It had been quite a slow week and Sakura was ready to leave. She had to deal with paperwork most of the day to make sure things were organized and in place. Since the Village was allying with Land of Fire, she had to make sure she had a full report for the hospital. After she finished and sent it off, she made her way down the halls and straight to the front door.

It seemed the last few days she hadn't really had a chance to see Madara or Hashirama. They were busier than normal but she didn't really mind. She was relieved when it came to Madara really. She felt so embarrassed about the other night, especially with her situation, that she didn't want to see him at all. She hoped it wouldn't end up too weird once they saw each other again.

She turned the corner, hoping to get out through a hallway shortcut, only to see the Uzumaki twins getting into trouble... naturally. She stood only a few feet from them as they peeked through a door, whispering about the patient in the room. Sakura raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms while flaring her Chakra a bit so the sensors would realize she was there.

Oh the way the two tensed when sensing her made a deadly smile appear on her face. They slowly turned their heads to see their Sensei tapping her foot and a look of anger and mischief on her face the way only Sakura could. Instead of being perverts like most who were caught peeping, they were gossiping about others and knew Sakura did not approve. They gulped and stood up straight before she could say a word, knowing they had a punishment in store.

"Explain. You have thirty seconds," she said as calmly as she could. Both started to try explaining but together it sounded like gibberish. "One at a time! Zoku?"

"This stranger guy came in with some serious injures and babbling as if he was drunk. The things he said were funny and annoying," Zoku, the one with the low ponytail explained first.

"So we kind of followed and got caught in the drama going on with this lady and her onii-san," Roiki, the on with the high ponytail finished.

"You two know better than to spy on people," she said narrowing her eyes. They both gulped, waiting for punishment. "So you both will stay the night here and clean every unoccupied room, sanitize all the unused medical equipment and in the morning when you're done, switch out that equipment for what has been used through the night so you can make sure to sanitize those before leaving."

The two looked at each other with wide eyes. The hospital wasn't very busy so that meant the entire place just about. Sakura had learned to control her temper with these two only because the looks on their faces was much more enjoyable than punching them. Mito had taught her how to deal with the troublemakers like them and it was fun when it came to punishment. She wanted to add in her office but she didn't fully trust them with the scattered paperwork.

"Hai, Sensei," the two said before rushing off to get started. If there was one thing you could do to kill them on the inside, it was to take away there precious sleep time.

Satisfied, Sakura continued on her way to exit the hospital. She walked down the streets of the Village, getting further than she had been before. It had been worrisome thinking of what could have happen if she interacted with other too much but then she started to get a bit lonely and bored when she didn't have people around her. It was going to be the first time she really made her way around the Village.

She had always gotten strange looks, something she was use to it the first couple months in Uzushio. Her hair was in a bun with two scalpels in place of chopsticks, a dark red kimono shirt with cherry blossom petals on it with a pink obi. She had black pants and bandages wrapped around her shins and her shinobi heels. At least not too many people judged her, they all respected her too much but there were a select few who were annoyingly judgmental to everyone.

She stopped by the Academy, thinking about how much it expanded in the future. Everything was so similar yet different, definitely harder to get use to than she expected. She watched some of the students chatting as they exited the Academy with their parents. At times like this it made her miss her parents.

"Sensei, it is nice to see you out of the hospital." Sakura turned to see a brunette standing by with a baby in her arms.

"Yumiko-san," she smiled cheerfully, both hugging slightly. "How is Mushi?" shed asked looking at the baby.

"He is doing fine. A little whiny in the morning but otherwise no trouble at all," she said happily.

Yumiko was the first woman she had in the delivery part of the hospital. There were some complications since the baby had almost suffocated but she was successful thanks to learning from the midwives in Uzushio. Yumiko on the other hand almost died from blood loss. Sakura was able to act fast and save her life but she had to stay a bit longer in the hospital. In that time Sakura had kept her company and made a new friend.

"That is good to hear. And you?"

"I feel better than ever. I do thank you for all you have done," she said as she bowed slightly.

"No need for that," Sakura smiled.

"I have to get going to see my nee-chan. Will I see you around?" she asked with what seemed like worry.

"Maybe," Sakura shrugged.

"See you," Yumiko said as she walked away.

Sakura sighed as she continued on her way, walking down the streets. After a while she started to make some turns, only to end up somewhere she had been before. Her concentration wasn't the best and she was practically forcing herself to stay awake. Sleep did not come easy these days so she had been relying on her Seal to keep her going. Now that she was getting tired enough she may be able to sleep tonight.

After a bit of time she was able to round her way back near the Academy. She stopped to see the young girl tending to the flower shop and smiled. Her hair was short and light brown with a small clip holding her bangs to one side. She had blue grey eyes and her hair style was the same as Ino's had been when they first met as children. The girl turned around and instantly smiled when she saw her.

"Sensei!" she exclaimed running to hug her.

"Inomi, you have a strong hold you know that?" she laughed hugging the girl back.

"Gomen. It has been so long since I've seen you. Why haven't you visited before now?" she asked tilting her head.

"I have been busy. Are you going to be attending the academy?" she asked placing her hands on her hips.

"Okaa-sama wants me to but I am not sure," she said looking down, twiddling her thumbs.

"You are afraid, aren't you?" Sakura asked already knowing the answer.

"What if I don't do well? Oto-sama says I will be able to learn much more at the Academy and that he will help me with the Yamanaka's jutsu but I am still worried I won't do well," she ranted.

"You will do fine. Trust me, you can become a great Shinobi. Just trust your instincts and do your best," Sakura smiled, placing a hand on her head. Inomi nodded, not fully reassured.


Before Sakura could see who called her, she was hit hard and almost knocked out from the side. At first she thought it was an attack until she realized it was Miyo, tackling her. The girl was almost unrecognizable aside from the bright red hair and the cheerful attitude. She wore an outfit almost identical to Sakura but with leaves and a dark green obi. Her hair was in two buns like Mito yet with some hair still down her back and framing her face. She looked as if she had grown some, but still had to look up at Sakura.

"Miyo, are you trying to kill me?" she said getting her balance.

"Maybe," she giggled.

"Sakura-chan," Mito's voice echoed, gaining their attention.

"Mito-chan!" Sakura shouted, hugging the woman.

She had forgotten they were coming back and it didn't fully hit her until she heard Mito. As soon as she let go the two started to talk about what they had missed almost instantly. Sakura didn't really have too much to explain since there wasn't much going on with her end. Mito was almost the same, aside from the news about the wedding in which she would explain later.

Before he could say anything Sakura hugged, and almost knocked down, Uzashi. She did not expect either he or Miyo to come back with Mito. In fact she had not heard much of what was going on with either of them at all. It was such a surprise that Sakura had to keep herself from crying.

"Sakura-sensei, can you show me the Hospital. I want to make sure I get a feel for it as soon as I can," Miyo announced in excitement.

"Who says you are going to be working in the Hospital?" Sakura asked with a hand on her hip.

"I do," she replied with a grin.

"I can take you there. I need to check on the twins after all," Mito sighed.

"No you don't," Sakura replied trying not to laugh.

"Why?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"They'll tell you. If they know what's good for them," she said turning to her.

"I suppose I should definitely check on them," Mito replied.

"Sakura-chan, you look tired," Uzashi told her as Miyo started to argue with the Yamanaka.

"Restless nights," she turned to him.

"That explains it," he nodded.

Both of their attention had been caught by Miyo who was now in a heated argument with Inomi. Sakura groaned, not wanting to deal with the girls already. The Uzumaki was full of children who reminded her, with lots of fear, of a younger Naruto. Not only did she have to deal with the twins but now Miyo was here which meant she would be here for some time. Probably until the end of the wedding. Even with Mito she wasn't sure she could put up with them.

"Sakura," someone else said catching her attention. She turned to see Tobirama who looked like he was in a hurry.

"What are in you in such a rush for?" she asked.

"What did you say!?" Miyo exclaimed. Uzashi quickly grabbed Inomi while Mito had gotten a hold on Miyo before the two went at it.

"Tobirama?" she said gettign his attention back to the question.

"Have you seen Hashirama or Madara today?" he asked crossing his arms as usual.

"Iie." She shook her head, curiosity creeping up. "Why?"

"I know Hashirama will most likely be with Madara and the Feudal Lords are coming to discuss serious matter about the Village. Yet I cannot find him," he said with agitation.

"I'll help you look," she told him turning to the group. "Miyo behave yourself! And Inomi, do not let what her bratty mouth says get you riled up."

"Hey!" Miyo shouted, growling.

"Gomen Sensei," Inomi bowed, sticking her tongue out at Miyo before quickly running back into the shop.

"I'll deal with her." Mito let Miyo go but not without a threatening hand on her shoulder. With a nod Sakura then went off to find the two, kind of regretting leaving the hospital so soon.

"Where else could they be if not around here?" Sakura questioned, not knowing where to start checking aside from the usual places they could be found.

"I do not know," he replied continuing down the street.

"You make great conversation," she said, getting a glare from the man. It was a quote Madara once used and it seemed to only annoy Tobirama more than anything.

"Not funny in any way," he replied looking up where the Hokage heads would one day be. "I know where to look."

She followed him, a bit cautious. Something Hashirama once said suddenly came to mind. He had mention it a while ago but she just brushed it off as him being is goofy self. But she was going to start listening and takingit a bit more seriously now that she put two and two together.

"Follow the Tobirama. Just look at the soon to be Hokage faces."

She should have realize it before but that was the key. That location had to mean something and since she, and Hashirama, knew it would be there she would notice where they were going much quicker. Did he know she would follow Tobirama or was he always sending out clues in hopes that it would help? Either way it was like him.

"Where are we going?"

"To the place they both go to watch over the Village," he told her.

"Tobirama can I ask you something?" she asked catching up with him before they had to get to the top.

"Sure," he said, looking towards her.

"Why do you hate Madara so much? Aside from the fact he is an Uchiha," she said with a smart tone. She already knew most of the reasoning but she wanted it make sure she asked questions so no one wondered why she knew so much, even though she could use Hashriama as an excuse. But he was always in enough trouble as it was.

"Do not believe I hate all Uchiha. And I am not trying to cause trouble if that is what you are implying. I am just weary of them and believe we must be cautious. They are a powerful clan after all," he said with a serious look. "And Madara is the most dangerous. He has the Eternal Mangekyo and could destroy all that he had helped create if he betray us."

"I can see your point but don't you think a little trust could possibly help. Especially with it being you of all people," she explained.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" he asked offended.

"You can be... intense sometimes."

"And you don't have temper issues?" he shot back.

"Excuse me!?" she shouted instantly angered.

"For example, the way you just shouted. One thing said the wrong way and you either yell and them or punch them. So you cannot say a thing about me."

She stopped for a minute and growled, fist clenched and teeth gritted. She wanted to knock him out so badly but knew it would only prove his point and the last thing she wanted was to satisfy him with proving him right. Instead she tried to calm herself and continued on. After a while, and aggravation, they finally saw the two standing above the Village laughing and joking.

"There you are! Why are you goofing off here? The Feudal Lords from the Land of Fire will be here soon for the Conference," he shouted. He irritated her even more as she made her way to the duo.

"Tobirama," Madara said as the two stared at each other with obvious detest.

She wasn't sure why they bothered her so much but she could tell it was the same with Hashirama who gave her a knowing look. This had to be what he meant when giving that hint. The Senju both went there way, Hashirama trying to lighten the mood as he spoke as Sakura walked close with Madara, glancing around.

"Madara, you seem troubled," she commented. He was caught off guard and looked at her.

"It's nothing," he sighed.

Once they were near the Village and were going to part she stopped. She then slowly made her way to the forest area and cleared her throat while crossing her arms. She knew Miyo had been spying, probably given Mito a stupid excuse so that she would let her go. She wasn't going to be anger because she had something in mind.

"Miyo, I have a special mission for you." Miyo quickly came from her hiding spot and was in front of Sakura in a second. As long as she didn't get in trouble the girl would have no problem with coming out of hiding... a good yet bad things at times. "I'm not sure how well you can do it but please annoy Tobirama for as long as you can while in the Village."

"Sakura-sensei..." Miyo said with a pouting face. "You underestimate me," she finished with a mischievous look.

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