When I first opened my eyes the next morning, everything was a haze. I rub my eyes and blink a few times to get everything back to that sharp clearness. I just lie there for a moment, staring at the ceiling. That night was so unbelievably strange. It happened so fast, but seemed to go on for hours. Plus, I had no further dream during my sleep. I was out like a light and no visions appeared to me. I smile to myself. Yes! Finally, everything has been cured! I sit straight up with my fist tight with happiness and giggle to myself.

"Good Morning."

            I jump sky-high. My sheets fly everywhere as I tumble off of my bed and onto the floor. I couldn't bring myself to blink as I lay flat on my stomach, sprawled out like a baby in its crib. My shoulders touched my ears with every heaving breath. I couldn't believe the after-shock. Such surprise. I finally push myself up to sit. My head turns quickly to the sound of little titters and sniggers. That girl in the mirror! She was still there! I thought it was all a dream; I thought it was the end. Yet she still sits against the frame; behind the glass laughing at me for my sudden alarm in response to her comment. How can she just sit there, smiling into the real world when she's trapped like that? Is she actually happy in there?

"'Morning." I groan.

She continues to chuckle to herself uncontrollably. "Sorry."

"Laughing like that doesn't make it sound like you're truly sincere." I say.

She doesn't care about my words. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a rock." I reply, trying to keep the grudge out of my voice. "How about you?"

"You think I slept?" The girl asks.

"I can only presume." I said quietly.

"I can tell you don't have much luck with women." The girl chats and my temper starts to flare.

"How can you say that? You don't know me!" I yell.

"Of course I don't know you…but I can just tell by the tone of your voice." The girl replies. "You sound so apologetic when you speak. Almost like a little timid mouse reaching to the piece of cheese on the table while trying not to be noticed by the wife in the kitchen."

"You say I act like a mouse?" I say stunned. "I find that completely preposterous. Such insolence."

"If I'm insolent, then you must be the king of vulgarity." The girl puts her hands behind her head in a relaxed way. "Haven't you ever heard of chivalry? Or aren't men like you taught such things?"

"Answer me your name." I demand.

"Why such a sudden change?" The girl spits back.

"When people meet, don't they exchange names? I told you mine last night, so why haven't I heard yours yet?" I say.

"You never asked." The girl laughs.

"Must I beg?"

"That would by nice, but I guess I'll give you a break for this once." The girl resituates herself and sits on her knees, facing me. I crawl on the floor from the side of my bed and sit in front of the mirror, facing her. She just stares at me.

"Well…?" I entice.

"If you pull that tone with me again, I'll have your head." The girl said angrily then clears her throat. "My name is Chantal."

"You joke." Replied I.

"Why do you say that?" asked the girl.

I laugh. "You can just tell by the tone in your voice."

"Shut up, prissy boy." The girl defends.

"You like calling me that, don't you?" I giggle.

"Why are you all of a sudden so flushed?" The red-head snaps.

I stop laughing at try my hardest to keep a stern face. "Sorry. Now, may I please know your name?"

Mirror-girl sighs, fluffing her rosy bangs. She looks into my eyes, and I could tell she was going to tell the truth this time. "My name, since you must know, is Misty."

"Ah, Misty…" I nod. "Pretty name."

"Don't you dare get fresh."

I point to myself. "You…you call that fresh?" I laugh. "You haven't seen me get fresh."

"You've got me terrified." The girl says with an exasperated look on her face.

I just stare at her then. She slowly turns her head away from my gaze. Even from the other side of the mirror, I could see her cheeks turn a raspberry pink against her moon-white face. I smile subtly. Misty's hands twist the bottom of her pale purple dress. I realize I was leaning forward. I relax and put my back up against the foot of my bed. There comes a large knock on my door. I look at Misty, her eyes getting bigger. She looks at for one last time before fading back into the silvery reflection of the mirror. I stand up and stare at the door.

"Who is it?" I ask nervously.

"You're up already? Wow! I didn't even have to yell once." My mother says happily.

"Yes, Mother. I am awake. I have been for about fifteen minutes or so." I reply.

"So nice." Her words are her smile. "Breakfast will be served in a little while, sweetie, so you better get changed if you already aren't."

"Yes, Mother. See you then."

"'Bye for now, Honey." My mother says and I then hear her footsteps go down the hall.

            I sigh heavily. She didn't overhear anything. I am glad. I go over to my drawers and pick out a pair of white slacks and a nice shirt. I open the drapes in front of my window and let some sunlight in the room. The yellow glow bounces off all the dust floating in the air. I look outside and up to the never-ending blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. I turn around and untie my pajama bottoms and slip them down. I grab for my pants.


I turn around quickly, my face going beet-red all over. "MISTY!"

She puts a hand over her mouth, blushing as well. "Sorry." She fades again.

I finish changing with my eyes always fixed on the mirror, making sure she doesn't appear again. Mumbling to myself about how she was talking about rudeness, I exit my bedroom and head down to breakfast. Hopefully, neither Mother nor Father will ask how I slept, for I may spill the answer. I am going to do everything I can to keep Misty a secret, as well as the mirror.