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Percy POV

I thought that my life would get better after the war with Gaea. It didn't.

I lost everything in the war. My parents were killed by minions of Gaea. Annabeth broke up with me just after the ceremony held in our honor. I thought that as long as I had camp Half-blood everything would be fine, but seeing Annabeth with her new boyfriend, a Son of Ares was anything but pleasant. The fact that I accidentally overheard them talking about their time together while she was still my girlfriend didn't make it better. It had been one year since the fight with Gaea, and nobody talked to me anymore. Well, almost nobody, a few still talked to me, but the majority was fixated on the Son of Ares, Grant Wilson. Since I grew more and more depressed for every day that went by, I decided that I would grant the wish of most of the Olympian Council.

I was sitting on the bus as it made its way towards the Empire State building. I thought back on my life, from the day I first learned who my father was. Back to the first quest I led, with her and Grover to the underworld to find Zeus masterbolt, then my next quest to journey into the sea of monsters to save my best friend and find the golden fleece to save what later became another of my best friends, then to the quest with Artemis's hunters to find Annabeth and where I held the sky for Artemis so she could defeat Atlas and force him under the sky again. That was also where I lost another friend I had made in Zoë. My next journey led me into the deadly labyrinth where I discovered just how powerful my powers could be, I also met Calypso and later had a mortal with the sight to look past the mist led us through the maze. And then the battle at Manhattan, where I fought Kronos and Luke sacrificed himself to end Kronos, or at least scatter him to dust and spread him all over the world.

I almost missed my stop as I was in so deep thoughts. I quickly got off and made my way to the Empire State Building. I gazed up at the top and was amazed at how the mortals couldn't see that Olympus was seated just above them. A city more beautiful than any on earth. I went inside and at the counter.

"What do you want kid?" he asked, not looking up from his book.

I just looked at him and said "The card to the 600th floor, please".

"There ain't no 600th floor kid, now beat it" he said still not looking up from his book.

Not bothering to talk back at him I simply reached over the counter and took the card, and went inside the elevator before he could say anything. I put the card inside the slot and it instantly moved upwards. Towards the 600th floor.

The elevator was playing the song "Time of dying" by Three Days Grace. I had listened to a lot of music since no one talked to me anymore.

Finally the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened to reveal the beautiful city that was Olympus. I looked around admiring the work Annabath had put into this city. It was amazing and showed just how much talent she had. At the thought of her I instantly felt pain course through me. I haven't talked to Thalia or Nico about our breakup as they were both busy with their duties, she with the hunt and he with helping his father in the underworld. I strolled through the city talked a long look at the place to really appreciate the beauty. I finally came to the council and without knocking and not caring that I was being rude, I pushed the doors open and walk into the room. All eyes turned towards me and Zeus said "Who dares interrupt our meeting?" he said, although had suspected he already knew who I was.

"Son, why are you interrupting our meeting, is something wrong?" Poseidon asked worry evident in his voice.

"Not really, I just came to ask you of a favor I know most of you would be pleased with" I said my voice dull and without emotions.

Aphrodite looked at me with something in her eyes that I couldn't quite grasp.

"Very well Percues, what can we do for you?" the king of the Gods asked clearly intrigued in what I had said.

"I want to….."

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