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Summary:    [Sess/Kag; sequel to Loving Rivalry] Kagome is a Goddess of Balance with Naraku as her counterpart. Inuyasha, God of Mischief, has gotten into some trouble with Kagome. On Earth during their punishment, Kagome falls for a deadly assassin by the name of Sesshoumaru…

Genre:            Romance/Drama

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Heavenly Affairs

Chapter Four: Descent to Earth

April 2003

The sky, once painted a vivid peach, glimmered with diamond-like stars.  Twilight had fallen on Elysium, and the ceremony to descend had begun.  Both the Balance Goddess and the God of Mischief were down on bended knee, each receiving a necklace of security, one gold, and the other silver.  Their heads were bent low in shame, silently accepting their just punishment.

          "These, deities," the Higher Lord explained grimly, "are your connections to one another.  Should one of you fall into peril, the other will be aware and obliged to respond accordingly."

          Inutaisho stepped back in order for Higurashi to come forth.  "Dear guardians, I gift you with the knowledge requisite for living on Earth," she murmured, placing two fingers on their foreheads.  "Use it well."

Naraku watched from the sidelines with grudging acceptance.  The ritual commenced, both beings lifting serenely into the air, clasping fingers together.  As both faces lifted northward, into the Elysian twilight, a luminous writhing mist enveloped them.  And they disappeared.  Naraku's flowing robes swept the starlit floor as he swiftly turned to seek his chambers.


Kagome had no idea why the Higher Lords were concerning themselves over this hasty punishment instead of capturing Fate again.  After all, that must take priority over this silly mistake.  The goddess floated in a stream of stardust, awaiting the imminent moment when she and her partner would melt into existence on Earth.  They had never been informed of where exactly they would land.  Given all the knowledge of the world, they didn't need to know their location.  Already, they could speak all the languages of the world and dress as the population dressed.  There was no need to worry.


Kagome turned to the sound of his voice.  A look of contempt marred her features as she glared at him coldly.


She observed him carefully.  Floating freely in the presence of nothing at all, he had been adorning a red and white kimono.  The bright glaring look suited him, although she wasn't about to say that aloud.  His golden eyes, sharp with irritation, were fixed on her as his mouth twitched downward in a frown.  The god's stance, rigid and unforgiving, portrayed his obvious arrogance.  As her gaze fell to the ears atop his head, an eyebrow twitched upward.  How was he to hide his ears in human public?

          "What are you staring at?" he demanded obnoxiously, folding his slim arms.

          "I apologize; I did not mean to."

          "Yea, well when are we going to get to this planet?"

          "We will arrive when we do.  Just be patient."

Patient!  Kagome knew fair well that patience was a virtue Inuyasha did not possess; she would be quite taken aback if he exhibited any of the trait.  However, he didn't, so she was left to wish for a very soon arrival.

          "Why do we have to go to Earth?  Of all places, Earth!" he whined.  "You and that bastard Naraku should have kept your guard up.  What's barging in supposed to do?  You're supposed to be focused!  Feh!"

A jolt ran through his body, and he disintegrated before her eyes.  A gasp escaped her lips before she too felt the jolt, and fell out of the in-between dimension in which they had resided.

Rumbling noises abused her ears.  As she felt her feet touch some sort of ground, Kagome glanced frantically around for Inuyasha.  Were they on Earth already?  A few more seconds, and a coolness spread through her body.  My name is Kagome Higurashi.  I attend Tokyo University with my twin brother Inuyasha.  I am a straight-A student with many hobbies including archery and theatre.  I am 20 years of age with no standing relationships.  My whole family has passed away except for my brother.  I have been going to college for two years already; this is my third at Tokyo U.  I have a group of friends not very close to me but friends nonetheless.  As all this personal information engrained itself in my mind, I looked down at myself.  Clad in black pants and a light blue sweater, I was dressed rightly for the autumn chill that blew through the city of Tokyo.  A tap on my shoulder led me to spin on the heel of my ankle boot.

          "Sister," said Inuyasha with a smirk.

          "I can't believe this," I mumbled under my breath.  "Where is Tokyo U?"  As soon as the question was asked, the answer came to me.

I looked over the heads of citizens on the crowded sidewalks.  Turn right at the fifth intersection.  Walk for another half-mile.  I started, glancing over at Inuyasha and seeing the same expression on his face.  This was absolutely amazing.  Over my shoulder was slung a purse, dark-colored and light in weight.  Inside, I knew I had money, a pocketbook, pens, and tissues.  Now, I was supposed to go to the university campus with my brother to set up the apartment we were to share.  Not bothering to acknowledge him, I began to make my way towards the fifth intersection.  I sighed.


The tip of his finger barely touched the mirror, but its depths swirled violently and revealed to him the blurred image of his counterpart.  Kagome…  Naraku's dark eyes traced her form-fitting attire, hugging every curve of her body.  The shimmering light of his chambers dimmed as his more sinister side took over.  I will be watching you, Kagome.  He smirked.  Nothing will escape this Naraku.

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