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"Darn it!" I shrieked, sending my two roommates, Carrie and Autumn, literally running into the kitchen.

"What, what…" Carrie started, her shoulder length brunette hair still dripping wet, leaving small puddles of water on the floor.

It was only the beginning of spring break and we were already starting to go insane. I'm pretty sure that we watched Spiderman at least 25 times already!

"Jean, what the heck?" Autumn said, finally setting her novel on the kitchen table.

"I dropped… why aren't you guys dressed yet!?! It's one o'clock and you're still in you pajamas!!!" I began picking up the broken pieces of porcelain from the floor.

"Jean," Carrie sighed, "we've been through this…"

"Yeah, I know. Rule # 28- during holidays and breaks, no getting dressed before two o'clock," I finished before they had even started.

"The rule in which you broke," Autumn mock scolded, "and let's not forget about the dish."

"I know, I know, but…"

"Whoa, looks like someone finally cleaned up this sty. How long did it take you to do that?" Carrie said, inspecting the now spotless counter top.

"Well I…"

"You were always the…" Autumn began before I cut her off, rather abruptly I might add.

"It's just that one of my friends is stopping by later." Finally. Now that that's out…

"Oh… Julie." Carrie huffed, rolling her eyes.

Now there were two people who would never become friends. Even if they were the last two people on the face of the earth, the guys girls fight over.

"Clark." I finished picking up the last piece of broken porcelain and cautiously stood up.

"Clark?" Autumn toyed with her blonde tresses for a while, like she did whenever she was excited or nervous or… whatever really. "The hottie in the picture!?!"

"Yep." I nodded, smiling at their reactions.

"Seriously???" Carrie's mouth was still open and agape; her wide-eyed expression didn't really help the situation, as it made her look like a fish out of water. "How? Wow… that's…"

"GREAT!" Autumn added, "He's soooo hot!"

"And that picture of you and him and your friends at the beach… wow, I mean, wow… he's…"

"…My boyfriend." I smirked, trying not to completely crumple into a big laughing heap on the floor, what can I say the giddy little 'he's so cuuuuute' thing they do whenever they see a really hot guy, gets me every time.

"Boyfriend?" Autumn repeated.

I nodded.

"Oh." Carrie mimed, heading in the direction of the bathroom, "Well, if you ever get tired of him, ya know, let me know."

Autumn scooped up the novel and closed it, "What she said but remember who's the good friend and who's the best friend."

I couldn't help but laugh. I was really starting to think that breaks weren't exactly the best assets of college life.

Grabbing the broom, I began sweeping the floor, realizing how much I reminded myself of my mom. Cleaning for guests? Something my mom would definitely do, but I was always somewhat of a 'neat freak'……… it was kinda horrifying.

But can you blame me? I haven't seen him in what… four years!?! Sure we write, talk, e-mail, but it isn't the same. And it's not like going to Metropolis University is your everyday walk in the park. I was even thinking about transferring but that would mean leaving good friends like Carrie and Autumn behind, which I'm really not looking forward to. Though I have thought about it, not the leaving good friends part, but the transferring thing.

I still can't believe it's been four years. Three years since Gallant decided to join the dark side (and that's the last time I let them convince me to watch another eighteen hour Star Wars marathon) and then teamed up with Magneto. Two years since Nick decided that he was going to tie a trash can lid to his motorcycle and have Brett drive the thing down two flights of concrete stairs, in which he fell off the lid and broke his tail bone. Painful, but funny. The idiots. And a whole year since I found out that Lana and Pete were a couple, going out, an item, dating… etc. etc.

Four years… four years of heart ache, and pain. I didn't realize how much I need him until I left. Those were some of the hardest points in my life. I didn't know how to cope. I even thought that he would eventually forget about me, (though Clark's not that type of guy) especially when Lana was still single. I still can't come to grasp on Whitney's death. He's just like out there fighting the good fight, and suddenly he's no longer amongst the living, poor thing. Wasn't it bad enough when his father died, but him too? I really felt for him.

"Crap!" I whined, finally aware that the smoky, burning smell was from the lasagna that I had completely forgot about, until now.

Using the oven mitts to extract, the scorched and cracked monstrosity, I warily scrutinized my own creation.

"Yep, it's officially out of commission." Autumn seemed to say exactly what I was thinking; ya know, sometimes I wondered if I'm really the one who has the telepathic powers.

"Right…" I said, dumping the unholy mess into the trash before removing the phone book from its resting place on top on the refrigerator, "Do you remember the name of that restaurant on Worchester Street?"

"The Japanese place?" Autumn said, shelving the last of her book collection.

"Yeah," I was still desperately fumbling through the phone book, "I can't seem to find the number."


"Thanks," I said, lifting the cordless phone from its receiver. Autumn and her fellow amine lover pals always ate at that restaurant almost every weekend. I went with them a few times, talk about a great restaurant. "Let's just hope Clark likes Japanese."

Autumn smiled, "Who doesn't?"

"Good point," I added punching in the numbers on the phone.


I checked the answering machine for messages, something my roommates rarely ever did unless of course Chad or Alex called.

*You have one new message. * Don't you just hate the really cheery, automated voice of the answering machine, especially when you're having a bad day?


That's odd.

Chloe was like one of my best friends, despite the whole pining for Clark thing. She even came to visit me in Bayville a couple of times back in high school. I wonder what happened to her… huh… Note to self- ask Clark about Chloe.

*Ding dong*

Isn't it weird, after the annoying automated voice, there's an annoying automated doorbell.

*Ding dong *

I swear, after the first hundred dings and dongs the doorbell really starts to lose it's effect.

"I got it!" I yelled, practically skipping to the door. I teased at my hair a bit and smoothed out my jeans.

Slowly opening the door, I was about to come face to face? Well maybe not, even though I've grown Clark's still taller than me, and it seems like he keeps on growing. Or maybe I'm getting shorter, I keep telling him that one day he's going to grow so tall he won't be able to get through the door without knocking himself out, and then I switch to that scene in The Fellowship of the Ring, where Gandalf gets clunked in the head by the chandelier at Bag's End. So, face to chest with the man… alien… of my dreams. Well at least he's not an elf, can you imagine saying that… elf of my dreams? But that's another story.

**Yeah, done. Sorry about the LOTR stuff at the end. I was actually reading LOTR fan fiction before I wrote the ending, plus I was on coffee high. I still am actually. So ummm yeah. Sorry again. So I guess that's it. I hope it was satisfactory enough. Did I mention how much you guys RAWK? **