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13 year old Squall awakes every morning in Balamb and eats breakfast with his mother, father, and sister. He then goes to school blowing kisses and giving hugs to his parents.

"Squall, you are destined to become a hero... Why don't you?" complained Quistis, his instructor.

"I think that pretending to be a hero is a damn waste of time..." explained Squall drolly.

"Why don't you talk to your parents... The world needs a savior. Squall, that's you."

"........" Squall only stared at his teacher.

"Don't give me the silent treatment, I want to help you"

"I don't want to save the fucking world!" He scowled at his teacher.

"Don't you dare take that tone with me, Squall Leonhart! I'll pull rank on you in a minute!" She put her hands on her slim hips.


When he returned home, He told his parents about everything he and his instructor had talked about. Since both Laguna and Raine were both well known heroes, they agreed the he should follow his teacher's complaint!

"But I don't wanna!" Squall whined. His parents went on and on about why he should. He became so angry with they're pressuring him, he stormed out of the house and into a nearby diner.

It was about 7:00 and Squall's parents were getting worried. "Where'd he go?" questioned Laguna. Suddenly, Squall busted into the front door. "Mom?... Dad?...I'm-- I'm sorry that I was hesitant about becoming a hero... I saw no reason... But I thought about it and I want to help people! I'm sorry! please, please forgive me," he cried fiercely hugging both of his parents.

"You're already forgiven, baby," comforted his mother. And he was...


The next morning, as Squall walked, Seifer, his rival, came up behind him and hit him upside the head, hard. You see, Seifer was only one year older and also had a height advantage over Squall and took every opportunity he had to use them against the brunette.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Seifer didn't answer, he only walked away with a smug grin. Squall ran alongside the blonde and tripped him. Seifer got up and punched Squall several times in the face. A passerby saw the two fighting from across the street. Many onlookers helped to separate the two boys. "I'll get you Seifer! Even if it's the last thing I do!!!"


4 years later

Just as Squall slept, he had a strange dream. In this dream, a darkened figure began to speak. "Squall, I must warn you of Seifer's return. He is indeedly seeking you... looking to harm you. He has taken your parents and wants you to go to The Enchanted Taverns of Ken'yopik to find them. Please! Be careful and cautious! The spirits will guide you." Squall jolted awake, not recalling anything but the words, 'Enchanted Taverns' and some darkened figure.

He went in search of the strange figure that gave the slight cryptic message. Unfortunately, he had no luck. He became very tired out from the search and he unintentionally fell asleep. Only this time, he dreamt about unicorns and flowers on crisp summer day. But, right when the pretty little unicorn was jumping over the bridge, he heard a faint, "You MUST help them!" followed by a distant scream. The scream grew louder and louder until Squall heard it as if someone was screaming directly in his ear. He shot up in bed, blinking sleepily.

Squall then ran into his parents' room to see if the dreams told the truth. All she came across was the strange darkened figure, sitting on the edge of the empty bed. "Where are my parents?!" he screamed.

"I told you, and now you must go!" explained the figure. Squall was getting visibly worried. "Do you accept your fate?"

"Uh... um, well... you see... " He was hesitant, "Um... Y-yes... "he slowly answered.

"Good." Just then, the mysterious figure turned into a man with a hood covering his dark face. "We'll start training this afternoon. Oh, and by the way, what you are taking on is not easy."

To Be Continued....


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