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Chapter 9


She frowned at me, perplexed. Oh c'mon, Swan, don't get all shy now.

"Just leave on the essentials. It's nothing I haven't seen before," I meant in general, but I knew she would assume I was referring to her specifically, to all of our supposed hook ups. The tinge of pink coating her cheeks said it all.

"I don't know…" Her apprehension was strong, but I had a feeling my persuasion could be stronger. I began trailing the pad of my thumb across her wrist, my attempt at clouding her judgment just enough to get a yes out of her.

"It'll be fun," I coaxed in a low voice.

She twisted her mouth slightly and glanced away, debating. I ducked my head to her eye level and caught her gaze, giving her my best version of a pout.

"Okay," she finally said with a laugh. Before my grin could split my face in two, she quickly added "But on one condition."

This should be good.

"Name it."

"If I don't get to wear proper swim attire... then neither do you."

Was she kidding me? She was speaking to an eighteen year old guy. That didn't sound like a condition to me, it sounded like our afternoon was about to get a hell of a lot more interesting.

"Done," I smirked.

My fingers intertwined with hers as I led her throughout the rest of the house. When we reached the pool, I left her on her own and went in search of some towels. I knew there were plenty around the pool area, but I figured she wouldn't feel as awkward if she removed her clothes without my presence. Being a guy, I could honestly care less. Most of us wouldn't think twice about stripping down to our boxers, even with an entire audience watching, but I had a feeling Bella would appreciate the privacy.

I grabbed a few towels from one of the upstairs bathrooms, giving her some extra time. I could already picture that blush on her face if I walked back in while she was still getting undressed. Watching her blush always put a smirk on my face and left me feeling thoroughly satisfied with myself, but I wouldn't be that much of a dick today—according to Emmett I was already acting like a big enough one as it was.

When I made it back I didn't see Bella in the spot where I left her, clothes were draped over one of the pool chairs, but still no sign of her. She wouldn't just wander off in her state of dress. I nearly called her name before I noticed something beginning to surface in the water.

I tossed the towels on another chair and walked over to the edge of the pool, watching as Bella's face broke through the water's surface. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"You started without me." I said in half-serious reproach. She smiled coyly and swam until she neared the place where I was standing.

"You were taking too long," she giggled, kicking away from the wall and floating on her back. "You're still taking too long! Get in here!"

Chuckling, I removed my shorts. I was about to jump right in when I stopped myself, deciding to get a better look at her. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched, causing her chest to peek out from under the water. I couldn't help myself as I took her in. It didn't matter how much I disliked her, the girl was gorgeous… and she was currently floating in my pool, nothing but a bra and panties on. Who wouldn't take the opportunity to appreciate the view if they were standing where I was?

And appreciate I did. The two navy colored pieces covering her up were simple, none of that frilly lace shit some girls constantly wore, but it was more than enough to grab my attention. She looked sinful in the most innocent way and I was being a greedy fuck, taking full advantage of her obliviousness.

She continued to float around slowly, clearly lost in the feeling of the cool water against her skin. The look of pure relaxation and content on her face reminded me of the Bella I had first met years ago, back when we used to trade smiles instead of sneers. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen her smile—not like that.

Let's not think about that. Thinking about that would mean remembering a few other things I wanted to remain dead and buried.

Not wanting to dwell on the past too long, I shook off thoughts of a better time and dove in, slicing through the surface smoothly. As soon as the water hit my overworked muscles I began to feel relief instantly. Hopefully Bella wouldn't object to staying for while—I certainly wouldn't be getting out anytime soon.

When I needed air, I swam back up and shook my hair out.

"About time," I heard from behind me.

Pushing my hair away from my face, I spun around to face her. "Someone's sassy all of a sudden."

She stared at me for a second and I could tell she was biting back a smile. "I am, aren't I? It feels natural for some reason... I don't know how to explain it."

I swam closer to her. "Guess now I know the secret."

"What secret?"

"The secret to getting you to loosen up a bit…" A little closer, almost close enough to grab her. I smirked before I said "All I needed to do was get you out of your clothes."

"Is that a fact?"

"Looks like it."

She laughed through her nose. "Interesting... do you want to know something else?"

As if that sickly-sweet smile on her face wasn't enough warning. I knew something was coming when she continued to keep a foot of distance between us, but I nodded anyways, following. Without warning, I found out exactly what that something turned out to be—a giant splash of water to my face courtesy of Bella Swan. Her laughter was echoing through the room as she darted away to the opposite end of the pool.

I wiped my face and spat out the water in my mouth. "See, Bella… you really shouldn't have gone and done that."

She seemed pretty proud of herself as she kept herself afloat in that corner of hers, a corner I doubt she realized she'd put herself in. Before she could scurry away again, I reached her in a few strokes through the water.

"Oh," she said. "And why's that?"

I braced both arms on either side of her head.

"Because now I have you exactly where I want you," I told her. She looked up at me from under her lashes and replied with the last thing I would have ever expected.

"I know." Well now... who was playing who?

I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. As I lifted her up slightly; her hands grabbed onto my shoulders and her legs wrapped around my waist. With her chest where it was, my eyes began a hungry trail from the curves of her breasts to the water droplets on her lips.

"You're doing it again," she whispered, bringing her lips closer as she slid herself into a better position. "You're taking too long."

I met her gaze then, never before having anyone look at me as intensely as she was in that moment. It was enough to threaten my focus, but I managed to hang on—just barely. You're in control of this, remember that.

"Impatient," I said against her lips and I could have sworn she whimpered into my mouth. How was I supposed to stay in control when she was making sounds like that? Oh fuck. She pressed herself against me in the best spot possible, or the worst depending on how you thought about it. I doubt she even knew what she was doing but I knew she'd be feeling my reaction soon if she kept that up.


I scrapped all thoughts of the stupid plan and control for the time being, relying on nothing but pure instinct. We both clearly wanted this. Who was I to deny a girl when she was saying my name like that? I pushed her against the pool's wall for added support and my mouth melded with hers as soon as her back touched the tile.

Time slipped away after that. I couldn't tell whether it was slowing down or speeding up. But I did know one thing for sure; she tasted pretty damn amazing, sweeter than anything I'd ever had before. Dangerous thoughts. I knew it, but not once did I consider stopping.

When we both pulled apart for some much needed air, I decided to try something. I'd only go as far as she allowed and I knew she'd stop me eventually.

I nipped at the skin of her neck and she buried her fingers in my hair. The light tugging was all the encouragement I needed. I sucked on the sensitive flesh until I heard her small gasp in my ear. Hmm... found your sweet spot, have we?

I grinned against her skin and continued to trail kisses lower until I reached her collar bone. This was the part where she was supposed to tell me we were going too fast, but she never did. She had yet to come to her senses… or maybe she didn't want to. The selfish part of me wished she never would, but if she had any sense of self-preservation then she would speak up soon, otherwise I'd probably shove Emmett's words of caution to hell and fuck her right here.

She brought her lips back to mine. Fuck me. I'm going to hell for this.

Luckily for her, a throat cleared, bringing us both back to reality before we got carried away. Bella's lips ripped away from mine and she pushed me away quickly. Her head snapped toward the sound at the same time that mine did and when I laid my eyes on the person standing above us, I was tempted to just ignore the man.

"Dad," I acknowledged, still slightly out of breath.

He noticed my tone, but said nothing about it. He'd grown used to our relationship over the past few years, we both had. If he wanted things the way they were before, he should have thought about that sooner. Four years sooner. I wasn't the type of person to push things into the past and move forward with a facade of this picture perfect family—not like my mother.

My father smiled with tightened eyes before turning his gaze to Bella. I could see the shift in his demeanor immediately, the way he easily switched from his true self to the personable doctor everybody adored. What a fucking joke.

"Glad to see you're feeling better, Bella," he voiced.

"Much better, Dr. Cullen." Bella blushed and avoided his eyes, looking like there was nothing she wanted more than to disappear into the wall behind her. For some reason that annoyed the hell out of me.

"Oh, please. No need for that here," he smiled warmly. "Call me Carlisle."

I'd witnessed my father use his effortless charm on plenty of people, but now, watching him pretending to be this stand-up guy in front of Bella pissed me off. You're pretty much doing the same thing, I heard in the back of my mind. It was the truth, but it only fueled my irritation.

"You're wasting your time. I doubt she's interested." Once the words were out, they were lingering in silence for a few beats. I was staring at my father's astonished blue eyes, but I could feel Bella's gaze as she remained speechless next to me.

My father's face hardened. "May I have a word? It'll only take a moment," he mustered up another smile for Bella and walked out of the room without waiting for me.

I ran a hand through my hair and glanced back at her. She was staring down at the water, probably trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I'm sorry. I almost spoke the words aloud. A part of me wished she hadn't seen that.

"I'll be right back." Instead of reassuring her with a smile, I kissed her once chastely and lifted myself out of the pool. I grabbed a towel and followed in the direction my father had gone.

I had barely shut the door behind me when I heard his fuming voice. "What the hell was that, Edward? That was completely uncalled for."

I scoffed. "Was it? Bella's a pretty girl, dad. Surely you noticed."

He stood up straighter. "I don't like what you're implying here. You're clearly seeing things that aren't there, Edward. Bella's a child—my damn patient for god's sake!"

"Since when has that stopped you before?"

"Vic—" I gave him a warning glare.

"Don't you dare say her name in this house."

He sighed tiredly. "She was twenty-seven. Your mother and I had been distant for months and… and it was a stupid mistake. That's it. I don't know how many times I need to explain this to you."

"You can explain it as many times as you want, doesn't mean I have to accept what you did."

"I'm not asking you to," he gritted out. "Jesus, it's been nearly four years! Your mother and I have gotten past it… why can't you?"

"Maybe," I thought aloud. "Because unlike mom, I can see past your bullshit."

His brow twitched, a telltale sign whenever he was reaching the end of his fuse. I watched as he took a moment to compose himself.

"Regardless of how you feel..." he began. "It doesn't change the fact that what you said in there was out of line, Edward. I'm still your father, like it or not. You want to hate me for what I did? Fine, hate me—by all means," His arms opened in invitation. "But I will not have you disrespecting me in my own home—especially not in front of a guest."

I bit my tongue. There was no need to continue this conversation.

His pager began to sound, breaking through the thick tension in the room. He checked it and sighed before looking at me.

"You'd better get going," I said emotionless. "They need you to fix everyone. That's what you're good at, right? Fixing things?"

He walked away without another word. When I heard the front door slam shut, I did the same.

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