Bob looked up as a panicked Padawan ran in.


He knocked over her Cheese Whiz collection! AGAIN!

"NOO!" she shrieked.

Anakin stopped, dead in his tracks. He turned around, and looked guiltily at the mess. "Oops!" he said.

"You're DEAD!" she said, standing up.

Anakin started to run again, but Bob did a flying jump, and landed on his back.

"MASTER! HEEELLPP!" Anakin wailed.

Obi-Wan came running blindly in, his face full of shaving cream.

"I can't see!" He yelled.


They came into contact, knocking over a vase on a little table near the couch.

The two Jedi sat up. Anakin looked over at his Master, who was wiping cream off his face with his sleeve..

Once his eyes were cleared, Obi-Wan looked over at his Padawan.

Then they looked at Bob.

She was still lying down. Her eyes were closed, and her brows furrowed angrily. Her fists clenched.

The two exchanged glances again, and stood up, walked slowly to the kitchen door, then ran in as fast as they could.


Bob opened her eyes when she heard the door close. She stood up, and looked around. They were gone!

"TINTIN, GET IN HERE!" she yelled.

Tina sauntered in, and casually looked around. "what happened in here?" she asked.

Bob groaned, and flopped down again. "One word." She said, putting a hand over her eyes. "Jedi."


Anakin and Obi-Wan looked around at their surroundings.

A big white box.

A table.

Some chairs.

A cooking unit of some sort.

A sink.

Some cupboards.

A counter.

"Master?" Anakin said, walking over to the big white box.

"Mmm?" Obi-Wan asked, distracted.

"What's that big white box?"

Obi-Wan walked over to it, and opened it. "Apparently, food storage of some sort."

"Cool!" Anakin said, grabbing a jug containing white liquid.

"Wonder what food they have hear." Obi-Wan acquired.

"One of them drinks!" Anakin exclaimed, removing a bottle labeled Jones Soda. "They're a little young, aren't they?"

Obi-Wan grabbed the bottle from his Padawan's hands. "and so are you, my young apprentice!"

Anakin gave his Master an innocent, shocked look. "Why Master, I would never ever think that I could drink alco-"

"Anakin! Remember that one time when you were fifteen..."

"Okay, okay! So, what's this?" Anakin asked, grabbing a bottle labeled Ketchup.

Obi-Wan opened the bottle, and sampled a bit. "Interesting, and acidic sauce of some sort." He said, placing it back.

"Don't they have any regular food here?" Anakin asked, walking to a cupboard and rummaging through.

"I don't know. And I can't seem to find any drinking water! Surely they don't drink if from the sink! That's toxic!"

"Master, what's Peanut Butter?"

"I don't know, sounds disgusting though!"

"Oh yeah!" The Padawan agreed, putting it back.

Suddenly, the kitchen door opened, and Tina walked in.

"Um, hi!" she said, nervously leaning against the door. "How about, going for a walk, or see a movie, or, or, something!"

The Jedi gazed at her, curiously. "Why?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Well.. Bob is a bit mad right now, NOT a good time to be here!"


"And Obi-Wan, you might want to finish shaving first, or at least wipe some of the cream off!"


"What in Force's name is I that? /I Anakin asked, pointing at a parked car.

"Some sort of primitive speeder." Tina replied.

Anakin started to crack up.

"Now stop laughing!"

"wow, this is like being in a history museum!" Obi-Wan commented. "What's next?"

Tina looked at them, exasperated. "You guys! We're going for a walk, not sight seeing!"

Anakin began to laugh again, and Obi-Wan looked at her, and admired the car again.

Before leaving the building, Tina has made the Jedi disguise themselves.

Anakin wore a baseball hat, sunglasses, blue jeans, and a black sweater. He had pinned up his braid.

Obi-Wan, on the other hand, had been forced to go to the hair stylist, and get a haircut and shave.

Anakin had cracked up when he saw a blow dryer, and found out it wasn't a blaster.

Then they went to the store to get Bob a surprise, Cheese Whiz! The new Ranch flavour!

There, Anakin and Obi-Wan examined a game boy, until Tina made them wait outside.

When she came back out, she found Anakin laughing at a car. And now, she was standing and glaring at them.

"Let's go home, you guys. Bob should have calmed down more.

They Jedi looked at her, dismayed. "But, everything here is so interesting!"

Tina looked around, embarrassed. "Come one!" She hissed, "People are staring!"

"You mean our behavior isn't normal? Anakin said, startled.

Tina reached up, and flicked his ear. "Just come!" and so, they started back to Bob's apartment.
AN: How will Bob react to the Cheese Whiz? Will the Jedi ever see all of New York? Will this story ever become more dramatic like I originally planned it to be? Review and find out! Sorry this is so short, but I just got over writers block! So, I'll update next Friday, I promise!