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Yami: So, what's Darien's case this time?

Alpha: Read on, dead man.

Yami: What do you mean, "dead man?"

Alpha: Do you think your little date with Tea wil go unoticed by fangirls?

Seto: *opens door* He's in here, girls!


Yami: *runs* SETO, YOU TRAITOR!

Alpha: *sweatdrops as he notices Lyz isn't in the crowd*

Drake: Okay, that's enough stalling.

Alpha: WHAAAT!? Crap, you discovered my master plan!

Lara: *Grins evilly as she opens a door* He's in here, girls!

*J.W.A.S, Joey Wheeler Appreciation Society, enters, and sees Seto*


Seto: *little girl scream*

Darknight: There are several references to both the card game and other anime's in this fic. I, the exiled God of Challenge, hereby dare the reader to find them, and state them!

I groaned as my dad started repremanding my fashion sense.

"Leather does not, under any circumstance, qualify as date-wear material!" The Dark Sage griped.

"Tell that to my duelist."I groaned again."How come he gets to wear leather when he goes out?"

"Because fangirls can't get to you." My pop answered. [Yami: *face-faults*]

"But I look like a Witty Phantom without face-paint!" I complained, staring in the mirror at the revolting purple tux.

"At least you're not your cousin!" Dad said, centering the hidously cute Kuriboh-shaped bow-tie onto my neck."He has the yellow hair to qualify as a Witty Phantom!"

"But that's what makes Mamoru cool!" I said, wishing I had the same red-lined armor.

"Youngsters."I heard him mutter, as he looked me over one last time." I'd say you're ready. Go out, have fun, and don't come back too late in the morning!"


My eyes widened at the demonic grin on my father's face." Have "fun"!" He said, before pushing me outside and slamming the door.

Standing up, I immediately realized my face WAS now as red as a Phantom.

"Have fun, ha. Ha. And for the record, ha." I grumbled, changing the tux to a black color and getting rid of the bow. Still, the thought of what the old Sage had said made me blush as I walked toward's Dia's address.


"Darien! Glad to see you!" Dia said as she came out the door.

My mouth would have dropped, if I wasn't focused enough to keep the drool in. Dia was wearing a beautiful black dress, slightly longer than her normal leotard, but still had the enticing presence.

"Don't make it sound one-sided!"I said, trying not to blush."I'm glad to see you too!"

{Verrrrrrry glad.} My sub-conscious made me think, trying to get my eyes to look lower.

"So, were are we going?"She asked, stepping outside and closing her door.

"I got reservations at a friend of mine's restaurant."I said, failing not to blush as I took her hand, prepared to warp."I know; It sounds cheep, but I promise you'll enjoy it!"

"Great!" She said happily. Her smile made my insides melt.

We walked to the place I had in mind. It was a little fancy, kinda stuffy, not to romantic-

"No way! You got reservations HERE?" Dia said, amazed.

"Yep I smiled happily." The Goblin Cafe always had a huge waiting list, due to their ingenious recipes. But, nothing a few old friends can't fix.

We enetered the Cafe, but soon wished we had chosen a better place. The whole restaraunt was in shambles!

"What happened here?" I asked the distraught owner, Goblin #1.

"Oh, Dar! Great to see ya' buddy!" He grinned slightly." We got a sorta' renegade employee. His name's da' Bistro Butcher, an' he's a real jerk! He sorta' stole our profits fer' tonight and ran off somewhere."

"Anything we can do to help?" Dia asked.

"Well, nobody knows where he lives, so I dunno." G1 said, embarrased.'Eh, we'll just rough'em up when he comes back."

"IF he comes back." I said, grimacing. The Goblins were a bit slow on the uptake. They came from the deck-city of Wheeler, where mostly fists were required to live it big.

"Dia, I hate to ask, but would you mind helping me on this case?" I asked.

"Not what I had in mind, but I wanted an interesting date. Sure!" She said, completely ignoring my blushing."You know, you look like my duelist's boyfriend when you do that?"

"Sorry. Let's go!" I said, and we ran out to search.

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Seto: So, got any plans for the date concerning the Dark Magic Curtain?

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