Lost and Found

By Siren

Hey guys!!!!!! Well, this is my Angel fic. This is before the one where Cordy runs to Connor after she loses his memory. In fact, Cordy is still that higher-being thing. Alright, here's the jist of the story: a girl is attacked and Connor saves her. As a way to repay him, she offers to let him stay at her house for a while. They get close, and she tries to help heal his torn heart, and to get him to trust again. Meanwhile, he gives her the feeling of safety she so desperatly needs. ENJOY MINNA- SAN!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to L.A.?

The night was unusually cold, and she gripped her coat around her tightly. Her raven hair whipped at her face as a gust of wind blew her way. Shivering, she regretted not asking for a ride home. She looked up at the sky, noticing the full moon. 'It's beautiful, but the wierdos are usually out when there's a full moon, right?' Reaching into her pocket, she felt for the pepper-spray. Having it with her braught her a small sense of comfort.

Nearly tripping over her shoe-laces, she sighed and bent down. Lacing up her boots, she frowned. Footsteps stopped behind her, and a chill ran down her spine. Her heart began to race and she grabbed the pepper-spray from her pocket. Standing up she turned around. A burly man stood behind her, his eyes dark and cold. "You lost?" His voice was thick and deep.

"Me? Lost? Oh, not at all. You see, my house is right down the block, so I better get going. You know, curfew and all. But thanks for asking," she rambled nervously. Turning to leave, she felt a heavy hand rest on her shoulder. "Who said I was offering to help you, little lady?" She could smell something foul on his breathe. Something with a copper tint to it. 'Blood? Why would I smell blood on his breath? Oh God, is he a cannibal? Great. My first night in L.A. and I meet up with Hannibal Lecter.'

Turning around, she sprayed his eyes with the pepper-spray. He roared in agony, his hands flying towards his burning face. "YOU BITCH!" Siezing the opportunity, she turned and ran. Her boots thudded heavily on the pavement as she ran. Turning at a corner, she spotted her house. "Almost...there..." she panted. She would've smiled, except that something tackled her to the ground. She gasped as the wind was knocked out of her. Her lungs contracted painfully, and her eyes shut tightly in pain.

She opened them to see the burly man looming over her. Only now his face was worse than before. Yellow eyes blazed, and...fangs gleamed? He had fangs? His brow was bumpy, like some sort of reptile. "You hurt me, I hurt you," he growled. Her eyes widened and she tried to throw him off of her. He struck her, and she felt the blood gather in her mouth. 'I'm gonna die here. I'm gonna die right here, just a few houses away from home. I was so close...' She closed her eyes and waited for whatever he was going to do to kill her.

She heard her attacker growl in anger, and opened her eyes to find him a few feet away from her. She crawled away from him, and saw her hero. It was a guy around her age, with light brown hair and dark eyes. Her hero kicked her attacker in the stomach repeatedly before flipping him onto his back. Removing a stake, her hero slammed it into her attacker's heart. She gasped as her attacker turned to dust.

"You okay?" She looked up at him, her blue eyes wide. "H-he just turned to dust. Who, who are you, and what the hell was that?" Her hero gave a small smile. "I'm Connor. And that was a vampire." She gaped at him, before promptly passing out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Connor had helped many people, but none of them had ever passed out before. They usually just ran away in fear. He braught her back to his, er, apartment. (Where does he live? Is it the attic of a museum or something?) He laid her down on the bed gently, and sat down next to her. She was maybe a year or two younger than him, with long, wazy black hair. Her eyes were a light shade of blue, almost silver.

She had looked so frightened, and so disappointed in herself. He had seen the disappointment in her eyes when she thought she was going to die. But she had faught back, something that other humans wouldn't normally do. She had sprayed some sort of acid in her opponent's eyes, and tried to escape. A gently smile tugged at his lips. She had spirit.

She groaned as her eyes opened. He watched as she took in her surroundings. Her eyes studied everything before landing on him. "You're awake," he muttered in amusement. She frowned, before her eyes took in his familiar face. "You're that guy...the one that saved me from that other guy." Connor nodded with a slight smile. The girl smiled and sat up. "Thanks for helping me. I'm Jasmine, but my friends call me Jazz. You're Connor, right? And that guy...was a vampire?"

"You fainted. I couldn't just leave you there. And I couldn't bring you to a hospital. They'd ask too many questions." Jazz nodded and ran her hands through her hair. "What time is it?" Connor looked at the small alarm clock he kept from Angel's. "It's a little after 1:00a.m. Why?" Jazz's eyes widened. "Oh my God, I was supposed to be home hours ago! My parents are gonna kill me!"

Connor tilted his head in curiosity. So many emotions played on the girl's face. "Listen, I know you've already done a lot for me. But, can you walk me home?" Connor nodded, much to her relief. "I wouldn't ask, but after what happened tonight, I'd feel safer with you around." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jazz shivered. Was it just her, or did the temperature drop 10 degrees? Connor noticed her shiver, and took off his coat. "Here," he offered, holding out the coat. Jazz smiled. "Thanks." she put the heavy duster on. "Won't you be cold?" He shrugged. "Not really. I'm used to it."

Jazz frowned. "You know, you have a nice place. But, seeing as how you saved me tonight, how about I do something for you?" Connor frowned. "I won't take any money for it." She smiled. "I thought you wouldn't. But that's not what I was offering. I'm offering to let you stay at my house. We have a guest room, and I'd feel better if you stayed for a little bit. We have heating, plumbing, food, the works. So...can you stay?"

"Wouldn't your parents mind?" Jazz shook her head. "Nah. If I tell them what you did for them, they'd let you stay. I mean, you saved me from a vampire. In my book, that qualifies as a free stay at my house." Connor thought about it. Free food, room, and board. Plus, they had heat. All in all, it wasn't a bad deal. Besides, he'd be able to keep an eye on Jazz. "Alright. But only for a few days." Jazz smiled brightly and hugged him. "Thank you!" Surprised by the sudden show of affection, he slowly returned the hug.

She let go, much to his disappointment. "Here we are," she announced. The house was beautiful, and they walked inside. "Mom? Dad?" She peeked into the family room, and saw them sleeping on the couch. Smiling softly, she took Connor's hand and led him upstairs. "C'mon. They're already asleep." She showed him to the room. It was cozy, and the bed looked comfortable. "So, um, I guess I'll see you in the morning. Thanks for saving me."

Connor gave a small smile, not used to getting such attention. Jazz noticed the uncomfortable look in his eyes, and smiled slightly. "Good night." She closed the door behind her, leaving Connor alone. He sat on the bed, and immidietly took in her scent. Lavender. Laying down, he felt the exhaustion seep into his body.

Jazz changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, and climbed into bed. She was nearly killed tonight, but it didn't seem to matter. She had been saved by a mysterious boy, and now he was sleeping in the next room. She rolled on to her side, kept awake by thoughts of him. Finally, she felt sleep come upon her, and closed her eyes.

2 Be Continued....