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The Father of the Key

Chapter One

"You want to run that by me again Griphook?" The deep voice of a man in his mid-twenties asked the goblin before him.

"Lord Potter you heard correctly. According to the blood test…you have a daughter out in the world." Harry James Potter blinked his bright green eyes as he lowered his face into his right hand.

"Oy…" He said the Yiddish word was foreign on his tongue but it was the only thing he could think to say at the moment.

"Indeed." Griphook said looking serious at the young lord before him.

"Do you know my…daughters name?" Harry hesitated slightly still reeling from the shock as he looked at the goblin.

"According to our sources…" Griphook paused as he opened up a folder and slid a piece of legal paper work in front of Harry who picked it up. "…her name is Dawn L. Summers. Daughter of one Joyce…"

"Joyce Summers…" Harry said the name sounded familiar on his lips before he closed his eyes trying to remember clearly until flashes of memory hit him making him turn wide eyed. "Jesus…I haven't heard that name in…ten years." Harry said before looking at Griphook. "Dawn is ten isn't she?"

"She will be next March." Harry almost asked before doing the math in his mind.

"She would've been conceived in late June or early July…yeah March fits." He thought before he started to rub his temples.

"Do you wish for us to contact her and inform her of what is expected?" Griphook asked making Harry look at him "Are you out of your ever loving mind?!" he internally yelled but spoke calmly.

"Joyce Summers is Non-magical." Harry said making Griphook nod in understanding.


"Don't bother with giving me another option. I'll go myself." Harry said making Griphook close his mouth and nod before handing him a smaller piece of paper.

"The current address of Joyce Summers and her daughters Dawn and Buffy." Harry looked up at Griphook "Buffy?" he asked almost not believing the name.

"Born Elizabeth Ann Summers. Buffy is a…what do you humans call them…nickname I believe?" Harry nodded before taking the slip and standing up and marching from the bank of Gringotts.

"Lord Potter!" Griphook yelled making Harry pause and look at him. "That location is very dangerous. It resides atop a giant swell of Evil energy called the Hellmouth…if your daughter is there prepare for battles against creatures ranging from Vampires to Demons." Griphook warned making Harry nod worry showing in his eye as he turned his long cloak like jacket billowing in the wind much like a former Potions professor. "Say what you will of Snape…the man had it right about this move." Harry thought before stepping outside and vanishing with a crack.

Across the pond in a house in California a woman with curry blonde hair sat in a chair inside her sun room enjoying the smells of the flowers around her as she once again found herself remembering a young man with wild black hair and green eyes. Joyce Summers remembered the father of her second child very well she had met him in England when she had gone there with Buffy and one of her girlfriends to help get over the fact that she and her ex-husband Hank were having problems.

She had gone to a bar alone one night and drank a few glasses of wine before she first heard his voice "A woman as beautiful as you shouldn't be alone drowning her sorrows in wine." she remembered that his voice was light and kind and almost caused shivers down her spine. The first time she saw his eyes she just felt herself drown in them. That night had been nothing but a bit of healing pleasure that she had been in desperate need of Harry had made her feel like a new woman again.

He had reignited the passion within her and had reminded her of what it was like to be touched and loved by another. Harry may have been inexperienced when they met…but she knew he was primed and ready for the next woman when she finished with him. Joyce didn't even bother to try and hide the smirk that came over her face at that thought she was quite proud of the fact that she had turned Harry into a lover that would leave those that came to his bed begging for more.

"Plus that stamina…oooh if I were ten years younger I'd jump his bones all over again." Joyce thought shivering slightly in pleasure. Joyce spent the entire night in the throes of passion…heck she was there for a good chunk of the morning after as well. By the time Joyce left to rejoin her daughter and friend she knew that that one night was just that.

A one night thing neither her nor Harry had been looking for more than that but that night also wound up meaning more to her than she ever thought it would. Harry had filled her once more with the confidence she had once had back in High School before meeting Hank who had slowly broken her down with emotional and verbal abuse.

After she returned home she told Hank to pack and get out of her house and with a satisfactory smile he was booted from the house and after the divorce papers were signed he ran off with his secretary leaving Buffy fully to her. Since it had taken two months to get that completely out of the way it wasn't till one month later that she learned that Harry had not only helped her regain her confidence but had also left a gift behind for her.

Seven month after that night she gave birth to her second daughter Dawn who had been given her name with a double meaning behind it. She was the dawn of a new era for all three Summers' women with her long black hair and a pair of eyes that constantly reminding Joyce of the man who had had looked at her with them with passion and love.

No problems came into their lives until the issue with Buffy burning down her Gym down when she was 15 and they had to move to Sunnydale California from L.A. Than learning that Buffy was in fact the Vampire Slayer last year had been rough on all of them…although she wasn't surprised that Dawn knew before she did.

"That girl is so perceptive…she gets it from her father." Joyce thought remembering the times when Harry seemed to understand what she had been trying to say when she had been stuck that night. Now with Buffy back and the issues behind every she now waited to learn when it would be possible to meet Principal Snyder and get her innocent daughter back into High School for her senior year while also keeping up her duties.

"Mom? Mom you home?" Joyce looked back and smiled when her youngest daughter walked into the sun room looking happy with the same green eyes shining brightly while Buffy followed behind.

"Dawn did you have a good day at School?" She asked smiling as her nine almost ten year old nodded.

"Yeah we had a good class…although it doesn't help that Buffy came by and brought me lunch than tried to stay and hang out."

"I take offence to that." Joyce laughed lightly as her blonde haired daughter walked into the room.

"Once upon a time you would've have minded me hanging out with you." Buffy said making Dawn sigh "Yeah when I was five." Dawn said.

"That wasn't that long ago Dawnie." Buffy said getting Dawn to bristle up at the nickname that Joyce had called her by when she had been a little girl.

Seeing the need to get involved Joyce spoke up "That's enough you two." she said a bit of authority in her voice making them pause and look at her before looking away from each other.

"Sorry mom." They said making her sigh and shake her head but the small smile on her face said she hadn't really been mad at them. Later that night Dawn was looking at the night sky and the stars she never knew why but a part of her always called towards the sky as if she belonged up there. She always dreamed of the sky and flying through it…but there were night when she wasn't alone when she was younger she remembered that there used to be a man with her in the dreams.

Before she turned seven she was holding him as they moved through the air but after that she was flying solo and he flew next to her making sure she was okay. The thing about the man that stuck with her most was the pair of bright green eyes that he always had. Her mom always said she had her father's eyes and his hair color she didn't know how to take the new that she and Buffy were only Half Sisters instead of full blood but then again it didn't matter.

Speaking of her father…that was something she would constantly ask her mother about. Who was he? Where was he? Did he even want her? Her mom always said the same thing "I'm the reason he isn't here Dawn he didn't do anything I regret, but I am the reason he isn't here to see you day after day." hearing it made Dawn want to know more and more about just where she came from.

"Are you absolutely sure you have everything Harry?" Harry almost laughed as he looked over at the former Hermione Granger his most loyal and trusted friend next to his fellow Gryffindor Neville Longbottom.

Harry remembered the first time they met the three of them were eager young 11 year olds waiting to learn more about their future at Hogwarts. Harry had originally thought of finding an empty compartment but something compelled him to join the two of them that day and he made easy friends with them.

Even to the point of telling off a boy named Ronald Weasley who had mindlessly insulted Hermione for being a know-it-all and Neville for being the owner of a pet toad instead of anything cool. Since that day Harry, Hermione, and Neville had stayed close and stuck to one another like glue helping each other in times of need and such. It was thanks to Harry that Neville got his own wand instead of continuing to use his fathers' just after their first year when he reminded Neville's grandmother about the fact that wands choose the wizard not the other way around.

In return she helped him learn about his lordship and that fact that Dumbledore had purposefully kept hidden from him helping Harry gain emancipation in both the normal world and the magical one. By third year after helping Sirius Black Harry's Godfather get an actual trial after being captured Sirius was allowed to live with Harry naming him the heir of the Black family keeping people like Draco Malfoy from the position of Lord Black.

Not to mention the training in the use of both non-magical and magical weapons, hand to hand, and dueling. After the fiasco with the Tri-wizard Tournament Harry insisted that Hermione and Neville join him along with a few of their other friends all of them gearing up for the war against Voldemort which was done right since Dumbledore wasn't able to get command and try and keep the war non-lethal on light side. It was war people die had been all the justification Amelia Bone had needed when she was named the new Minister of Magic after Fudge had been sacked for trying to bury his head in the sand at the idea of Voldemort returning.

True that War lasted until just about six months ago causing a lot of death and destruction on both sides but thanks to Harry, Hermione, and the devious minds of Fred and George Weasley…the only Weasley's they could stand by the way…that they started to adapt non-magical weapons to use against those that sided with Voldemort.

At the front of it all was Harry, Hermione, and Neville all three known as heroes for their efforts against Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Hermione mainly because of her skills in tracking down DE safe houses and hidden cashes of gold and other wants/desires. Neville for his capture of Bellatrix Lestrange alongside with just about every member of Voldemort's inner circle. Harry mainly for the fact that he had been the one to make the final strike against Voldemort but he was also famous among the troops since he was the one that always got them through battles. Those that fought with him call him a mixture of William Wallace and Merlin a warrior cunning, strong, powerful, and compassionate.

Only Hermione and Neville knew about Harry's one night stand with Joyce Summers back when he was fifteen after the death of Sirius who had died in a DE ambush just before the school year had ended. Harry had been devastated when he received the notice from the Ministry but had been happy to see the angered expression upon the Malfoy's faces when they learned that Harry got everything and they were each given 30 pieces of silver…the meaning hadn't been lost on them.

Joyce had helped Harry recover and return to himself that night Harry liked to think they had healed each other. Honestly if he hadn't been in the middle of a war he probably would've given a relationship a thought but at that time he couldn't possibly think of such a thing. Now the 26 year old Lord was heading to America to find not only Joyce but his long lost daughter.

"Don't worry Hermione I'm prepared for just about any and every kind of evil that could be there or may arrive there. I didn't go through a war just to end up dying in a place like Sunnydale." Harry said as he stepped onto the runway of a private air plane he had purchased to take him to America incognito since he didn't want to deal with any fans that had migrated to America.

"Still doesn't stop me from worrying about you Harry." Hermione said making Harry chuckle at his best friend who was now enjoying the life of a store owner since she now ran the biggest book shop in Diagon alley with a branch in Hogsmead and another in the works in Cardiff.

"I did invite you to come with me." Harry reminded her making her nod once before she sighed "As tempting as it would be…we both know you need to spend some quality time with your estranged daughter." She said making Harry nod as they neared the plane before he paused and looked at her.

"Tell Neville I expect him to make an honest woman of Luna by the time I get back." Harry joked making Hermione laugh since they both knew that the poor boy was hopelessly infatuated with the ditzy witch ever since he discovered women at fourteen. Harry and Hermione had a long running joke at his expense about waiting for the wedding constantly joked about it enjoying the way Neville turned bright red every single time.

"After I get to L.A. I'll ride the Enfield the rest of the way." Harry said as he watched them load his Godfathers flying motorcycle upon the plane before he looked Hermione in the eye once more. "Come with me." He offered motioning towards the plane Hermione was fighting herself from accepting the invitation it was getting harder to do every time he invited her.


"Mione…we both know I'm pants when it comes to girls other than you." Harry said laying his forehead against hers making Hermione sigh but smile as she gently kissed his lips.

"Harry she's not just any girl…she's half you." Hermione said making Harry sigh as he wrapped his arms around Hermione and held her close enjoying the feeling of her laying her head on his shoulder.

"I don't think she's gonna take the news that her Dad is married to another woman and has to marry another very well." Harry told his Lady Potter who laughed at his predicament but held him close.

"She's gonna be fine Harry. She most likely just wants to know that you're actually going to be in her life." Hermione said making Harry sigh and close his eyes.

"I wish Joyce had at least tried to find me…I would've wanted to be involved." Harry said making Hermione nod in understanding she knew that Harry would've tried to do right by Joyce and Dawn maybe even Buffy but really they knew that it probably was better that no one knew Dawn existed during the war.

"Now get on that plane before I decide to change my mind and not let you go." Hermione said making Harry chuckle before he took her hands in his and kissed her ring before kissing her again and turning to step onto the plane. Hermione stayed and watched as Harry left a part of her wanting to follow but realized that it would be best if Harry told Dawn about the fact that he was married first before she came out there.

"Stay safe Harry." She thought/preyed as she watched her husband's plane leave her sight. Hours later Harry is roused from sleep and finishes the checks at the gates of the LA airport before hopping onto the Royal Enfield and taking off taking to the sky once out of sight of the city. He flew through the night not feeling tired but as he flew he noticed that the closer he got to Sunny Dale the more he realized there was a large natural shielding around the area most likely keeping the outside world from learning about what was going on there.

"There's something fishy in Denmark…and I don't like it." Harry thought as he sped up feeling the sun start to rise behind him as he neared the town landing on the main street once he got close to the town limits. Once he arrived he located a hotel only to find that there was one in the whole town…and damned if it wasn't the definition of run down. Harry sighed as he pulled up and got a room once inside he closed the door behind him and pulled off his jacket and shirt hiding most of the weapons in the expanded rucksack Hermione had made for him based off her famous beaded bag. After removing his shirt and preparing to crash onto the bed there was a knock at the door that made him pause.

"Just a second." He said before picking up a stake and hiding it behind his back remembering that this place was big on Vampires among other things. Harry opened the door to see a young woman about 17 maybe 18 years old looking at him he could clearly see the lust shining in her eyes that made him smile slightly. "Eyes up hear dearie." Harry said making her look up slightly surprised that the tanned Adonis before her was British when the only British person she knew was pale and skinny looking.

"Definitely got to be from the Land Down Under…wouldn't mind him checking my 'down under'." The teen thought blinking when she heard him chuckle.

"I think my wife would take offence to that darlin'." Harry joked making her widen her eyes realizing she had said most of that aloud.

"Right sorry about that…" She started to say making Harry smile and wave it off after all it wasn't the first time a woman made such a comment about him.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

Harry asked after a couple of minutes making her gasp in surprise before she blushed "Bucket…I came to borrow your ice bucket. I checked next door but they didn't have theirs." Harry nodded.

"I do have a bucket." He said as he saw her eyes brighten slightly "However it won't do you any good…ice machines' out of order." Harry explained making the teen want to crash down to the ground like those guys on Anime shows.

"Great." The teen hissed slightly making Harry chuckle before he watched her walk away shaking his head before locking the door and activated a small privacy and protection ward on both his room and the girls since she seemed to be alone before turning in for the night.

The next morning Dawn smiled as her crush and sisters friend Alexander 'Xander' Harris walked her to school since Buffy and her mom were gonna be busy and Willow had already caught a ride with Oz. "So did you have another flying dream?" Xander asked as they walked Dawn nodded.

Xander was one of the few she told about her dreams knowing her sister would tease her about it but Xander understood that it was important to dream. "It was different this time." She said making Xander look at her "No brooms this time?" he asked making Dawn nod.

"It sounded like a motorcycle this time…it was strange. The guy was sitting behind me driving the bike while I sat in front of him my hands on the handle bars feeling safe and relaxed." Dawn said making Xander blink in surprise "I'm beginning to think you've got a thing for biker boys." Xander joked only to get a punch in the arm for his efforts.

Neither of them noticed a black tinted window van following them at least until it drove up next to them and opened up. "Run!" Xander called as he tried to fight off the hands that reached for them only to get captured and dragged in while Dawn was also dragged in kicking and screaming before the van drove off in a hurry.

Harry walked towards the seedy part of Sunnydale after learning about a bar called Willy's that had a bartender that doubled as a 'reluctant' snitch…that is as long as you're willing to beat on the guy to help him keep that cover. Harry kicked the door opened making one of the door slam against the wall while the other fell down as he marched in. If he hadn't of had the tip from Griphook he would've reacted badly to the sight of all the demons and various other creatures around the bar but he ignored them and headed towards the bar.

Wally sighed as he saw the new guy march towards him "Look I…" Harry didn't listen as he grabbed the man by the hair and slammed his face onto the counter and held it there.

"I was told I could get information here…did I hear wrong?" Harry asked pressing Willy's face into the counter more making the man squirm slightly.

"No…no! What do you need?!"

Willy asked yelling before Harry lifted his head up slightly "I'm looking for someone. A girl be about 9 almost 10 years old live with two other women one 17-18 years old while the other is in her late 30's early 40's. Last name of Summers." Harry said looking Willy in the eye behind his shades that blocked off his eyes perfectly.

Willy felt his eyes widen "Look guy…" Willy never finished as Harry slammed his head on the counter again before lifting it up.

"That was for the possible lie you were just about to tell me…I hate liars. Keep that in mind." Harry said making Willy gulp.

"Look guy I don't know who you are but you're gonna want to stay away from that family." Willy said making Harry raise an eyebrow as he looked at him.

"Why?" He growled out but Willy seemed reluctant to say anymore making Harry sigh before he let go of Willy's head and grabbed his arm. Harry forced Willy's arm on the counter holding it fingers spread stabbing a knife between his right middle and ring fingers.

"Talk or you lose fingers." Harry said before he started moving the knife quickly in the spaces between all of Willy's fingers all while not looking away from Willy's eyes. (A/N: Check out the Knife Trick scene on Aliens and you'll see what happened here.) Harry continued to speed up the knife knowing the scared look on Willy's face told him the man was close to breaking.

"The teen you mentioned is the Slayer!" Willy yelled making Harry pause holding the knife in the air looking at the frightened bartender.

"The Slayer? Buffy Summers is the Vampire Slayer?" Harry asked making Willy nod his head rapidly.

"Yeah…and from what I hear she's gonna lose her little sister tonight!" Willy said trying to slow his heart beat only to see the man stiffen and him by the shirt collar and lift him into the air.

"Where is she?!" He yelled shaking Willy slightly making the man whimper "SPEAK!" he yelled his voice covered in power that made Willy almost make a mess that would've embarrassed him greatly.

"Some vampires were here earlier! They talked up and down about how they were gonna kidnap the Slayers' little sister and take care of her to send a message to the Slayer!" Willy yelled before he was pulled down and in front of the newcomers' eyes.

"Where is the nest?!"

Harry demanded to know making Willy gulp again "The docks! They have the only abandoned warehouse with panted black windows." He said in desperation before he sighed as he was thrown to the ground and watched as the stranger ran out soon followed by the sounds of a Motorcycle starting and rushing off.

Buffy sat in the Library of the High School with her friends Willow Rosenberg both waiting to hear from Xander who was responsible for walking Dawn to school. However no one had seen the lanky teen since that morning and a few people were starting to worry. "No one's seen him at all Giles." Buffy said looking at her Watcher who was polishing his glasses a clear sign that he was worried but didn't voice it trying to keep hopeful.

"Xander isn't one to shirk his responsibilities especially when it comes to Dawn. Something's happen." Buffy added making Giles nod.

"Is there any way we can find him?" Giles asked after a few moments

"No…wait! Dawn's emergency cell!" Buffy yelled running past Giles towards his desk and picked up the phone dialing.

"We're sorry the number you have reached…" The automated message never finished before Buffy slammed the receiver down.

"Something's wrong…the phone isn't working." Buffy said making Giles begin to worry as well before Buffy ran towards the weapons cadge and grabbed a few stakes giving Giles a couple as he handed Oz a Crossbow since he was the best of the kids with one while Willow took a couple crosses and vials of Holy Water. The group all piled into Oz's van and took off towards Dawn's school trying to find anything that sticks out that might tell them what happened.

Xander groaned as he opened his eyes and looked around him only to wish his eyes were still closed. All around him in the darkened room were Vampires with their game faces out looking ready to cause some harm. The only thing keeping him from freaking out is the little body hanging next to him in the air he was able to see that she had no bite marks upon her neck so Dawn at least hadn't been turned.

"Good thing too…I don't know what any of us would've done if Dawnster here had been harmed like that." Xander thought as he noticed Dawn starting to wake up. "Dawn…Dawn answer me." Xander said in a calm tone that he hoped sounded braver than he currently felt.

"Xander?" Dawn asked as her eyes opened before they widened in shock "Oh no!" she cried out as the vampires started to laugh.

"We're fine Dawn. They have something in mind for us." Xander said remembering quite a few of his own experiences as a hostage remembering quite well.

"What do you know this one actually has some brains…and Spike always said he was nothing but a little kitten that had been de-clawed." The lead vampire joked making Xander want to groan at the name the Vampire had mentioned Spike and his girlfriend Drusilla had been the big bad last year trying to kill Buffy and destroy the world.

"You see boyo…your little friend here is pretty damn close to the slayer." The leader said making Xander for the first time realize that man had an Irish accent it was dulled but it was still there as if the man was stubbornly holding onto it. "And…we're gonna have fun treating her with the kindness in our hearts towards her big sister." The Irish vampire said getting laughs all around them.

"We're dead aren't we?"

Dawn asked "Possibly yeah." Xander said not one to inspire false hope so he was honest. "But not until after Buffy arrives and tries to rescue us." Xander said feeling memories from his time as Solider boy last Halloween appear.

"Tries?" Dawn asked "This is only the small group. Filled with the best fighters…there's another group in the warehouse that are just fodder but have numbers on their side." Xander said making Dawn gulp slightly.

"Even with Giles and the others that too many for Buffy to handle." Dawn said making Xander nod.

"Hell two Slayers wouldn't be able to get through this unharmed or at least one dying…" Xander stopped his thoughts at that remembering Kendra and how Drusilla had drained her dry. "We're in one hell of a mess…it's gonna take one hell of a miracle to get out of this." Xander thought unable to hear the sounds of a Royal Enfield park outside the warehouse.

The helmet of the ride was tore off revealing a very…very angry Harry Potter who felt his magic swirling through him making his eyes glow brightly. "Dawn…hold on. Daddy's about to go to work."

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