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-Ash Ketchum is out of Pokémon, Tobias is the Winner and will move onto the finals!-
Ash slowly walked onto the field and picked up Pikachu.
'I'm so proud of you buddy, you took on Latios and beat him… have a good rest.' Pikachu nodded and collapsed in his arms, with a smile Ash left the arena as a frown of disappointment took over his face.


Above the arena in the VIP box a woman leaned forward with a frown. "Poor Ash, he has so much potential but had to face someone with legendary Pokémon. I think I'll speak to him." She got up and made her way to the exit when a man approached her.
'Cynthia, heading out for some Ice Cream?' Cynthia turned to the man who spoke and nodded.
'Yes Flint, I have a few other things I have to take care of, if you'll excuse me.' She said politely and left the room. Flint just laughed and shook his head.


'I don't know buddy… We tried hard but it just wasn't good enough. Like always.' Ash was sitting beneath the stadium in the trainers lounge with Pikachu seated in front of him.

'Don't be so down on yourself Ash, if it weren't for Tobias' Legendary Pokémon you would've been in for a chance at the whole tournament.' Ash followed the voice to see the last person he'd expect to.

'Cynthia? What are you doing here?' Ash asked in a surprised tone. Cynthia smiled and walked towards him and Pikachu.
'I came down to see how you were after the match, I saw the disappointment on your face as you left the arena, and thought you could use someone to talk to.'
Ash smiled at the Champion and sat back down, 'I appreciate it Cynthia, I really do. But I don't know why you came to see me of all people… I lost pretty miserably.'

Cynthia frowned and stepped forward before knocking Ash's hat off his head, Ash looked up in shock to see her frowning. 'That's ridiculous Ash, talking like that just puts yourself down, and your Pokémon that fought hard for you.' Ash looked down sadly.

'I don't think I can go through with this Cynthia… I think it's time I give up trying to be a Pokémon Master.' With this Cynthia had enough and grabbed Ash's ear.

'Ow ow! What are you doing!?' Cynthia pulled Ash to his feet causing Pikachu to jump off and watch the two from the bench.
'You are being childish Ash. Man up and stop dwelling in self-pity. You are an excellent trainer, I would go so far to say you will be a champion one day. But if you continue to wallow in self-pity you will go nowhere!' Ash watched Cynthia fearfully as she berated him.

'You seem to think it's easy being a Pokémon Master Ash, I can tell you right now that it's far from that. It took me a long time to get to where I am!' Cynthia then released him and watched as he rubbed his ear.
'How old are you Ash?' Ash looked over and gave her a confused face.

'I'm 17… but what does that have to do with this?' Cynthia frowned and placed her hands on her hips. She blew the hair from her face and narrowed her eyes.

'Ash. I just turned 21, and look at where I am because I never gave up and strived to be the best… It was hard work, I started off terribly. Garchomp wouldn't even listen to me when she evolved, and I had to try three times to win my first gym badge.'

Ash's eyes bulged at her words and turned to face her. 'You're only 21? The way you carry yourself suggests you are older than that… actually this is the only time I've seen you act your age.' Cynthia sighed and crossed her arms.

'I have to put on a mature front for the media Ash, If I behaved like a 21 year old, who would take me seriously… but that's beside the point, I am four years older than you and have had four extra years of training. You have so much potential Ash, it seems to me you just need the right kind of push.' Ash sighed at her words and looked down to Pikachu.

'I don't know what to do… no matter how hard we try we just don't win the important battles… we don't win when everything is on the line. I feel like I'm failing them Cynthia.'

Cynthia gave Ash a saddened look before stepping forward and placing a hand on his shoulder, 'Ash don't dwell on things like this. You just have to move on and keep trying.' Ash nodded slowly at her words and sat back down.

'I just wish I could work out what is wrong… I want to do better, I just cant.' Cynthia looked on Ash sadly before an idea struck her.

'Ash I have an idea, but it's going to be the biggest change of your life so far.' Ash heard her and looked up with a curious face, deciding to continue she sat beside him.

'You want to become a Pokémon Master yes?' Ash nodded as Cynthia tapped her fingers on her leg. 'I want you to seriously put some thought into this offer and decide what you think is best. Ash, how about you travel with me, I always need help in my hobby at exploring ancient ruins and civilisations, and at the same time I can take you on as an apprentice and teach you all I know about battling and lots of other things. I know it's a big decision, but I think with the right mentor you can soar to great heights and one day be better than me or any other champion.'
Ash was completely stunned by Cynthia's offer and stared at her for a long time until snapping from his trance.
'You… you actually want to be my mentor?' Cynthia nodded with a smile as Ash stood up and began pacing the room, Cynthia watched on as Ash rubbed his face and looked back at her.
'Don't get me wrong… but why me of all people? Wouldn't someone like Paul or even Tobias be a better choice?'
Cynthia sighed and stood up, Pikachu ran to Ash and leapt onto his shoulder.
'Ash I wouldn't offer this to anyone… This means that you will be with me constantly, you will travel with me… accompany me to matches and train with me. You will be living with me Ash… I wouldn't offer this to anyone else. I believe you have major potential and I can help you become great. You. Not anyone else.'

Ash stared in amazement as Cynthia spoke and shook his head with a laugh.
'Wow… this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity… What do you think buddy?' Ash looked to Pikachu on his shoulder but was shocked when he leaned down and poked Ash in the chest.
Cynthia saw and giggled, Ash looked to her and raised an eyebrow.
'It looks like Pikachu is saying it's your decision Ash. Not his.' Ash smiled and looked at his partner.
'Is that right pal?' Pikachu nodded and smiled as Ash sighed and looked down at the floor.
Cynthia stood up and walked towards them. 'Ash I didn't expect you to decide straight away… think it over. I have to give a speech and present the trophy to the winner tomorrow. Then I will be going back to league HQ for a few days. I'll give you to after the ceremony tomorrow night to decide… I know it's a big decision but I know you will give it some serious thought. And before I forget If you decide to come with me you'll be bringing all of your Pokémon with you… to be a master you need to train all your Pokémon equally.'

Ash nodded slowly as Cynthia passed him and stood at the door. 'Ash I know you'll make the right decision… but remember I wouldn't give anyone else this offer.' And with that she left.

Ash stood silently for a while before sighing and leaving the lounge.


'And that's pretty much what happened. Now I have no idea what to do… If I do go I might not see any of you guys for a long time… and If I don't I could spend the rest of my life wondering 'What if'.'
Ash was seated in the room he, Brock and Dawn shared as the other two listened to his predicament.
'Well Ash… All I can say is that it's your choice. We all know it's your dream to be the best… maybe going with Cynthia is just what you need.' Brock added with a shrug. Dawn placed a hand on Ash's shoulder and smiled.
'Ash… our journey here in Sinnoh has already finished… I plan on going home and following up with the fashion modelling for Buneary in Jubilife City. I mean… maybe it's time for a big step in your life.'
Ash looked at his friends as they spoke and smiled. 'I know guys… It's just a big decision to make…' Ash was brought from his thinking by Brock.
'Ring your mother Ash… If anyone knows what you should do it's her. I'd even ask Professor Oak too.' Ash nodded and stood up.

'I better give her a ring now then… I don't have a whole lot of time to think about it.' Dawn and Brock nodded in agreement watching as Ash walked to the door and left.

'This is a really big decision for Ash… This is the biggest thing he's ever had to think about.' Brock said quietly. Dawn nodded to herself, 'Yeah… Personally I think Ash should go with Cynthia… we both know how much potential Ash has.' Brock nodded in agreement and stood up.
'I think I know what Cynthia see's in him though… Ash is pure of heart… he can't be corrupted by fame or greed. He only sees the love for Pokémon. Cynthia will use that to help Ash become possibly the greatest Pokémon trainer we will ever see… that's what I believe anyway… I saw it the moment he defeated me seven years ago.'

Dawn was stunned by Brocks words but nodded, 'I agree… as soon as he risked his life to save Pikachu I knew he was special.'
With that the two looked at the door, "Let's just hope he knows…" The two thought at the same time.


Ash and Pikachu were wandering through the lobby and finally sat down at a PC.
'Well buddy… Let's ring Professor Oak first.' Pikachu nodded and Ash typed in the private number of the Professor.

After a few rings the fabled Professor Oak answered, 'Oh Ash my boy, I saw your match, It was quite the battle… you should be proud.' Ash smiled.

'Thanks professor… but that's why I'm calling, this is something serious and I want your honest opinion.' Oak became serious and nodded. 'Of course Ash, what is it?'
Ash then proceeded to tell Oak what had happened after his battle.

After the long explanation Professor Oak rubbed his chin. 'I see… Ash this is a very big decision you have to make… honestly I think you're old enough now to proceed in whatever way you think is best… that's the Professor talking, but as your friend I'll say I think you should do it… you have been selfless your whole life Ash… you go out of your way for others even at the risk of your own future. The stories you have told us about your legendary Pokémon adventures and you always helping those in need is something to be proud of… but think about you for once, will this help you achieve your own dream of becoming a Pokémon Master?' Ash pondered the Professors words and looked at his hands.

'Ash, have you asked your mother what she thinks? After all it is her that you won't be seeing for a long time if you go with Cynthia…' Ash looked back to the Professor and shook his head.
'No, not yet… I think I know what mom will say, that she supports me in whatever I do…' Oak sighed with a smile.
'Ash… each and every one of your friends and family will agree with me when I say you should go with Cynthia. You always look out for others and that is what will make you a great Pokémon Master one day. Do this for you Ash. But first call your Mother… you might be surprised with what she has to say.' Ash nodded and looked at the Professor with a smile.
'Thanks for the advice Professor… It's always been great.' Oak nodded once more and pointed at Ash.

'And call your mother… she'll sort you out.' Ash chuckled and waved. 'Bye Professor.'

Ash then ended the link and sighed, 'Well buddy… let's call mom.' Pikachu nodded and Ash typed in his home phone number.

After a few rings Delia answered with a bright smile, 'Ash Honey! I'm so proud of you, that final battle was amazing!' Ash smiled at his mother's cheerful tone but then frowned. Delia picked up on this straight away and got worried.
'Ash… what's wrong dear?' Ash sighed and looked at his mother, she always cared so much about him.
'I have something really important to tell you… and I need your advice mom.' Delia wasn't used to Ash being so serious, it worried her.
'Tell me what happened Ash.' Ash sighed once more and decided it was best to tell her, so he began the long story.

'And that's why I'm calling you mom… I don't know what to do… I want to be the best, but I don't want to lose what I am now.' Ash's mom listened to his explanation intently and smiled sadly as Ash poured his heart out.

'Ash. Look at me.' Ash snapped his head up, not used to this tone from his mother surprised him.
'Ash you aren't a boy anymore so I won't sugar coat it like I used to. You have huge amounts of potential Ash. You came in the top 16 in your first ever league tournament… you father didn't make it into the top 32. You came top 8 in Johto and even defeated the champion of the Orange Island League. Ash you took top 4 in Hoenn and even defeated the entire battle frontier. Now you go and get top 4 again in Sinnoh and you think you're mediocre? Ash honey you are a magnificent trainer and even better person. You help so many people and Pokémon with their problems, Ash you are such a kind and gentle person I'm shocked you even made it out of Pallet town. But I know how you did… because of your burning passion and desire to be the best, your non-stop determination is what fuels you Ash… that's why you do so well.'
Ash was stunned silent by her words and couldn't utter a single sound.
'Ash you expected me to be happy with what you've accomplished and support you in whatever you decide… but I won't now. Not this time. Ash you go to Cynthia and you go with her. I want you to be the best trainer on the face of the planet and don't rest until you do. I've sat back and watched as you've made good decisions and bad ones… but don't you dare pass up an opportunity like this because you think it will not benefit others… this is your life we are talking about now Ash… and I want you to face it like you do any other challenge… head on, determined and full of passion. Because that's the Ash that will become a Pokémon Master.'

Ash was utterly gobsmacked by what his Mother said and sat quietly thinking.
"This isn't about others, this is about me… I've always wanted to be the best, why am I so unsure of myself… Cynthia the Champion of Sinnoh has offered me to travel with her and train… take me under her wing and become the best. And here I am worrying about whether it benefits others… If I become the best then I can help others all the time… Yes, I will become the best… I'll go away and come back an Elite trainer. I'll show the world and those who doubt me that Ash Ketchum will be a Pokémon Master!"

Ash looked at his mom and smiled, with that same determined smile that everyone knew.
Delia smiled back as Ash tightened his fist.
'You're right mom… I don't know what came over me. This is my choice and I know all of my friends support me and my decisions. You support me and so does the Professor, that's all that matters to me. I will go with Cynthia, and I'll come back the greatest Trainer you will ever see! And I'm gonna do it for me and my Pokémon!'

Delia smiled as Ash declared his intentions and smiled, 'Then what are you waiting for Ash? Go and tell her… go and be the best!' Ash looked at his mom and smiled.

'Thank you mom… for everything.' She merely smiled. 'Make sure you call me occasionally okay Mr. Pokémon Master?' Ash chuckled and nodded.
'You bet mom. I'll talk to you again soon.' They shared another smile until the screen went black.

Ash stood and looked at Pikachu, 'Well buddy… Let's go and tell Cynthia.'

'No need… I heard it all Ash.' Ash spun to see Cynthia leaning against the wall with a smile on her face. 'So you've decided to come with me?'
Ash nodded and stepped towards her.

'Yeah. I figure the best way I can honour my friends is to become the best I can be.' Cynthia nodded with a smile and glanced at the screen. 'Your mother really cares about you Ash, its nice.' Ash nodded and noticed Cynthia's longing glance.
'You Okay Cynthia?' Ash asked with concern making her smile. 'Yes Ash, I'm fine. Let's go and fond your friends shall we? I'd imagine you have something to tell them.'

Ash nodded and led the way back to his room, upon entering Brock and Dawn spun to see Ash enter with Cynthia behind him.
'Hey guys…' Brock and Dawn both focused on Ash as he sat down and offered a seat to Cynthia.
'I uh… I have some news.' Brock then smiled. 'You've chosen to go with Cynthia right?' Ash looked at Brock and nodded.
'Yeah. I had a talk with mom and the Professor and they really helped me. So I decided to go and become the best I can be.' Dawn and Brock both smiled at Ash.

'I think it's for the best Ash, we all know how much potential you have… and this is the best way to tap into it..' Dawn added causing Ash to scratch his head.
'Thanks guys… It means a lot.' Cynthia then leaned forward.

'You should know Ash… this isn't going to be easy. It will be constant training, travelling all the time. Moving from league to league and attending matches. Because you will be basically my apprentice you will be with me all the time in meetings and such.'

Ash nodded as Cynthia spoke, 'I know. And I'm prepared to go through it all.' Cynthia smiled and looked back at Brock and Dawn.
'We won't be dropping off the face of the earth though, you will be able to talk to your friends and family.' Ash nodded and turned to face her.
'But don't think just because I'm a champion that I can't have fun. I am still only 21, I can have lots of fun.' At this both Dawn and Brock's eyes shot wide.

'You're only 21!? I thought you were at least 26 or 27?' Dawn spoke causing Cynthia to chuckle. 'Yeah… you have to act mature in front of the media.' Brock then groaned and slapped his face.
'Here I am thinking you were more my age… and you end up being closer to Ash's age. I apologise for my stupid flirting Cynthia.' This made both Ash and Cynthia laugh and Dawn sigh.
'Don't worry Brock… I get mistaken a lot older all the time.' Ash then stood up and stretched.
'How many people are going to know I'm learning with you Cynthia?' Cynthia stood up and smiled.

'No one other than who you tell Ash, If it were to go viral then trainers all over would challenge you because of me being your mentor… it's best to wait until you become a lot better before everyone knows. Maybe even wait until you surpass me before you do.'

Ash nodded at her reasoning and smiled. 'I understand, makes a bit more sense like that.' Cynthia nodded and looked back out the window.
'The league will know though Ash, as I will get you clearance to basically go where I go. And some places you wouldn't normally be able to go.' Ash nodded and watched as Cynthia turned and approached the door.
'Like I said earlier, I have to present the trophy tomorrow and speak at the closing ceremony you will be attending. After that you can collect your things and we will head back to my house in Celestic Town. While there we can get your Pokémon sent over to you and plan what we are going to do next.'

Ash nodded and Cynthia opened the door, 'Oh and you'll be getting a change of clothes too… can't have you looking like a ten year old can we?' with that she left and closed the door.
Ash sighed and flopped onto his bed. 'Great… shopping.' He muttered making Dawn and Brock laugh.
'Hey well look at it this way Ash… you'll be with Cynthia all the time. You two might hit it off?' Ash snapped his head to Brock and frowned.

'Really Brock? That's what you're thinking about… she's a bloody Champion Brock, what would she want with a guy like me… and she's going to mentor me… don't be stupid.' Brock smirked and looked at Dawn who was smirking as well.

'Why do you think she offered you this chance and not say… Paul?' Ash sighed and rolled over.
'I have no clue brock.' Brock just chuckled and got ready for bed as Dawn smiled to herself.


The next day Ash, Brock and Dawn were watching the final battle of the tournament, it was actually sad. Ash had beaten two of Tobias' Legendary Pokémon yet this other guy lost without taking out a single one.

'Well put it this way Ash… If Tobias hadn't been in this league you most likely would've won the whole lot.' Brock said as a leant towards Ash, Ash just groaned while giving him a glare.

'Thanks Brock… that makes me feel much better.' Dawn and Brock just chuckled at Ash who huffed and crossed his arms.
After watching the trainers shake hands and meet Cynthia and Mr. Goodshow, after a few words Cynthia handed Tobias the trophy.

'Good luck in all of your endeavours Tobias. We hope to see you in another League soon.' Cynthia said with a smile, but all Tobias did was smirk.
'Oh I plan on taking on the Elite Four and challenge you for the title very soon… you won't have to wait long.'

At this the whole arena went into whispers, Cynthia raised her eyebrow.
'I see… well then I will wait for the challenge.' Tobias nodded and turned around.

'Yes… you will.' Ash frowned at Tobias' attitude and tightened his fists. 'Who's that guy think he is!' Brock placed a hand on his shoulder.
'Calm down Ash… there's no point getting angry over it. Let's just wait.' Ash sighed and nodded and waited until the competitors were called into the closing ceremony.


'I welcome you all back here after the tournament, everyone enjoyed your amazing battles and excellent skill. On behalf of the Pokémon League I thank each and every one of you for participating and hope you push ahead with your goals!'
Ash heard Cynthia speak and smiled to himself, he looked around at the trainers and spotted Paul, Barry, Nando and Conway. And to the front he spotted Tobias with his arms crossed and eyes closed. Ash frowned and looked back up to Cynthia.

'It is always hard losing as in the end there can only be one winner, so do not be disheartened and continue to push to be the best you can be.' As Cynthia said the last line her eyes wandered the crowd of trainers until they fell on Ash, with a quick smile she looked back to the crowd.

'So with that I wish you all the best, and the Pokémon League hopes to see you in the future!'
The crowd applauded as Cynthia left the crowd and made her way to the exit. Towards the exit she passed Ash and beckoned him to follow. This caused the crowd and trainers to whisper and point as Ash shrugged and followed her from the battlefield.

As they left the arena and began walking down the corridor Ash chuckled, Cynthia looked at him curiously and he shrugged. 'Nothing… I just thought we were going to keep it to a low about me going with you… that wasn't low key.' Cynthia laughed and turned a corner as he followed.
'Nothing to worry about Ash… I said nothing about you training with me. Everyone probably just thinks we are dating or something of that sort.' Ash snapped his head towards her and raised an eyebrow.
'And that's actually better than them knowing you're my mentor?' Cynthia shrugged and opened a door to the room she was staying in.
'Ash, we might have to go with that scenario in the public eye… the league will know the truth and your friends and family will, but to the public we might as well be dating.'

Ash sighed and scratched his head. 'Alright… fair enough, so what's the plan then?' Cynthia offered him a drink and the two sat down. Cynthia then grabbed out a small laptop and began typing, Ash sat patiently until she closed it and looked up.

'Okay Ash, this is our game plan. In the media's eye we are dating okay?' Ash's eyes bulged but slowly nodded.
'Right. Well first we will be going to Celestic Town and have your Pokémon sent there. Fromo start we will be working on your Pokémon's endurance and type resistance.'

Ash nodded and looked back to Cynthia with a determined smile. 'I can't wait. When do we leave?' Cynthia chuckled and grabbed his empty glass before pulling him up and pushing him towards the door.
'Ease up Tiger, we wont be leaving until tomorrow afternoon, so spend some time with your friends.' Ash nodded and turned to open the door, before he could though Cynthia turned him to face her and kissed him on the cheek.
Ash spluttered to himself but she just giggled. 'That is for the media… you'll understand why when you leave.'

Ash just nodded and opened the door, Cynthia shut it behind him and immediately he was swamped by reporters and paparazzi.
'Mr. Ketchum! What is the nature of your relationship with Cynthia!?'

'Mr. Ketchum, how long have you and the Sinnoh Champion been seeing each other!?'

Ash couldn't handle the media and burst from the group while sprinting back to his room at the Pokémon Centre.
'That was dirty Cynthia… I'll get you for that.' Ash chuckled to himself as he entered the centre and leant over panting.
'Phew… that was close.'

'Ahem.' Ash snapped his head up to see Brock, Dawn and the rest of his rivals eyeing him.
Ash sighed and stood up straight.

'Brock… Dawn… can I see you in our room alone please?' They both nodded and followed Ash as the rest of his rivals eyed him.


'Spill it Ash! What were you doing at Cynthia's room!?' Dawn cried in amusement causing Brock to laugh.
Ash sighed and sat on his bed. 'Cynthia got me to follow her so she could explain the situation and our plan… Basically so trainers don't assume I'm travelling with her for training purposes… in the media's eye we are 'dating'.' Ash quoted with his fingers.

Dawn and Brock shared a look before laughing. 'Ash… so you're saying in public you two are saying that you're dating?' Ash nodded and Brock laughed while Dawn smirked.

'Yes… but the League and our friends and family will know what is really happening.' Ash finished off as Brock and Dawn gathered themselves and sat down.
'That's really full on isn't it…' Dawn said with a cheeky grin. Ash saw Dawn and frowned. 'Oh no Dawn… none of that. Cynthia and I are only doing it so I don't get harassed by trainers looking to prove themselves all the time.'

Dawn shrugged and looked at Brock, 'I'm not saying that Ash… I mean Yes you won't be swamped by challenges of skill… but you'll be swamped by challenges of affection.' Ash looked at Dawn and groaned.

'Damn… you're right, guys are gonna hate me everywhere for supposedly being with Cynthia. Great.' Brock then laughed. Placing a hand on Ash's shoulder her grinned, 'Relax Ash… It just means you're going to have to take this training to another level to fight of her fans.'

Ash nodded and flopped onto his bed. 'I know…'
Brock smiled and poked Ash's arm, 'Ash… you aren't that scrawny 10 year old anymore. I see the looks you get from girls everywhere… If anything, Cynthia is going to have a hard time with all the girls that admire you. And just quietly… girls will like you more because you are supposedly with Cynthia. They will think you're a great catch if you're with a champion.'

Ash looked at Brock and frowned. 'Not really helping Brock…' Dawn laughed and threw a pillow at Ash.
'Ash, stop being stupid. Any guy would give everything to be in your position… even though we really know what's going on. You're 'dating' a champion Ash… Look on the bright side.' Dawn said while not forgetting to quote with her fingers.

Ash smirked and sat up. 'I suppose you are right… I mean this could be good.' Brock and Dawn then cheered.
'There you go Ash… Think about it as a chance to be on a day to day basis with Cynthia. Anything could happen… might not be a front after a while huh.' Brock winked at Ash making him blush and punch him in the arm.

'Shut up Brock… but thanks guys.' Dawn and Brock both nodded and the three then chatted and went about relaxing for the rest of the night.

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