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Warnings: slight AU.... slight yaoi later... violence... 'crap action'...


"Do you love your father?" Zell asked, going after him.

"Of course I do," he yelled, turning roughly. "But my mother is dead!" The more Squall yelled, the more Zell was interested.

"I assure you that your mother is not dead," he comforted. "Because she is definitely all right." Squall glared at the short blonde, his eyebrows arching slightly. "The whole thing was staged! Fake! It was for the good of you. To determine whether or not you are the true hero you are supposed to be," he said after a few seconds. "Now! Go!"

As he walked away and deeper into the forest, anger welled up inside of him. He was pissed but, as he thought about what he was told, an amazing amount of happiness filled him from the inside out.

As Squall walked on, he came upon a dark cave. There was not a drop of light entered it. Once inside, he instantly raise his right arm. Whispered words of magic floated though the black air and a few seconds later, light spread from Squall's palm.

Before he could move, he felt something wrap itself around his tiny legs. Before he thought to look down, he was waist deep in a fifty foot giant python. Its head was as two hundred sixty-three human heads and its tail as thick as six tree trunks. When the monster's face was less than half a foot away, Squall became more terrifyed of its long red fangs and yellow glowing eyes. He did everything he could to pry the creature off, but it wouldn't let up. Then he thought of Zell.

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Use your spirit!" a faded voice called back.

After a few seconds of contemplating, Squall realized that 'spirit' meant that he put all his power together and fight his hardest. Squall closed his eyes tightly and muttered to himself words of release. Suddenly, the long python blew up into five thousand chunks of shit. A thick cloud of white smoke formed and out stepped Zell.

"Squall, it is time that I leave you. You must continue your journey . . . alone," he said as he vanished again. Squall became breathless and fainted.

(To Be Continued)