Note: This was written for the Zexal Flash Bingo challenge, for the prompt "sterile".

Mizael was surprised to wake up and find that his clothes were damp.

He knew where he was when he awoke: not in his bed at home - home was gone forever - but lying in a hollow in the sand, tucked amid the coils of a great golden dragon. They had flown all night and then through the better part of a day before Jinlong had declared he needed rest. In all that time, Mizael had seen only sand, rocks, and the occasional patches of scrub. It had gone on for so long that Mizael had begun to wonder if the world contained nothing but desert, and his village had been the only outpost of life in a barren world.

That explained why he was lying in the sand, but why was he wet?

"Jinlong?" he asked.

"I wondered when you would wake up," said Jinlong. "It's dawn, and we should get moving soon."

"But why is it wet? Did it rain?" Mizael persisted.

The dragon chuckled. "Get up and see for yourself."

Puzzled, Mizael did as he was told, climbing over the curl of Jinlong's tail to get a look at his surroundings.

He caught his breath. When they had come to earth here yesterday, this had been nothing more than a field of cracked earth and crumbling stone. Now it was transformed. A profusion of tiny plants had come up during the night, more kinds than Mizael had ever seen before. Many of them had opened tiny flowers in a spectrum of colors, putting out sweet and spicy scents more intoxicating than a lady's perfume. Even the gardens of the wealthiest man Mizael had ever known of couldn't compare to this.

"Are these the Fields of the Blessed?" he asked, wide-eyed.

Jinlong chuckled again. "Foolish boy. No, these are only desert flowers, and they'll die when the sun comes up and dries them out. Dragons of my sort are creatures of earth and water, just as our opposite, the phoenix, is of fire and air. Where I choose to stay, the earth becomes more fertile, and the rains fall more often. Even a desert like this will muster up a heavy dew - just enough to make flowers bloom for an hour or so."

Mizael nodded, considering what that would mean. When his village had been razed, he had thought he had not been sure where a boy and a dragon - for now that he'd met one, he couldn't imagine ever living without a dragon in his life - could find refuge. Now he understood that he could go practically anywhere and be welcomed, because they would bring prosperity with them wherever they went.

He plucked a tiny yellow flower and studied it.

"I never thought I'd see so many flowers in a desert," he said.

Jinlong nuzzled his hair with the tip of his nose.

"I never expected to find such a flower in the desert either," he said.