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"Who are you?" Batman asked.

"My name is Trunks," Trunks said. "I'm from an alternate future universe where everything was destroyed by the Red Ribbon Army."

"The Red Ribbon Army?" Batman said. "Who are they?"

"This universe is a lot more different than I thought," Trunks said. "They are- were, excuse me, the most feared terrorist organization in the world. Even when all the governments in the world came together to take on their biggest project, they failed, and it was up to me to stop it."

"Is he serious?" Flash asked. "He sounds like he's in a comic book or some crappy fanfiction."

"Yeah, he's serious," Batman said. "What were you stopping?"

"They built androids," Trunks said. "I tore them down."

"If they were more than enough for all of the combined military of the world, how were you able to stop them?" Superman asked.

"I can show you some of my power," Trunks said, "if you think I'm lying."

"You'll have plenty of time to show us what you can do later," Batman said. "What was that thing accompanying you when you crossed dimensions?"

"That thing is called Majin Buu," Trunks said. "He's a demon summoned by the warlock Bibidi and awakened by his son, Babidi. Buu's more powerful than any other creature I've fought. His personal baby sitter was Satan himself. Satan calls himself Dabura, by the way."

"What were they doing on Earth?" Batman asked.

"They were originally going to bring about Armageddon," Trunks said. "Enslave the people of Earth and indulge in their new paradise for eternity. I'm sure you've fought people with the same focus."

"What happened?" Batman said.

"When they found out that their labor force had been wiped out, they were going to destroy the planet," Trunks said, "so I stopped them. I killed Babidi, killed Dabura, killed his servants and was on my way to warn the other universes I traveled to about Buu. He hid inside my space-time machine and broke it while I was taking off, throwing me off track and into the atmosphere of this version of Earth."

"This sounds too crazy to believe," Flash said. "Sorry, but I just don't believe you."

"I'm not sure how to prove it to you otherwise without my ship," Trunks said.

"I know someone who can," Green Lantern said. "Flash, get Martian Manhunter."

Flash opened the door, instantly greeted by a tall, muscular alien with green skin, red eyes, and a costume consisting of a blue cape, boots, and short shorts connected to the top of the cape by a red "X" of leather hooked onto the shorts and cape by golden buttons with a golden chain connecting them. "I already know," Martian Manhunter said. "Aquaman and Question wanted to come along."

Another tall, muscular man with long, blonde hair and a thick beard and mustache reminiscent of a viking stared at Trunks with blue eyes as deep and dark as the oceans he commanded pounded the ground with the butt of his bronze trident. "As the ruler of the oceans, commander of the waves, king of the beasts that dwell in the water, I felt it best that I pass judgment on this mysterious man from another world. I will give the one true word, on the name of Atlantis!"

Question, a tall and mysterious man in a blue suit and flesh colored mask with short black hair and a blue fedora, seemed to be staring at the side of Aquaman's head. "If Atlantis is where you say it is, then why are you blonde? It wouldn't make sense in that area of the world. Maybe I was right and you are a puppet for Uzbekistan's underground uprising! Who are you?!"

"Dear Poseidon," Aquaman said. "Not again!"

"Bats," Flash said, poking his head inside the interrogation room. "Martian brought-"

"I know, he told me," Batman said. "Tell Aquaman and Question to wait outside."

Flash nodded and looked outside the room again. "Aquaman-"

"They know," Manhunter said. "I told them."

"Stop stealing my thunder!" Flash said. "Come in."

Martian Manhunter squeezed through the door fast enough to lock the door behind him before the other two could enter. "Do not worry!" Aquaman said. "The appropriate consequence for the intruder shall come eventually! I will feel it in the water!"

"Okay," Flash said. "Manhunter-"

"I know," Martian Manhunter said. "Trunks," he said. "Stay still."

Manhunter placed his hand on Trunks' forehead and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he found himself standing in the street of a torn down, gray, stormy city, the rain gluing his lavender hair to his face. He was crying. "Gohan," he said in a child's voice. "Why would you do this, Gohan." He fell to his knees and slowly collapsed over the body of a tall, muscular young man with short, spiky black hair in orange and blue clothing, laying in a wide pool of his own blood. He took a quick look around him. The city looked like it had been through Hell or worse. He looked down at Gohan again as hot angry tears swelled. "It's not fair," he found himself saying. "It's just not fair." A flickering red stop sign covered the two boys in a red glow. "Why would you do this to me, damn it!" he barked, balling his fists up. Two faces flashed in his mind, both fair skinned with blue eyes, one with shoulder length black hair and the other with blonde hair. They laughed at him, driving him mad. Manhunter threw his head back and closed his eyes, feeling an overwhelming amount of power surge through his body. He started to scream. "Gohan!"

Manhunter felt as if he had been screaming forever. Manhunter opened his eyes again, finding himself back in the interrogation room. He knew everything about Trunks because he had lived it. "He's telling the truth," Trunks said. "His intentions here are to help, not harm. Considering what he knows about Buu, that monster will be back here like moths to light."

"But why?" Batman asked. "What does it want?"

"To fight everything," Manhunter said. "And it will destroy everything until it finds a fighter worthy of it."

"How do we kill it?" Superman asked.

"We destroy its every cell," Trunks said. "Even when I obliterated its first form, it just came back ten times as strong."

"But how are we going to find the thing?" Superman asked. "You threw it into space."

"It will come back," Trunks said. "With some of the power levels in this room, it has to."

The room was silent.

"Is that all?" Trunks said. "If I can repair my ship, I can track its energy signal, find it, kill it, and get out of your hair."

"No," Batman said. "If it's coming here, you owe everyone on this planet for bringing it here in the first place."

"I know what you're getting at," Trunks said. "Sorry, but I've always worked alone, and I intend on keeping it that way."

"You'll need money to fix your machine," Batman said. "Getting a job that would pay for the wiring, titanium panels, and the plasma interface could take weeks. The newer members here get paid six figure salaries."

"Thanks for the offer," Trunks said, "but I'll pass."

Batman smirked. "Okay," he said, "but we'll keep in touch."

"Great," Trunks said.

"We're done here," Batman said. "I'll put you back in the street with your ship."

Trunks stood up and walked out of the room.

"By the way," Manhunter said. "There is no Capsule Corporation here."

Trunks stopped. If there's no Capsule Corporation, that means there's nothing I can use right now. Shit. He turned back around. "Batman," he said. "I will give thought to your offer."

"Good," Batman said, pulling out a small remote and pressing a green button. A white halo surrounded Trunks. "See you soon."

Trunks felt a jolt of pain up his spine and winced, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he was back in the streets with his destroyed ship. He picked it up again and burst into the sky, flying for whatever looked familiar to him. He flew across the ocean and looked up at the clear sky. This was the first time he had seen the blue sky in a long time. The hours flew by, and by nightfall he found himself in the mountains of Japan where it all began. Two irregularly tall and thin mountains caught Trunks' attention. "Paozu," he said, landing on the peak. Memories of the time he spent here with Gohan rolled through his mind. He grinned, running faster down the path left by something well before his time. He approached the clearing, hearing voices just up ahead. "Goku! Gohan!" he said, pushing through the clearing. "I'm-"

A small family stared at the strange man from the future, sitting around a campfire.

Trunks' grin flipped. "I apologize," he said. "I thought you were someone else." The father said something fast in Japanese and gestured him to move on. Trunks took off into the air again, heading toward the big city. He gasped at what his first home looked like before the androids came. Happy people strolled down the streets of the bustling city and the tall buildings stood proud and strong in the skyline. He flew in between two familiar buildings and blazed down the street, trying to find anything else that reminded him of his home. He started to doubt what Manhunter had said. It had to be there; it was impossible that such a huge business tycoon could just not exist. He ignored the fact that he didn't exist in this universe up until hours ago. He looked down, seeing a familiar dome-shaped building with a short, fair-skinned businesswoman with blue hair standing in front of it. Trunks lost himself in the moment and fazed out, dropping the ship on the ground and wrapping her in a reverse bear hug. "Mom! It's me! Trunks!"

"Let go of me!" she shouted in an unfamiliar voice to Trunks.

Trunks brokenheartedly let her down. The woman turned around, slapping him across the face. "I'm so sorry," Trunks said. "You remind me of someone I've lost, and-"

"Fucking creep," she said, spitting in his face.

"I said I apologize," Trunks said, politely bowing.

The woman took her purse and whipped it at the side of his head. "Help!" she screamed, latching onto his arm. "This man is trying to rape me!"

Trunks' emotions hardened again as several muscular men surrounded him. He threw her to the ground and outstretched his arm toward his ship, drawing it to him with some sort of telekinesis. "We just had a misunderstanding."

Two of the men looked at each other. A police car driving by had stopped. A short policeman stepped out and shouted something in Japanese. Trunks pushed past the group of men rushing to save the businesswoman. The policeman stopped Trunks where he stood and pulled out his gun. "Stop!" he said. "Stop in the name of the law!"

Trunks snatched the gun of of his hand and shot himself in the temple several times, standing unharmed after eight shots. The bullets didn't even pierce his skin. He handed the gun back to the policeman and walked past him, flying off into the sky with his ship. Two more bullets flew past his head. He whipped around and fired a warning blast of white energy, crashing into the ground in front of the policeman. "What are you doing?" the businesswoman shouted to the policeman. "Get the bastard! He touched me!" A chi blast hit in between her feet, making her even more outraged. "Do you know who I am?" she shouted at the half-Saiyan. "I will find you and I will end you!" She handed a wad of cash to the policeman. "You never heard me say that. Get back into your car and go away."

The policeman took the cash and ran back to his car.

Trunks looked at his ship as he flew through the air, watching it drip gasoline. "I did not need any of this to happen," he said, getting angrier and angrier. "I did not want any of this to happen!" He flew above the clouds and stared at the sun. "What have I done to deserve any of this?" he said. "You've taken away my family, my friends, and now my world! What else could you possibly want?! Gohan didn't, Goku didn't, father didn't, Krillin didn't, Tien didn't, mom surely didn't!" He fired a volley of large chi waves at the sun but quickly realized that it was futile. He slowly descended back under the clouds. He lifted his ship above his head, aimlessly flying toward who knows where.

Three days later

"But why?" Superman asked, following Batman down the hallway of the space fortress and down a flight of stairs. "Why were you so willing to let him in?"

"I saw something in him," Batman said. "Something that reminded him of me when I was younger."

"What?" Superman said. "Just because he has nothing doesn't mean that he's Justice League material. You remember what happened with Hawkman when the Thanagarians came. You saw the same in him but when it was time to pick between himself and us when he was down, he made the wrong choice."

"It's not that at all," Batman said. "From what Manhunter told me, he grew up when he was only ten. He fought against an opponent who he knew that would kill him, and because of that fear for his own life, constantly looking over his shoulder, he ended up as a guardian of whatever remained. His need to protect will be a lot more useful here, Superman, you and I stopped crime in a city before we formed the league. He's already used to saving the whole world."

"He already turned us down," Superman said, following Batman down another corridor and into a surveillance room. A holographic form of Earth hovered in the center of the room with a large, red, blinking dot over North Korea. "What makes you think he's going to change his mind?"

"If he can sense energy signals," Batman said, pointing to the dot. "He'll sense that. He's heading west anyway."

"How do you know?" Superman asked.

Batman pointed to a white dot headed west.

Superman chuckled. "You're too smart for your own good."

"No," Batman said, not sharing the laughter. "I'm not."

"Sorry, sorry," Superman said. "Where did you put the tracking device?"

"I stuck it to the back of the chair," Batman said. "When he sat down and leaned back, it latched on to the back of his jacket."

"Nice," Superman said. "Now, concerning the Korea situation, I believe that the team best suited to handle this are-"

"Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Atom, come down to the surveillance chamber for your assignment," Martian Manhunter said on the intercom.

"When did you get here?" Batman asked.

"As soon as I heard about the situation in North Korea," Manhunter said.

"Batman," Superman said. "Remind me to put a-"

"No," Manhunter said. "I do not like bells."

Batman smirked at Superman's aggravation. "It will-"

"Hinder my stealth," Manhunter said, wiping Batman's smirk off his face. "Okay, I'll stop."

A tall, muscular man with pale, metallic skin with red gloves and boots walked into the room. His red eyes glowed like the red atom emblem on his chest. Following him was a young woman in her very early twenties of moderate height with an athletic, curvaceous body and full lips, long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing an outfit similar to Superman's with a short red skirt and her white top stopping just below her ribs to show her flat stomach. "What's up?" she said. "You interrupted my study session, so I hope that this is important."

"Relax," Green Arrow, a tall, muscular archer with short blonde hair and a mustache fitting his green Robin Hood outfit said. "You're already, what, four semesters ahead of the class at Harvard? You can afford to miss a day."

"Kim Jong Un's nuclear project went haywire," Batman said. "You three are to stop it from causing any more damage."

"Is it an explosion?" Captain Atom said. "I can go by myself if that's the case."

Supergirl rolled her eyes. "He wanted all of us to stop the missiles from hitting the ground, so all of us are going."

"Not really," Superman said. "The visual, Batman."

Batman poked the red dot and stepped back as it projected a picture of a military compound in the middle of a dense forest on the wall. "Oh," Captain Atom said, seeing a five-story tall, red metal monster setting fire to a group of tanks firing at it. Its skull was in green flames like its skeletal hands. It opened its mouth and screeched, blowing fire at a passing helicopter. "I might need a little help with that."

"Thank God you've got Supergirl, right?" Green Arrow said.

"You're not getting any special treatment because you're new here," Superman said. "Now get out there and fire some arrows."

"Oh, fine," Green Arrow said. "How do you know the three of us will be enough?"

Batman pointed to the white dot rapidly approaching North Korea from Japan. "There will be four of you. Once he gets there, you'll be more than enough."

"Who is he?" Supergirl asked.

"His name is Trunks," Batman said. "You'll know him when you see him. If you can see him, that is."

This story is not dead. It is very much alive.