Field Trip

Chapter 1:Humiliation Of Veggie head

            Sweat dripped down his face and hit the tiled floor of the GR.

"KAMEHAME" he paused for a moment gathering his energy "HAAAAA"

A huge blast shot from his hands circling the central post in the GR and came

back towards him. He made no move to block it as it slammed into him trying

force him back. He gritted his teeth and let out a growl resisting the blast.

            "Gohan?" Goten called, jumping up and down trying to look into the window of the GR. He finally caught on to something and pulled himself up to the ledge. Inside he saw his brother struggling against a ball of energy. Inside the GR Gohan did not here his brothers call as he struggled against his own blast

'I can do this. I must be ready. I can' get soft or else I will lose everyone just like I lost Dad.' The guilt and sorrow of that day came rushing back to him nearly making him lose control over the blast. The sorrow turned to anger that quickly ignited to rage

            Feeling his brother's energy shooting up to dangerous levels Goten screamed "GOHAN!" Gohan snapped out of his anger when he heard someone scream his name. He brought his hands down in front of the blast letting out a new blast to forcing the old one back farther and farther until it slammed into the GR wall. He wasn't worried about it though, it was made to withstand that type of punishment. He looked over towards the window where he saw Goten sitting at the window.

            " It's time for dinner." Goten mouthed through the glass. Gohan nodded to him as walked toward the exit of his own GR. He had had Bulma build it for him a few weeks after the Cell Games. He kept it a secret from his mom since he knew she would not approve. She just did not see the point in staying strong or improving. All that mattered to her was that he studied and graduated from high school which thought of as a living hell. It did not matter to her that he had learned this stuff when he was 5.  He shook his head and grabbed a towel off the rack as he neared the door and hit the button that opened the door and

simultaneously lowered the gravity from 650 to 1. He stepped out onto the grass and was immediately hit with the blurred form of Goten.

            "I'm hungry" was his first words and " What's for dinner" was his second. Goten made a face and said "Spaghetti." "Ahhhh. Damn it. Oops Goten you did not hear that." Goten who was now down on the ground trying to talk to a caterpillar, looked up and said "Hear what?" "Nothing." Gohan said quickly.

            "GOHAN, GOTEN. DINNER. NOW!!!!!" Gohan winced as the shrill voice of, as Vegeta so rightfully named her, The Banshee Woman. "Come on Goten we don't won't to top our record of17 smacks from….IT. I've already got 13 today." Goten winced and nodded sympathetically." Come on. I'll race ya home for the first 20 slices of dessert."

            "That's not fair. Your way faster than me."

            "Then I'll give you a head start."

            "OK" Goten chirped happily and zoomed off.

            I never said how much time I would give you. Gohan gave a very Vegeta like smirk and flew off after Goten barely 5 seconds later.

            "Thank you, once again for gracing us with your presence Mr. Son." The homeroom teacher Mr. Oblansk said sarcastically," What was it this time Mr. Son forgot to set your alarm, blasted it to hell, at this point a voice floats from the ground and says, " Yes, the damn thing hit me.", The class sits in shock as Mr. Oblansk just shakes his head and mutters something about laying off the margaritas in the morning." As I was saying before I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted." At this he glances up at Gohan who is slowly making his way to his seat, and then down at the floor." We are being given the privilege to-"

            At that moment Videl burst through the door blurted a " Sorry I'm late sir" and made her way to her to her place next to Gohan and Erasa. Mr. Oblansk, who was breathing heavily now, said," OK. Now, as I was saying, we are going to-"

            Now the principal came running into the room," I have got great news student we are going to be spending the weekend at Capsule Corporation!" At this Mr.Oblansk screamed and whipped out a 9 mm and put several rounds into the principal and then, laughing insanely, shot himself. After a few moments of complete silence, in which the class stared at the 2 corpses that decorated their room, the principal impossibly struggled to his feet and peeled back his shirt revealing a bulletproof jacket. " And the point is children, don't do drugs. Now I expect all of you to be back here at 8 A.M. tomorrow with your bags and a swimsuit. Class dismissed." And he left the room.

             After about 10 minutes Sharpener asked loudly, " What the hell just happened."? The class broke out of its shock and began talking about Capsule Corp and if Mr. Oblansk had broken out of an insane asylum. Except of course for Gohan who began to beat a hole through his desk with his head. What was she thinking? Forget what she was thinking what was she smokin' when she agreed to this. I am going to kill you if anything goes wrong Dende, I swear to… wait you are Kami, errrrr. I am just going to kill you. Ok.

Are you feeling all right Gohan? The annoying voice in the back of his head that was the earth's current guardian, spoke through the unfortunate telepathic bond that he shared with Gohan. You seem to be a little hostile today.

            That's what happens when a certain God send a class to the home of the winner of the World's Most Dangerous Man Award for 7 years running.

            The next morning Gohan arrived at OSH at 7:59 to find all of his classmates standing out on the lawn. The first thing he asked was," Why are you guys dressed up." He aimed the question of course towards Erasa and Sharpener since Videl would never dream of wearing anything other than her long T-shirt and her biker's shorts. Jeez, even piccolo varies his outfit even more than she does. He was referring to the time when Chi-Chi had forced him to go to get a driver's license.     

            " Like, why aren't you dressed up? We are going to home of the richest-"

            " And hottest" Sharpener interrupted

            "-woman on the planet."

            Videl glanced over at Gohan and saw that, indeed, he was not dressed up. That's odd. Why wouldn't he want to make a good impression on Bulma Briefs?

            "So. It's not really a big deal." Gohan said shrugging.

            "It's no big deal. What do you mean it's no big deal? We are going to the hottest woman on the planet's HOUSE and you don't thinks it's a big deal." Sharpener screamed at him. Gohan just shook his head no with a very un-Gohan-like smirk on his face. By now there was a crowd of people around them. "Oh. I get it know." Sharpener smirked," Your gay, aren't you Gohan." The crowd gasped and several, " Gohan's gay?" rang out. Gohan's smirk had now vanished to be replaced by a glare that would have made Vegeta proud. "What did you say?". Sharpener who had been completely thrown off by Gohan's glare now regained his composure said," Prove it." Gohan was about to answer when the hover bus pulled up and an annoying man with a loud speaker (no its not Hercule) screamed for them to get on the friggin' bus. Every one ran towards the bus in a rush to get the good seats (back of the bus). Fortunately Gohan got paired up with Videl while poor Erasa had to listen to all the moves Sharpener was going to put on Bulma Briefs. Gohan just sat there and smirked over at them.

             Videl noticed this and asked, " Gohan, I hope you don't take offense or anything but you're acting really weird today."

             Completely catching her off guard, he turned his smirk loose on her. Damnit he looks hot when he smirks like that. Wait a second, did I just say that…. About Gohan. I must be going insane. Oh well it's true. With that smirk firmly in place he asked, " Well Videl, is it an improvement?"

            It sure is" Yes…I mean no…. I mean" She was saved from answering by the bus pulling up in front of Capsule Corp. Gohan, who hah the seat in the isle  got up and offered his hand with a mocking bow. Surprising herself and everyone watching she took it and allowed Gohan to help her up.

            " Hey keep your hands off my-" Sharpener broke off there because he found himself on the wrong end of another of Gohan's glares. The class stood in silence as the school nerd walked with the most hard-to-get girl in school and help her out of the bus by holding out his hand again. The class slowly started to disembark from the bus. They stood around for a little while wondering what to do when the rough voice of Vegeta played over a loud speaker, " All of you pathetic earthlings drop to your knee's and bow before the Great Prince Vegeta"

Nobody moved. " I said bow or I shall destroy you all." Once again nobody moved," Fine then. You all just earned a one-way ticket to HFIL. Open the door Trunks." All of a sudden the door sprung open revealing a very pissed Vegeta. Vegeta had backed up as far from the door as possible and now charged toward it just before he reached the door a frying pan came out of no where hitting him in the face effectively clothes lining him. Just as this happened Gohan, who was thankfully by the door, slammed it shut. What resulted was an imprint in the door that was shaped like Vegeta except that it was upside down thanks to the clothesline.  A muffled "Ow" came from the dented door as it swung open revealing a still upside down Vegeta who was stuck in the door. On his forehead he had a mark from the frying pan. This was no normal mark, it did have the normal swelling but the swelling formed something. The class took one look one look at the unnatural swelling and burst out laughing. Few noticed Bulma Briefs step out the door looking smug. Vegeta who had managed to free himself from the door yelled, "Shut up" but no one noticed the short man as they were to busy rolling on the ground. "Woman! What are they laughing at.  Shaking with silent laughter she handed him a mirror.

On his forehead was the words," Victim of the Frying Pan."  Then under that it said, " Property of Bulma Briefs"

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