"I really wish I would have gotten my wake up call on the plane!" Supergirl said. "My hair looks so bad in the morning!"

"It looks fine," Captain Atom said. "It's zero four hundred hours and we're sneaking past military intervention anyway. No one's going to see."

"Green Arrow, slow down!" Supergirl said, pushing past the tall grass and tree branches outside of the North Korean fortress. "We can't all do parkour!"

"Can't you fly?" Captain Atom said, hopping over a bush.

"That's exactly why I don't do parkour!" Supergirl said. "I don't know why we have to sneak in. It's not like he's a giant metal fire-breathing monster or anything!"

"Those were our orders," Captain Atom said bluntly. "If you just stay quiet and follow them, it will be easier."

Supergirl rolled her eyes and kept running through the early morning. Green Arrow stopped abruptly as his feet hit a gravel road leading into the compound. Supergirl knocked Green Arrow into the street and in front of a military truck. Green Arrow rolled into the grass on the other side of the road, looking at Supergirl angrily. He sank into the green. Supergirl and Captain Atom followed him to a tall, metal gate. Down the large hill they could see green lights and heard screaming.

"And the town's on fire," Captain Atom said. "Perfect."

"You need to shut up and follow orders," Supergirl said, hopping over the gate. She led the team down the green slope, hidden from the sight of the military officials patrolling the roads at the crack of dawn. Nuclear disasters must be normal for them at four in the morning. The truck that had nearly flattened Green Arrow barreled down the hill, not being able to stop. Supergirl fazed out, flying next to the open driver's window and sticking her hand behind his head. Green Arrow shot a stringed arrow in the back of the truck, bringing it to an abrupt stop while sending Green Arrow into its bumper. "Brakes?" Supergirl said.

"Bro-ken," the driver said slowly and choppily.

Supergirl popped all four tires, making its movement very sluggish. "It will slide down the hill eventually. Check your brakes next time." She flashed her flawless grin. "Okay?"

"Oh, yes," he said, blushing at her. "What is your-"

The three superheroes disappeared into the forest again, hastening their descent down the hill. They reached the tall walls of the burning village and hopped over them into a pit of burning chaos. "Arrow, Atom, you guys work on putting the fire out. I'll get the civilians to safety."

Her two partners nodded. Atom flew high into the air and curled into a ball almost, making a grayish aura form around him. It started to spike as the green fires turned blue then orange like normal fire. Captain Atom screamed in pain and anger as a green, radioactive ooze covered his entire body and started to sink into his skin. His muscles bulged and his eyes turned red as the last of the nuclear substances entered his body. "Green Arrow!" he barked with a voice sounding like a growl.

Green Arrow fired into the air and the head opened up, dousing a patch of fire with a dense stream of water. He looked at his partner, shocked at his state. "Holy shit, what happened, Atom?"

"Help Supergirl!" Atom said.

Green Arrow fired ten more of his water arrows and turned around, watching the hot blonde super heroine bounce back and forth between the outside of the wall and the citizens' houses. "Supergirl!" he shouted, firing another sprinkler arrow into the sky. "Need my help?"

"No," she said, carrying a family of six over the wall.

"She's cool, Captain!" he shouted.

"I thought you said you helped the little guy!" Captain Atom said.

"Not this many little guys!" Green Arrow shouted. "Besides, I already have enough on my hands with the fire!"

"Hurry up! There's only one family left!" Supergirl said, looking into the mountains in the distance seeing the monster that caused all this coming back to a scene in his rampage. "It's coming this way! I'll hold him off until that fourth guy gets here!" She burst into the air, leaving a fading trail of white energy behind her.

"I'm going to find other sites with high radioactivity and drain them," Captain Atom said. "Find Supergirl when you're done here!"

"Wait!" Green Arrow said. "You can't just leave me here!"

"Yes I can!" Captain Atom said. "Now go!"

"Damn it!" Green Arrow cursed, racing through the streets and putting out the fires. He approached the large burning house at the end of a dead end road and kicked the door in, firing a volley of arrows into the room that sprayed water all over the burning wood and dissipated the smoke. He heard coughing and cries of pain upstairs and he charged, dodging falling brick and burning wood. He ran down the hall and through a thick concentration of smoke into what looked like a little girl's room. A large portion of the ceiling had collapsed on a bed. A short, skinny Korean man and his skinny, slightly taller wife frantically cried out for help over the muffled sobs in pain under the pile of rubble. Green Arrow joined the couple in moving the wood and cement off the little girl not more than six years old crying underneath, her face covered in blood and a large piece of wood sticking in her stomach. A pool of blood had been forming under her. She would bleed out in a matter of minutes. He opened the window and shot an arrow attached to a long piece of rope downward into a tree fifteen feet away, tying the end of rope he held around an arrow stuck into the wall above the window. He moved the mom and dad close to the window and tenderly picked the girl up, nearly going into shock himself. "It's okay," he said, swallowing. "Superhero is here to save you."

The mom turned toward Green Arrow and shouted at him in Korean, looking at the girl and holding her arms out.

Green Arrow shook his head and nodded toward the rope. "Nay, fair maiden, tis I, ye Green Arrow, here to save the-"

The father started shouting too, reaching for his daughter.

"Please, sir," Green Arrow said, stepping back. "I'm just trying to help." He bumped into something tall and solid.

"Give her to me," a calm, serious voice said. "You get them out of here." Green Arrow whipped around, seeing a tall, muscular, lavender-haired young man with a sword sheathed on his back standing there. He snatched the girl out of his hands and burst out of the window, disappearing over the wall. Green Arrow turned back to the angry parents and shrugged, grabbing them around the waist and hopping out the window. He set them down and followed the trail of blue energy the young man left out of the village. When they arrived, the strange, super powered man had the girl laying on her back on a sterile white sheet on the grass. He wore blue surgical gloves and a face mask, grabbing a set of forceps from a small metal tray of tools. He extracted the main pieces of wood and quickly pulled the splinters out, transitioning to the stitches calmly and smoothly like he had been doing this for years. He grabbed the needle holders and forceps, stitching every cut and tear with such proficiency that it looked like it had never been cut. He closed the wound on the surface of the skin and stuck a large bandage over it like a stamp of approval. It was over already. The quick surgeon took a few towelettes and wiped the blood off her face, putting bandages over her cuts and scrapes. He gingerly picked her up using the blanket as a hammock, handing the girl to her mother. He turned to the father and started speaking in fluent Korean. The father nodded and graciously shook his hand. The father turned to his daughter and put his ear to her chest, feeling it rise and fall. He ran back to her savior and shook his hand more violent than the last. The surgeon walked over to Green Arrow. "Thanks for your help," he said. "I'm going to take care of that thing up there and I'll be on my way."

"I should be the one thanking you," Green Arrow said. "It's my first mission before I get fully initiated and you really saved my butt-" He remembered what was said about number four. "What's your name? It's important."

"Not as important as you leaving the area now," he said. He drew his gleaming sword and flew into the sky. He followed a trail of green fire to Captain Atom. "You! Hey!" he shouted. "Get out of here! I'll handle it!"

"No can do," Captain Atom said. "Would you be Trunks, by any chance?"

"Why does it matter?" Trunks said.

"Some random guy with pink hair comes out of nowhere telling me how to do my job," Atom said. "Unless you're Trunks, that nuclear disaster isn't going to be your only problem."

"Please tell me you're not working with Batman and his Justice League," he said, seriously hoping that he didn't drag himself into a future debate. He was going to do it his own way and he was committed, no matter how much the voice in the back of his head shouted at him to take Batman's offer. He didn't want to admit it, but the money offered that would easily pay for the parts needed to go back out into space and find the bastard that sent him here influenced him more than he thought. He was going to break eventually. Parts are expensive, and he needed the money. "By the way, my hair is lavender, thanks."

"Your name is Trunks, then," Atom said, smirking confidently. "It sounds like you've met with some of us already."

"I've already told him that I won't join," Trunks said. "I would rather work alone."

"Solo missions," Atom said. "The Question rarely ever has a partner in his investigations."

Trunks whipped around, seeing the large monster swat at a yellow dot buzzing around it and stinging it like an angry yellow jacket. "You can tell this to Batman: I work alone and it's going to stay that way." He fazed out, reappearing in front of the cyborg's shoulder. He cut diagonally through the chest and sliced horizontally through the waist, finishing the combo with a thrust through the seemingly indestructible power core in its torso. He came out on the other end of the robot, looking at Supergirl five feet away with his icy blue eyes. He whipped around and extended his palm. "Beat it!" he screamed, blowing a giant hole in the beast's midsection with a yellow wave of chi. The fire on its head and hands died as it fell to its knees. Green arrows filled the monster's face and exploded, turning it into a mass of scrap metal and iron. The metal still refused to die, raising its arms in protest and charging two defiant blasts of white energy. Trunks, Atom, and Supergirl spiked their auras in front of the monster. Captain Atom focused all of the nuclear energy absorbed into his hands and fired it at the right hand. Supergirl fired two red laser beams from her eyes at the left hand and Trunks fired at both hands, melting them into metallic sludge. The robot still moved. Trunks rushed forward and grabbed it by the arm, hurling it into the air with little difficulty. He extended both arms and put them together, forming a blue ball of chi in between his hands. "Buster Cannon!" he shouted, throwing the ball into the monster's leg. An earth shattering boom happened consequently, deafening the entire countryside with a loud ringing in everyone's ears. Shrapnel fell onto the grass as the sun started to rise.

Trunks turned to face Supergirl and Captain Atom, both staring at him in shock. "Please tell me he's Trunks," Supergirl said.

Captain Atom slowly nodded.

Supergirl flew closer to him and extended her hand. "I'm Supergirl," she said. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Trunks said, undoing his bun and shaking his hair out. He wouldn't mind staring at her for a few more seconds, but he had couldn't waste any more time with Buu out there. He had to find materials for his ship and build it and go back to the past. His past, anyway."It's time that I get going. Goodbye."

"You're not leaving," Atom said as a ring of white light surrounded them.

"Guys!" Green Arrow shouted, running below them. "Wait for me!" A white halo appeared over his hat.

Trunks looked around his feet, seeing the white ring of light. "Fu-"All four of them vanished, reappearing in the surveillance room that tracked Trunks to North Korea. "-ck."

"Hello, Trunks," Batman said, surrounded by the other Justice League members Trunks met unintentionally. "Green Arrow, status report."

Green Arrow scoffed. "I ha-" Atom elbowed him in the ribs. Green Arrow cleared his throat and stood straight with his hands at his sides. "I found it to be quite the eye-opening experience to see how some governments handle crisis, or in this case not handle it at all, sir!"

Batman nodded. "Trunks, status report on the mission."

"It wasn't a mission," Trunks said, folding his arms. "It was doing what I've always done."

Batman flashed a frown. "Captain Atom, how did Green Arrow deal with the fire situation?"

"Arguing, accepting, then working without flaw, sir!" Atom said.

Superman and a few of the older members chuckled.

"Supergirl, how did Trunks deal with the robot?" Batman asked.

"It was incredible," Supergirl said. "He blew a hole through its chest then whipped it into space. He fired one more beam at it and it exploded into millions of pieces. He is definitely an asset to our team."

Trunks growled. "I'm not part of the-"

"Good," Batman said. "Trunks, Green Arrow, even though one of you might not stay with the team, you still earn a reward for successfully completing an A-ranked mission."

"I thought everyone here was paid salary," Trunks said.

"They are," Batman said. "Taking the missions that any of the senior members assign can give you from one to ten thousand dollars. You earned yourself twelve hundred and fifty dollars. That would easily pay for a tenth of the wiring needed-"

"I know what you're trying to do," Trunks said, "and I thank you for it, but I-"

"Do you want clothes, Trunks?" Batman said. "How about food? Drinks? A bed? I'm offering you something that only a fraction of one percent of thousands of applicants get turned down for. Chew on this: when whatever it is you're fighting comes back, it's guaranteed we'll know about it a week before you pick up on it. We would have neutralized the threat and you would still be stranded here. You have nothing left. Think about that."

Trunks fazed out, but ended up back in the surveillance.

"Oh," Martian Manhunter said, "and you're not going to be able to leave the fortress until you agree to join the league for at least a month."

"Why are you doing this?" Trunks asked bitterly.

"It's in both our best interest," Batman said. "I was this cocky when I was your age, but don't worry. It'll pass with time."

"I don't need your guidance," Trunks said.

"You're right," Batman said. "You need your time machine, and without the league, you have no chance."

He was right and Trunks knew it. Sometimes he wondered if his father was still alive in the back of his head, speaking for his pride through his son. They both did things on their own, and help meant weakness. "Fine," Trunks said through grit teeth. "One month."

"That's it, boy!" Aquaman shouted with a hardy laugh. "You'll make a fine addition to the force!"

"What about me?" Green Arrow asked.

Aquaman's smile faded. "You show potential, lad!"

Superman hovered over to Trunks and Green Arrow with contracts and pens. Trunks quickly signed his, skimming through it for any holes. Batman had it fool proofed better than any Harvard law graduate. He handed it back to Superman with Green Arrow's contract. "Perfect," Batman said. "We have two rooms in the living sector left."

"How many Justice League members are there?" Green Arrow said.

"Eighteen," Batman said, "twenty after tonight. We'll finally be at full capacity, for now at least."

"What about everyone I saw a few days ago?" Trunks said. "There were at least two hundred!"

"We are very selective in who we let into the league," Batman said. "We get about fifty thousand primary applications and scout recommendations and invite the three hundred we'll actually consider to the base. They undergo a physical, mental, and emotional test and then take the top thirty. Then we make them go through a training course that tests their reflexes and critical thinking skills. We pick the top ten and put them in a simulation of various crisis, send the top five home and watch them, making sure that they weren't different heroes back home. Finally, we invite three of the finalists for an interview with the senior members and choose whether they get in or not. Green Arrow was the only one out of his trio who was worthy enough to join, and you were unexpected. What you bring to the table is experience people as young as you are don't have. I want both of you to make this league proud, understand?"

Trunks and Green Arrow nodded.

"Supergirl," Superman said. "Show them to their rooms. Initiation starts in half an hour."

"When will we be able to leave the base?" Trunks said.

"After you take the oath," The Question said. "Just know that we will be watching you."

"How will you-" Flash stopped himself. "Okay."

"Follow me, boys," Supergirl said. She led Green Arrow and Trunks up a flight of stairs leading out of the surveillance room and through the hallway overlooking the cafeteria on the bottom floor. Trunks looked over the railing expecting the hive of potential superheroes to be there milling about. He wondered why the base was so big if it only housed eighteen, well, twenty by the end of tonight. "All housing is on the second floor, just above the food court on the first."

"How many floors are there?" Green Arrow asked.

"Twenty," Supergirl said, stopping at the end of the hall and pressing the down button for the elevator. The doors opened to a moderately sized space and they walked in. She pressed the triangular button next to the door marked by a number two and the doors closed. Trunks took a deep breath. "So," Supergirl said, "where are you guys from?"

"Star City, California," Green Arrow said. "It's a pretty cool place."

"Tokyo," Trunks said. "I'm only half-Japanese though. How about you?"

"Kansas," Supergirl said, "I did move to Metropolis recently."

"Metropolis is a beautiful city," Trunks said, "although I came here in an unflattering way."

"What do you mean?" Supergirl asked.

"I crash landed in the middle of the street in my spaceship," Trunks said. "It's a long story."