Title: Don't Leave Yourself In The Dark
Author: AoiTsukikage
Rating: R
Chapter: 4/4
Word Count: 3061
Summary: Law might be a doctor, but he's not accustomed to playing nursemaid. However, in this case, he can't even say that he minds all that much.
Notes:This is for Kiza Kurosaki who wanted some Law/Sanji hurt/comfort with Law taking care of Sanji.

Chapter Four

"I'm ready."

"Ready for what?" Law asks, sitting comfortably in the library. He's got his legs crossed, reading glasses perched on his nose and flipping pages idly before he looks up.

"Holy shit."

"What?" Law narrows his eyes because he's quite sure he's not doing anything out of the ordinary but Sanji's looking at him with wide eyes, blinking rapidly. He doesn't give any warning before he strides across the room, plants himself in Law's lap, and tips his head up for a rather insistent kiss. "Mm. Not that I'm complaining, but what's the occasion?" Law asks, still holding onto the book with his free arm clamped around Sanji's waist to hold him in place.

"You, um. Glasses. You look really good," Sanji stammers and Law has to chuckle at that one.

"Really now? I thought they just made me look bookish," Law's kind of flattered, honestly. "Speaking of, you have an amazing selection in here. There are some medical tomes I've been looking to read for quite some t-"

Sanji cuts him off with another kiss and Law would be annoyed except Sanji, it turns out, is a rather exceptional kisser. "See, now I think you're bookish, but the glasses are just hot," he murmurs, lips finding Law's throat and the doctor tips his head bad to give him better access, letting his eyes close. It's taken a while, perhaps, but he feels able to let his guard down now around these people. He knows Sanji won't hurt him.

"You never answered my question," he says quietly, fingers flexing on Sanji's hips, and the blond chuckles against his skin.

"Which one?"

"What are you ready for?"

"Oh! The, um…what you said before, that we could…" he looks a little embarrassed and cants his hips in a way that's completely suggestive, and Law knows exactly what he means by it. "I mean, not all the way, but you got to see me naked and I think it's only fair…"

"If you're sure," Law cuts him off because the blond tended to ramble rather adorably when he wasn't sure what else to say. "I'll have to ask Miss Nico and Miss Nami if we can borrow the bedroom…" he stops when Sanji freezes and looks up at him. "Problem? Miss Nico is already aware of our relationship…"

"Yeah, I know, it's just…" he sighs. "I mean, I know I'd never have a chance with either of them, and even if I did I wouldn't take it because I'm unworthy, but Nami-san knowing…" he thinks about it, frowning and with his brow furrowed, before sighing and resting his forehead against Law's shoulder. "Fine," he mumbles against Law's shirt, and the doctor chuckles and strokes his back gently. "Yeah. Okay."

"Good. I shall ask them later and, with any luck, you can meet me in their room tonight," he murmurs in a low voice, feeling Sanji shiver against him.



"What's your angle?"

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about," Law's back to rooting through the books after he'd talked to Robin, who had merely given him a calm smile and assured him the bedroom would be all theirs for the night.

"Don't play dumb with me. I don't care that you're a Warlord, if you're using him…"

"What makes you believe I'd do something like that?" he asks calmly, pulling out a book and flipping through it.

"Because I've known Sanji-kun for a long time and he's never so much as looked a man twice, and now suddenly you show up and he's sleeping with you," she says bluntly and, well, she does have a point, Law supposes. Looking at it from an outside perspective, it would be easy to assume he's forcing the other man into it somehow.

"I can assure you, Miss Nami, that I would never touch somebody intimately without their express permission. You can speak with him if you wish, but as I was the one who first approached him, he had no reason to agree if he didn't also desire it," he decides that's enough of the truth to appease her and he hears her take a quick breath, finally turning to look at her. "I can promise you that I won't hurt him and that I won't pressure him into doing anything he's not prepared for. Other than that, I can't do anything to make you believe me," he looks her straight in the eyes and eventually she nods, stepping back.

"I know he wouldn't. I'm just…" she wrings her hands and he steps forward and places a hand on her shoulder, seeing her flinch even under the placating touch.

"I know the stories people tell about me. I daresay I've never done anything to quell them, but do you truly believe I would harm him while on an enemy ship in the middle of the ocean?" he decides to appeal to her sense of logic and she finally shrugs.

"No. No, of course not. I don't blame you for liking him," she finally says, smiling a little at him. "But I was telling the truth about what I'll do if you hurt him."

"He's lucky to have people like you looking out for him," he pats her shoulder and she finally relaxes a little, reaching by him to grab a book about the general area they're in and nodding to him before she walks out.


"It's so kind of Nami-san to be concerned about my well-being!"

Law's seriously starting to regret telling Sanji about that, since the man is currently gliding around the room with hearts surrounding his head and it's killing the mood rather harshly.

"Yes, she was quite convinced I have some ulterior motives in seducing you," Law strips off his sweater and sits down on the bed, clearing his throat. Sanji finally turns to look at him then, the hearts disappearing with a few audible 'pop's and Law can see him swallow. "But I believe we have other business to attend to."

"Yeah," Sanji nods and unbuttons his own shirt, letting it hang loosely off his lanky frame. He settles himself beside Law and turns to him, blushing a little. "I just…I dunno what I'm ready for…"

"Touch me," Law says without preamble, because he's really rather forthright where sex is concerned. Foreplay is…not objectionable, he supposes, but it seems like a roadblock in working toward the eventual goal and is unnecessary. He does want Sanji to be comfortable, though, so he'll make an exception this time.

Sanji nods and reaches out a hand, resting it in the center of Law's chest over his tattoo and letting out a shuddery breath. He curls his fingers in, spreading his hand over Law's shoulder and stroking his fingers through the fine hair at the nape of the other man's neck. Law half-closes his eyes, surprisingly enjoying the soft, exploratory touches. Of course. Sanji's a cook, and he's seen him tell whether a piece of fish is done simply by touching it, so it makes sense he'd be exceedingly tactile. He adds his other hand, then, sliding them down Law's arms and stopping when he was lightly gripping the older man's elbows. "This is okay?"

"I can safely say that I've never let anybody else touch me this way, but yes, it's okay," Law assures him and Sanji looks a little shocked at that before he leans in for a kiss. Law can tell he's comfortable with this by now, mouth moving with purpose and his hands shift to grip at Law's hips, holding him in place while he lifts his own body up so he's hovering over the other man.

"But you've had sex before?" Sanji asks, narrowing his visible eye. Law nods and reaches up, moving his hands down Sanji's back to frame his hips.


"So. What are we…" Sanji swallows heavily, leaning down and resting his forehead against Law's shoulder. "What are we doing?"

"Well, first you'll need to take your pants off," Law idly flicks at the button on Sanji's slacks and the blond sighs, undoing them himself and lifting his body up enough to slide them down and off. He pulls off his shirt as well, folding it neatly before setting it aside on the dresser, and Law smiles to himself at the action.

"Okay," Sanji's not exactly trying to hide himself but he doesn't look extremely comfortable, either. "I think you have to do the same," he raises a curled brow and Law smirk but obliges him, removing his jeans and letting them fall to the floor. It's never going to be extremely comfortable, being naked in front of another human being, but Sanji's not really hiding the fact that he's staring and Law can't read his mood right now.

"Sanji," Law says firmly and the blond looks up. "I've seen you puking your guts out. If there's a time to be embarrassed about anything, it's not now."

"Yeah, I know," Sanji sighs, resting his hands on Law's chest and looking at him. "I'm…I'm not the type of guy that's comfortable being out of my element. I know what I'm good at, and if I'm in the kitchen or in a fight I know I'm the best and I don't have to think twice about showing off. I've already let you see me at my most fucking pathetic so this shouldn't be a big deal, but…"

Law cuts him off with a wave of his hand. "I know. I think we're very much alike in that regard, but we're both in the same boat here. Just because I'm not a virgin doesn't mean I'm well-versed in all things sexual. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to be ashamed of so long as we both enjoy it," he raises an eyebrow and Sanji nods after a moment or two, mouth opening in a gasp when Law flicks his thumb over the head of Sanji's cock.

"Oh, fuck…"

Law lets go of him then, creating a quick Room in order to get a bottle of oil over, and he pours some onto his fingers before wrapping his hand properly around Sanji, stroking slow enough that Sanji makes a tiny, stuttering whine in his throat, eyes pleading wordlessly for more.


"Fuck," is all Sanji can seem to say and Law smirks, using his free hand to tangle in the cook's shaggy hair and bringing their mouths together. He starts stroking a little faster, feeling the blond harden under his touch, and Sanji lets out a shuddery breath. He fists his own hands in Law's hair, pulling his mouth up and kissing him harder, hips jerking a little into Law's hand. Law breaks the kiss, latching his mouth onto Sanji's throat and feeling the cook's slender fingers tighten against the back of his neck, holding his head down. "Okay, fuck, you were right…"

"About what?" Law hums, licking at Sanji's skin, letting his lips trail down further to the hollow of his collarbone and over his chest.

"Um…" Sanji lets out a frustrated breath, like he can't quite grasp onto the words he wants to say. Law's rather enjoying watching him come apart, and he'd rather see the other man vulnerable in this way than so ill he can barely sit up by himself. There's a rosy flush starting to spread down Sanji's chest, vivid against his pale skin, and the head of his cock is dark red, pre-cum leaking from the slit as Law presses his thumb against it. The blond lets out a noise that's more or less just an unintelligible garble of words, but Law figures words are wasted now anyway.

He lets go of Sanji's hair, feeling his rapid pulse as he skitters his fingers over Sanji's throat and down. "Tell me if I do anything you don't like," he murmurs against the cook's skin, and Sanji laughs sharply.

"Don't really think that's possible," he grits out so Law takes that as permission, rubbing his thumb over one peaked, pink nipple. It hardens beautifully under the touch, Sanji's entire body spasming in response. Law licks quickly at his other nipple, sucking gently before scraping his teeth against it, not hard enough to hurt but Sanji's obviously feels it and since his response is to hold Law in place the doctor figures that's a good sign.

He tries to keep up a steady pace with his hands and mouth, Sanji's cock heavy and leaking in his grasp, and he's almost regretting not being able to look up because he wants to see Sanji fall apart.

"Fuck…fuck, Law, stop…" Sanji gasps and Law does immediately, pulling back and looking at Sanji's face to see what's wrong. The blond's visible pupil is dilated so wide Law can barely see the blue of his eye, something in his gaze that's both wild and sexual, apprehensive yet yearning, and Law waits for him to continue. "Um. Fuck. I'm…wanna touch you. So we can…together. Is that…?"

Law's trying to hide his amusement at how broken Sanji's thoughts seem to be, but he's quite sure the younger man can still kick his ass despite that so laughing at him is probably not the best course of action. If he's being honest, he would have been completely okay bringing Sanji to orgasm and not expecting anything in return, but if the man's offering…

"Of course it is. Do you want…" he grabs the oil and Sanji nods, shakily getting some onto his fingers and visibly steeling himself before his fingers flutter against Law's cock, exploring in a way that reminds Law again how much he relies on his hands in his work. "Here," Law presses against Sanji's back to move him closer, so the blond is nearly sitting in his lap, and Sanji wraps his free arm around Law's neck, both of them still for a moment. He starts to move his hand again, Sanji narrowing his eyes and Law supposes it's only natural, with his normal volatile nature, that he'd see this as another sort of contest.

It's easy to find a rhythm after that, Sanji matching his movements with near laser-precision and Law can feel his body responding eagerly to the stimulation. There's no sound in the room other than both of their shaky breaths and Sanji letting out little moans every now and then. Law's almost hoping one day they get the chance to be somewhere private because he has the feeling Sanji will be amazingly vocal when there's no danger of being heard.

The cook's nearly shaking in his arms, biting his lip and going about his task with a furious determination, and Law bats his hand away on impulse, kissing him firmly. He grasps both of their cocks in his hand, an involuntary groan slipping from his lips because it feels incredible.

"Fuck…Law, 'm close, I can't…" Sanji gasps against his lips and Law nods.

"Hang on for me. Just…I'll tell you," he stares into Sanji's eyes, willing him to let him lead this time around, and Sanji nods slowly. Law gives him a half-smile, not wanting to push his luck. Sanji's look turns almost devilish then, nails scraping down Law's chest and over his nipples just hard enough for him to feel it, and the extra jolt of sensation is all it takes. "Fuck. Now," he manages to say, feeling both cocks in his hand pulse, and Sanji's back arches impossibly far, mouth open in a wordless gasp. Law muffles the sound of his own release against Sanji's shoulder, teeth biting in gently, but Sanji honestly doesn't seem to mind (or he's too out of it to notice).

The younger man slumps against him then, body shuddering with tiny aftershocks, and Law's hand is covered with cum and oil and he knows the sheets are ruined but, well, they'll worry about that later.

"Holy shit," Sanji laughs incredulously, rubbing his hand over his face. "That…"

"I told you there were other things we could do," Law stretches his legs out, leaning against the pillows and pulling Sanji to rest against his shoulder.

"That's what I…before, when I said you were right. That's what I meant," Sanji explains, and the redness on his cheeks is probably more embarrassment than arousal at this point. "But that was…thank you."

"I should be thanking you. I'm glad you enjoyed it," Law says honestly.

Sanji hums in agreement, eyes half-closed and not looking inclined to move so Law uses his power again, grabbing a cloth over to clean them both up a little. He's fairly sure going to sleep and waking up with dried ejaculate everywhere would be unpleasant, after all.

Sanji wrinkles his nose, muttering something about a smoke so Law grabs those for him as well, and the blond lights up quickly before looking up at Law.

"I'm keeping you. You're a good errand-boy," he gives the other man such a sleepy, sated smile that Law can't even be offended by the comment. "Do we…I don't want to kick the girls out of their room for the night…"

"I'm quite sure they'll survive," Law strokes Sanji's shoulder, knowing the other man's too exhausted to argue properly, and he's glad to be right as Sanji quiets down, smoking thoughtfully until his cigarette is burned down to the filter.

"Hey," he says then, kissing Law with a mouth that tastes like smoke and spice, and Law blinks in response. "So. Not saying I ever want to get sick again, but if this is what my first time having the flu gets me, maybe it's not that bad," he discards the butt into a bowl on the bedside table, tucking his head under Law's chin and tugging the blankets over them.

Law strokes his hair idly, letting the golden strands slip through his fingers. This is hardly a fairytale, after all, and things will go to shit sooner or later whether he wants them to or not, but for the moment he's feeling fully at peace.

It's a strange feeling, for its rarity, but Sanji looks just as blissed out as he is and his last thought before sleep claims him is that if they can make each other feel this good he might have to find a way to stick around with this unconventional crew for a long, long time.


1. I'm sorry this took so long to get out, but I had a writing block where the sex scene was concerned so I hope it's acceptable at least. Also I'm incapable of being anything but sappy so it ends as happily as it can.

2. If anybody else has requests or things they would like me to write, please feel free to send them! I'm working on a couple of longer fic ideas but I want to map them out more before I start posting anything, so one-shot or short chaptered fic requests are always welcome in the meantime :)

3. As always, thank you for the positive feedback I've received on this fic and for this pairing in general! I know it's not really a popular one, all things considered, but I'm glad so many people have decided to give it a chance regardless!