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'Ash just try these on! I'm telling you they look fine!' Cynthia yelled as Ash stood in the change rooms. A groan was heard as she hung new sets of clothes over the door.

'You're joking right? These things look terrible!' Ash cried from behind the door. 'I mean I'm supposed to look fearsome and strong… In these I look ridiculous!' Ash's outburst casued a few passer-by's to look and laugh.

'Ash. You try them on now! Or so help me you'll hurt.' Cynthia threatened unkowiingly making Ash cringe.

'Okay Okay…' he relented and took the clothes from the door. Cynthia grinned triumphantly crossed her arms.

'That's more like it.' She turned and saw a few people watching curiously. Cynthia turned back around and knocked. 'Hurry up Ash!'

Cynthia was about to knock again, but the door unlocked and she stepped backwards.
'Cynthia… I actually like this…' Ash said as he emerged from the room. Cynthia dropped the jacket she was holding at the sight of him. Pikachu who was on her shoulder fell off and stared at Ash in shock.

He was now wearing a plain black t-shirt under a black tight fitting canvas Jacket. He was wearing thin legged gray jeans with the ends rolled with a pair of Converse sneakers. Instead of a red hat he now wore one in the same style as his old ones, just in black.

'Wow Ash… you look good.' Cynthia said with a nod as Ash looked in the mirror. Pikachu nodded in agreement and leapt back onto her shoulder.

'Yeah… I like it. I feel my age now.' Cynthia nodded and they walked towards the cashier. Cynthia went to pay for it but Ash grabbed her hand.

'I'll get them Cynthia, they are my clothes.' Cynthia nodded as Ash paid for the clothes. They exited the building and stopped.

'Okay, let's head to Celestic Town. We have things to do.' Ash nodded and placed his Poke balls onto his belt as Pikachu jumped from Cynthia to Ash with a smile. Ash grabbed Charizard's ball and called him out.

'Time for another trip bud, we're going to Celestic Town.' Charizard grunted and lowered himself for Ash and Pikachu who sat on his head. Cynthia called out Garchomp and climbed on her back.

'Let's go!' She cried and they took off with Ash and Charizard on their tail.



After an hour of flight Ash closed in on Cynthia, 'So what is this Ruin we have to study in Oblivia?' Cynthia glanced at Ash and smiled.

'Apparently it was an ancient outpost related to the third great kingdom.' She said as she ducked avoiding a Wingull. Ash pondered before looking back at her.

'As in Pokelantis and Pokemopolis?' Cynthia's head jerked towards Ash with a shocked look on her face.

'How do you know about that!?' Ash shrugged and flew closer to her.

'Back on my journeys we came across ruins in Kanto, while there a giant Alakazam, Gengar and Jigglypuff were released from a seal. We had to help an archaeologist seal them away again.' Cynthia shook her head at Ash's luck and looked back at him.
'We discovered that they were from a lost city called Pokémopolis.' Cynthia nodded and Ash then looked a little uneasy.

'Then when I was taking the Battle Frontier Challenge I touched an old Pokéball hat held the soul of the King of Pokélantis… he took control of my body and tried to keep it… luckily I have a strong will, and with the help of Pikachu I was released and sealed him back away.'

Cynthia stayed silent in shock at Ash's tale, she looked back at Ash with worry evident in her eyes. 'That was lucky… you could've been lost forever.' Ash nodded and noticed a town in the distance. With a point Cynthia looked and nodded.

'That's Celestic, looks like we're here.' The duo neared the town and landed in the town centre. They recalled Garchomp and Charizard and made for Cynthia's grandmother's house.



Ash and Cynthia made their way through the town quietly, people smiled and waved at Cynthia but left her alone.

'I guess because she's from here they give her privacy…'

Eventually they came across a small house near the town Research Centre, 'Here we are. Now Ash… my grandmother has most likely heard about our 'Relationship'. She added with fingers. 'But we'll tell her what the plan is. Just don't be frightened if she's in your face about it… though she does frighten me.'

Ash nodded and swallowed nervously as she knocked on the door. 'Coming!' a voice cried from behind the door. Ash and Cynthia waited, then after a second it opened revealing Professor Carolina. Immediately she saw Ash and smirked. This made Ash and Cynthia uneasy.

'Ah Cynthia dear… and young Ash Ketchum. Come in.' Ash and Cynthia followed her inside and into the living room. They snapped their heads to another person in the room.

'Valerie? Is that you?' Cynthia asked as the young woman stood up and nodded with a smile. Ash looked between them curiously and noticed the uncanny resemblance between the two. Carolina stepped beside Ash and smiled.

'Ash this is Valerie, Cynthia's younger sister. Valerie, this is Ash Ketchum… Cynthia's "Boyfriend".' She said with a smirk watching as Valerie's eyes bulged and looked at Ash.

'Wait what!?' she cried making Cynthia sigh. 'Val, Ash isn't really my boyfriend… it's just a cover for the media so they don't know the true reason he's with me.' Carolina and Valerie both raised their eyebrows at the explanation.

'Ash is going to travel with me to train and get stronger… he's like my Protégé. He also works for the league as a G-Men agent now too.'

Carolina realised and nodded. 'Ahh that does make sense… couldn't have picked a better protégé at all Cynthia, Ash has potential.' Ash blushed at the praise and Cynthia nodded.

'Oh I know… it's why I offered it to him.' Valerie stepped forward and looked Ash over.

'He does seem strong… and he is handsome too… I can see why you chose him Cynth.' Ash blushed deeper and Cynthia followed his lead. 'Having him follow you everywhere will be interesting.' She added before looking at Pikachu. 'Oh your Pikachu is just adorable!'

Ash smiled as Pikachu rubbed its head in embarrassment. 'Thanks, Pikachu was my first Pokémon and best friend.

'Pi Pikachu.' Ash smiled and rubbed his ear. Valerie smiled and a devious grin took over.

'You and Cynthia better behave yourselves… all alone together.' She added with a wink. Carolina stepped in and flicked Valerie's ear.

'Enough Valerie. So will you be staying here Cynthia?' Cynthia shook her head with a smile.

'No Gran, Ash and I will be sorting out his Pokémon before gathering some things from my house. We'll be leaving tomorrow on a flight to Oblivia, we have some work there.' Carolina nodded knowingly and looked at Ash.

'Will you be staying with Cynthia at her house tonight Ash?' Ash blanched at the question.

'Uh... I… Um... Err-' Cynthia saved Ash by stepping forward.

'Yes Gran, he will be.' Carolina nodded with a smirk at Ash before turning and seeing Valerie on her Holocaster.

'Val, I need you to run a few errands for me.' Valerie sighed and nodded reluctantly. Carolina gave her a list and she left.

'Keep in touch Cynthia, I want to know about your discoveries.' She gave her a hug and then turned to Ash with a smile.

'Now you look after Cynthia Ash, I know that she's a powerful Champion but she's still a woman.'

'GRANDMA!' Cynthia exasperated. 'I can care for myself!' Carolina chuckled at her granddaughter and made for the door with them following.

'Be safe you two, and you're sure to become powerful with Cynthia Ash, take care.' Ash and Cynthia nodded.

'Thank you Ma'am.' Ash said politely making her laugh.

'Just call me Carolina Ash. Bye now.' The two waved and turned the corner.



'I'm sorry about my Grandmother Ash… and my sister. I had no idea she'd be there.' Ash shrugged and looked at her.

'No harm done. I had to meet them eventually right?' Cynthia nodded at his reasoning and they stopped at a new and expensive looking double story house.

'Here we are… now it's a two bedroom house so you have your own room. Don't be afraid to move things around as you please. You will be living here indefinitely with me so it's yours.' Ash smiled.

'Pika!' Pikachu squeaked making Cynthia smile.

'And yours too of course Pikachu.' She said with a giggle and pat his head.

'Thank you Cynthia… I really do appreciate everything.' Cynthia smiled and nodded as the two entered the house. Ash looked around in awe at all the artefacts displayed. He observed all the relics and scripts displayed in the hall and living room until Cynthia gestured for him to follow.

The two entered a spacious room with a double bed, side tables and a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite. 'This is your room Ash, hopefully it will be okay.' Ash was in looking around the room with a smile.

'This is huge! Thank you Cynthia, it's great.' Cynthia smiled and Ash followed her as she showed him where everything is.

'Now my room is upstairs, so everything you need is here downstairs.' Ash nodded and put his bag on the bed and Pikachu made himself comfortable on the pillow.

'I'm going to head upstairs to pack for tomorrow, feel free to get something to eat. I mainly keep instant foods as I travel a lot but help yourself.' Ash nodded and Cynthia disappeared upstairs.

'Wow Pikachu… I can't believe this is really happening to us. Finally, a new start. A chance to become stronger than anyone else!' he cried and pumped his fists. Pikachu watched with a smile.



A few hours later Ash was seated on his bed looking through a book on Legendary Pokémon.
'We really have seen a lot huh buddy?' Ash asked earning a nod from Pikachu beside him.

Cynthia watched them from the door and smiled to herself. 'You ready to sort your Pokémon out Ash? I have a PC in the living room. We can transfer them over from professor Oak.'

Ash's head snapped up and saw Cynthia. 'Uh… How long have you been standing there?' Cynthia shrugged and folded her arms.

'Not long. Come on.' Ash nodded and followed her into the living room. She dialled Oaks number and waited.

The screen was switched from black to a smiling old man. 'Hello Professor Oaks Lab- ah Ash, Cynthia it's good to see you! You mother told me about you agreeing to go with Cynthia Ash, I'm happy for you.' Ash smiled and Cynthia waved back.

'Thanks Professor.' Ash said as Pikachu jumped onto ash's shoulder.

'Hello Pikachu, now what can I do for you?' Ash scratched his head and looked to Cynthia who rolled her eyes.

'Professor, I have spoken with Mr. Goodshow and Ash has been given special privileges and is now a member of the League and a G-Men operative. This means his 6 Pokémon limit has been lifted.' Professor Oak gasped and nearly fell backwards.

'Really!? Wow Ash, you're really moving up in the world!' Ash chuckled as Cynthia smiled.

'So professor… we were hoping you can send over all of Ash's Pokémon?' Oak smiled and nodded.

'Of course. I knew it was a matter of time, I'll have Tracy round them up for you. TRACY!' They smiled and waited until Tracy appeared on the screen.

'Yes Professor? Oh Hi Ash! And Cynthia, it's a pleasure to meet you!' Cynthia smiled.

'You too Tracy.' Professor Oak then turned to Tracy.

'Tracy, will you be able to round up all of Ash's Pokémon. They will all be going with Ash and Cynthia.' Tracy nodded and faced Ash.

'Did you want all of your Tauros Ash? Or just your battler?' Ash chuckled at Tracy's question and Cynthia's curious gaze.

'Just my battler Tracy. The others can stay with you guys.' Tracy nodded and dashed from the room. Cynthia looked at Ash with a raised eyebrow.

'You have more than one Tauros Ash?' she asked making Ash sigh.

'Yeah… back when I visited the Safari Zone in Kanto they kept jumping in the way of Pokémon I tried to catch… I have 30 Tauros… but my battler is the one I use all the time.' Cynthia just shook her head with a laugh.

'That'd be right.' Ash chuckled as Tracy reappeared with a tray of Pokéballs.

'Here you are Ash, what I'll do is send them over on the tray instead of one by one.' Oak said as Ash and Cynthia nodded. Oak then placed the try on the machine and pressed a few buttons. The tray then glowed white before vanishing and reappearing with a glow on Cynthia's platform.

'All here Professor, Thanks!' Ash said with a smile. Cynthia nodded too as Tracy and the Professor smiled back.

'Not a problem Ash, you two just take care. And keep in touch occasionally when you can.' Ash nodded.

'You bet! I'll talk to you soon.' Cynthia said her goodbyes and ended the call. 'Well… All my Pokémon are here now.' Cynthia nodded and watched as Ash tried putting them all in his pockets.

'This could be a problem…' he said quietly making Cynthia laugh.

'Ash… haven't you heard of the Pokémon storage system?' Ash gave her a curious look making her giggle.

'Here. Each Pokedex has a storage system for trainers that have a higher limit than beginner trainers. Basically you can store all of your Pokémon in your Pokedex and switch them when you want.' She said while grabbing his dex and pressing a few buttons. She then held one of his Pokéballs above the device and watched as it glowed and was sucked into it.

'You can keep as many as you want on you but store the rest in here, while inside they are in a virtual program of a ranch. Because they are in stasis they don't need feeding unless you have them on you.' Ash was amazed at the discovery and chuckled.

'That's awesome. I guess having 8 Pokémon on me would be enough…' Ash said as he started storing his Pokémon.' Cynthia watched and smiled as Ash sorted his Pokémon out.

'I think I'll keep Pikachu obviously, and Charizard, Sceptile, Snorlax, Staraptor, Totodile, Glalie and Gible.' Cynthia nodded as Ash rearranged his choices.

'It doesn't have to be like before Ash, you can switch anytime as much as you want… they are all with you now… so we can train them when necessary.' Ash nodded and finished placing them on his belt and Pokedex in his jacket pocket.

'All done…' Cynthia nodded and snapped her head to Ash as his belly rumbled. Ash chuckled nervously and scratched his head. 'Sorry about that… my gut has a mind of its own.'

Cynthia lost it and began laughing. Ash grinned and looked at Pikachu who shrugged. She eventually calmed down and looked at Ash with a small tear in her eye.

'So… how about I buy you dinner. Seeing as I'm staying here rent free?' Ash said with a grin making Cynthia blush.

'D-Dinner?' Ash nodded and gestured to the door.

'Yeah, I'll buy you dinner. Let's go.' Ash said as Pikachu copied Ash and pointed to the door. Cynthia giggled at the two and nodded.

'Okay then, let's go.' Ash then left with Cynthia and Pikachu.



Ash and Cynthia were sitting in a restaurant eating quietly as Pikachu nibbled on a breadstick. Ash sipped his drink and looked at Cynthia.

'So Cynthia, if you love Archaeology so much, why did you become a trainer?' Cynthia finished eating and wiped her mouth.

'Well… Like you I wanted to be a trainer since I was little, so that came first. I got Gible from my Grandmother and set off at 10. The archaeology came later… I was about three years into my travels and came across an ancient ruin… I found a tablet that dated back to the time of ancient civilisations and I caught the bug… I just had to keep doing it.' Ash listened intently on Cynthia explaining and eventually got lost into her happy and determined face.

'And that's why we're going to Oblivia. What about you Ash… do you have any other interests other than battling?' Ash heard her and shrugged.

'Nah… not really, I mean I love lots of things but nothing like Battling. Pokémon are everything to me… though lately, I have realised that I really like helping people and Pokémon…' Cynthia watched Ash as he said the last part differently.

'What do you mean Ash?' Ash scratched Pikachu's ear as he thought about an answer.

'I don't really know myself Cynthia… I've noticed over the years that I really get a kick out of helping people and Pokémon… I feel like it's my job to help and protect everyone I meet.' Cynthia sat in silence as Ash spoke. He said it with such passion that it made her get Goosebumps.

'Well… do it then Ash.' Ash snapped his head to Cynthia in confusion, she just laughed and placed a hand on his. 'Do it then Ash… I think I understand now. You want to become the best Pokémon trainer on the planet so you can help everyone… so you can protect People and Pokémon alike. It's actually a very noble dream to fight for Ash.' Cynthia finished with a squeeze to his hand.

Ash looked into Cynthia's eyes as she spoke and smiled. 'Thank you Cynthia...' Cynthia nodded and looked back at Ash. The two stared into each other's eyes without realising they were nearing each other.
Slowly they got closer and closer, Pikachu watched from the side and thought about stepping in but decided that Ash deserved it after all they had been through.

The two were finally close and their lips connected, Cynthia's eyes closed as did Ash's as the two kissed softly. The moment seemed to last forever and the two got deeper into the kiss, Pikachu decided that they had long enough and stepped forward.

'Pika?' Ash and Cynthia shot backwards like lightning and both blushed deeply. They looked at Pikachu who had a devious grin on his face. Ash looked back to Cynthia who was flustered. She looked up at Ash and frowned sadly.

'I'm sorry Ash… I don't know what came over me… I understand if you decide not to travel with me.' She finished with sad sigh. Ash had a million and one things shooting through his head at that moment, but one thing was certain…

That was no mistake

Ash snapped his head up to look at Cynthia, 'Cynthia. I won't let this go.' Her head shot up and Ash could've sworn he saw a glint of joy in her eyes,

'I've always been a one track mind sort of person… and I know a lot of things have gotten passed me before. But not this time, that meant something… it meant something to me. Honestly Cynthia… since we first met I've been intrigued by you… you are so beautiful, smart and driven in what you do. It gives 'me' Goosebumps when you talk about your passions. Cynthia, I don't think I can travel and train with you while pretending to be your boyfriend.'

Cynthia's heart dropped at that and she began to slump a little in her seat, 'I understand…' She then felt a hand on hers and she looked up.

'Because… Cynthia, I want to travel and train with you as your real boyfriend.' At those words Cynthia's heart shot from her stomach to the moon. Ash was so sure of himself as he said it that it made her tingly.

'You really do?' She asked timidly making Ash laugh.

'What happened to the strong and powerful Champion who wouldn't back down to anything!? Yes Cynthia… I really do.' Cynthia's happiness reached new heights and shot forward taking Ash into a deep kiss once more. The two wrestled with their mouths for a good five minutes until they decided to stop from exhaustion.

'Wow…' Cynthia muttered as Ash sat back with a goofy smile plastered on his face. Cynthia saw it and laughed.

'Yeah... wow.' Ash nodded and looked at Pikachu who smiled and gave Ash a peace sign. Ash and Cynthia laughed at the gesture. 'So I guess the whole fake media cover can get stuffed now huh?'

Cynthia smiled and grabbed his hand, 'Yeah… it can. But I think it's still perfect that this happened. Now you really do have a legitimate reason for being with me to cover the training.' Ash laughed and nodded.

'Yeah I do. And a real good reason too.' Cynthia smiled and squeezed his hand. The two enjoyed the rest of their dinner and left with Pikachu perched on Ash's shoulder as usual.

Ash and Cynthia were strolling down the road quietly holding hands, 'So it turned out to be a pretty good dinner huh?' Cynthia said quietly Ash nodded and then flinched as Cynthia hugged his arm making him smile.

'Yeah, it's turned out to be my best birthday so far.' Cynthia snapped towards him shocked.

'It's your Birthday today!?' Ash nodded with a shrug. Cynthia walked to him and wrapped him in a hug. 'Happy Birthday Ash… you should've told me. Oh I have to get you a present!' Ash chuckled and pulled her into a quick kiss.

He pulled back and grinned at her dreamy look, 'you already have… you being with me is the best gift I could ever have.' Cynthia smiled and hugged him again.

'Come on, let's go home and relax. We have to leave tomorrow remember?' Cynthia nodded and latched onto his arm as they walked down the street.

'So I turned 21 last month, and you just turned 18… it's not that big of a difference now is it?' Cynthia muttered making Ash smile.

'No… no it's not.' He said quietly with a smile that made Cynthia melt.

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