"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

Naruto DxD – Purpose Of Living

Chapter 1

(Underworld, unknown location.)

A man with a handsome face and silver hair looked at the scene before him and smirked in excitement. The battle he saw was fantastic, it made the great war between the three factions nearly two hundred years ago looked like a battle between kids.

These… shinobi, kunoichi and samurais… their power was exceptional, he wished he could have them at his command, they would be an unstoppable army in the war he was going to start with all the factions.

The black haired boy caught his attention, as his powers were based on the name of the Eastern Gods. 'Amaterasu', that flame was far greater than the strongest power of destruction of the Baal clan, a never ending flame that could burn anything to nothing. Not to mention that the power of 'Susanno' was so great and powerful that it could even defeat the strongest dragon king, Tamnin. It's too bad that the boy had returned to the light, and chose to protect the world instead, what a shame…

However the person caught his attention the most was the blond haired boy, that boy… there was something about him that he couldn't understand. How could someone who lived in a village with so much hatred towards him since he was a small child could still care about those filthy humans, he should have killed off all those humans or at the very least turned his back on them. The thing that amazed the silver haired man the most was the boy's belief in his promises, he never broke a promise no matter what happened. Someone like him will be a fine addition to his army.

Not to mention the power he housed, he had known about Yasaka, the leader of the Youkai faction and the strongest Kyuubi at the moment with the strength that could rival a dragon king. But the power of Kurama, the Kyuubi that is sealed inside the boy could make Yasaka ran off with her tails between her legs. When the blond haired shinobi took the fox's power, this war became far more exciting for the silver haired man.

As if that wasn't enough, the blond boy could also use Senjutsu, a power that only youkai in his dimension could use, yet they always turned crazy due to the power behind it being so overwhelming. Yet this human boy had somehow mastered Senjutsu and could completely control himself. Even the oldest of youkai couldn't control all that natural energy like him without being turned into a psycho.

That's it, if he could bring the boy to his world and make the boy be completely under his command then he would win this war easily.

Smirking, the silver haired man decided to go to his library, if he remembered correctly, there was a spell that could enable transport through dimensions.

(A few days later)

"Rias-sama… Please, you have to slow down!"

"No way, Enku!"

A cheerful voice shouted out, a few citizens of the capital of the Underworld, poked their head out of the windows and saw a giant creature at a height of about two meters, a body resembling that of a horse or deer, with red scales instead of fur. His face resembled that of a red Asian Dragon and he was chasing after a cute girl, around eleven or twelve years old with crimson hair and green-blue eyes, who was cheering loudly while sliding through the streets with her roller skates. The citizens who were still on the street had to jump out of the way of the girl while the creature apologized to them as he passed by. The citizens smiled at this scene that was a common sight now, everybody heard that their leader had bought a pair of roller skates for his sister's birthday.

The little girl, who was none other than the princess Rias Gremory, the heiress of the Gremory Clan and sister of Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the four leaders of the Devil world. And the creature that was chasing after her was Enku, Rias's caretaker and her brother's Pawn.

The girl continued cheering out loudly when she slid like a pro through the street of Lilith. Day after day of practice at home while being watched by Enku had annoyed Rias greatly, so here she was, she had found a way to run from her brother's Pawn and had a little time for her own. She just wished that her best friend Akeno and little Koneko were with her right now, but they were training at her brother's castle and no matter how much she tried, her parents didn't let them play with her until night time. She understood that her parents just wanted them to be strong to protect her someday, but with an Otaku like her, she always dreamed about a knight in shining armor would come to take her one day, just like how the main female character in the latest anime she got from her dad met the main male character.

Rias slid to an alley and hided there, she waited until Enku passed through her and went out, going straight to the opposite direction until she was finally free. Now she could do whatever she wanted, without Enku or her parents stopping her. But first, she had to hide her identity, just one look and everybody would know that she was Rias Gremory, it's all because of her hair color, which was too unique and recognizable. So Rias pulled out from her pocket a ribbon she had borrowed from Akeno this morning and a cap to put on her head and hide her face.

Being a princess and the next heir to a big family was a huge burden, even though Rias was just ten years old, she knew how important her responsibility was, but like any children her age, she wanted to have fun, to play with people her age. She always slept with Akeno at night and the two talked about girl things. What she needed right now was a friend that played with her and could talk to her normally, her friends at school always looked up to Rias as a princess, not as a friend like she always wanted.

Deep in thought, Rias couldn't see that she was heading straight into a boy who was crossing the street.

Before Rias understood what happened, her head had crashed into his stomach and knocked the two of them to the ground with her on top. Groaning out in pain from the impact, Rias lifted her head up and came face to face with the boy she was just crashed into, his eyes were telling her that he was in pain, maybe she had crashed into him a little too hard.

"Can you get off me!"

Her cheeks redden a little at the position she was in and quickly stood up, but her roller skates had a better idea, Rias fell right back into the body again, this time with her butt right in his face.

"Sorry… I'm very sorry!"

She screamed out and stood up, with better balance this time. The boy slowly sat up and Rias had a good view of him. The boy, while looking no older than her, was slightly taller than Rias. His hair was blond but was really bright, almost golden. His eyes were blue and his face had three faints whisker marks on each side of his cheeks making his face even cuter.

Unconsciously, Rias brought out her hand and touched his whisker.

"Hey…!" the boy jumped back a little "What do you think you're doing anyway?"

"Oh, sorry…!" Rias smiled, embarrassed. "Sorry for bumping into you!"

"Ah, don't worry about that... Um!"

Seeing that the blond hairy boy was trying to ask for her name, Rias quickly thought about a fake name to answer him, she couldn't let him know that she was Rias Gremory, or else Enku would find her.

"Akeno… Himejima Akeno!" Rias said quickly, hopefully the black haired girl didn't find out about Rias was using her name.

"Naruto… Naruto Uzumaki!" The boy, now named Naruto smiled warmly at her "So… Akeno-chan, what are you doing anyway… I hope you not playing the 'crash into someone' game"

The red head's cheeks turned red once again and looked down to the ground embarrassed.

"Sorry Naruto-kun!"

"Don't worry about it!" Naruto looked at her roller skates and saw it was a very expensive one. "So Akeno-chan, looks like you're from some rich family eh?"

Seeing that Naruto was looking at her roller skates, Rias smiled a bit.

"Yeah, isn't it beautiful, my brother bought it just for me!" Rias smiled and slid around him, this was one of her favorite presents from her brother after all. It was a pair of the roller skates that had magic in it, meaning that it would grow with her and fit her feet perfectly, no matter how big she became. It was crimson in color to match her hair, but decorated with a few bluish gem stones. The roller skates were really expensive, and no matter how she didn't want to be like a spoiled brat like that Raiser, her fiancé when she grew up, she still really wanted this roller skate when she saw it at the store. Her dream came true when her brother gave it to her at her latest birthday just a week ago.

"Having a family is very cool, isn't it?" Naruto smiled sadly and began to walk away, Rias looked at Naruto and finally realize the clothes he was wearing… it was really dirty and was torn everywhere, his body was really thin he looked like he hadn't ate anything in a long time.

A little sad she realized the boy was an orphan, she quickly followed him. With her roller skate's speed, it was really easy for her to catch up to him.

"Wait Naruto-kun… how about you and I go to that shop over there and get something to eat?" Rias asked and pointed her finger at the food store behind them. When she saw Naruto tried to open his mouth to refuse her offer, she quickly pulled his hand straight to the store, "Don't worry, I'll pay!" Rias always has some money with her every time she goes out. It was the money that she saved up from what her parents gave to her each month.

While eating at the food store, Rias and Naruto talked about a lot of things. However, the crimson hair girl always tried to avoid talking about family because she didn't want Naruto feel sad or left out. Rias talked about her studies and her rivalry with Sona. She also talked about her best friend Akeno, where she avoided saying her name and the quiet girl Koneko. This was the first time Rias felt so free and comfortable with anyone. Rias enjoyed being with Naruto as he was really kind and funny when she got to know him.

When night time came, the time to say goodbye had come and Rias didn't want to leave Naruto, he made her happy and became her first friend that didn't look at her as a princess. Maybe it was because of the fake name she gave him, but Rias somehow felt he would still be the same even if she had given him her true name.

"Well… Akeno-chan, I guessed we have to say goodbye now!" Naruto said warmly, "Thank you for the meal Akeno-chan, you really saved me today!"

"Naruto-kun… I don't want to leave you!" She said sadly, but an idea suddenly popped into her head and she caught his wrist and pulled him with her, "Let's go Naruto-kun, I will bring you to my home and…"

She was interrupted by Naruto, "No Akeno-chan." Naruto took her hand and gently pulled out of her grip, "A lady like you shouldn't be friends with me to begin with… so you don't have to worry about me. Really Akeno-chan, I mean it!"

"But… But…!"

"Alright, then how about we make a promise!" Naruto said to her when he saw tears welling up in her eyes.

"If you have free time, you can come out and play with me again, I will wait for you, if you don't come tomorrow, I will still wait for you, then we can play with each other again!"

"Promise?" Rias wiped the tears out of her eyes and smiled, she brought out her pinkie finger and smiled.

"Promise!" Naruto nodded his head and hooked his own pinkie finger with her.

After saying goodbye to Naruto, Rias went straight to her home and saying that her parents were angry was an understatement, they had scolded her about her disappearing and Enku looked like someone had just come back to life. They forbid her from doing that again and Rias quickly nodded her head, but after her parents were out of sight Rias smiled brightly and returned to her room with a big smile on her face while humming a soft tune.

From that day onwards, Rias always found an excuse so that she could get out and play with Naruto. At first, her parents still scolded Rias about disappearing from Enku's sight, but after a week of seeing that their daughter was happier than normal, they brushed it off and let her do whatever she wanted, with the condition that she stays in Lilith. Rias had said that she wanted to stay with her brother longer, and it was summer vacation so Rias didn't have school, so half of her time at the Capital was spent playing with Naruto.

Naruto, while he wasn't older than her, was still very mature for his age. She guessed it was because living in the street at the young age had made Naruto mature faster than normal. But still, he was just like her, a child and did what a normal child always does: playing, laughing, crying and asking a lot of questions. Rias and Naruto played every game they could in the park, and ate everything a normal child always wanted. Maybe she was still too young to know it, but she had already begun developing feelings for him.

"Ara ara, You look very happy, Rias-sama!"

Akeno giggled behind her, while Rias was brushing her hair with a smile on her face, she and Akeno always slept with each other and recently, the heiress of the Gremory family always wanted to go to bed early. She had planned a lot of fun games to play with Naruto tomorrow. It had been two months already and Rias always went out in the morning and returned at lunch, then went out again. There was not a single day Rias stopped trying to make Naruto go to Gremory Castle and be a servant there or even better be one of her servants, a member of her peerage. However, no matter how much she tried, Naruto still refused her offer but that was the only thing she felt sad about.

"Is it about your crush?"

Her queen smirked mischievously making Rias blushed brightly, Akeno always teased Rias about Naruto from the day she told her best friend about him and how she met him and the fact that she was using the queen's name.

"Akeno… it's not like that." Rias tried to defend herself but with her best friend's personality, she knew that there was no way she could escape that easily.

"Well, Rias-sama… I can't wait to meet him someday… imagine what would happen when he found out who are you!" Akeno smiled again, "And who I am?" This time, she was met with a pillow being thrown straight to her face by a furious Rias.

"Stop teasing me Akeno… and control yourself, Naruto-kun isn't a toy!" While just twelve years old, Akeno was very attractive for someone her age. Twelve years old and her breasts were as big as a normal fifteen year old devil. She always felt a little jealousy about her queen, who could draw attention from everyone with just her looks and body alone.

"Ufufufu... I haven't said anything about him being a toy, you added that part yourself Rias-sama." Akeno giggled "But maybe you're right, I should take him for myself, who knows maybe he will come to the castle if I could make him fall in love with me!"

Instantly, a pillow smashed straight into her face, knocking her to the bed and a furious Rias jumped onto her body and continued to hit her with the pillow in her hand. Not wanting to be left behind, Akeno took her own pillow and attacked Rias. The two girls continue to battle each other until they dropped onto the bed in exhaustion.

Slowly, Rias began to take off her pajamas, Rias always slept naked when she was a little girl and it became a bad habit, according to her mother. But then again, Rias couldn't sleep when her clothes were still on her body.

When she was completely naked, Rias began to crawl onto the bed and pulled the blanket over her body with Akeno and slowly hugged her friend.

"Say Akeno... Tomorrow I am going to tell Naruto-knew my true name, you will be there with me, won't you?"

"So... tomorrow, eh?" Akeno looked at her king "Do you really want me there too... The real Akeno?"
"Yeah...I want you to help me, and tomorrow, not matter what it takes, I will bring Naruto with me, and if he refuses again, I will use one of my pieces!" Rias said seriously, she didn't want to leave Naruto because he has become someone important to her. So she will do whatever it took to bring him with her.

"Okay Rias-sama...I promise I will help you, after all, I'm your queen, aren't I?" Rias nodded her head at her queen 'Tomorrow... Naruto-kun, tomorrow and you will be mine!'

The two girls quickly drifted into the land of dreams, with the red haired girl dreaming about a certain blond hair boy.

(Midnight, Lucifer's Castle.)

A lone figure was making his way through the corridors of the castle with a black katana in his hand, his movements were slow, moving without making a sound and passed through the servants of the castle without being seen. He finally made his way to where his mission target was located.

Slowly and carefully, he opened the room that led to her bedroom. His master gave him this mission, a mission he couldn't fail, no matter what happened, all for his master, the one had given him a purpose in life.

When the door was opened, the figure quickly jumped onto the bed with his katana raised above his head, ready to finish his mission once and for all. Suddenly, a giant fireball was sent straight at him from a bright magic circle, being caught off guard, he jumped out of the way to avoid the fireball but his right sleeves had been burned slightly. Maybe this mission wasn't as easy as his master said.

The light had been turned on and the boy was face to face with one of the most powerful Peerages' in the world, with the leader being none other than Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans, who was releasing his monstrous magical energy with a cold look in his eyes.

"Who are you?" Sirzechs asked coldly, Enku had felt a massive magical energy made its way to the castle. The energy was so great that everyone thought one of the Old Maou had come here. Sirzechs had called for all his peerage and ready for the battle but he was shocked that the monstrous energy was coming from a child.

Rias and Akeno had woken up and were shaking uncontrollably on the bed while looking at Sirzechs in fear. The boy slowly took off his burned jacket and laughed a little, he picked up his katana and turned around, ready to face the entire with the most likely outcome being that he won't come out alive.

"Naruto Uzumaki… I'm here to kill the sister of Sirzechs Lucifer!"

Hearing that name, Rias's and Akeno's eyes snapped wide opened and looked up to see the boy. The heiress of Gremory couldn't believe her eyes anymore, the Naruto she had been playing with all these months was standing before her with a katana in his hand and was ready to kill her, if not for her brother interfered she would be dead right now.

But the Naruto standing before her wasn't the Naruto she knew, gone was the warm smile and happiness whenever he met her. Now, standing before her was a killer with a predator's eyes, a smirk on his face… Looking at a Naruto who was like this, Rias was too shocked and scared to do anything.

"Who told you to kill my sister?" It looked like Naruto didn't saw Rias's face yet, because he was still looking directly at Sirzechs's eyes, "Tell me and I will make your death faster and less painful!"

"How generous, Lucifer-sama!" Naruto said with his blade ready at his side, Sirzechs couldn't believe that this child was ready to fight him, he cursed whoever had used this child to do something like taking another child's life.

"But I won't say anything, all for my master!" Naruto sighed and disappeared from their sight, only to reappear in front of Sirzechs and swing his blade at him. But Souji Okita, Sirzechs's Knight was faster than him and blocked the attack with his own Katanas. But his eyes widen when the boy smirked, his blade began to crackle with electricity and it slowly cuts through Souji's blades, making everyone's eyes widen in shock.

Seeing his friend couldn't handle the boy alone, Beowulf jumped in and sends a powerful kick to the boy's stomach and send him flying straight out of the window to the garden of the castle. The peerage quickly brought out their wings and jumped out of the window while Enku stayed to protect Rias.

Sirzechs eyes widen when he jumped out of the window, he felt the familiar feeling of Senjutsu above him and turned around, only to come face to face with a massive swirling blue energy orb head straight to him and his peerage. Bring out his hand to block the attack, he couldn't believe the force behind it and was slowly being pushed down to the ground with his peerage.

Luckily for him, Bahamut had flown down to the boy and tried to bite him with his massive jaw, but the boy had jumped out of the way first with the orb disappeared making everyone sigh in relief, but their eyes began to widen again when the boy appeared above Bahamut's head with his hand rose high into the sky. Lightning began to appear in the sky and when Naruto brought his hand down, a massive bolt of lightning in the form of a Kirin hit straight into Bahamut's body with a massive boom.

Bahamut's body crashed into the ground hard, sending dirt and earths flew everywhere. Before anyone could scream out his name, Naruto had appeared again before Macgregor and send a powerful punch into his stomach, the force was so strong that it created a powerful shockwave that broke every single window within their twenty foot radius. The Bishop of Sirzechs fell unconscious to the ground.

Grayfia quickly cast a powerful ice spell, sending wave after wave of ice spear to Naruto, but the boy was too fast. Smirking, he brought his hand together in front of his face and breathed in deeply, and after a few second, he breathed out a powerful fire in the form of a Phoenix, easily melting down the ice and would have defeated Grayfia if not for Beowulf, Surtr and Souji blocking the fire with their bodies.

"Beowulf, Surtr, Souji!" The strongest queen screamed out in horror as tears slowly fell out of her eyes. Grayfia quickly created a soft blanket made from snow to support and cool off their fallen body. She followed them to the ground and began to use healing magic to heal them.

Sirzechs couldn't believe what he just saw. A kid not older than Rias had taken out all of his peerage without a scratch on his body. There was no way this boy was normal, no child should have this much power at this age.

Anger was slowly building up inside Sirzechs. Bringing out his hand in front of him, Sirzechs created a massive ball of destruction and shot it at Naruto. The massive power connected with the boy's body, creating a powerful shockwave that made a minor earthquake in the underworld. Every single devil woke up from the earthquake, with some of them asking themselves what had just happened.

Thinking that the assailant was taken care of, Sirzechs decided to go to the ground to check on his peerage.

"Lucifer-sama… Where do you think you're going?"

Turning his head in shock, Sirzech saw some kind of ribcage covered with a purple flame had formed around Naruto protecting him. He could see that his eyes had slightly changed, but Naruto was too far away to see clearly

This child, he was too strong… there was no way he could hold back now, he had to end this now or else the boy may kill his beloved sister if he was given the chance.

He and Naruto slowly landed on the ground, this time the ribcage had transformed into an upper body of a demon with horns on its head, the amount of magical power he was released was amazing, it made Sirzechs feel as if he was facing one of his fellow Great Satans.

However, just as he was about to attack, small footsteps rang out behind him making Sirzechs's eyes widen in horror when he felt his sister magical energy heading for them.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Rias screamed out with tears in her eyes while still running to him, with Akeno and Koneko following behind her, "PLEASE STOP IT" Sirzechs tried to scream out to his sister, but no matter how he tried, Rias wouldn't stop running.

Sirzechs's eyes widened at the revelation that his sister somehow knew this boy. Sirzechs saw Naruto's eyes widen in shock and the skeleton slowly disappeared, leaving a wide eyed Naruto looking at Rias with a shocked expression.

"A-Akeno-chan …!" Naruto stuttered and screamed out in anger, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AKENO-CHAN… GET OUT OF HERE NOW, IT'S DANGEROUS HERE!" But when he saw the resemblance between Sirzechs and his 'Akeno', his face turned into an angry expression, "Your real name was Rias Gremory, wasn't it?" He asked her in a quiet tone, barely restraining his anger.

"Yes Naruto-kun… I'm sorry because I lied to you!" Rias lower her head in shame, "But please… Naruto-kun, stop it, I don't want you to be like this!"

"NO… my mission is to kill you!" The purple flames flared out again, but disappeared again. His eyes began to flicker between his normal eyes and crimson eyes with slit pupils. Naruto began to scream out in pain and clutched his head with his hands in agony and collapsed to the ground.

"STOP HIM!" A strange demonic voice came from the blond hair boy "He's being controlled… stop Naruto now…I can't hold him much longer!"

Even though Sirzechs didn't understand what was happening, he quickly ran to the boy and cast a sleeping spell onto him, but the boy broke out of the spell and kicked him in the stomach, knocking Sirzechs to the ground and stood up, running to Rias with his blade ready to impale her through her heart.

Just as he was about to reach her, an ice cell began to form around him, making Naruto unable to move. His body was struggling against the cell trying to break free but before he could do anything. Three figures appeared and put their hands on his head. A giant magic circle appeared above his head and no matter how hard he struggled, Naruto slowly drifted into sleep. Sirzechs, Grayfia and Lord Gremory breathed out in relief that it was finally over.

Rias slowly made her way to the blond when Grayfia melt down the ice and hugged him tightly, breaking down in tears.

"Rias…Calm down honey!" Venelana, her mother tried to comfort her "We should bring this boy inside to rest, I promise we won't hurt him!"

Looked at her mother's kind eyes, Rias let go of her friend so that her brother could carry him in his hands. With a nod, he quickly flew into his bedroom and placed the boy there. Together, he and Grayfia began to search for his memories to destroy the link between him and this 'master' of his…Who was controlling Naruto. They didn't have any reason to trust Naruto, but Rias's happiness was the only thing they needed to convince themselves.

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