Author's note: So this is my first story on here so reviews would be reeeeally nice. This chapter is a bit short but I needed a quick prologue and I may edit it later so it has more to the fight. Anyway, enjoy :p

It was too late to save the world now. Sasuke and Naruto were fighting as hard as they could while Kakashi and Sakura watched in horror up above. Otsutsuki Kaguya had actually done it, creating an army of mindless beings who assumed the form of their former comrades. All of what they had done was in vain.

"Kakashi-sensei, what do we do now?" Sakura asked looking towards Sasuke who was knocked away with just a wave of the woman's finger.

Kaguya's long hair grabbed Naruto before her could get close to her. She smirked at his actions, mouthing something neither of them could make out. She waved her hand and the lava underneath her rose up, much like Gaara's sand, before she pointed to Naruto. Sasuke leaped and grabbed him before they were caught in the attack.

Unfortunately she pushed her arm forward with force causing swift wind to knock them into the side of the mountain, what was left of it anyway. Sakura jumped down to where they were and immediately started healing their wounds.

"Foolish. Heal them all you want but soon you four will perish. My beautiful nursery will not have any more pests," she spoke, levitating higher into the air.

"We are not going to get out of here alive," Sakura said, mostly to herself. She barely had any Chakra left; none of them did. Kaguya had a technique to drain Chakra around her which caused them so much trouble.

"Iie, we are going to stop her dattebayo!" he shouted as he stood, not realizing he could no longer go into his sage mode.

"It is too late Naruto. We are the only ones left," Sasuke said standing, moving Sakura away. "Can't you sense it?"

"But..." Naruto looked at him in distress, trying to deny it. He could sense it though, the army was close. Everyone they knew were gone and soon they would die.

They all looked up at Kaguya who now motioned her hand at them. Before the three knew it, the ground disappeared and they were falling towards the lava. In a flash they were again safely by Kakashi. The forth had his special kunai is his mouth while the other three Hokage let go of them.

"Spread out!" Tobirama shouted as Kaguya again went to attack.

They all separated just in time. Within a split second she had Sasuke, Kakashi and Hiruzen caught in her hair. Sakura landed and was ready to attack when she was held back by Hashirama. Naruto used his rasengan but too got caught.

"You are Tsuna-chan's student correct?" he asked without hesitation.

"Hai," she replied, shaking.

"We have no future here. There is only one way to stop this disaster," he told her, gaining full undivided attention.

"What do we need to do?"

"You need to return to the past and stop this before it even begins," he said, shocking her.

"How does that even work?" she asked in a higher pitch.

"I just need a distraction," he said looking up at Tobirama.

He nodded before rushing down from up top, catching Kaguya by surprise. He used his water jutsu to cool the lava and cut through some of her hair to release Naruto and Kakashi. Hashirama made many hand signs while mumbling. Down below Tobirama did the same with a scroll in his mouth. He then laid the glowing scroll out, with many markings and a circle in the middle.

"And now you need to stop the previous wars before this one has any chance of happening."

Before Sakura could question anything she was pushed off the cliff by Hashirama. She saw Kaguya use her hair to stop her from falling but Tobirama jumped in the way. Before Sakura knew it she fell through the circle in the scroll and was falling through a rainbow colored portal.

With a yelp she landed on the hard ground in the middle of the forest. She coughed, looking around as much as she could. It was the same area they had been in but something was off and not just because there was no sign of a battle.

She realized that whatever Hashirama did had sent her back in time. There was no more Sasuke. No more Naruto. No more Kakashi-sensei. Not a single person she knew personally and grew up with were around yet and there was still many years before they would even be thought of. After a minute of letting it all sink in, she screamed at the top of her lungs.