name, bitch!" Karen joked, laughing with Diana while he made her entire body shake. She moaned instead with hearts forming in her eyes. It was everything she wanted, making her melt with every push and pull from her gracious member holding him for as long as she could. "Trunks…" she muttered under her breath, looking up at the Amazon flower blooming over her face.

"Don't forget about me," Diana said, this time Karen hungrily digging into her cornucopia.

"You have the best ass I've ever seen," Karen said in wonder, catching her sweet drippings on her tongue.

"That's a flattering compliment," Diana said, seeing her man go in and out of consciousness as he gripped her big, squishy and distracting butt, plowing into her like that was the last thing he was ever going to do, "coming from you."

"It's irresistible," Karen said in between gracious licks inside and to her clit, feeling her wet walls wanting more and more with every kiss. "It tastes like honey!"

"Then turn around, and eat up," Diana giggled, turning her doggystyle and holding her head in her crotch while Trunks slid the couch through the living room and into the dining room.

"You like that, huh?" Trunks barked, leaving a bright red handprint on Karen's bouncy, glistening cheek. "You wanna choke on it? Maybe I should have left Diana sitting on your face then, right?"

"Mhmmm…" Karen moaned, feeling his pounding in her chest.

"No, you don't get to," Trunks said, pulling her back and landing on the table, bucking up hard and jostling her around uncontrollably. "You're in my house, and if I want you to squirt all over my wife's face, then you'll do it, got it?"

"Y-y-y-yessssss!" she said, feeling him push her to her limit in every direction.

Her face was beet red and her eyes were wide like she was stuck on a rollercoaster, bouncing faster and faster until they turned into two blurs, forming shockwaves that literally shook the continent with blue sparks coming from their hips meeting. Her ass vibrated wildly, making a bright red glow in her eyes as she started to scream out in joy, cutting his walls in half with her eyebeams and nearly taking Diana's hand off as the Amazon rubbed her clit. Her super breath froze half the room with her sharp, deep exhales with every heaving blow to her box that jolted her spine, reverberating to her toes and fingertips with his godly energy burning any falling chips of the ceiling into dust. "Cum with him, Karen!" Diana ordered. "Do it now-"

Karen smiled widely and screamed, exploding over his rod with him overflowing inside her with his own groan shaking the house. Karen's scream blew the three chandeliers away and froze them in midair, turning into tired and satisfied laughs, rubbing the bump on her stomach formed from her Kryptonian core sucking in everything he gave her only to spit it back out between her butt and his thighs. She looked around at the destruction chuckling as she kissed Diana in a silly, half-awake state and Trunks squished and rubbed her ample breasts. "Sorry," she giggled, "I'll pay for it."

"Don't worry about it," Trunks said, sliding her off and carrying her to a guest bedroom. He tucked her in. "Just let me know when you get up, alright? I'm making waffles."

"Uh huh," she yawned, drifting off to sleep.

Trunks yawned himself, turning around and walking right into Diana's cleavage. "Not so fast, little man," Diana teased, "you still have a job to do."

Trunks' hair turned silver with magenta sparkles in his white aura, looking up with a confident smirk. "I never quit a mission."

"Then what are we still doing here?" she said, sliding him into her Amazon honey pot. "Are you ready to be a father?"

Trunks fazed out, reappearing with her in the sky and meeting with her in a 69 position as they sailed through the air. Trunks' legs shook as she wrapped her breasts around his cock and squeezed, sucking him furiously while he vibrated his tongue on her clit. "You get under my skin," Trunks said, "I'm not even tired anymore, even though you can drain me faster than anyone!"

"Mhmm," Diana said, her nose tickling his balls as she sucked him all the way down to the base. She smashed her tits up and down with her mouth to reach the base, pulling him out and rubbing his rocket. "It only took one time to convince you, but you have something good down there after all."

The backhanded shot to Trunks' ego made him slip inside her vaginal vice with a voracious spirit, every slam sounding like a grenade going off. "You're so wet, don't tell me you think I'm not enough for you!"

Diana smirked back, clamping down with her sweet, soft, super tight scabbard wantonly taking every stroke. "You're feeling it huh, sugar?" she said as they continued to rocket across the world. "Your knees are shaking, how cute! I'm feeling it too!"

They moaned together, with Diana knowing just how to move and Trunks knowing just where to touch to make each other tick. "Your entire body's rattling around like a vibrator," Trunks growled in her ear, groaning through his teeth as she rolled him around, squishing her perky butt against his thighs. "Want me to make you cum like no one else ever could?"

"You better," Diana said, flipping around so she could ride him until he made her pregnant, "or I'm taking it off."

Trunks locked her legs in and braced for impact as they landed at the peak of Mount Everest, their cries of pleasure echoing all throughout the mountain range and their faster than sound, forceful impacts inside each other causing lightning, earthquakes, and snowstorms but they were solely focused on making the other pop first. Every time she rode him, it felt like his first time, her sugary pussy spoiling him doing everything he could to please her. It worked as Trunks pierced her for the last time, opening her floodgates with a scream that shook the planet with a golden flash of her power. She smashed down hard feeling him burst inside as well, wiping out the entire mountain range with the impact that flattened Everest, leaving him draining inside her like a faucet on a pillowy pile of snow. Diana stuck her tongue out with her eyes crossing, fucked silly as he popped into her again with the same face. "DDddDdDdiiiiAAAAnnnnAaAaaaa…" Trunks roared in great pleasure and pain as he pumped out several more spurts, powering down to a mere Super Saiyan as she rolled him over, whipping around and letting him face her gaping her pussy for him to see just before she plunged him inside the walls that bust other gods and men of great power in seconds flat, squirting all over his face as she twisted and tugged at him with grit teeth like she was opening a bottle of champagne.

"You're looking a little fucked silly, dear!"

"I'm about to cuuuummmmmm!"

"I'm taking it, and I'm taking you," she said, slapping her clit and letting out a warrior shout as che squirted again all over his face. "You're mine," she stated, spraying him once as if marking her territory. "After today," two sprays, "you fuck no one else," three sprays, "look at no one else," four sprays, "even hug anyone without my permission," she finished, cumming hard again with a scream that shattered every window in every cabin still standing along the mountain range and rattled the continent, "unless this pussy tells you to, got it?"

Trunks whimpered, drooling uncontrollably and gripping the snow as she pulled him out, catching another seven spurts on her tongue and sticking him back in while he was still sensitive.

"I want an answer!" Diana shouted while panting, feeling his speed increase back up to Ultra Instinct as he dug deep, going silver once more to penetrate every hole of hers like a rabid dog. "Submit!"

"Oh my god, Diana! Yes, yes, only for you!" he screamed in defeat, continuing to jackhammer up as she pinned him down, the couple fucking fast and furious.

"Give it to me!" she roared, sitting down hard and laughing tiredly as he screamed into her breasts, pumping gallon after gallon of Super Saiyan God sperm into her hungry sleeve mercilessly wringing him out as he yelled out in sensitivity with her continuing to ride him. "Oh yeah," she growled, wiggling her hips as she took in every drop. "I'll definitely get pregnant from that- you made me cum really hard. You must have enjoyed yourself too, you moan like a little girl."

Trunks was still cross-eyed but alive, feeling her walls easing every pump out until he was dry. "S-shut up-"

""There you go," she said softly, wiggling and twisting her hips to suck up as much as she could. "Cum to momma," she purred, sitting on him lovingly as they caught their breath. She leaned forward, pressing her warm, heaving, heavy breasts on his chest and melting him under her pillows, kissing him passionately, slowly, and longingly. "Your balls are jerking from every gush," she said, "you're making my clit throb with it."

Trunks closed his eyes, depowering into his normal form. Diana chuckled, pecking him on the cheek and rolling over.

"Is someone all tuckered out?" she taunted, seeing him dry ejaculate into the air before going soft, lying limp on his thigh. "Is my pussy still that good?"

"The best," Trunks admitted, "the best."

"Mission accomplished and I win again, Diana three thousand and six, Trunks zero," Diana said, helping him to his feet with her own sore, shaking legs. "We can think of names on the way back," she said, planting another kiss with her pouty lips on his cheek.

"Honey," Trunks said, looking around in growing worry.

"What is it, dear?" she asked, sharing in his concern.

A cold wind blew over the flattened range in his bewildered silence. "Where… did the mountains go?"

Diana's mouth grew small, looking around at the destruction resembling a multi-nuclear detonation. "I, um..." The wind blew over them again, making her blush in embarrassment. "Oh."