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Chapter 1


"I hope she'll be a fool―that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

F. Scott Fitzgerald



It felt strange. It felt like I had all eyes on me the second I stepped out of Rose's car. What were they all so fascinated with? Me? So I nearly died and lost a few pieces of memory—big deal.

Okay… fine… it was a pretty big deal, but couldn't they just stop with the staring? The blush was already beginning to creep up my neck. I had never enjoyed being the center of attention and not even a freak accident was going to change that.

I was still the same Bella. I just had a few blank spaces in my mind left to fill.

It's a small town, I reminded myself. They've got nothing better to do. I tried to ignore all of the eyes burning holes into my back. It wouldn't be like this forever. Someone would do something sooner or later and I would be last week's news.

"Hey, Bella. Hope you're feeling better." A girl with thickly rimmed glasses smiled at me as she passed. She had kind dark eyes and I could tell she was being sincere. I felt a little bad that I couldn't remember her because she obviously knew me.

Looks like another blank space…

So as not to make that smile on her face falter, I mustered up a smile of my own and thanked her. She told me she would see my later in class and made her way into the sea of people filing through the hallway.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder and turned to find Rose looking at me with a sympathetic expression.

"That's Angela Weber," she told me.

I thought about the name, hoping it would sound familiar. Nope… still nothing. This was my first time not recognizing someone I knew and I'd be lying if I said it didn't discourage me. Up until then I was sure my memory would bounce back to normal within a few days. I thought being around people I went to school with might speed up the process like the doctors said. Now I wasn't so sure.

Noting my obvious frown, Rose looped her arm through mine and began telling me the basic facts about Angela. She moved to Forks freshman year. As I looked around I realized that not everyone I saw were complete strangers. I could name every single classmate I'd had since elementary school. There were only a few who I drew blanks on and I wouldn't be surprised if Rose told me they had a similar situation to Angela. I seemed to be only having trouble with new faces in the last for years. Hmm, that explains a lot.

By the time the bell for first period rang, I knew enough about Angela and a few other people to avoid awkward situations throughout the day. Everything else I could blame on the amnesia.

Ugh amnesia. I've come to hate the word ever since I had that nasty fall a week ago. It was my own fault really. One minute I was at the top of the staircase and the next I was laying unconscious at the bottom landing... or so I've been told.

My doctor was fairly optimistic. He said the head injury wasn't enough to cause lifelong memory defects and told me I should feel lucky my head received most of the fall's impact. Had I injured my neck... well I'd rather not even imagine. I'd just appreciate my luck as my doctor said.

I was just glad this was more than likely temporary. He fully expected my memory to return. I remember him telling me not to be shocked if in a week or even a few months from now, I suddenly experienced flashes of memory. He encouraged me to listen to my friends and family as they talked about things I couldn't remember, to continue doing routine things and visiting places were a specific memory occurred. Lots of other people had experienced regained memory by doing as he suggested.

I could only hope I'd be one of those people soon.




A few periods later I was standing in front of my locker. The stupid thing wouldn't open. I knew my combination wasn't wrong. I'd had the same lock since junior high.

I tried once more.






Honestly I was a second away from banging my head against the metal of my locker. I'd probably only accomplish the loss of additional memory, but I was annoyed. It wasn't until a flash of bronze diverted my attention that I momentarily forgot about opening my locker.

My gaze landed on a boy walking in my direction. His hair was almost copper colored, but it worked for him. Judging from his height and build, he had to be a senior like me. He had a swagger in his step that oozed confidence… or arrogance. I guess you could argue that they were one in the same in this guy's case.

The closer he came the more things I noticed. Like the green of his eyes. Boy were they green! I was a girl suffering from amnesia but I was willing to bet my entire college fund that this guy had the most intense jade colored eyes I had ever seen. They could pierce right through you—and he wasn't even looking at me!

I knew I had to stop staring once my gaze moved onto his outfit. I had seen this scene unfold in far too many movies and in an even bigger amount of books. Girl ogles strangely intriguing guy. Girl stupidly stares too long. Guy catches her and girl dies of mortification.

Yep. No sir, I was not going to be that girl today. I had enough to deal with, so I turned back to my locker and was about to try again before I decided it would be useless and gave up. I couldn't hold in my huff of frustration. It was the second best thing to banging my head repeatedly.

"Aww, having some trouble Bellarina?" A smooth voiced cooed from over my shoulder.

Bellarina? Wait… were they talking to me?

I tentatively turned around and came face to face with the very same emerald eyed boy I had tried to avoid embarrassing myself in front of. Well… at least he obviously knows you.

But how?

Another good friend? I had to ask Rose about him later. Boyfriend maybe? Okay now you're just wishful thinking!

It suddenly occurred to me that he was standing there staring at me expectantly. Say something! Oh right. Speaking that's what normal people do.

"What did you just call me?" I asked. My voice came out sounding shyer than I wanted it to but I had always been uncomfortable when meeting new people, and Rose wasn't here to fill in the blanks this time.

His brows rose in surprise. What? Did I not say the right thing? I silently hoped he didn't take it too personally if this whole "Bellarina" thing was some type of private joke between he and I. Surely he must have heard about what happened and my current… state.

"That's your comeback?" He said in disbelief, I could have sworn a flicker of disappointment shown in his eyes. "I heard you bumped your head, but…"

So he had heard. I adjusted my bag and looked away, the crimson locker suddenly becoming very fascinating.

"I-I'm sorry," I offered up weakly, hoping he would understand. But my meek apology only served to deepen the frown on his face. Only this time, he didn't appear as taken back. He seemed concerned almost. Concerned. Why did that word feel so… wrong suddenly? I had seen concern on more than a dozen people so far today and thought nothing of it but with this guy it felt weird—strange even.

"Bella you're really starting to freak me out. Is this some type of joke?" he asked with an uneasy laugh. "If it is… I'll admit you got me. You win, Swan."

I finally managed to sum up the courage to meet his eyes again, up until then I had been only glancing at them fleetingly, picking out spots on his face to focus on.

"Um… er… could you maybe…" I barely got out, leading to his brows knitting closer together. "Tell me who you are?"

Some things sound better inside your head, but that had to be an exception. Stupid inside and out. I wanted to cringe.

"You really don't know who I am?" It sounded like he was talking more to himself than to me so I didn't answer. He was staring off intently, lips parted.

"You're not my boyfriend are you?" Nice, Swan! The words tumbled out before I could stop them. My eyes widened as his gaze fell upon me again, but I couldn't seem to stop. "Rosalie never said anything about a boyfriend… and I'm sure she would have…" This time I was the one laughed uneasily. "I mean something like that is a pretty big detail to leave out… but you called me Bellarina and that sounds like a term of endearment sooo... unless of course we broke up. Are we exes? No that can't be it… you'd probably avoid me if that were true…"

Great. He was staring at me. Why did I always have to babble on when I was nervous? Something I inherited from my mom.

He broke eye contact for a moment, seeming almost pensive. Most likely thinking about the quickest way he could get away from the rambling amnesiac freak.

"Well at least now I know you're not faking. You always were a shit actress." I couldn't be offended. I was. He must know me fairly well. "You're uh… right though," he finally said. "We're not dating, but we're also not exes."

"Oh. Okay… friends then?" I tried.

He opened his mouth only to close it a few times in hesitation. He visibly relaxed as a slow grin crept its way onto his face. His perfect smile almost swept away my train of thought completely, but I somehow managed to remain focused on the current goal: Figuring out who this gorgeous guy was.

When he looked at me again, his eyes held something I couldn't quite understand. He took a single step forward and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, instantly invading all of my senses with that single touch and his close proximity. And trust me when I tell you, he was close. Whatever body-wash he used was threatening my focus almost as much as his smile had.

He leaned into my ear and spoke quietly.

"We're a little more than friends."

His voice dropped an octave and I had to bite my lip to keep from releasing any embarrassing sounds. I'd admit, my very first thought upon hearing what he said was well-fucking-done. The crassness felt oddly natural but for some reason it also made me blush. I wasn't the type of person who used profanity often… was I?

What if I was?

Another thing my doctor discussed was slight personality changes after head trauma. My father, Charlie had specifically asked about that particular subject. I thought he was just being curious. I mean I didn't feel any different. Then again how would I even know? I couldn't remember if I had spoken or thought differently before the accident. It's a little difficult to compare when you have no idea what you're comparing. No one had mentioned anything. They were most likely afraid to tell me in fear of upsetting me.

I really wanted to know though. It was then I vowed to start getting as many answers about my old life as I could. Green eyes seemed like a good place to start.

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