Authors Note: Ok first of all, I'm going to write down there schedules for u.they are all in grade 11 and they r all 16. vegeta and goku are not sayians! They r just strong cause of football! Same with Krillin. Bulma is still a really smart and rich girl thoigh no one knows how much she really owns..hehehe and chici is not the ox kings daughter she is just a normal girl wit a bad temper! And 18 does have a twin(17) GOKU AND CHICHI ARE GOING OUT ALREADY, SAME WITH 18 AND KRILLIN!! THERE IS NO YHAMCHA



Ok now just to let you know Bulma's math AP is short form for math advanced placement, which is for smart people, its located in the study hall so she can sometimes chat with the others! Usually the other cores are places according to what level you are at but that would make them all separated! So I dropped it! They all have physed together but boys do separate things than girls but sometimes they will be together. Physed plus is another word team! Ya. so now that you understand I'll get to the story! It took we like ½ hr to finish this!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of dragon ball z so what-so-ever lol



Bulma walked into the school and immediately saw she two best friends chichi and 18 "Hey girls!" she called to them, turning they smiled at her "Hey" 18 responded, "so you never returned my call last night," "Well I had to finish that thing for math AP so I never had a chance, but I'll write you and finish telling you k?" Bulma smiled at 18 then turned to chichi to try to get something before class started. 18 smiled at Bulma's blondness, she defiantly got it from her mom. 18 was of in wonderland but the bell woke her up out of her dreams. Saying goodbye to her gal friends she went of to her class.

(I'm going to have each period separate unless I fell it unnecessary to write bout it, like if they r the only ones in it.)

1st period: Social

Bulma walked in and looked around for anyone she new, she saw a familiar spiky black haired man sitting near the back and went over, "Hey Vegeta wassup?" Bulma asked as she sat down "Nothing," was Vegeta reply, "just that your outfit is unusually low and revealing," Bulma looked at her outfit, it was a tight blue sweater that had a v-line, it was accompanied with a black mini skirt, for shoes she had red spikes. "Humph, well you must have noticed if were looking at me Vegeta," Bulma winked at Vegeta and fell silent as the teacher walked in "grr, woman," Vegeta started but Bulma cut him off, "I have to write to 18 now so shut-up," Bulma was writing with a bright pink fluffy pen and some light blue paper with clouds all over it. Grumbling vegeta thought about what he was going to say after the bell.


Krillin was almost asleep when he felt something wet hit his head. He shot his head up and looked over to see goku looking very guilty. "Hey goku!" Krillin practically shouted, "what the hell?" Goku was about to reply when the teacher said sharply to Krillin, "Krillin! Go to the office right now! And that Mr. Son with you!" Goku and Krillin walked towards the office slowly with there head bowed in 'shame'


Chichi and 18 sat beside each other and rapidly took notes on mitosis, they never had enough time to write notes to each other and hardly for talking, thought Mr. Grigore never minded you would most defiantly fail the test that are frequent if you talk, your fault he always said. "Now remember that in mitosis the chromosomes unwind so you can read it, they copy themselves so that a new daughter cell can be created," Chichi and 18 looked at each other helplessly before starting in on the notes again.

Now just to let you know, that is the name of my science teacher, and he is that strict, and all of that information is what we have been learning same with any other school information!


After class Bulma walked out and was about to turn down towards the English room but Vegeta stopped her "you can't tell me to shut-up and expect to get away with it!" Bulma giggled, "just admit it! You got burned by a girl!" Bulma started laughing and Vegeta's mouth twitched, "you think your going to get away with that to?" Vegeta asked playfully, he reached out and grabbed Bulma's around the waist so she couldn't move. Bulma squirmed and laughed, "Ok Vegeta we all know you is way way stronger than me so let go!" Vegeta smirked but didn't let go, ""but see I have to get back at you," he whispered huskily into Bulma's ear. Bulma shivered and finally relaxed into Vegeta's embrace, after all they had been friends ever since 7th grade. "do you really trust me that much?" Vegeta asked slyly, Bulma laughed "I know that all your not going to hurt me," Bulma replied equally as sly Vegeta chuckled, "you now me too well," and he walked over to the English room and let her go, "see you in physed ," he said walking off with his backpack slung over one shoulder. Shaking her head Bulma walked into the classroom.

Period 2:

Physed plus:

Goku and Krillin were waiting in the field for Vegeta, the others had gone off to warm-up but they had permission to wait for Vegeta. Finally they saw him come running "hey v-man, what took you so long?" Goku asked "I had to teach Bulma a lesson," was Vegeta's reply "Really? Was it only a lesson? Or maybe I bit more?" Krillin asked punching his arm playfully. Vegeta growled, "would you stop it? We are not going out! You know that! We are just friends!" Goku laughed, "face it you like Bulma! We can all tell," "Really? Is it that obvious?" Vegeta finally caved in as they took of at a run for a warm-up "To us I don't know about others, but if I were you I would I would ask her soon before she finds out by someone else," Krillin said Goku nodded in agreement, "ya someone like chi," Krillin laughed and Vegeta smiled, it was a known fact that goku's girlfriend chichi was the best gossiper in the entire school. "ya I will ask her soon enough, I don't want to rush, I'm going slowly," vegeta said. Krillin nodded, "that's a good idea, girls don't like it if its rushed," Goku nodded too and they went onto the field to practice.


Bulma walked in just as the bell went, she quickly sat down beside chichi and 18. She was sent two notes after about 5 mins, one with 18's perfume o it, the other pink with teddy bears on it. Bulma smiled as she opened them to read,

Dear Bulma, Hey girl wassup? I'm fine but tell me why you were late? And why do you smell like Vegeta's cologne? I can smell it faintly so don't worry about anyone else noticing(18 has a very good nose) Your lucky the teacher is gone or you would be in the office^_^ anyways write back if you can! Ttyl

From 18

Bulma smiled it was like 18 to notice things like that, she was just about to write back when she was a shadow, she looked up and saw the teacher. Gulping Bulma triend to hid the note before she took it, Mrs. Randall was know to read noted aloud. "Mrs. Bulma, why may I ask, do happen to have 2 noted on your desk?" "um, well you see," Bulma was cut off "now let me have them, I really expected better from you, its these friends that you hang around with, you'd be better without them," Mrs. Randall took the notes from Bulma's small hand. Mrs. Randall walked up to the front and opened 18's note first. Bulma closed her eyes and waited for her to start talking. "Dear Bulma, Hey girl wassup? I'm fine but tell me why you were late? And why do you smell like Vegeta's cologne? I can smell it faintly so don't worry about anyone else noticing. Your lucky the teacher is gone or you would be in the office, anyways write back if you can! Ttyl From 18," Mrs. Randall finished and all the students were stunned, how could that teacher be so cruel as to read that aloud? Even though it was interesting they had all reached a silent agreement to not mention it. Bulma was bright red, she turned to look and chi and 18, they looked horrified. She smiled weakly at them but stopped when she head the teacher start with chi's, Bulma saw chichi blush madly and she briefly wondered why. Deciding to listen Bulma turned to the teacher. "Yo, Bulma, I'm not going to ask why you were late, I'm always late cause of a certain black haired dude, this is me sighing right now. Oh ya were going to your house still tonight? Tell me later, bye. Chichi." The teacher finished again and chichi was blushing madly. Soon the classroom was filled with hoots and hollers. The teacher calmed them down and said to the trio, "Well I have no choice to send you all down, 18 and chichi for sending notes, and Bulma's for being late," Mrs. Randall started talking to the rest of the class on the lesson they would be learning. The trio stood up and walked solemnly to the office.


Goku, Krillin and Vegeta walked towards the English room, they had gotten out of physed plus early and decided to go meet the girls. When the bell rang people started coming out of the English room, but no chichi, 18 or Bulma. The guys were confused, they had English right? Of course they did "Boys, if you are waiting for those girls you'd better leave, they have been In the office the entire class," Mrs. Randall said as she came out to greet her new class. :uh, why?" goku asked, Mrs. Randall frowned, "they were caught writing notes, of inappropriate attire," The guys looked at each other, it was just like them to do that. Quietly they said goodbye to each other and went to their respected classes hoping to find the girls in them.

3rd period Study Hall/math AP

Vegeta walked in and looked around the room to see it he saw Bulma, he noticed her sitting on one of the couches working on some sort of math. He walked over and sat next to Bulma, Bulma looked up and quickly went back to work. "What are you working on?" Vegeta asked, "Stuff," Bulma replied as she furiously wrote down some equations. Vegeta scooted over and leaned his head in to see what it was; it was a bunch of equations and notes from her textbook. "why were you in the office?" " I was caught with notes and I was late," Bulma replied "that's what the teacher said, just wanted to make sure it was true, I don't want my Bulma to get all bad on me," Vegeta smirked and put his arm around Bulma. Bulma looked up and smiled, then continued on her work, soon she was done and noticing he hadn't opened his book asked, "Shouldn't you work o your stuff now Vegeta?" Bulma asked turning her head to meet Vegeta's eyes. Vegeta looked at his bag and frowned " I don't want to," he replied Bulma giggled and said to him "You mean you want me to either do it fro you or help you?" Vegeta smirked and pushed her down onto her back, "but of course," Vegeta was sitting next to her with his hand on her stomach to hold her down. Bulma struggled and laughed trying to get up. Finally she gave up and just rested. "Vegeta, are you coming to my house tonight with the others?" Bulma asked "I guess, what time?" Vegeta said letting Bulma go allowing her to sit up. "I don't care anytime after dinner, my parents aren't home," Bulma said while fixing her hair with her hands. Vegeta couldn't help but take his hand and ruffle Bulma's hair again. He laughed at Bulma's reaction; it was of shock and then anger "You jerk!" Bulma screamed while lunging at Vegeta. Vegeta was laughing at her face so didn't notice Bulma until it was to late, she had pushed him off the couch. Now it was Bulma's turn to laugh. Vegeta growled, he grabbed Bulma's hand and pulled her down with him. Bulma landed on the ground beside Vegeta. Vegeta's hand went and grabbed her around the waist and with his other hand started tickling her. The students looked over to find Bulma giggling and screaming, trying to get away from Vegeta and his torture. They all went back to work, they new that Vegeta and Bulma would end up together, it was just a matter of time.


Krillin walked in and sat next to 18, "hey why were you guys in the office?" Krillin whispered "we wrote notes and she caught them," 18 said blushing slightly Krillin noted this and snorted, "It was about us wasn't it?" Krillin smirked "It was about tonight at Bulma's and why I thought Bulma was late for class," 18 turned and listened to the teacher drone on about industrial revolution. Krillin sighed and wrote her a note about tonight

Hey 18

So what about tonight?

luv Krillin

He passed it to chichi and chichi read it and them wrote back

To Krillin

I don't know, all I know is that its probably going to be at Bulma's cause her parents are out, we'll ask at gym.


Krillin read it and smiled at 18 giving her thumbs up.

4th period


They all met in the gym after they had changed and sat down beside each other "This is the first time we have been all together today," chi noted, she was cuddled next to goku. They all nodded and finally Krillin asked "So Bulma, when are we going to your house?" "Anytime after dinner, I don't care," Bulma repeated what she had told Vegeta, "18 and chi are coming over after school," she finished "We are?" chi asked "Yes you are!," Bulma replied and they all laughed. "ok kids today we are going to keep you all together," he paused when he kids started cheering, teen hormones, he thought, "the other teacher is sick so that why we have to, we will be playing football," he watched to guys expression light up and the girls look horrified "now don't worry girls, it will be no contact, and boys! You'd better not play rough or you will be failed and taken off any team you are on!" Mr. Verling shouted, "ok lets go!" The trio stayed next to the guys and they mad sure that they were on the same team, "snort, don't blame me if I don't protect you," vegeta scoffed "but vegeta?" Bulma whined, "we don't even know how to play!" Vegeta stood stunned, "you don't know how to play?" the girls nodded their head 'no' he sighed along with Krillin and goku, "ok," goku said, "when I throw the ball, you girls just stay there and if anyone comes to try and get by, try and grab their flags," the 3 girls nodded, it sounded easy enough. The whistle blew and the game started.


Bulma was in line getting chi's, 18's and her own lunch, every day they took turns getting it. Bulma walked back and sat down in between Vegeta and Chichi, goku was on the other side of chichi and 18 and Krillin were sitting opposite of Bulma and chichi. After Bulma passed the food out she opened her milk. "How can you eat only that?" Vegeta asked looking at her food plate, it consisted of milk, a sandwich, salad and an apple. Bulma shrugged, "How can you eat that?" Bulma pointed to Vegeta's tray. It had 3 hamburgers, fries, a milk shake and a apple, which he only had because their football coach made them have an apple or banana. "Because its good and I'm hungry," Vegeta smirked holding out his hamburger, :you probably haven't had a hamburger since what? Grade 8?" that was the last time he had seen any of the girls eat something greasy. Bulma turned up her nose,

how do you think I get to be so fit?" Bulma referred to her waist, "Me, 18 and chi made a deal that we wouldn't eat anything greasy unless we all agreed that we had to," Goku, Krillin and Vegeta were stunned "Will you all eat something greasy right now?" goku asked The three girls looked at each other, "Well we haven't had one in so long but its really unhealthy," chi said in a not to confident way "but look how fit we are?" Vegeta asked, "and we eat this stuff all the time!" they looked at each other and took a deep breath "all right," Bulma gave in, "but only a bit, I don't want to not fit in my new dress." Vegeta rolled his eyes at her feminine behavior. The trio hesitantly took a burger from each of the guys. "um, are they veggie burgers?" 18 asked "Just take a damn bite!" the boys yelled. The trio each took a bite and slowly chewed. They suddenly gave back the burgers and ran off to the bathroom. The guys looked on after them in disbelief then shrugged and continued eating.


(I'm skipping to last period)