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Chapter two: the Underground's missions.

Danny flew over to dead-end alley, where there was a girl standing in front of a door that had a Ghostbuster's symbol on it. Danny jumped down from the hovercycle with Tucker perched on his left shoulder. Danny walked over to the girl. She had blonde hair, light caucasian skin, turquoise eyes, a white short sleeve turtleneck, khaki short pants and combat boots.

"We're looking for a guy named Johnny, Freakshow sent us," Danny stated as a man with blonde hair, green eyes, pale gray skin, a black blazer, and blue jeans. "Are you Johnny?"

The man snapped his fingers and his shadow turned into a monster.

"New faces make me nervous and make Shadow hungry," Johnny stated. "Word is you're out to join the fight for Amity City, picking the wrong kind of side can be...unhealthy."

"We're here to see The Shadow," Danny growled at Johnny, who grew a smirk as he did so.

"Not gonna happen, if you want to join something, you and your pet should join the circus," Johnny stated, which made Tucker glare at him, "Unless you have the stones for a really tough task." Johnny snapped his fingers, as his shadow began to turn into a three-dimensional dagger and he pointed it at Danny. "Steal the Baron's banner from the top of the Ruined Tower, and bring it back to me. Then maybe we'll talk."

Danny glared at Johnny and began to walk back to the hovercycle, and drove off. Danny soon began to fly around the city, unaware of where the tower is. He looked down and saw the hovercycle had a GPS built in with a map of the city. He typed in Ruined Tower and a marker came up symbolizing where the tower was. Danny soon sped off and came to a metal door. When he took two steps towards it the door opened automatically, which showed a chamber like room. As he walked in he heard a computerized voice: Now leaving Amity City. Another metal door opened and when he walked out he saw a ruined city.

"Woah, this place looks as if a hurricane and a tornado were making love," Tucker exclaimed.

Danny soon saw two green octopuses, which floated over to Danny. Danny staying in the offensive round house kicked one of them into the wall and did a flip bringing his foot down on the other one hard.

"Woah, nice moves," Tucker stated as they began to walk deeper into the ruins. They soon scaled the tower, as they did, ledges began to crumble after they cross them. They soon made their way to the tower, causing Danny to pick up the flag. They almost did their victory dance, only they were stopped by the ledge crumbling underneath their feet. Tucker screamed as they fell, as Danny looked at his surroundings. He smirked as he saw an old window shade, prompting him to land in it jumping into the air, with Tucker following clumsily behind. Danny jumps onto a rope towards the entrance where Johnny was there on his hovercycle while Tucker jumped onto the rope hitting his kid-makers hard. Danny jumps off the rope landing perfectly in front of Johnny as Tucker lands next to him. The building they scaled was now crumbling away as Johnny had a look of surprise.

"I guess you guys are in," Johnny stated, before driving off.

"Yeah don't give us a ride or anything! We're fine walking back to the base!" Tucker exclaimed sarcastically.

"Come on." Danny placed Tucker on his shoulder and they began to walk back to the city. They hijack a hovercycle once more, driving back to the underground. They reached the door which had the Underground's insignia on it. They knocked on the door, causing a camera to pop out of the top of the door. It scanned them and went back into the panel, as the door opened automatically to show a small staircase. They walked down to see a few beds and table full of blueprints in the center of the room with a lamp hanging above it. There were boxes surrounding the walls, along with a wall that had Walker crossed out and a picture of Technus with arrows and writing on it. There was a hover bike secured to a hanging pipe. Johnny was looking over the blueprints as they walked in.

"Whew, I'm thirsty." Tucker proclaimed as he walked up to an open water pipe. He pulled the lever and opened his mouth, causing a bunch of muck to fill his mouth. Tucker sputtered spitting out all the filth that entered his mouth.

"The Baron turned off all water to the slums. He's willing to sacrifice innocent lives just to destroy the underground." Johnny explained, receiving a glare from Tucker. "I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen his abuse before while serving in his Men of Elite. That's why I quit."

"You were a Man in White? Huh, that explains the posters." Danny stated.

"My shadow informs me that the valve is outside the city at the Pumping Station." Johnny proclaims as his shadow turns into a map.

"Outside the city? But what about the walls?" Danny questioned.

"What about Ghost King's freaking Ghostimals?! It ain't no petting zoo out there!" Tucker proclaimed in fear.

"Find the large drain pipe on the North wall. It'll take you to the Pumping Station. Get to the main valve and open it. If you survive the slums are indebted to you. If you croak we'll remember you on memorial day." Johnny smirked getting glares from Danny and Tucker. The duo soon left after getting into their hijacked hovercycle and driving to the north end of the city which looked like a village that was above the water connected to a few bridges. When they reached the north wall Danny instantly started to turn the drain pipe hole on the wall causing it to open.

As they walked out of the city, there were creatures that looked like cougars with green fur and white underbellies, along with a black collar that had a red gem on it. Danny suddenly felt his dark side taking over him, as he began to transform into Wulf Danny. The creatures noticed him and began to charge at him, causing the transformed teen to grin mischievously. The wolf teen slashed straight through the first one that charged at him grabbing the gem that was left behind. He kicked the next one knocking out some of the creature's teeth. Wulf Danny left a path of the Ghost Cougars and other various creatures as he began his way to the valve.

As they neared the valve, Wulf Danny shifted back into his human form. Danny panted feeling that rush of power to be both frightening and exciting. He looked up to see Tucker trying to open the valve with difficulty. Danny gave a swift punch to the pipe causing another to open and suck Tucker in as the valve spinned open. Tucker was sent ricocheting through the pipes until he stopped at a turned off hose.

"Danny, help." Tucker whimpered in pain. A few minutes passed and Tucker was still stuck in the pipe. "Danny...please help." A few more minutes passed and Tucker began to get scared. "" Danny turned the valve next to the pipe blasting Tucker out of the pipe. Danny was about to say something only to be stopped by Tucker "Don't say it. Don't even chuckle. Next time, you turn the valve!"

"Okay Tuck." Danny picked Tucker up placing him on his shoulder.

As soon as they were back in the city a strange feeling came over Danny controlling him. His eyes flashed green as he began to run through the bridges knocking people off. He soon came to an abandoned building where he found a huge, bronze alter with black eyes and an aardvark mouth.

"Greetings great warrior," It spoke in a dark deep voice. "I sense there is a dark rage burning within you. And in time it will destroy you with its madness."

"What?!" Danny was shocked by this. "How do I stop it?!"

"Only the last power of the Observants can save you." The idol spoke. "Destroy my enemies, those creatures you call the Ghostimals. Bring me 25 of their collar gems, and I shall teach you how to control these powers."

"Sounds good to me." Danny proclaimed as he walked out of the hut with Tucker.

"That was beyond creepy. Should you even trust that thing?" Tucker questioned.

"If it can teach me how to control my powers, I'll have to trust it." Danny proclaimed.

"When have our lives gotten this weird?" Tucker asked. "To the point we're taking advice from a giant statue?"

"I think it was when you turned into an Ottsel." Danny joked getting a laugh from Tucker.

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