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Chapter 4: The Game

"I really don't want to do this," Clary mumbled, rubbing her arms, even though it wasn't cold outside.

Simon nudged her slightly, "Come on, since when do we get invited to netball games?"

"I think our invitation expired." Clary muttered to low for Simon to hear.

It wasn't just Simon who made her go, it was also her parents and she had a funny feeling why. Going to see Isabelle play would mean Jace would be there and not forgetting his parents. It was just going to be an awkward embarrassing situation.

"I'll buy you a hotdog and a soda." Simon smiled.

"Someones keen to go to this game." Clary said, raising a questioning eyebrow at Simon's blush. "Are we liking Isabelle?"

"No. There's... um... someone else." Simon blushed even more.


Simon's brows pulled together. "Maia? Does Maia like me?"

Whoops. "Maybe. I think you should ask her out." Clary nudged him with her elbow, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Maybe... but there is someone else." The top of his ears were going pink, making Clary believe it had to be Isabelle.

"Who?" She narrowed her eyes, watching as he swallowed.

"Uh..." Simon didn't get to reply as a loud crowd of boys ran past, cheering for the girls.

"Come on lets just go in." Simon said and Clary sighed, reminding herself to ask Simon the same question again later.

Inside Clary could hear the gym was already buzzing as everyone took their seats. Simon went of to buy them some food and drinks, while Clary stood searching the crowds for those golden locks.

"Who you looking for?" Simon asked, returning with two sodas and two hot dogs. Clary blushed and then took her soda and hot dog from his hands.

"No one. Thanks." She smiled slightly and then followed Simon into the crowd. Cheerleaders were already starting to do their routines and Clary frowned, knowing they were exactly Jace's type.

"Simon! Clary!" Eric called from the crowd and Clary looked up to see Eric was sat at the back. Her eyes traveled in front of him where Jace was sat, his eyes found hers at the sound of her name and he seemed to smile slightly. She looked away, looking at Alec who was sat next to Jace, followed by their younger brother and their parents.

"Are you alright?" Simon whispered in her ear and she nodded her head.

She followed behind Simon, being careful not to make eye contact with Jace; it was so hard. Simon sat down next to Eric, talking about the game, while Clary was left sitting right behind Jace. Out of all the places, this had to be the one.

Placing her hot dog on her lap, she looked out to see Isabelle was sat along a bench. Seeing Clary, Isabelle waved slightly and Clary smiled waving back.

Jace turned around, a curious eyebrow pulled up and she shrugged. He turned back and Clary began eating her hotdog, trying her hardest not to focus on Jace's curls. The temptation to run her hand through them.

"Your acting really weird." Simon whispered. "Do you want to move?" He seemed to sense what was wrong, but she shook her head not wanting to hide any longer.

"Clary, you should come out on a double date with me, my girlfriend and Simon." Eric called out and Clary choked on her soda, blush appearing on her cheeks and neck. Simon had gone completely red as well, not looking at Clary. Her eyes darted to where Jace sat, his back rigid and fists clenched in his lap.

"What?" She asked, thinking she was hearing things. Simon was her best friend.

"You heard. Come on, your love Ashley." Clary highly doubted that but she agreed to go with them, for Simon, but it wasn't a date.

"Your go?" Simon asked.

"Of course. Were got to meet Eric and his girlfriend." Clary said, she wasn't happy about going, but it was still Simon's friend.

In front of them Jace laughed. He turned around facing Simon, "Friend zone is a hard place to get out of, right Simon?"

"Why are you being such an ass?" Clary asked, gripping her soda tight, trying not to pour it over Jace's head.

"Why are you so oblivious to everyone's feelings for you?" He snapped and then his eyes widened, in shock that he admitted those words.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Clary asked, her eyebrows pulling in tight. Jace seemed to have developed a slight blush, his parents and brothers both looking at him in shock.

"Nothing." He turned back round.

"No. I want to know. You've treated me like crap these last couple of days and now you say something like that? I don't understand you, Jace!" She was so close to tipping her drink over his head now.

"Just leave it." He groaned like it pained him to talk to Clary.

"No." She put her drink down, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You're so stubborn." He turned back, watching her with narrowed eyes. Around them everyone was watching, interested in the drama.

"Then just tell me!" She snapped.

He studied her carefully, then nodded his head, his eyes glowed with what seemed like pain. "I'm not explaining here."

"You still have ten minutes till the game starts." Jace's mom informed him, smiling.

"Thanks a lot." He mumbled and then stood up. "I'm going to get a drink. If you want me to explain then now is your only time."

Clary stood up, slowly, giving Simon a small smile before following Jace down the steps and out of the gym. Her body was tingling, hands shaking and she could feel sweat on the back of her neck. What did he mean?

He stood down the school corridor, one where no one was in sight, and leaned against the wall. Clary rubbed her arms, looking at the floor as she waited for Jace to explain. All those words he said to her flashed in her mind and she clenched her fists.

Jace ran a hand through his hair. "At least I have more guts than the weasel you call a friend."

"Don't bring Simon into this." Clary snapped.

Jace bit his lip but Clary could see the hidden smirk. "Fine. What I meant was: I like you, alright? I've liked you for ages." Clary's mouth opened and closed like a fish. Her body had turned to jelly. She had turned into a jelly fish.

"You like me?" She questioned, not quite believing him.

"Yes." He groaned like the conversation was causing him pain.

"If you like me then why did you say all that stuff?" She asked, tears sparkling her eyes but she held them back. She wouldn't cry in front of Jace. Not again.

"Because I'm no good for you! You deserve someone better!" His jaw tightened and he looked away.

"You said all that just to push me away?" She questioned.

"Yes." He still wouldn't look at her.

"Why do you believe you won't be good enough for me?" She took a step forward.

"Because... because I just know I'll break your heart." He closed his eyes, not wanting to look at anything.

"How do you know unless you don't try?" She wasn't sure why she was pushing for this, pushing for them, but she needed to. He was still horrid to her, but she didn't care anymore. He liked her.

"You want to try?" His voice broke, his hands hung by his sides.

She nodded her head. "I like you Jace and I am willing to give it a go until you can believe that there can be an us."

He stood silently for a few minutes, studying the ground underneath him as he thought hard. Clary wasn't sure why he didn't have faith in a relationship, but she didn't want to pry. It wasn't like he ever tried to have a relationship with a girl. Finally he spoke, "Fine. Were give it a go." He looked up at Clary, a smile on his face and his eyes held doubt but also happiness. "Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?"

Clary gasped, the question surprising her. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and she felt the world spinning. She never imagined this would happen tonight, not even in a million years. "Yes." She smiled.

"Great. I'll pick you up at six?" He seemed to have relaxed slightly, but he seemed unsure about something.

"I'll be ready and waiting." She could feel her knees buckling under her, but she held herself upright not wanting to ruin the moment.

"Shall we get back?" He didn't seem enthusiastic about going back to the game but they did. When they sat back in their seats, everyone was watching them with amused and happy expressions. Everyone a part from Simon and Alec.

"I thought you were going to get a drink?" Jace's father asked, raising an eyebrow and Clary felt herself blush.

"I forgot." Jace shrugged.

"What's going on?" Simon whispered to Clary.

"I have a date tomorrow night." She smiled, a happy smile, for the first time in days. Jace had been an ass to her, she hadn't forgiven him for what he said and a part of her wasn't sure if what he said was true or not. Thinking about it made doubt flicker in her stomach, but the happiness of having a date outweighed it.

"That's great." His jaw clenched and Clary raised an eyebrow, but he focused on the game that had started.

Isabelle was great, she scored a few goals and even managed to take the ball from the other team. Clary kept sneaking looks at the back of Jace's head, he was cheering a lot for his sister, standing up with the rest of them and clapping. Occasionally he turned back and smiled at Clary. Each smile made her skin tingle. Why had he really doubted them and himself? Tomorrow she'll get him to explain properly.

"Go on Isabelle!" Clary shouted, cheering with the rest of the crowd. She saw Isabelle wave their way, her long black pony tail flipping behind her. She was sweating, but she still looked amazing.

The game went on for ages, but for the first time in days Clary enjoyed herself. She cheered when they won 10-4 and hugged Simon in celebration. Isabelle was celebrating with her team mates and shaking the other teams hand, a smile on her face.

"That's the loudest you've ever been." Jace said turning around, shock and amusement in his eyes.

"Really? Well you don't know her as well as I do then." Simon said, smiling down at Jace.

"Simon." Clary whispered.

"No, he has a point." Jace said, raising an eyebrow at Simon. A secret message between the two of them.

"What's wrong?" Clary asked Simon.

"I don't like that he's taking you out." Simon said, loud enough for Jace to hear.

"Why not?" Clary folded her arms across her chest.

"Because..." His cheeks blushed and he pushed his glasses up. "Because..." He shook his head.

"Because what?" Clary asked getting annoyed.

"Because I'm in love with you." He whispered so only Clary could hear but she was sure Jace heard. She gasped, completely shocked, she sat back down.

"What?" She questioned, looking up at Simon.

"It doesn't matter. I'll see you later." Simon mumbled and then he walked past Clary and down the steps.

"Simon!" She called after him but he ignored her and soon left the gym.

"Well that went well." Jace said coming round to sit next to Clary.

"Did you know?" She asked narrowing her eyes at him. She thought of Simon, he was cute and handsome under the glasses. He was no Jace, but she had known him most of her life. He was always there for her, always making her laugh and knowing when to cheer her up. She didn't love him like that, though, she loved him like a brother.

"It was kind of obvious." He shrugged and she got what he completely meant now. She was completely oblivious to everyone's feelings.

She buried her head in her hands. "I feel like an idiot."

"A blind idiot." She could feel Jace's smile but she refused to look.

"Thanks." She mumbled and he chuckled.

"I'm sure he'll get over it." Jace said, sighing.

Clary wasn't sure. He admitted his feelings at the wrong timing and now she felt like she could have possibly lost her best friend.

"He was kind of my ride home." She groaned, not wanting to make the phone call home to explain to her parents why Simon bailed on her. Everything was going so right and wrong tonight.

"I'll drop you off." Jace suggested and Clary silently groaned imagining the journey home with Jace and his parents. What would she say to them after tonight?

"You sure?" She asked looking up at him. He had his arm around her seat, his body leaning towards her and he was watching her. Blush filled her cheeks.

"Yes. Alec can go with the others." In a car alone with Jace. Clary blushed even more. At least it wasn't the awkward journey home with the parents.

"Is Alec alright with that?" Clary bit her lip, she may be oblivious to people's feelings for her but she wasn't oblivious to Alec's feelings towards Jace.

"Yes, why wouldn't he be?" It seemed Jace was oblivious.

"I don't know." Clary looked away biting her lip, it wasn't her place to tell him.

"Come on then." Jace stood up, stretching, then Clary stood up following him down the stands, behind his family. Isabelle was standing at the bottom, ready to greet her family with a smile.

"Well done!" Isabelle's mom cheered, hugging her daughter and her father kissed the top of her forehead.

"Thanks!" Isabelle's smile widened.

"You were amazing out there! You could be in the Olympics!" Max shouted, hugging his sister.

"Olympics?" Isabelle questioned, shaking her head at her brother.

Clary stood a little awkwardly while Alec and Jace congratulated their sister, she smiled slightly not wanting to seem rude. If Simon ever spoke to her again, which she highly doubted, she was going to kill him for leaving her in sch an awkward situation.

"Clary I didn't think you'd come!" Isabelle hugged Clary, surprising her.

"Well you did invite me." Clary reminded her.

"I know, but, um, I just thought since my brother is such an idiot, I didn't think you would come." Isabelle glared over to where Jace was standing.

"Your brother is an idiot but I was coming for you, not him." She wasn't use to having other friends other than Simon, specially not girls.

"Hey!" Jace glared at both Isabelle and Clary, but he was still smiling.

Isabelle looked between Jace and Clary, seeing both their smiles, she raised an eyebrow. "Have I missed something?"

Jace came over, putting an arm around Clary, surprising her. "Were going out tomorrow night." He grinned.

"I don't understand you Jace, you're a complete idiot!" Isabelle groaned. "But thank god you got over whatever was messed up in that brain of yours!"

"I take it your happy about it then?" Jace asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course I am!" She turned to Clary. "I'm ringing you tomorrow to talk about what you're going to wear."

"What?" Clary questioned not sure what to think, the only person who spoke to her about clothes was her mom.

Jace snorted. "With your fashion sense you'll have Clary running away before I even get the chance to take her out."

"I'm surprised she's even going out with you after the way you treated her." Isabelle crossed her arms, glaring at her brother.

"That's because I'm irresistible." Isabelle rolled her eyes, but Clary could see that same gleam of pain in his golden eyes. She nudged him slightly, trying to show that she understood why he acted that way, but she didn't.

"Where's Simon?" Isabelle asked after she finished her glaring contest with her brother.

"He left early... he had to, um... his mom needed him home." Clary looked away from Jace and Isabelle, trying to hide the ashamed blush that started to show.

Jace nudged her back. "I'm taking Clary home now."

Jace's mom, turned around from her husband, having heard what Jace said. "Alright, were meet you at home. Perhaps Clary could come over for dinner in a few days?" Clary bit her lip, not sure what to say to the offer, she was still confused.

"Yeah, I'll bring her round after school on Monday." He turned to Clary. "Is that alright?"

"Um, sure." Clary smiled slightly, her tummy already tingling with nerves and it wasn't even Monday.

"Great. Well see you guys in a bit." Jace smiled at his family, Clary ignored Alec's glares, while Jace lead the way out of the gym. Jace liked her, Isabelle wanted to be friends and Alec hated her.

They walked to Jace's car in silence, a few inches of space between them. The wind blew Clary's hair across her face and she tugged it behind her ear, watching Jace from the corner of her eye. He seemed to be thinking, concentrating on the ground in front of him and Clary wondered what he was thinking about.

"Did you give Isabelle my number?" Clary asked after a moment, she wasn't bothered about it, but she used it just to start a conversation.

"No, she probably stole it from me. If you don't want her to ring you, I'll stop her." He smiled lightly.

"No it's alright." Clary turned to smile at Jace. They reached his car and Jace opened the front door for her, she thanked him before he shut it and she watched as he jogged round to his side.

"So, anywhere you want to go tomorrow?" He asked after starting to the car and pulling out of the space.

Clary still couldn't believe she was going out with Jace tomorrow; she couldn't believe she was even in a car with him. "I don't mind."

"Very helpful, Fray. I guess it will be a surprise then." He smirked and Clary was too afraid to ask what he was thinking. Goose bumps coated her skin at the idea of whatever Jace would come up with for tomorrow night.

"I'll be having high expectations then to make up for being a jerk." She raised an eyebrow as he smiled. She expected more of an explanation tomorrow rather then for him to make up for it.

"I am sorry about that." He bit his lip, being cautious of what to say. "I didn't mean anything I said, all of it was a lie to make you hate me and it worked."

"It certainly did work." Clary mumbled but was generally shocked at Jace's apology.

"It was true that I don't usually go for girls for you, but that's because you're so much better than them and you don't even realize." She thought about Aline and all the cheerleaders Jace had been with, scoffing how Jace thought she was better than them. "I mean it, Clary, you aren't just oblivious to others feelings for you, your oblivious to yourself. You don't see yourself as this beautiful smart girl– I do."

Clary turned to look at Jace, her hands were gripped firmly in her lap, sticky with sweat and she could see in his eyes that he meant every word he said. He thought she was beautiful and smart.

Clary went to reply, but Jace continued. "I acted the way I did to protect you, I thought if I made you hate me then you'd be better of. Seeing the pain I caused you, watching as I made you cry, was horrible, but it was the right thing to do – you don't deserve the pain I'll cause." He shook his head, concentrating on the road, trying to hide his pain from Clary. His defense was like a glass wall; it was there but so easy to see through.

"Why do you doubt yourself so much?" He stopped the car outside of her house, but she didn't get out. She couldn't leave Jace like this and she wanted to understand the problem, she wanted to know how she could solve it.

He shook his head, words lost. "If your smart like I believe you're then you would cancel tomorrow, but I don't have the strength to stay away any more." His widened eyes held hers. "But please, please, think this through."

Clary was shocked, she pressed her lips together, trying to think of what to say. "I'll see you tomorrow night."

He gripped the steering wheel, nodding his head. Clary didn't understand, he wanted to go out with her but he didn't because he was doubting himself?

She bit her lip and then turned to get out of the car, waving slightly as Jace drove away, leaving her even more confused and excited for tomorrow.

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