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Life, Love, and Just Desserts

~Snips, Snails, and Puppy-dog Tails~

Sounds of food consumption surrounded her. Rice, fish, and other once tasty creations being inhaled at a rate that no human could consider. The young woman had seen it all before. Many times in fact. For whatever reason, the whole thing just fascinated her beyond words. By all rights it shouldn't have been possible!

And yet, those three Son males proved it possible with out any apparent effort.

Videl, who ate at much slower pace than her companions, finished off her bowl of rice. Son Chi Chi was a fantastic cook, making even a little thing like rice, taste like the most delicious item any menu could offer. As if by magic, a second bowl of rice, this one full, appeared before her. Videl looked over to her boyfriend who had resumed his maddened feeding frenzy, and smiled.

Gohan never let her reach into that fray on her own. Something the young woman appreciated beyond words. When Goku and Goten had their stomachs involved, they wouldn't notice if they removed the hand of an innocent in the process. Yes, Gohan always pulled out the food for her and he had learned well from his mother, he made sure she ate until she was full.

Which would really only be those two bowls of rice.

Chi Chi smiled knowingly from her right hand side. The two women making up the sane side of the table. The Son matriarch tended to be an even lighter eater than Videl herself. The mother often used the time not spent feasting on cleaning. But she liked cleaning, and often smiled and hummed while she did so. This was mind boggling to Satan Videl. Being housewife to these three would not be her dream job!

Just to one of them.

Smiling again at Gohan, the young woman re-adjusted her chopsticks and dove into the second bowl. The table itself was cleared of food before Videl had finished that bowl, but not by much. The Saiyan and kin sat back contentedly, each of them with distended abdomens from the mass intake. The eldest of the two brother's at the table stretched and turned toward her. "Should we go get that studying done now?"

For the math test she had tomorrow. He was in advanced calculus, a course that was worth credit in colleague, and still hardly put effort into it. She was in straight up calculus, and lost… "Certainly."

Gohan smiled and stood, offering her a hand up as well. Chivalry hadn't died yet. He nodded to his mother. "Thanks for supper, Mom; we're going to go study now."

"Of course dear, now off with you!"

Catching her hand in a familiar manner, Gohan lead the way down to his and Goten's shared room. Videl closed the door gently behind them. It would be easier to study if they kept little Goten out of there for a while. Or easier to make out, depending on how the mood went. She turned back to her half Saiyan boyfriend and watched as he untucked his white long sleeve shirt. Sliding a hand beneath his shirt, Gohan rubbed at his stomach. He tipped backward onto his bed and sighed, "Wow, I'm stuffed."

Videl smirked and sat down on the bed beside him, pulling her legs up beneath her. "And whose fault is that?"

Eyes closed, Gohan's face broke into a stupid grin. "Mine. But I'm not going to repent!"

Videl slid her hand along his belly as well, still amazed after knowing him for a year at the amount he could put away. And even with the swell in his stomach, which was shrinking even as she thought on it, Gohan tended to eat less than either his father or brother. "I don't want you to repent, Son Gohan, just don't complain!"

The demi-Saiyan pried one eye open to look at her. "Who said I'm complaining? That was a sigh of satisfaction."

Raising one eyebrow, Videl snorted. "So why would you feel the need to say you aren't going to repent?"

The grin on the demi-Saiyan's face twisted from stupid to feral in the blink of an eye. Gohan reached up and pulled Videl down on top of him, locking his arms and effectively pinning her against his chest. "Easy. I'm not going to repent for this either." He then caught her lips with his own, quelling immediate response.

Pulling back slowly from the warm kiss, Videl laid her head on Gohan's shoulder. She most defiantly didn't have any plans on getting away from him. In fact, the young woman chose to wriggle around a bit, finding a position which wouldn't kill her but would put little Gohan into an embarrassing situation. Even though in private situations, even the response of certain anatomy didn't seem to embarrass him as much as it used too. "You know, Gohan, if we keep going on like this, your Mom may just get those 'grandbabies' she's so desperately after a tad sooner than she expects."

Now that caused a blush to rise up beneath his glasses. "Ah, Videl… We're still virgins though…"

The tight grip he had had on her had been loosed a bit, and the young woman brought her hand up to gently trace the length of Gohan's nose. "Technically speaking. But… the way we've been going…" Videl blushed as well. It was a bit harder to say then she had expected.

Gohan blew out a long breath of air beneath her. "Videl, do you want to have children? You know, when you're older…"

Now that was an unexpected question. "Of course! I think a little mini version of you, and a little mini version of me would round out our family nicely."

The half Saiyan sighed quietly and sat up, causing her to land heavily on his lap. His hands rested at his sides, no longer holding her in any way, his eyes were glued to some small section of the far wall. "I think, if you want children, Videl, you may want to save yourself for another man."

A numbness over took her body, and Videl couldn't help but stare. She had thought, maybe she had been hoping more, that she and this man would get married. Have a family. She loved him, she knew that, and would not resist giving herself over to him. Videl had thought that her boyfriend had felt the same way. "I… I don't understand, Gohan. Is it me? Or… Gohan, don't tell me that you don't want children…"

The demi-Saiyan blinked, apparently startled by her response. Those powerful arms once again embraced her body. "No, it has nothing to do with you, Vidy! And, to be honest, I would love to be a father someday. I would love those children to be ours."

Videl sighed, he'd not answered her. "But…"

"But I'm afraid that… that I may not be able to give you the children you want."

The young woman blinked, now how do you respond to that? "Excuse me?"

Gohan brushed her cheek gently with one hand, his other arm still about her torso. Her boyfriend's eyes were sad. "I haven't told anyone this before, but you need to know. There is, well… a very strong possibility that I might be sterile."

Videl had to let that sink in for a moment before it clicked. She captured that hand on her cheek with one of her own. "Because of your genetics, Gohan? Why are you worried? Saiyan blood and human blood obviously mix. There are three half Saiyans about to prove that, and a fourth one on the way in the Briefs household."

Gohan smiled at that. A tiny smile about something he must have found ironic. "Yes, Videl, a full blooded Saiyan and a full blooded human can mate and have offspring. Their genetics are that compatible. Horses and donkeys are often mated as well, because the genetics work. But, they are still two different species. The resulting offspring is always… sterile."

And realization dawned. She had never considered that before, but he was absolutely right. Any cross breed that she could think of in the mammal kingdom had the same affliction. Oh gods, he was right. "I… Gohan. I'd never thought about it like that. Look, I still love you, Gohan. Even if it turns out that we can't have children, I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone but you." All right, so it sounded sappy, but it was true.

Gohan looked hard into her eyes for a long moment, those ebony wrought orbs piercing into her soul. Apparently satisfied, he pulled Videl close and buried his nose in her hair. "Thank you, Videl. I love you too."

The two sat there, for an undetermined amount of time, neither willing to move or speak. Videl was, devastated. Not for herself, but for Gohan. He would be perhaps the world's greatest father. His relationship with Goten was proof of that. If it was true, that he was sterile, Gohan would blame himself for not being able to increase their family. He always blamed himself when he shouldn't. But something bothered her about the whole thing.

If. The whole hypothesis was based on an if. Videl suddenly had a goal. She had never been the sort of frilly girl that wanted to wait to have sex until her wedding night. She had always been much too impatient to have any delusions like that. She had just wanted the right man, and she was sitting on his lap right now. And, there was this theory she'd over heard in conversations between the two full Saiyan's and there mates about a bond. Perhaps sex had something to do with that, as well.

The goal? Operation Prove Gohan Wrong. Using any means necessary.

Gohan shifted then, interrupting her thoughts. He raised his nose, propping his chin on her head instead. Videl felt the young man move a hand to his face, she assumed to readjust the thin wire frame glasses that balanced on the bridge of his nose. "So, Vidy… Prom is this Saturday… would you like to go?"

Videl snorted. Oh yeah. Today was Sunday or, February 24th to be exact. Prom was being held early this year, it usually falling in mid March, this year it was on the second. Saturday. "I don't think we have a choice, Gohan. We promised Erasa last year that we'd be there with her and Sharpner. Even if they are on prom court and we'll likely not see them the entire night."

She felt Gohan grimace. "I know, she's been obsessing about this since December. But, it wouldn't be so bad… I'd get to see you in a dress!"

Videl chuckled into Gohan's chest and smacked him playfully. "Is that your soul purpose for going? In that case, maybe I'll just wear slacks and a nice blouse…"

This time it was Gohan's turn to snort. "Erasa will never allow it."

The young Miss Satan laughed again. He was right. "She'll probably steal me away to go shopping, my bet is sometime before Wednesday. I'm only surprised she hasn't dragged me out sooner. And you have to rent a tux, don't you?"

"I all ready did. Bulma says that it gets much harder to get a nice tuxedo closer to the prom date. So… I did that at the end of January."

Videl pulled back from him then, to seek out his eyes. A wry smile played on her lips. "You've been plotting behind my back, Son Gohan."

Stupid grin returning, Gohan ducked his head. "Yes, I have"

The young woman found herself grinning back at him. How could you hold being sweet to a fault against a guy? Besides, she was doing some more devious plotting of her own. She would need Erasa's help, but Videl wanted a knock out of a dress. With any luck, this nasty little school project called Prom, could be the first step in Operation PGW. "All right, Gohan, I'll let you get away with it this time."

He opened his mouth to respond when a little whirl wind blew open the door and ran up to the two teens on the bed. "Big brother, big brother! Looky at what I found crawling through Mom's spider plant! Isn't it cute?"

Videl leaned back, to let Gohan have a look at whatever it was that had Goten so excited and took a peak herself. Gohan started laughing and he placed a hand fondly on his little brother's head. "Looks like you've found yourself a little snail, Goten!"

The little boy smiled proudly, pleased with himself at his brother's approval. "Yup! But I don't know what to name him. Could you guys help me?"

The two teens looked at each other and smiled. It looked like Videl was just going to have to try and cram before her test tomorrow.


It was a very bored Son Gohan that sat in the seventh period of an eight hour day picking out all the imperfections in his thumb nail. It was Monday, and to be frank, Monday's were typically very slow crime days. Meaning that the demi-Saiyan had been in school the whole day. Gohan grinned to himself. All right, so maybe he'd gotten to the point where skipping school to go fight the bad guys was considered a lot of fun.

This class certainly wasn't.

The advanced Calculus teacher droned on about some formula or another. Not that Gohan really listened. In the unlikely case that the old man was teaching something the half Saiyan didn't all ready know, he would catch up on it in his readings later. He was a bit more concerned for Videl at the moment. She was in the class room across the hall, taking a test that they'd never finished studying for. Though, she'd been working like mad in the classes he'd seen her in to learn all the last minute things.

That was horrible as well. In his junior year, Gohan had ended up being placed in a lot of classes with the young Miss Satan. Senior year was different. He only had three classes with her, and lunch. But then, most of the classes Gohan was in were in the advanced placement program. By the end of the year he would have enough colleague credits to graduate not only high school, but freshman year of the colleague of his choice as well. The benefit was, the school had to pay for the courses this way, and it made his mother very happy.

The down side was, he really didn't get to have many classes with his original group of friends. Of that group, interestingly enough, it was Sharpner that he shared five classes with. The blonde male may have been a bit vain and perhaps arrogant even, but for all that he called Gohan 'Brains', he was quite intelligent himself. In fact, he was an apparent whiz kid when it came to history and science. He had the second highest grade in those particular AP classes. Gohan had the highest.

Despite that though, Sharpner had no urge to try in his other classes. Which is why while Gohan was in the AP, and Videl and Erasa were in Calculus, Sharpner was in basic math. And he'd flunked that three years running only because he didn't want to try.

Which was why Gohan sat bored, and feeling alone in a crowd. Okay, so there were only twelve students in the class. Gohan had never really made close friends with any of them. They were a nice enough lot, but half of them spent all of their free time with their nose in a Star Wars book and checking the batteries in their pocket protectors. The other half tried to play it cool and cool had never been a crowd Gohan had been good at tolerating for long.

The teen reverted to watching the seconds tick off on his watch. Eighth hour would be good. That was the one class all four of them were in. Their only other chance to get together and talk being at lunch. Erasa and Videl were planning on shopping tonight, dragging Gohan and Sharpner with them. Next hour, they would finalize those plans. All Gohan needed was to be saved by the bell. Which would happen in three, two, one…

The bell rang and Gohan vaulted right over the desks of his class and launched himself from the room as fast as he could. Taking up an easy stance against the wall beside the opposite room, Gohan waited for his girlfriend to emerge from its dark confines. When she did stalk through the door frame, he could fairly feel the anger emanating from her. Such was Videl's mood that she pounded right by him with out even noticing. Erasa exited after her, shrugging helplessly.

A path cleared for Videl as she stalked down the hall, fellow students just short of diving out of her way. It made it easy for Gohan to catch up to her though, and when he did, he cautiously eased an arm around her shoulders. "Did the test go that bad?"

Videl cast him a look out of the corner of her eye and then raised her multi program calculator between them. "If I could, with clear conscious, throw this bastard creation down on the floor and watch it shatter into a million unrecognizable pieces right now, I would!"

Gohan grimaced, "Oh now, Vidy, you can't take out your frustrations on a calculator like that."

She snorted, a smile slowly taking her features. "That's why it's still in one piece. Though, I need to talk you into a spar sometime in the near future."

Gohan chuckled. "Now there's a better way to take out your frustrations. Just beat on me for a while. I'll happily risk my own flesh for the safety and well being of our friend, the calculator."

Videl laughed and smacked him lightly with the instrument of discussion. Erasa apparently decided that the immanent danger had passed and came up to Videl's other side; they were all walking to the same class anyway. "Don't worry, Videl, I'm pretty sure I didn't get any better than a D on that test either. There were some really nasty trick questions on it!"

Videl clenched her fist about the hapless calculator. "I know it! All well, next hour is just a slacker computer hour anyway. And a free day too, unless I'm confused. Which I'm not."

Erasa raised a finger before Videl, and winked at her friend. "Not free, Videl, we have to plan! Like which mall are we going to, and what stores! We need to hit a make up shop too, the colors I have just won't suit your complexion that well."

Sharpner waited for them outside the room, his previous class was right in the area, so he always had time to drop his books at his locker before class. He slid in beside Erasa and led her into the class. "Hey, babe, how was the test?"

Gohan grinned as Videl, who walked behind the man, reached out and thumped him in the back of the head with the hard plastic calculator. "Don't you even bring up the topic of 'test' in my presence today, Pencil Sharpner!"

The blonde man jumped out of the way, rubbing at the back of his head. "Yeouch! All right, I get the point!"

Videl grinned and slid into the chair before the computer. All four of them sat in a row, and it was rare that they actually did any work pertaining to the class. Today the whole goal was to plot out their evening plans. It was decided that they would all meet at Videl's home an hour after school, as the Satan Mansion was with in walking distance of the South Satan District Mall, which Erasa had decided was the best place to shop. The other two left right after school, saying they needed to go get some cash (And/or Credit cards) before going anywhere.

Gohan crawled into the passenger side of Videl's jet copter; she had decided she was driving home today. That was fine by him, it wouldn't take five minutes. While en-route, Gohan borrowed Videl's cell phone and called to tell his mother that he would be coming home late. Which was fine by her, once she found out they were going shopping for prom utilities.

Videl landed the jet copter in front of her house, not bothering to capsulate it in her own yard. Mrs. Mill, the stout little old house maid, met them shortly after entering the house. "Welcome home, Miss Videl! I see you brought your cute boy with you. How are you today, young Gohan?"

Gohan smiled. The woman had used to embarrass him when he first began visiting Videl's home, but he had soon grown to understand her ways. Bowing slightly, the demi-Saiyan took Mrs. Mill's hand and brought the back of it to brush against his lips. His smile deepened at the pink flush that darkened the older woman's cheeks. "I am wonderful today, Mrs. Mill. Thank you for asking. And how are you?"

The maid lightly batted Gohan away, smiling too as she said, "You're a naughty one, aren't you! Trying to fluster an old women. You watch out for this one, Miss Videl! But since you asked, I'm well."

Giggling at the antics of the two, Videl stated, "Mrs. Mill, Erasa and Sharpner will be showing up in about forty-five minutes, send them to the left living room when they get here, please. Come on, Gohan."

Gohan was lead to the most Spartan of the three living rooms that the mansion sported. Videl had a thing against most of her father's choices of décor. Which was understandable, as most of said artwork involved Mr. Satan's face in some way shape or form. "I'm going to run to my room and grab some spare cash, make yourself comfortable, Gohan; the remote is on the stand by the lamp."

She had disappeared from the room before Gohan had finished nodding his understanding. Gohan took a seat on the couch of the room and raised an eyebrow at the companion who sat watching him. He was cute, blonde, and just over a year old. Big brown eyes looked hopefully at the demi-Saiyan. Gohan smiled and reached out to scratch just under the fuzzy chin of the little dog. "Awe, Bee! You didn't think I'd forget to pay attention to such a cute little pup as you, did you?"

The little dog's tail thwaped the couch excitedly as he repositioned his head to get a better scratch. Gohan obliged the pup. Bee, he could handle. As long as he could avoid Satan Hercule and Buu on this little excursion, he would be a happy teenager.

"Like that spoiled little pup needs anymore attention."

Gohan turned to face Videl, who stood in the doorway with a small smile on her lips. "But, Vidy, how could anyone resist a face like this?"

Videl grinned and joined the two on the couch, using her nails to scratch the puppy down the length of his back. "No one, that's why he really doesn't need more attention. No matter what he tries to hint at." Shifting across the couch, Videl moved to hand off the roll of money she had brought from her room to Gohan. "Here, pocket this."

The demi-Saiyan stared at her, so dumbstruck he faltered in scratching Bee. "I don't need your money, Videl!"

The young woman rolled her eyes. "I'm not saying you do." She gestured down at the spandex shorts she always wore to school; the t-shirt had been exchanged for a sweater with the cooler weather. "I'm not changing just to go shopping, and these really don't have anything in the way of secure pockets. So, carry this for me!"

"Oh." Gohan slowly reached out and took the offered Zenny, tucking it into one of the pockets on his own normal school uniform. "But, what if we get separated; I'll have your money…"

Videl sighed and proceeded to dip her hand down the neck of her sweatshirt, producing a credit card from her bosom. "I can find a place to carry a credit card. Don't worry about it. And if for some reason you do need to use any of that money, go ahead. I've got more." She then tucked the plastic card back where she had pulled it from.

The half Saiyan nodded his understanding, but kept his own council. He had money, and would not use her's. But he did understand and acknowledge the offer. They sat and quietly chatted about little things, Bee receiving untold attention between them, until Erasa and Sharpner arrived. It was an excited Erasa that dragged Videl ahead of the two guys all the way to the mall. And into the mall. And to the bowels of the mall telling Sharpner and Gohan that they'd all have the meet back at the west food court in a couple of hours.

Sharpner looked as lost as Gohan as they watched they're girlfriends disappear around a corner. "So… Gohan, do you have anything you want to look around for?"

The demi-Saiyan considered a moment. "Well, do you know if there is anyplace in here where I can get order a corsage for Videl? After I know what color of dress she gets."

Sharpner nodded and lead Gohan off in another direction from the entrance. Two hours, fifteen stores, and three purchases later, Gohan and Sharpner sat in the west food court discussing the CD Sharpner had purchased. Gohan sensed Videl's Ki, and the Erasa's, before they were even in view. They were approaching from behind Sharpner, and Videl held up a finger to her mouth as the two stealthily approached their unwitting target.

Gohan just barely hid his grin as he turned back to the discussion. He couldn't help it though, he just about fell over laughing when Erasa litterly pounced on Sharpner. Sending the blonde male into a jump about five feet off of his chair.

Erasa then proceeded to calm her boyfriend down by happily pulling out of the dress bag she carried a frilly pink, skimpy dress, and proclaiming that she was all set for prom! Videl took a seat beside Gohan and smiled mischievously at him. Lifting the bottom of the dress bag she carried, the half Saiyan was allowed a peak at the hem line of the most silky, deep blue material he had ever seen. And then the bag was closed again.

Videl then insisted on buying them all dinner, double portion for Gohan even though he tried to refuse, at their choice of restaurant. There were a lot to pick from. But Gohan's mind really wasn't on his eating, for once. He was considering that silky blue dress, and what that material had to look like on Videl's body.

The young miss Satan grinned at his obviously sidetracked thoughts. Operation PGW would be put into effect on Saturday. Gohan would have no choice.


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