"Avengers assemble? Come to me my X-men? God damn it, Sammy where are they?"

Sam shoveled another spoonful of Lucky Charms into his mouth, "They aren't just going to come because you want them too. They're probably busy."

Ambriel was busy inspecting the odd creature on the cereal box. Sam had claimed it was a 'leprechaun' but Ambriel knew leprechauns, and this creature was no visage of a leprechaun. The gnome like creatures were native to Ireland, but they were also very ugly and murderous; the cereal box one looked quite cheerful. She knew Dean and Sam had faced many creatures, but it seemed to be a leprechaun was not one of those many.

Castiel had left early in the morning. He had promised to return, but he claimed he needed to check up on something involving Gadreel. Dean was just worried he'd go do cool angel stuff without him, but Cas assured him he wouldn't, although he had no idea what cool angel stuff consisted of. That left the rest of the Bunker residents to wait for Gabriel to appear with his band of fledglings.

Nisroc was the first to appear, although it was less a graceful angel zap and more a falling on his ass out of nowhere. Gabriel appeared next with Rhemiel's arms wrapped around his neck and Liwet clinging to his leg. Dean chuckled, "Hey Supernanny, how's it hanging?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes, "Good to see your back to your usual self, Deano. How's the angel life treating you so far?"

Ambriel said, "Dean is adjusting to using some of his lesser abilities, but we haven't progressed with more difficult abilities."

"That's good. Now Dean it's time for you to meet your nest-mates. Rhemiel, Liwet, and Nisroc."

Dean nodded, "Remy, Tony, and Rocky Balboa got it."

Rhemiel tilted her head, "Diniel, I do not understand why you referred to Liwet as 'Tony' that nickname, as a term of endearment, when it does not even correspond to his name."

Dean explained, "Well you know Angel of Invention…and with that beard…He looks exactly like him!"

Sam grinned. Dean was such a dork.

Gabriel said, "As much as I'd love to indulge in some fun and games we've got to get some angel training in today. Dean, before you can do any hunting or saving people or the whole family business shtick you've got to get a mastery of your powers."

"Except flying."

Gabriel sighed, "You're going to have to learn how to fly sometime, but not yet because the kids' fight feathers still need to fully come in. Sam-a-lam, will you be my assistant?"

Sam shrugged, "Not like I have anything else to get to."

Ambriel his the Lucky Charms box so the young angels would not be as puzzled by the creature as her, "If you all have everything under control I must check in with heaven."

She left before anyone could get another word in.

Dean stretched his wings a little, "Alright, lets do this."

· Telekinesis

Gabriel pushed his fake glasses up the bridge of his nose, "Hello students, today we shall be working on telekinesis! I hope you all did your homework,"

Rhemiel raised her hand, "Mr. Gabey, You never gave us any 'homework' to do."

Nisroc rocked back and forth, "Gabey, why are you wearin' a suit and why do you keep smackin' that ruler thing against the desks you told us to sit in?"

Dean shifted in his own desk. How he had managed to survive sitting in the damned things throughout his school years was a mystery to him. Why did the chair have to be attached to the desk? Were they afraid high school punks were going to steal them? The thing felt too small for his frame, and wrangling his wings into it was rough. The fledgling's wings would sometimes fumble around when they got excited, but most of the time they would sit prim and proper against their backs. His just wouldn't stay put.

Sam asked, "Teacher kink, Gabriel?"

Gabriel smacked the ruler against Sam's desk. Sam's legs were completely stretched out in order to fit them under the desk; it did not look comfortable. Gabriel scolded, "You'll end up with detention if I get anymore lip out of you young man.

He addressed the young angels, " Now then, Mr. Sam Winchester will assist us in our lesson. In these boxes there is something for each of you. I want you four too use your grace to will the object to move. Show it to Sammy, and have a little fun with it how you deem necessary."

Dean stared at the box intently. It was like using Jedi mind powers, although he also didn't master those as much as his teenage self had wanted to. The boxes shook as all four of the students focused on the boxes.

The flaps of Liwet's box opened first. A creepy clown puppet levitated out of the box. Rhemiel and Nisroc's soon followed. Sam scrambled to get his legs out from underneath the desk. The fledglings giggled upon seeing Sam's distress. Dean had his intuitive. His puppet shot out of the box and flew straight at Sam. The desk knocked over as Sam crawled out. Den's clown puppet led the chase with the fledgling's puppets behind. Sam yelled as he ran, "Damn it Gabriel, you planned this didn't you!"

Gabriel cackled. He thought the lesson had gone splendidly! Served Sam right for mouthing off to the teacher.


"You're thinking of Candy!"

Liwet shook his head. "Peanut butter Candy!"

Rhemiel tilted her head, "What's peanut M & Ms?"

Gabriel rang his celebratory bell, "Correct! 10 points to Remy."

The student Sam was assisting wasn't as cooperative as the fledglings. Dean said, "Sammy, I can't read your mind; your thick skull is in the way!"

Sam sighed, "Dean, I'm thinking of something simple! Just keep trying."

Dean groaned, "Its harder than you think!"

"I am thinking. You just can't know what it is because you suck."

Sam was sure Dean wouldn't get the hang of telepathy. It was a bit of a solace since he didn't want Dean to peek in on his thoughts, but just because Dean wouldn't get it Sam started to let his mind wander. Dean couldn't look into his mind to see what he was thinking of, so he could think about whatever he wanted.

Dean grinned, "Sammy, I didn't know you had it in you! You kinky son of a bitch."

Gabriel's head whipped around. "Good Dad, Sam. I'm impressed."

Nisroc piped, "I wanna see!"

"Don't look into Sammy's mind, Kiddos!"

Sam tried stop thinking, but all efforts were futile.

Dean and Gabriel taunted him, "Sam's a kinky bastard! Sam's a kinky bastard!"

· Super stamina

Gabriel used his ruler to point at the hand drawn illustrations on the marker board, "You all know that angels don't necessarily require to eat or sleep in order to replenish energy. We don't get tired, until something happens to our grace."

Liwet asked, "What might happen to our grace?"

"You could get stabbed with an angel blade and your grace could leek out of your gut," Dean supplied.

Nisroc said, "I don't want to be stabbed."

"I don't want to be stabbed either, " Rhemiel agreed.

Liwet asked, "Are we going to get stabbed, Gabey?"

Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose, "None of you are getting stabbed! Now let's get back to talking about super stamina."

Dean raised his hand.

"No Dean-o, I am not talking about libido, although just so you know angel's don't tire, no matter what we're doing."

Dean's hand went back down.

Sam resisted the urge to smack his face.

"Gadreel, would you mind grabbing the sugar off that top self?"

Gadreel was happy to assist the Tran family however he could. He had decided to wait patiently for Ms. Tran to be ready to visit the Bunker, but according to her grocery s shopping was a much more pressing matter. His vessel had more height then either of the Tran's, so if anything was out of their reach he handed it down to them. There were so many intriguing things in a grocery store.

Castiel had his wings and grace back, and he asked politely for Gadreel to groom his wings. Gadreel couldn't think of the last time a siblings had asked him to perform just a comforting and pleasant act. He was more than happy to oblige his little brother's wished Gadreel knew he could say no, but he was no desire too. Seeing Castiel fluttered when he explained how Dean an Sam had seen his unruly wings was humorous enough to be proper payment. Castiel had accompanied them grocery shopping, and he was more than happy to explain things Gadreel did not understand.

Gadreel tugged on Kevin's sleeve and showed him what he had found. They were two boxes of cake mix. Kevin asked, "You want to bake a cake?"

Gadreel examined the boxes with a doctor's eye, "This is angel's food cake. I assumed this is what angel's are supposed to eat, that's very odd considering as an angel I do not eat. I also found devil's food cake. This must me the proper sustenance for demons, and even though Crowley is a demon, we must care for him properly."

Castiel was about to shoot down Gadreel's suspicions when Kevin slapped his hand over Castiel's mouth.

Ms. Tran said, "Oh, well angel's do enjoy angel food cake, but humans like it too. We can get them, and bake both. I'm sure Dean will really enjoy the angel food cake now, so we can take them to the Bunker when we go."

Gadreel let a small smile form on his lips. He was very proud of his discovery and the contribution he had made. Castiel wouldn't deter Gadreel's happiness, so when Kevin let go he kept his mouth shut.

Ms. Tran made good use of having the two angels around as errand boys. While she contemplated fruits and vegetables to buy she sent Kevin and the two angels to gather more things on her list. Kevin trying to decide on a cereal when Gadreel noticed them. There were two young women. They kept glancing at them, and giggling while speaking in hushed tones to one another. Whenever Gadreel caught them looking, they'd avert their eyes or give him a small wave and smile. Gadreel thought it was pleasant the women were happy, but he didn't understand.

Gadreel asked, "Do those women find us humorous? They keep laughing in a high hitched tone, and glancing in our direction. Do we appear funny to them for some reason?"

Kevin looked up from the cereal boxes to glance at the women. He chuckled, "They're probably checking you guys out. You both are pretty good looking guys, and they look around your vessel's ages; I'm too young so it's got to be you too. Do you two know anything about women? Those two ladies think your attractive."

Castiel said, "That is very kind of them. I think all humans are beautiful creations, so I do not know for sure what is usually considered attractive by human means."

Gadreel tilted his head, "Do they desire to mate with us? This is what humans do when they find another human attractive, correct? I don't think I wish to mate with those women; I've never done so with anyone."

Castiel sighed, "I've copulated with a human women before. She turned out to be a reaper and she tried to kill me…so it didn't go well."

Kevin asked, "What about De…"

Castiel's eyes widened, "Kevin…you will cease talking."

Kevin held up his hands in surrender. Everyone else was aware, but apparently it seemed Cas was touchy of that subject. He'd have to talk about that with Sam once they knew he was up and kicking.

Gadreel was busy waving at the young women. They seemed kind enough; perhaps they would settle for being comrades instead.

· Pyrokinesis

Nisroc, Rhemiel, and Liwet all were able to make the candle light, it was such a simple task it should have been easy, but Dean wasn't doing it. Castiel arrived to see Dean staring irritated at the candle sat out in front of him.

Gabriel groaned, "It's like your not even trying!"

"It's weird, okay!" Dean complained, "I know I can do it…I just feel like I shouldn't!"

Sam asked, "Why do you feel like you shouldn't?"

Dean didn't answer Sam; he saw that Cas was back. Dean noted that Cas' wings looked a bit more primped than they had been, but overall still really awesome. He didn't want to embarrass Cas again (Okay maybe he did; he deserved retribution all the times Cas had embarrassed Dean), so he kept it to himself. "Hey Cas, how'd that thing with Gadreel go?"

"Hello Dean, it went well. Gadreel will be returning later with some very special guest and I want you to be prepared for when they visit. But first what it this that I hear of your difficulty with pyrokinesis?

Dean shrugged, "It's not like I think I can't do…It's just… I have a bad feeling about it."

Castiel nodded, "I think I understand. What you need is a hands-on approach."

He snapped his fingers and a demon appeared in the room. Demons were seriously freaky looking things, and it still made Dean's stomach cringe to see their true forms now. The fledglings hid behind Gabriel. Gabriel didn't interfere right away; Cassie must know what he was doing. Before the demon could make a move Dean's eyes radiated clinquant blue. Dean slapped his hand on the demon's forehead and flames burst out of the demon's mouth, ears, and nose. Demons were used to the fire of hell, but not that of heaven. The demon was burned internally to ash.

After Dean's eyes returned to normal he stared at the pile of ashes in front of him. Had he really done that? Dean wasn't sure his hands had reduced that demon to nothing.

Sam was impressed, "How the hell did you do that? That was awesome, Dean!"

"It's just as I expected…" Castiel explained, "Powerful angels, like Dean, can generate and manipulate fire. As Michael's ex-vessel I assumed Dean might be able to accomplish such a feat. You see, Michael is very proficient at it; there is a reason it is said Michael has a flaming sword."

Gabriel added, "You bet, Mikey's all flamey, Luci was Icy. Reality warping is more my forte."

Nisroc whined, "No fair!"

"Life isn't fair."

Liwet said, "I wanna do that cool thing too!"

Gabriel stated, "You can't."

Rhemiel asked, "Why?"

"Cause I said so."

Nisroc yelled, "Viva la Revolucion!"

Sam was enjoying watching the angel fledglings go up against the leadership of their archangel caretaker, but Cas disappearing suddenly was odd. Dean was busy cleaning up the ashes with a broom (since he didn't know how to use his powers to get rid of it, and apparently his mess he had to clean it) he looked up when he heard the bunker door open.

Did he smell cake? Pie was really more his thing, but who the hell had brought cake?

Gadreel walked into the room and was immediately jumped by the three fledglings. It was the two other people following Cas with cake pans in his hands that threw the boys for a loop.

Sam breathed, "Kevin…you're…"

Kevin grinned, "Hey, guess I'm a real Winchester now; having died once that is."

Ms. Tran gently smacked the back of her son's head. Those two had just found out Kevin wasn't dead, and that tended to be rough on a person. She knew damn well she didn't raise her son to be rude to people in shock.

Gabriel clapped his hands, "Guess that wraps up angel training for today! Audience, stay tuned for more of Angel Dean's exploits!"

Gadreel and Castiel were very confused. Who in Father's name was Gabriel speaking too?