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"Sam get Charlie outta here" Jack O'Neill lay on the floor of the Gate room slowly losing his hold on life.

"Jack there's nowhere to go" Sam looked over to the young 7-year-old girl waiting in the control room, watching her father die with saddened eyes. She had her fathers light brown hair that was usually shoulder length tied into a ponytail and the exact same deep brown eye's.

"T.take her through the mirror"

Sam nodded. "Jack we'll come back for you"

"No point Sam" Jack shook his head and regretted it feeling the sudden rush of pain.

"There's always a point Jack, I love you I will be back for you" Tears were treating to come but Sam held back.

"I love you, tell Charlie I love her"

"I will,"

"Go now get her outta here" Jack slowly closed his eyes and lost his hold on life forever.

"Goodbye Jack" Sam lent down to place a kiss on his forehead, Standing up and whipping the tears from her eyes Sam looked up at Charlie only seeing pain and lose in her eyes Sam ran to get her and leave with her.

"Sam what about dad?" Charlie was looking between Sam and her father. Fear evident in her eyes.

"Come on I have to get you outta here" Sam grasped onto Charlie's wrist and started pulling her through the corridors of the SGC.

"Sam there coming" Sam looked over her shoulder and saw Jaffa fallowing them.

"Run Charlie, we have to run!" both girls ran down the corridors, until they ran into a room at the end of a hall which was originally a storage closet, but now held a priceless artefact. The Quantum Mirror.

"Charlie watch the door!" Sam picked up a small device to turn the mirror on. Quickly looking through the realities, looking for one not surrounded by Jaffa.

"Sam they're trying to get in I can't hold it!" Charlie turned to Sam.

"Here this one, Charlie come here" Charlie left the door running to Sam. Moments later the door was flung open and shots were fired.

"Charlie JUPM!" Sam yelled between the shots.


"So Carter you gonna come with the rest of us to O'Malley's tonight?"

"Sir we were banned from O'Malley's"

"Yeah so it's, were gonna wear hate and sunglasses so they wont recognise us"

"Well that could be fun, sure why not"


"Um who was that?"

"Lets go see shall we"

Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Sam Carter ran down the Corridor. When they turned the corridor they saw what most people would call the impossible. Many of the medical staff was running into a storage closet. Sam and Jack exchanged looks and continued on their journey.

"Sam please! I need you, don't leave me"

"Don't worry sweetheart we're going to do all we can!" Sam and Jack knew that to be the voice of one Doc, Janet Fraiser. "Alright lets go people, honey you have to go with them for now"

"No, No I want to go with Sam please, Sam, Sam"

Janet and the rest of the medical staff came rushing out of the storage closet, with someone on a gurney, and headed past Sam and Jack. "Don't let her near the infirmary Colonel it wont be pretty," Janet yelled as they ran down the hall out of sight.

"No! Sam!" The next thing they saw was a young girl coming out of the room trying to get out past the two MP's trying to hold her back. "Let me go NOW!" The young girl turned suddenly catching the two MP's off guard, punching them both across the face sending them backwards, she sped out of the room running into Jack.

"Whoa there hold on," Jack said wrapping his arms around the young girl.

"No! I have to go with Sam she needs me"

Jack looked over at his Sam. "Don't worry she'll be fine the docs gonna help her ok?"

"No. She needs ME!" The young girl looked up at her captor and saw the man she just saw die. All feeling to her legs was lost as she slid to the floor in tears.

"Um sir. What now?" Sam asked Jack as he slid down to the floor to comfort the girl.

"Lets get her to the debriefing room I guess" Jack looked up at Sam then back to the young girl.

"Come on lets go" Jack held out his hand to the young girl.

The young girl looked at Jacks outstretched hand leading all the way up his arm to his face, holding his gaze for only a moment she stood and took Sam's hand instead. Sam shrugged and held on to her hand.


"Are you okay?" Jack asked the young girl.

She nodded not taking her eyes off the table. Just then General Hammond walked into the room, Sam, Jack and to everyone's surprise the young girl all stood. "Sit please" The general nodded.

"Alright young lady will you please tell us who you are and why you are here?" The general asked.

"Yes I can"

"Well" Jack asked after a moments silence.

"Not until I see Sam" The young girl crossed her arms over her chest.

"Listen.you, your not aloud to see her right now" Jack said.

"It's Charlie, Charlie Carter O'Neill." Charlie still held her arms over her chest and refused to make eye contact with Jack.

"Oh wow" Daniel finally said after a long pause.

Just then Janet came into the room, "Excuse me are you Charlie?" Janet said pointing to Charlie who nodded. "Good Sam's awake and she asking for you. Go on!" Janet said as Charlie's eyes went alight with delight.

"Excuse me Doctor but we were talking with her" The General was trying his best to not yell at her.

"General it would be best if she went now, she might not have been able to go when you finished"

"What are you saying Doctor?"

"I'm saying sir that she's dieing and there's nothing I can do about it" Janet looked to the floor.

"Well maybe I can use the healing device" Sam spoke up

"No I'm afraid it won't help and she doesn't want it used on her"

"Well did you ask?"

"Colonel I couldn't one word of the Goa'uld and she went nut's".

"Alright well lets go ask shall we General?"

"I suggest so Colonel"

"Oh and doc could you run a DNA test on Charlie?"

"Jack she does look a lot like you"

"I agree with Daniel sir. She really does"

"Well I just wanna make sure"

"Don't worry Colonel I will"

"Thank you Doc." Jack said smiling. General Hammond and the rest of Sg-1 stood up and left for the infirmary.


"Are you okay Sam?" Charlie asked seeing Sam face extremely pale.

"I'm fine Charlie, come here" Sam said patting down on a spot on the bed right beside her.

"Are you hurting?" Charlie asked as she sat down on the bed leaned over and put her head on Sam's lap.

"No I'm not don't worry." Sam took her hand and slowly started stroking her head.

Right then the General, Janet and sg-1 came to the infirmary, hearing Sam and Charlie talking behind the curtain made them stop and listen.

"Sam this is the worst birthday ever"

"I know sweetheart I know"

"Why did they kill Daddy?"

"They were afraid of him, of what he could do if they ever crossed the line"

"But we were in the middle of a treaty with them"

"Yeah we were but as soon as the enemy was gone they would have done it anyway"

"Sam they were afraid of what dad could do if they crossed the line but what about me, when I grow up they didn't plan on that or something?"

"Yeah they did and that's why your dad told me to get you away from there"

"Sam why did he leave us, I need him"

"I know you do and so did he but it was his time"

"Are you going to leave me to Sam?"

"Yeah soon I will"

"But why, you can't leave me to. I don't want you to Sam please" Everyone listing heard Charlie's sudden change in tone from sad to on the verge of tears.

"Listen honey I'm going to ask them if you can stay here with them alright"

"But it wont be the same they don't know me"

"I'm sure they will try to get to know you, but you have to try to get to know them"


"Charlie Carter O'Neill promise me"

"I promise"

"Thank you. I love you don't you ever forget that"

"I wont I love you to. Sam? Sam!"

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