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Goddamn Field Trip

An hour later, Gohan was standing before a new set of glowing Dragon Balls. He had long since dropped out of Super Saiyan 4. His power may have plunged, but his attitude certainly didn't. He still spoke in the deathly quiet voice that promised a very painful death to anyone that pissed him off. And after seeing what he had done to the planets former guardian, Piccolo wasn't inclined to do so. He had probably set a record for the fastest creation of Dragon Balls. Having a homicidal half-saiyan breathing down your neck can give a Namekian some incentive to hurry.

Gohan stared hard at the glowing orbs for several seconds before simply saying," Arise, Eternal Dragon." For several seconds nothing happened and Piccolo seriously considered trying to make a run for it. But then the sky darkened and a crackling noise emitted from the seven golden orbs. Gohan stared up at the sky expectantly, waiting for the enormous dragon to emerge. He waited. And waited. And waited some more. He glanced down at the Dragon Balls…and almost fell over. (I couldn't resist) A dragon had indeed arisen from the balls. The only problem was that it was about 18 inches tall. The mini-dragon began to squeak…I mean speak," You have awaken me from my…uh…sleep. Now whaddaya want?"

Piccolo sweat dropped. He'd screwed up somewhere. He was dead. He looked at Gohan fearfully.

Gohan was staring hard at the baby-dragon. This continued for a few seconds before he collapsed into helpless laughter. He couldn't help it. Even though the situation was so grave, the sight of the tiny dragon was hilarious," P-P-Piccolo *gasp* it's a-a-a *gasp*" Gohan was obviously having some trouble speaking through his laughter.

Piccolo scowled," Spit it out!"

"-a hahahahaha a midget!" and he collapsed again. After a couple minutes in which the tiny dragon began trying to strangle the laughing half-saiyan with it's skinny body, all the while swearing in it's squeaky voice, Gohan stood and pulled the dragon from his neck. The dragon went back to hover over his dragon balls, glaring at Gohan.

"You got two wishes ya stupid son of a bitch."

Gohan smirked at the small dragon," I got it shorty." His eyes softened a little," I wish for Videl Satan to be restored to this life."

"Humph! Whatever! Bastard! Its shall be-" He stopped when he realized that he was talking to air," That ungrateful piece of shit!" The mini-dragon squeaked out.

Piccolo was still standing in shock, astounded that he had created a midget dragon. He eventually snapped out of it and shrugged. It still did it's job so he couldn't be blamed for creating a worthless dragon.

Meanwhile, Gohan had torn through the sky and anything else in between him and Videl. After a journey that felt like it took a thousand years, and in reality took a few seconds, Gohan arrived at the huge yellow building. He immediately locked onto Vegeta's ki, knowing that Videl should be right next to him. Gohan hit the ground running. He ignored the doorknob and blew straight through the door. He raced down the halls ripping through any thing that got in his way. If it wasn't for the fact that he'd already killed one person today he probably would have shredded through humans too. But as he already felt a small pang of guilt for destroying the guardian of earth, he decided to spare the few people that were in the hell. So instead of putting a hole through them he shoved them out of his way and into a wall. Most of them were knocked instantly unconscious but when he heard a muffled "HEY!" he realized that he had pushed Chibi Trunks through one.

Gohan arrived at his destination. Vegeta's GR. Once again Gohan showed a blatant disregard for doors and their purpose by putting a Gohan-shaped hole through the durable material. He ignored the outraged cry from Vegeta and focused one thing. The reason he had destroyed a couple doors, walls, a few people's consciousness, and the planets guardian was sitting before him, with a confused look on her beautiful face. The expression instantly cleared when she saw him and before she could say a word, she was having the air squeezed out of her. She didn't care. She only clung to him like he would disappear and leave her.

Gohan buried his face into Videl's raven black hair. He gently stroked her back. Unfortunately they were interrupted by a snort from the other occupant of the room. Gohan flipped him off. " Go ta hell, Vegeta." Wrapping a protective arm around Videl's waste he left the room.

Mirai Trunks was waiting for him, with a very serious look on his face. The minute he saw Gohan he turned on him," What the hell was that?!" he snarled," Do you have any idea how many innocent people you probably just killed?! I can't believe you would do something like that! I might have expected that from the androids or Cell but-"

Trunks received several hints that he had gone to far. One was the fact that spark had begun to fly around Gohan. The biggest one was the fact that he was being held by the throat several feet off the ground. "Don't you ever compare me to that monster! I regret what happened. But this something that you don't understand! You have no fucking clue what it's like to have your mate die in your arms do you Trunks! (no I'm not gonna up the rating!) So until you do, FUCK OFF!!!!!" Gohan released his hold on Trunk throat and turned his back to him and stalked off, Videl in tow.

Videl didn't say a word. She didn't need to. Gohan simply hugged her tighter to him and walked on. Unfortunately, the comfortable moment was once again spoiled. "OH MY GOD! YOU TWO LOOK SO ADORABLE!"

Videl groaned as her blonde friend bounced their way," Damnit. I was hoping she might have died while we were here." Gohan chuckled softly. He knew Erasa meant well, but she was a pain in the ass. Thinking quickly Gohan devised a brilliant plan to escape from the hyper-active blonde. His plan was so cunning, so brilliant, he should get an award or something. He set his plan into action by pointing down the hall," Trunks is that way."

Erasa squealed and raced pat them, looking wildly around for the dreamy purple-haired teen. Videl gave Gohan a weird glance," You're so mean!"

Gohan smirked," I know." Having that out of the way, the two continued to walk down the abundant hallways that made up CC. After a while of wondering aimlessly they found themselves in the cafeteria. They only stood there, watching as a large flurry of people were running around trying desperately to get all their stuff out the doors and onto the large front lawn. Gohan earned a disapproving glance from Videl by reaching out and grabbing a random student by the back of his shirt," What's goin on here?"

The guy looked at him fearfully," This place is cursed man! The busses are here and we're tryin ta get out of here as fast as we can." The kid gave him a second glance and nearly pissed his pants (hey that rhymes. Kinda)" As long as that that's OK with you Mr. Gohan-sir!" he boy squeaked. Gohan smirked. He could get used to this.

"Whatever. Go ahead."

Gohan dropped the guy and he scampered off. Gohan stood there and watched until Videl nudged him in the ribs. He smiled down at her. "I see that someone's getting pretty full of himself, isn't that right Mr. Gohan-sir"

Gohan feigned innocents," Me? Conceited? Never."

"Uh huh. Then what was that all-" Gohan cut her off by leaning down and trapping her lips with his own. And so, they pretty much started making out in the middle of the cafeteria until they were interrupted but some random guy calling out," Get a room!" They immediately broke apart, Videl blushing furiously, and Gohan looking around for someone to kill.

Gohan was still looking around when he felt a small tug on his pants and he glanced to see both of his children standing there with there arms open, waiting for him to pick them up. He complied, smiling as he did so. Of course, kids can never make up their minds so, the moment Pan got into his arms, she decided she wanted her mommy instead. Videl gladly took her into her arms. She snorted in amusement as mini-Gohan started to play with his fathers hair, making it stand out in even more directions that in already did. She glanced at the nearest clock and sighed. She handed a pouting Pan to Goah and announced that she had to go get her things. Gohan, being the gentleman that we know he is, offered to help, but seeing as he already had his arms full, she let him off.

About an hour later, all the students had packed their things onto the bus and all but Videl were on it already, screaming at the driver to leave. But as Videl was still saying…eh…'good bye' to Gohan, who had decided to stay at CC for a bit, the driver refused. Many rumors about Gohan being an escapee from prison or an insane asylum had popped up. There were also a few that said he was actually a CC lab experiment gone wrong. And Gohan. Being the oh so kind guy that he is, decided NOT to scare the entire school shitless and take a small break from school.

After Gohan and Videl's 'good bye' had finally ended, she hopped on the bus and in a flash, it took off down the driveway, whipped around the corner, nearly taking out a stop sign while it was at it, and flew down the street.

Gohan merely shook his head and walked inside muttering," Goddamn Field Trip."

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