Trouble in Paradise


Summary: The sequel to 'Crimson Angel'. A year had passed since Jean's visit to Smallville. She finds herself constantly in angst over Clark, until Pete, Clark and Chloe agree to visit Jean in Bayville. Jean is absolutely thrilled, but other certain parties are less than pleased.

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Author's Note: Finally, the long awaited sequel to 'Crimson angel.' Umm I hope it's as good as my first fic. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping. Thank you to everyone who reviewed my last fic. I know I keep saying this, but without you guys... this sequel wouldn't be possible. Enjoy!

**May contain spoilers for Redux and Nocturne**

~*~*Set sometime during season two of Smallville and before 'Blind Alley' for X-men Evolution. *~*~

**Indicates a thought**

Chapter 1


Jean stared longing out of the sitting room window. It had been a whole year since she had last seen Clark. Sure, she had emailed, called and talked to him on the instant messenger almost everyday. But it just wasn't the same as talking to him in person.

"Jean, can I come in?" Scott had been lingering outside of the room for quite some time. He, like the other mutants at the institute had noticed a change in her behavior ever since she had gotten back from Kansas. "You okay?"

Jean nodded slowly, but kept her gaze outside of the window. She knew that they were worried about her, especially Scott. But Jean just couldn't tell them, wouldn't tell them. Besides there was nothing anyone could really do, unless Clark suddenly decided to take the first plane out of Kansas to New York, she would be stuck in a mode forever.

"You want to tell me what's on your mind?" Scott tried again.

"What?" She said suddenly, as if just breaking out of a trance, "Ummmmm thanks Scott..... but I'm okay." He had tried this almost everyday, trying to get her to tell him what was wrong. She just wouldn't open up, Scott often found himself worrying about her. He.. loved....her and it was painful to see her just sitting, staring, sometimes for hours. Whatever it was that had happened in Kansas, evidently bothered her... a lot.

"Okay... remember if you ever need to talk, I'm here." He said before turning to leave.

"Thanks Scott." Jean forged a smile, ** Scott always the sensible one.... and caring.... Clark's caring....and sweet...... Clark's sweet... and.... STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!!!!! ** She mentally scolded herself. "Bye."

"Bye." Scott called before closing the door to the room.

"Red's at it again huh?" Logan had obviously seen the whole thing.

"Yeah. I just can't get her to tell me what's wrong." Scott added taking one last glance at the door.

"Give her some time."

All of a sudden Kitty ran pass them at top speed, nearly knocking Logan over.

"Watch it, Half-pint." Logan grumbled.

"Sorry, ummmm have you guys seen Jean? Someone's on the phone, and he like wants to talk to her."

Scott pointed towards the closed wooden door. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Kitty walked into the room. "Uh, sorry to like interrupt you but you have a phone call."

Jean took the phone from Kitty, "Thanks Kitty."

"Hello?" She spoke into the receiver.

"Hey." Was the voice on the other end's reply.

"Clark? Hey!" The tone in her voice immediately went from dull and somber to vigorous and perky.

"So how's it going?"

"Great." Jean lied, she missed him, more and more each day. But she knew that her parents would never agree to remove her from the institute and move to Smallville, just so she could be with her 'true love'.

"That's good to hear." Jean could tell that he was smiling, probably that oh so gorgeous smile of his. The one that made her knees go weak, her heart flutter, and left her at a sudden loss for words.

"So how are things in Smallville?" She asked this question almost everytime she talked to him, many people would find it hard to believe, but Jean actually missed the quaint little town.

"Great, I think I already told you about the tornado, Byron and the new principal..."

"Yeah, the guy that HATES you." Jean laughed.

"What?" Clark honestly didn't understand what was so funny. Dr. Reynolds really did hate him.... okay maybe he didn't hate him exactly but Clark could tell that he wasn't one of Dr. Reynold's favorite students.

"It's just so unrealistic to imagine that there are people in this world that actually have the nerve to HATE Clark Kent."

"Very funny, Jean."

Jean smiled, "So when are you coming to visit?" **I miss you. **

"Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Oh?" The smile on her face grew wider with anticipation.

"Yeah. My parents said it would be better to visit you over the summer break, stay for a couple of weeks......" Clark paused, "If it's okay with....."

"SURE!" Jean blurted out, cutting him off mid sentence in the process. "So, maybe sometime next week?" **Or TODAY! **

"Tuesday.... is it okay if Pete and Chloe kinda tag along?"

Jean paused, Clark knew her secret but Chloe and Pete didn't.

"Pete knows about my abilities." Clark added, realizing that this was probably one of her concerns.

"Sure, why not, the more the merrier right? I just can't believe you're really coming. I can't wait to see you again."

"Same here. I'd better go, I promised my dad I'd get a couple of things done around the farm."

"Okay, I'll see you on Tuesday and tell your parents I said 'HI'."

Having finished talking to Clark, Jean hung up the phone. She almost couldn't contain her excitement. She quickly walked past a very confused Scott, who was still trying to figure out what was making her suddenly energized and cheerful.

"Whoa, what's with you?" This was probably the happiest he had seen her since her return trip from Smallville.

"Sorry, Scott." Jean called from over her shoulder.

There was only a week until Clark's arrival and everything had to be perfect.



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