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John was barely through the door of their flat before he found his arms full of a squirming Sherlock...




Chapter 46: The Way Home

John was barely through the door of their flat before he found his arms full of a squirming Sherlock. He laughed as ticklish licks were lavished on his neck, making him shiver and try to scuttle away. His lover wasn't having any of that, trapping the doctor in long arms to prevent him from escaping as Sherlock enthusiastically covered John's neck in kittenish swipes of his tongue, adding a few nips to the mix.

"Sherlock, wait, wait! Let me get my jacket off at least."

His only response was a high pitched whine as the taller man bullied him back towards the sofa.

"I've missed you, John, missed you so much. I even tried to sneak out to come and see you, but Mycroft kept catching me."

The older man felt the back of his knees hit the sofa and he sat down, pulling Sherlock with him.

"I missed you too, love. I didn't want to believe you know, but everyone kept telling me I had to accept it. Everywhere I went, it all reminded me of you."

Sherlock straddled his thighs, keeping their chests pressed together. His licks had turned into soft kisses, raining against John's skin, trailing from his neck up until he was littering them around the edges of the shorter man's mouth. His hands immediately started trying to de-clothe John, tugging at his jumper and trying to take it off without moving away.

"Slow down, Sherlock, we-we should talk first."

That earned John a low growl as exasperated eyes glared up at him.

"Talk? I thought we got all the talking out of the way already."

With as much will power as he could manage, John wrapped his hands around Sherlock's to slow down his eagerness. His eyes were soft, tinged with worry as he rubbed his thumbs over prominent sharp knuckles. As happy as he was to have Sherlock back, the doctor side of him couldn't help noting that the already slender hybrid seemed much more so now. His clothes hanged off his frame loosely, his belt was pulled up as tight as it can go, and John was afraid of what he would find if he looked under the shirt.

"Not about the case. I only saw you once while you were imprisoned, Sherlock, it's been months since I've seen you. Did...did anything else happen? Are you...," John tried to find a word to describe what he wanted to ask, coming up blank, "I mean, did anyone..."

"...Hurt me?" Sherlock finished for him, "John, contrary to what you may believe, I am capable of surviving on my own. You realize I've been doing that for over thirty years before I met you."

The short haired man huffed, "Yes, I know, but surviving is not the same as being OK. Everyone hears stories about what happens in those hybrid prisons, did anyone try to...t-touch you?"

"No," the answer came quick and sure, so quick that it took John a moment to realize Sherlock had responded. His brows furrowed as he gave Sherlock a suspicious look, not saying anything else until the brunet started squirming again.

" of the guards tried. But he didn't get anywhere. Mycroft and I initiated the plan before he had a chance. After that I was under Mycroft's custody. Honestly, John, nothing happened, I'm really OK."

The slim tail rubbed against John's hand as if to reassure him, wide eyes blinking with hopefulness. John was no match against Sherlock in full persuasion mode and he relented with a sigh, leaning forward to press his lips against the tempting mouth.

"Christ, Sherlock...that look of yours should be a national weapon. I can't imagine anyone denying you anything with that expression."

A smug smile was his answer as soft curls snuggled up under his chin. Sherlock freed his hands and continued his work of getting John's clothes off, his ears and tail twitching with anticipation.

"You've lost weight...," the deep voice murmured as he finally managed to get John's upper half fully exposed. He traced his finger up along one of the collar bones, dipping his head to lap at the little groove between the two.

"That makes two of us. Your cheekbones really might jab one of my eyes now," John scolded, his fingers working quickly at Sherlock's shirt buttons, "We should really eat something before anything else."

Sherlock answered him by pressing his own hips down suddenly, grinding their growing erections together. Even through their trousers the stimulation sent a jolt through both bodies making them shudder and moan at the same time as the action was repeated.

"No...this first...then food," the pouting hybrid grumbled as he latched his lips to the side of John's neck and started working on inflicting a nice love bite to the smooth skin.

John grinned and let himself slide sideways, lying down length wise on the sofa and pulling Sherlock fully on top. They adjusted on the narrow space available, ending up with one of John's legs hanging off the edge, the other bent and leaning against the back of the sofa. The open 'V' between his legs left just enough room for Sherlock to settle himself in.

The excitement that thrummed through their bodies made both parties impatient. Fumbling fingers grappled with uncooperative zippers, tugging and pulling at trousers and pants. Through the messy kisses and grunts of surprise when an elbow jammed into a rib or a finger dug into flesh, they somehow managed to toss their remaining clothing onto the floor with a sigh of relief.

Before Sherlock could settle back over John, the doctor motioned in the direction of the kitchen, "Lube. In the loo, under the sink."

Tail swishing, the brunet dashed off to retrieve the item, almost crashing into the corner as he tried to round through the doorway without slowing down. John chuckled as he half sat up to watch, palming himself for a few strokes as he waited.

Sherlock came bounding back within seconds, the triumph in his eyes making his partner laugh out loud. He leaped into the air at the foot of the sofa and landed right over John with immaculate aim, his tail thrashing hard. Just as he was about to press the bottle into older man's hand John stopped him, pulling his head down to kiss his forehead gently.

"I want to feel you inside me, Sherlock, is that OK? Want to feel you when you come inside."

The words immediately caused the usually pale face to redden as ears flattened against inky curls. A bolt of lust struck through him, making him shudder as his tail froze.

"Sherlock? Do you not want to?" John asked with concern as his lover suddenly tensed all over, "It's OK if you don't, love. We can do it the other way too."

The worry lacing his voice made Sherlock shake his head and he relaxed a bit, taking a deep breath.

"No, it''s not that...I just...," the words faltered as the usually brilliant mind failed to come up with an adequate way to explain himself. John taking him was...normal. Regardless of how many times the doctor assured him that sex was not a power play, he couldn't stop thinking of it as such. A dominant partner and a submissive partner, that was always what he had believed, except with John the dominant partner didn't enjoy inflicting pain on the submissive, and put an emphasis on ensuring both parties enjoyed the experience.

Sherlock taking John, however, it always made him slightly nervous, afraid he would do it 'wrong'. Even though it was something they had done a few times, he still couldn't quite believe the amount of trust John must have in him to put himself willingly into the 'submissive' position, a position Sherlock had come to associate with weakness and vulnerability.

John always talked him through it, layering praise upon reassurances the entire time, and Sherlock did so enjoy having his doctor trembling and gasping in his arms, pleading for more. It sent a flare of possessiveness through him that he never possessed before towards anyone or anything, only John. The strange desire to protect and mark had caused him to leave more than a few teeth prints on John before, in the midst of their love making, and although he had been horrified the short haired man had always seemed more amused than anything else. He didn't know where it came from, but it always surfaced when he was given full access to John's body.

"You just what, love?" the soft question drew Sherlock back into the present and he found himself staring into dark, navy eyes, so deep they seemed fully black.

"I just thought...I thought I would never get to see you to you, let alone touch you like this. Do you remember back when I asked you about feeling scared because of too much happiness? I feel like...this can't possibly be real, like something else is going to happen and take you away again... . It won't John, will it? You're not going away, are you? Please... ."

Tears welled up as Sherlock begged and John quickly framed his hands around his face, pulling him in for a kiss. Their lips brushed lightly together, the contact keeping Sherlock grounded in the reality that yes, John is here.

"Shh...I'm not going away, I'm not going anywhere. Besides, wasn't it you who was going to leave me behind to go exploring?" The doctor slipped in a hint of teasing to his tone, trying to ease Sherlock's worries, "I'm right here. All yours, just like before. Nothing's going to happen, you're safe now, love."

Sherlock mewled with a sudden sense of desperation as he rutted against John, instincts beginning to surface. Yes, John was here, and all his. He wanted he needed, he must make sure John wasn't going to disappear from his grasp. No one can take John away, he had to make his mark so that no one else would attempt to claim his doctor.

Sharp teeth nipped at John's lips as Sherlock tried to open the lube bottle without looking. He made a sticky messy of the viscous liquid as too much of it got onto his fingers before he set the bottle down beside the sofa. John shivered at the cool touch as fingers suddenly wrapped around his throbbing cock, swirling around the tip before sliding down to cup his balls. They were pulled up against his body already, but Sherlock teased them down to give them a few firm tugs.

John arched up as his arms wrapped around Sherlock's neck, pressing their mouths more firmly together. The kiss deepened and the doctor's mouth was invaded by an eager, rough, adventurous tongue, rubbing and licking all over.

Slippery fingers slid down and finally settled over the puckered opening, feeling the muscles twitch every time he swiped his tongue against John's.

"P-please...Sherlock...please...," John broke the kiss with a gasp only to beg, his legs falling open wider in invitation.

Sherlock's heart thumped loudly. It astounded him that the man was so open with voicing his wants. In the past, his owner had always forced him to beg, a way of humiliating him and to show him how powerless he was having to ask for pain to be inflicted on himself. But here was John openly pleading without any hesitation. He swallowed as his throat suddenly seemed to tighten, realizing John was asking him for something only he can give. Out of all the people and hybrids, John had chosen him, willingly. If someone as amazing as John had chosen him then there must be something in his being that is of worth. Pride rippled through Sherlock as he presses a finger inside the waiting heat, going slow but keeping the pressure steady.

The effect on John was instant as his mouth opened, gulping in a gasp of air. One hand slid along Sherlock's spine, feeling over the rise and fall of muscles before he rested his fingers around the base of the powerful tail. The grip John used was gentle, but firm, and with a few small tugs he had Sherlock growling as his hips stuttered, his nerves tingling from the stimulation.

A second finger joined the first as if in retaliation for John's little stunt, the muscles clenching around the digits before forcefully relaxing. Sherlock squirmed out of John's grasp and scuttled back until his face was hovering over the the other man's erection. John barely had time to lift his head in an attempt to see what his lover was up to before he felt wet heat envelope him just as the fingers inside curled and brushed over his prostate. He jerked and bucked with a yelp at the double attack, hands flying down to grab at Sherlock's curls without thinking. For a few seconds he all his senses were rendered useless. His thoughts were dashed, his eyes couldn't see, all his body knew was that it wanted more.

Sherlock pressed his free hand on John's hip to steady him as he worked his mouth around the engorged penis. He thrusted his fingers in and out of the welcoming body, coaxing the opening to loosen. It wasn't until he felt that John was on the edge of orgasm that he finally pulled his head back. His eyes flicked upwards along the prone body beneath him, watching the chest rise and fall rapidly as he inserted a third finger.

John hissed at the stretch but he kept himself still. His hands brushed through the messy curls before cupping the back of Sherlock's head and urging him up.

"Sherlock...ready...please...s-so ready... ."

Sensitive ears twitched as the cat-like tongue gave one last swipe to John's cock. Sherlock sat up and pulled his fingers out, using one hand to cradle John's thigh, keeping his legs pushed apart. He lined himself up to the loosened ring of muscles and peered down to find John watching him, eyes dazed but with a dopey grin on his face. There was so much adoration in the expression that Sherlock would have blushed if his face wasn't already so red from their activities.

Teasingly, Sherlock pressed the tip of his own penis to John's body, giving it just enough push to stretch the muscles, but not enter completely. John keened and his head fell back into the cushions. Unsteady hands hurriedly reached down, hooking under his own knees as the doctor pulled his legs wide open, offering himself up for Sherlock to take.

"Sherlock, please...god, I can't wait anymore, it's been so long."

The utter need in John's voice finally broke down Sherlock's control and he pressed his hips forward. His cock disappeared inside slowly and he couldn't suppress the full body trembling that overcame him, soft whimpers falling from his mouth at how delicious it felt.

It wasn't long before the two men were rocking back and forth on the sofa, gasping between whimpers and exclamations for more. At some point, John had wrapped his legs around the slim hips, aiding Sherlock with every thrust forward. Their mouths met in inarticulate kisses, tongues clashing in a frenzy. The slow build had drained both of their patience and they tumbled towards a climax they both yearned and yet desired to delay. John kept trying to gain the upper hand by distracting Sherlock with soft nips, his devious fingers toying with sensitive nipples and rubbing at the fluffy tail. Every time the brunet would lose his rhythm, growling in frustration as his orgasm was kept just out of reach by John's plotting as the doctor just chuckled breathlessly.

Finally, in a fit of desperation, Sherlock grabbed John's wrists and pinned the doctor's hands besides his head. He didn't even realize what he was doing, but the older sucked in a sharp intake of breath at the distinct show of power, his cock twitching at the uncharacteristic display. Before the brunet could even react, John tightened his legs and plunged Sherlock deep inside himself with a heady moan.

"Yes! Ooh, god, Sherlock, like that...yess... ."

Unable to deny such a sensuous request, Sherlock redoubled his efforts, his grip on John's wrists tightening as his hips snapped forward again and again, each time harder than before as his confidence built from John's encouraging reactions.

John's body shook uncontrollably as he was rammed over the edge without mercy. His hands fisted as he cried out his lover's name, blinding heat thundering through his blood as everything seemed to explode.

Logically, Sherlock knew he should slow down since John's body would be overly sensitive after orgasm, but he couldn't stop. He was so close, just a bit more. Dropping his head, he slammed his hips forward, the force so powerful that it physically shoved John up on the sofa. His ears were pressed flat to his head with effort as his entire body tensed before his body finally gave in to the call of blissful orgasm.

John was barely aware of his surroundings as he tried to recover, but he regained enough sense just in time to witness Sherlock's fall. The full lips opened in a throat growl as every muscle contracted. For a few seconds the graceful body seemed frozen, but the doctor felt the stream of warm liquid flooding him inside. He tried to reach a hand up to touch the beautiful face he loved, but the grip on him was firm so he resigned himself to stay put, at least for now.

They collapsed in a tired heap, their harsh breathing the only sound to infiltrate the flat for several minutes. John was sandwiched between Sherlock and the sofa, with his own semen smearing between their bodies. He made an attempt to shift a bit, but his lover whined at being jostled so with a soft chuckle the doctor resettled in his spot.

Sherlock's face was jammed between John's head and the back of the sofa, it was awkward and cramped. He turned his face to the side only to be confronted with sweat-damp blond hair. He mewled and nuzzled at it, enjoying the feeling of having John's shorter frame entirely enveloped under himself.

Neither of them made to move as they floated on the afterglow, reality seeming far away. For the first time in months, the pair felt a sense of peace that neither thought they would never find again.




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